Tuesday, 28 September 2010


I am compiling a list of the most morally depraved websites, to try to find out the identities of those who are corrupting our children.

So far I have

age taboo 2010


Zoompad said...

" Anonymous said...
Zoompad is now advertising websites for perverts on her own blog. Funny how the hidden agenda of these so called "do-gooders" ends up being evil underneath.

September 28, 2010 "

I don't care how much you evil creeps mock me, I will see an end to all this depraved shameless filth.

Our children are not even safe in their schools any more, because of all the perverts trying to ram filth down their throats all the time.

But at least David Cameron and Nick Clegg are dealing with the problem, praise the Lord!

Please, anyone who finds a wicked site ofr filth to add to the list of shame, please alert me, and I will add it on. Let's expose this wickedness. So many people thought NAMBLA was just a made up c lub on Southpark - Ian Collins on TalkSport was so shocked when he found out it was a real club, he was so angry.

We must not allow these people to lurk in the shadows, we must switch on the light so that everyone can see who they are and what they are doing.

Zoompad said...

I'm reposting this twerp's comment from the Blog of Stupidity just to show what we child abuse survivors are up against. They call me stupid, them mock me, they sport with me, but I will not allow them to push me into depression


Anonymous said...
OK, sorry guys, the whole Zoompad sex site thing was my fault.
I encouraged her by telling her about 4chan. But what she didn't realise is that I was Trolling her. I sent her a couple of comments on her blog. One of which she has posted.


This is a very interesting post.

Milkyboys is quite a big problem on the net. I hear they have allot of hits which is very scary.

But I have also heard of an even bigger problem.

Have you heard of a site called 4chan?

I have been told that there are over 9000! peadophiles!

Is there anything that can be done about this?"
Anyone who knows about 4chan will understand the joke.
Anyone who doesn't can google the term "over 9000" It is a very old meme started by 4chan.
I also got SS with it on his latest post too.
IS that ALL??

I could think over OVER 9000!

/b/ is the "random" page where all the action happens on 4chan. Again anyone into 4chan will know what I mean.
Sorry guys, I didn't realise she would come on here and start chatting about milk and God or whatever. It just goes to show again how stupid these people are.


September 28, 2010

Zoompad said...

I will admit I don't always get things right, the Lord knows I do my best. I am up against a gang of some of the most depraved, sly, sneaky, crafty,wicked people who have ever walked on this planet. Is it any wonder I sometimes get things wrong and fall for the scum tricks?

I thought about taking this blog post down but am leaving it up, as a testimony that I am not immune to these thugs trickery - but JESUS CHRIST is!!!!!