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Searching for Daddy - Christine Joanna Hart - 29/12/09

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Published 20/12/2009 16:37

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Imagine being so lonely, so mixed up and so desperate that you turn to jailed Moors Murderer Ian Brady for friendship?

Christine Hart, or Lucy as she was named in her early years, was dumped on the steps of the Sacred Heart Children's Rescue Home by her mother when she was just a few months old.

Her loveless childhood had a catastrophic effect on the adult Christine and the story she tells in this heart-rending book is just a part of the therapy that has helped her to overcome adversity and face the future with new-found optimism.

During her disastrous spell in the Catholic-run convent, Christine was desperately lonely. Everything in her little world was cold and grey – the building, the food and the nuns' 'vinegary faces.'

In charge of the children was former nun Valerie, a noble and tireless woman to her colleagues, but to her charges a cool, remote and briskly efficient figurehead.

She referred to the young orphans as 'devil-spawn,' born of sinners, the children of unmarried and underage parents and beyond redemption.

Despite praying every day for 'a mummy and daddy who want me,'Christine knew that the chances of being chosen by prospective foster parents was slim.

When she was finally selected for fostering, her happiness was shortlived because her new parents were brutal and unloving, and they returned her to the children's home when she was still only 13.

Understandably emotionally damaged by her experiences, she began a desperate search for her real father and piecing together the few fragments of information she had, she learned that her mother had lived in Hull.

She also discovered that after she was born, her father was sent to prison to serve a long sentence.

And when she also found that the serial killer Ian Brady had been in borstal in Hull when he was 17, she felt an immediate and totally misplaced connection to him.

Despite knowing that it was most unlikely that he was her father, she began writing to him and even visited him in prison.

But when a newspaper put her story on the front page, Christine moved to America to escape the unwanted attention and embarked on a tough course of therapy which ended her contact with Brady.

On her return to the UK, she took up a career as a journalist and undercover investigative agent and worked for the News of the World.

In 2003, she decided to try to track down her birth parents and what she discovered opened up a new and very emotional chapter in her life...

Christine's tale is full of disturbing realities, shocking cruelty and unimaginable loneliness but it is also a moving testament to her courage, resilience and determination to seek out the truth wherever it may lead.

(Hodder, paperback, 6.99)

And this:

And this:

Interview with Christine Hart
by Tom Folland
Tom Folland Hey-it's Tom.
Christine Hart Hi.. .
TF Are you sleeping?
CH Yeah.. .it's alright though.
TF I called you earlier but you weren't in. I always forget how many
hours ahead London is. Are you awake enough to talk?
CH Yeah, kind of. . .
TF Where should we start-when did I first meet you?
CH At the Primal Institute in Judy's group.
TF Right, that was '93?
CH No, '94.
TF Oh, right. I started in '92. Had you already written your book The
Devil's Daughter at that point, when I met you?
CH Yes, it was already published.
TF What would you say the book is about?
CH Um, my life.
TF But it's also about Ian Brady, the infamous Moors murderer of the
CH It's not really about him, it doesn't go into the murders. I dislike the
fact that the publishers gave my manuscript that title, The Devil's Daughter,
because I am an orphan who had a relationship with a murderer;
there was no way I was related. They did this to try and make money.
TF What prompted you to write the book?
CH Urn, people were saying in the press that I was related to Brady and I
wanted to tell the story of how I came to be involved with someone like
that. I mean, someone in the orphanage had once told me I was born the
same year that Brady had apparently had a child and that I might be his
daughter. I wanted someone to read it and explain to me why I had done
something like that.
TF Something like that-you mean visit Ian Brady?
CH Yeah.
TF Had you written anything before?
CH No.
TF Really, that was your first writing?
Tom Folland
CH Yes.
TF What were you doing before you wrote the book?
CH Working as an investigator.
TF A private investigator?
CH Yeah.
TF Really?
CH Yeah.
TF That's interesting. Were you nervous about The Devil's Daughter coming
CH No, not really, I think I was too neurotic at the time.
TF Really. 'Cause you'd kind of been through the mill with all the tabloids
in England doing stories on you and I remember how you told me once
that people were spitting at you on the tube. Is that true?
CH Yeah.
TF And calling you.. .what were they calling you?
CH I don't know, I can't remember.
TF I also remember when I first met you, you were staying at the St.
James Club in West Hollywood because you were being interviewed.
CH Oh yeah, for the book, I sold the rights to an English paper.
TF Oh, like a tabloid paper?
CH Uh huh.
TF I also remember you telling me that Ralph Fiennes had tried to pick
you up in the bar at the St. James and I was jealous-I never got that
close to stardom in LA.
CH (laughing) And I saw Rod Stewart in the bar as well, oh, and Anthony
Quinn; I used to see him at breakfast because he was living there at the
TF I saw Sally Struthers once at Helen's Bike Shop in Santa Monica. That
was my first big brush with stardom. Oh, and I sat next to Morgan Fairchild
at the Abbey in West Hollywood, the coffee shop. You have a very
interesting relationship to tabloids and gossip because you were caught up
in this whole thing in England because of the book.
CH Oh a lot of that happened before the book.. .
TF Your involvement with Brady.
CH Well because I was writing to and visiting a serial killer they [tabloid
journalists] wanted to know why.
TF How did they find out about it before the book?
CH Someone at the prison told them I was visiting Ian Brady.
TF Did they talk to you before they ran the story?
Interview with Christine Hart
CH Yeah.
TF What did they ask you?
CH Why are you writing to a serial killer?
TF And what did you say?
CH Because I thought he was my Dad.
TF And then when it hit the newstands, were you surprised at the reaction?
CH Ah, not really, no. I was surprised they believed it.
TF Oh, because half of it was fabrications.
CH All of it was fabrications.
TF I remember you once told me that there was a point at which you no
longer believed that Ian Brady was your father but the tabloids still kept
publishing that.
CH Yeah.
TF That was part of the reason you left London, right?
CH Yeah. But also to do Primal Therapy in California.
TF You went to New York for a while before you went to LA. I remember
that from the book-that whole trip to New York. It's funny because
it was a really sad story, not so much about Ian Brady but more about
loneliness to me, a real existential loneliness.
CH You're kidding?
TF No, it really struck me. I remember when I first moved to New York
how lonely and excited I was at the same time. I think it's the same for a
lot of young people who move there from smaller places. There are all
these great expectations, wanting to escape. It's classic. But yeah, I mean,
the Ian Brady stuff was part of the book but more, to me, it was a really
moving story about aloneness and alienation.
CH Really? Hmm.. .that's interesting. I've re-written it, as you know,
and I've re-written that part and put it in one big book that includes my
time in therapy and uh, it's written more from the point of view of an
outsider.. . not concentrating on a serial killer. It a story about, you know,
not relating to others, and childhood stuff.. .it's more strongly about that.
TF About your time in the orphanage.
CH Yeah, and you know, being abused and shit like that. And how it
causes you to feel alienated from others.
TF You essentially re-wrote the first book?
CH And the second one. An agent has read it and accepted it, and a publisher
has read it and accepted it. It's called A Few People Murdered by
Their Parents, because I include others in it. I think they will probably
change the title.
Tom Folland
TF That's interesting, I mean, you've reclaimed your identity from the
first book and the tabloids by rewriting it.
CH Yeah, and my writing has matured, you know.
TF How would you describe your experience with Primal Therapy in Los
CH Uh, I would say that it has gotten me out of a lot of darkness; it
cleared my head of a lot of darkness. It's made me relate to others more.
It's made me see things more clearly. It's gotten rid of a lot of neuroses,
actually. I'm sure I've got a lot left but it cleared up a lot, it did, you
TF It took me awhile, I felt very fucked-up for the first two years. I mean
I felt really bad before I started, of course, and then felt bad in a different
way throughout the course of therapy. Then you get to this point where
you realize you can't do this therapy without feeling bad. I had this fantasy
that I would be "cured" in six months.
CH Yeah, so did I. Because of what Janov says in the book (Arthur Janov,
The Primal Scream).
TF Yeah, because of what Art Janov said.
CH I like how it has helped me deal with life. I don't like the fact that I
am older and wanting a relationship and how hard it is.
TF Well, I'm still not sure why I am attracted to the people I am, and
when it doesn't work out, I have a hard time getting over it. Weren't you
in love with an IRA Terrorist?
CH Which one?
TF Which one? (laughing). Maybe I'm thinking of the Irish farmer you
told me about.
CH Oh he's down in Crossmaglen, which is kind of, well, I think they are
all in the IRA. It's IRA territory.
TF Oh, so he's not active in the IRA.
CH Well, since he's down there, one can assume that he is active. He's
Sinn Fein, which is the political wing of the IRA. Right.
TF You know, it's weird, I was reading this thing about Ted Kaczynskiyou
know the unabomber in America -
CH Right, yeah.. .
TF It was an interesting case because his defense team, his lawyers,
wanted him to plead insanity to avoid the death penalty and he absolutely
refused, because he saw himself as a political radical and an insanity plea
would undermine his politics. You know, he had written this manifesto
about the dangers of science and technology and how they were destroy113
Interview with Christine Hart
ing the earth. And it was these political views he feared people would see
as insanity and here his lawyers were doing that very thing. Oddly enough
the prosecution was claiming he was sane and that this was a rational
political program-exactly how Koysiznki saw himself and so he essentially
agreed with the prosecution's view of him and not his own lawyers.
CH That's interesting. TF But, well, this was an interesting article because it was talking about
his family's attempts to come to terms with his insanity, and I was thinking
about this in relation to that whole thing you went through with Ian
Brady, wanting to see some sort of humanity in him, through all those
horrendous things he had done, wanting to redeem him.
CH Yeah.. .
TF They interviewed his mother on Sixty Minutes and she described this
incident when he was six-months-old and had hives and was hospitalized.
Now, apparently in those days babies weren't allowed to be touched in
the hospital, so Ted Kaczynski was strapped to a table, naked, screaming,
for a whole week and his mother has said that when she got him back, he
was all limp and unresponsive. And so his mother thinks that a lot of his
later troubles stem from this early trauma and you know I think that's
probably true.
CH How did you relate that to me trying to see humanity in Brady?
TF Well, everyone is always trying to figure out what makes someone
crazy, right, or what makes people become killers or if killers are insane,
and of course I think they are, but I think they are because of a reason, or
reasons, and it's that kind of trauma that does it to people.
CH Oh yeah, when I wrote about it again in the book and during therapy,
I-as I was having therapy-I was, in the book, flashing back to the
serial killer's childhood and doing his memories and seeing his memories.
I mean, I'm doing it using my imagination, from what he told me, and
I've got some scenes from when he was a child and stuff, um, you know,
how he would come to kill. It turned out pretty well, actually.
TF But he never told you about his childhood did he?
CH Well, he told me different bits, yeah.. .about his mother leaving his
rabbits to die when he went away and stuff.
TF It's a weird debate, that whole debate about what makes someone kill
someone. I think it's insane to believe a sane person could kill someone
under normal circumstances.. .
CH I think he's the same as Fred West, it's the same type of killing. Fred
West, uh, he uh, his mother introduced him to sex when he was eight and
Tom Folland
his father buggered him and beat him and then he started keeping people
in the cellar. Interesting thing was he used to bandage them all up and put
straw in their nose and stuff and uh, yeah, well the only thing left of them
was the straws in the nose, and I think it was kind of symbolic -that he
wasn't seen as a person, but as an orifice.
TF By his parents?
CH Yeah, yeah.. . and he kind of re-created it. It's not facing it that
causes all the, you know, the mental instabilities. I mean, it's bound to
have some kind of effect, isn't it?
TF Oh yeah, it has to. I mean, I had an abusive childhood, not like that,
but it was bad and it has taken me a long time to get over it. I know that
lying to yourself about it doesn't help. I mean, I did that and it didn't
CH I was talking to this little twenty-two-year-old that I know who read
the Primal Scream and he said, "I don't like this, you know, I don't like
the way it's like 'Oh, you're neurotic, you're neurotic.' I don't like the way
I am supposed to be neurotic all the time," and I was like, Well, you are,
you are, you are.. .
TF You are neurotic!
CH Face it baby - you're neurotic! I mean, oh.. . and he said, "I don't
think it's a good thing to dwell on your past."
TF Oh, so many people say that, I'm sick of hearing it. My family said
that when I went into therapy.
CH It's so annoying. And so, well, all he was saying to me-I had a drink
with him in the pub-and he said, "I am really out of touch with myself,
I'm out of touch: and I said, "well, look-let me do a diagram, and I got
a lighter, an ashtray and a cigarette package and I said, "There's you;
there's your real self, right, here's the ashtray, that's your real self," and I
put the lighter in the middle and said, "There's all your old feelings and
it's the old feelings that are preventing you from being your real self. Get
in touch with your old self (your self as a child) and you can start to feel."
And he said, "No, no, I don't think you have to do that. It's just a question
of me getting in touch with myself." And I said, "You can't understand
me, there's something blocking it."
TF People have a lot of difficulty with the concept of feeling pain in order
to feel better.
CH Oh, really?
TF Oh, I think so. I do sometimes myself, when I'm feeling really bad, I
think it hasn't worked for me.
Interview with Christine Hart
CH Hang on a sec, Tom, there's someone at the door, which is unusual.
Can you wait a sec. . .
(Long pause)
TF Are you going to be in LA this summer?
CH I want to, yeah. If you're there we could share a place.
TF Yeah we could. I want to meet your friend Brent.
CH I want to see him. He sent me his address a while ago and I lost it.
I'm going to have to write to Judy to get it.
TF Judy will give you his address?
CH Well she gave me Mike's, or she passed on a letter he had written me;
this absurd letter; I didn't reply. But yeah, she passes letters on, she's okay
that way.
TF I've thought about her recently. You know, she was my primary therapist
there. I miss her.
CH Yeah, yeah.. .I thought about Barry the other day; I had this weird
dream about this really aggressive guy with this Brooklyn accent who
was, like, really awful and I thought, God I had a real connection with
him, and then it was Barry.
TF Hey, did you know that Gretchen and Nick went out for a while?
CH Yeah I did.
TF I was talking to Gretchen about stuff, relationship stuff-you know,
can you be friends with someone you're interested in-and she said,
"Well you know I went out with Nick for years and now we're best
friends." Although she had been telling me it's not a good idea.
CH I should go because someone's here.
TF Oh, okay, I might have.. .
CH Sorry I wasn't in earlier but someone phoned me and the sun was
shining and I was like, yeah, I'll go.. .it's so rare for the sun to shine.
TF Okay, bye, I'll see you later.
CH Bye, Tom, 1'11 talk to you later.


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I have been to Stafford today, to try to find one of the support groups for victims of ATOS persecution, to try to find help for my son in law who has now had a nervous breakdown, thanks to 2 years of malicious vindictive persecution by the corrupt as hell telephone operators who are running ATOS in Birmingham and Stoke On Trent. YES I AM TALKING ABOUT YOU TAZ OR DAZ OF BIRMINGHAM ATOS, OR WHATEVER YOU ARE CALLING YOUSELF THESE DAYS!

I spoke to quite a few homeless people (I was being watched by two police officers as I spoke to some homeless people in the town centre, wonder that they hadn't something more constructive to do such as arresting the human traffickers paedophiles who are having a the time of their lives right now in Stafford what with the Secret (therefore illegal) Family Courts stealing disabled children faster than you can say £520 (the blood money they can pick up per week for keeping one of these stolen and usually much loved and wept over children), or perhaps even arresting a corrupt Secret Family Court lawyer or two.

The conversations I had were very enlightening. One lady and her partner told me there were hundreds of homeless people in Stafford. She told me that the worst problem they had was getting enough sleep, as the police like to hassle them. The subject of the Big Issue's John Bird came up, and those people - white homeless people all the ones I met today - did not have a good word to say about him.

Its funny, because most of the Big Issue sellers I see in Stafford and Stone seem to be Romanian, yet there are lots of white English homeless people - hundreds as I have been informed - and you rarely see a white Big Issue vendor in Stafford.

The homeless lady was very apologetic - it was really very sad. She was clearly ashamed of being homeless, and wary that I might judge her for it! She told me that she had given up. I wanted to tell her, please don't give up, but I just didn't know what the heck to say to her that wouldn't sound glib. I just told her that people were waking up, and that we had a Prime Minister that was protecting paedophiles and gangsters, and that people were realising the wickedness of these rulers. I also told her that I was one of the Staffordshire Pindown child abuse survivors, and that I was never going to give up on getting the apology that was due to me 40 years ago. I hope my strength and determination gave her and her friends a little strength and determination to hope for better things.

I went down to the beautiful Doxey marshes to pray, for my daughter and her partner, and for those homeless people I met today. I felt so drained inside, so sad and worried about my son in law. I felt sad and angry that people are being treated worse than stray dogs, that people feel totally alienated from the rest of society, and kicked from one gutter to another. I can't pray quietly, the words come hurtling out of me when I feel like that, like Biblical Daniel, so I didn't hear the footsteps of the policeman behind me at first. It made me feel sick inside, violated, but at least that one had the decency not to interrupt my prayers. I don't know if he had followed me, or if he was going to check the hide (which drug dealers and users are using, forcing us birdwatchers to leave) I hope it was the latter, perhaps I should give him the benefit of the doubt about that.


I can't write too much about this right now but ATOS (IT partners of the British Buggery Club) are causing massive pain in my family.

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I am reposting this from the Spotlight blog, to maximise the number of people who get to read it. This is what the reporter Nick Davies said:

The epidemic in our midst that went unnoticed (2.6.98)

The epidemic in our midst that went unnoticed; The most secret crime: Child abuse has only recently crept into the nation’s consciousness. In the first part of a four-day special investigation, Nick Davies establishes the nature of paedophilia

IN NOVEMBER last year, every newspaper in Britain carried the story of how Scotland Yard had worked with police forces around the country to raid the rooms of teachers at private schools in search of evidence of their involvement in a paedophile ring. The more interesting story, however, was one raid which never happened.

In the weeks before the operation, specialist detectives from the Paedophile Unit at Scotland Yard had discussed with Thames Valley the possibility of raiding a teacher at the most prestigious private school in the country – Eton College.

The move started after a teacher who had recently left Eton went to Thames Valley police and claimed that one of his colleagues had been indecently assaulting boys at the school. Detectives discovered that the suspect had been the target of similar allegations in the past; and that police in Yorkshire had seized a collection of child pornography and found letters from the teacher in which he referred to “sending the happy items”.

Clearly, this did not amount to proof that the teacher was guilty. His former colleague may have had a grudge against him; the letters in Yorkshire may have had some innocent explanation; other witnesses, who also suspected him, may simply have been mistaken. But the other raids in the series were being planned on the basis of similar intelligence, which Scotland Yard believed was strong enough to demand that suspects be interviewed and their property searched. Yet when the raids took place Thames Valley held back in the Eton case, arguing that the evidence was too weak to justify action. The result: the truth about the suspected abuser was never found.

Earlier last year, the Guardian revealed the international police hunt for two unidentified men who had made the “Bjorn tape”, a chilling video which recorded their relentless sexual assault on an adolescent Dutch boy who was carried in front of the camera, limp and hooded, before being strapped into a chair where he was defenceless against the indulgence of his two attackers.

Following the story, which was linked to an ITV documentary, Dutch police traced Bjorn’s accent to an area in the north of Holland, where they combed through files of reported child abuse – and found him. It turned out that he had contacted the authorities a year earlier to complain that a Dutch man, whom he named, had been drugging and raping him since he was only three years old, most recently with the assistance of an English man. The Dutch man had been tried and – in the absence of the video – he had been acquitted.

Now, the tape not only proved that the boy had been telling the truth in all its grim detail, but it also con-firmed the identity of the English man who had taken part. He is John Peters, a former soldier who went AWOL in the early 1970s after being charged with having sex with a 14-year-old boy in public toilets near his base in Sutton Coldfield. Since then, Peters has been convicted in Denmark of a separate offence of child abuse.

Although Bjorn’s Dutch abuser has now been tried again in Holland and convicted, Peters remains at liberty. Just as he evaded the police in Sutton Coldfield in the 1970s, so now he has evaded them again in Holland, simply by crossing a border. The result: the abuser has escaped.

That same story in the Guardian also disclosed the activities of Warwick Spinks, a British paedophile then serving a sentence of five years for abducting and raping two homeless boys from the streets of London. He had sold one of them into a brothel in Amsterdam.

Spinks is a paedophile of grandiose ambition who ran an agency in Britain which sold boys to like-minded punters, and then he moved to Amsterdam where, as the Guardian disclosed, he worked in brothels and joined a group of British men who produced videos in which five boys were alleged to have been raped and murdered for the pleasure of viewers.

As he approached the end of his five-year sentence, Spinks was transferred from prison to a probation hostel in south London where, last September, he was asked to fill in a form so that the police could enter his details on the new register of sex offenders. Spinks, however, refused to fill in the form. He simply walked away from the hostel and sent his probation officer a postcard with an invitation to come and see him in Amsterdam. The result: another abuser has escaped.

The sexual abuse of children is a special crime, not simply because of the damage it does to victims, nor even because of the anger and fear it provokes in communities, but more particularly because it is so easy – easy to commit, easy to get away with.

It is physically easier for a rapist to overpower a child than an adult. In February of this year, police reported that a paedophile had boarded a train outside Brighton one evening and abducted not one, but three young boys, aged between eight and eleven. Police said that the man forced the three boys to get off in the village of Glynde, where he marched them into the public toilets and indecently assaulted all three of them before threatening to kill them, raping one of them and putting them all back on the train.

Equally, it is easier to confuse a child than an adult. A woman who spent four years from the age of seven being raped regularly by her stepfather, told the Guardian she had never thought to complain: “I thought it was normal, I thought everyone was going home from school and being hurt by their dad.” Children have emerged from abuse to report variously that there was no point in telling because no one would believe them and they would be put into care; or, commonly, that the abusive parent would be sent to prison, thus destroying the family and bringing hardship and misery to the other parent.

Children are conned by their abusers in a way that no adult would be. Bruce McLean, for example, who is serving nine years for indecent assaults in Cheshire, was using Manchester United tickets to entrap boys. A man who is now awaiting trial for producing a small orgy of child pornography videos in the north of England bought adolescent girls with Kentucky Fried Chicken and toffees, according to one who has spoken to the Guardian.

The ease of the crime is reflected in its scale. No one knows the exact numbers, but to construct a picture is to watch an arithmetical explosion. Start with a hard fact. At the last count, there were 2,100 child sex abusers behind the bars of British jails. Now think of all those who have previously been convicted but who have been released back into the community. You have to multiply by 50: according to the Home Office Research Department, there are 108,000 convicted paedophiles in the community.

Now, think of all the child victims who are conned and confused and never report their abuse in the first place; and all those cases which are reported but which fall short of the demands of the courts; and all those cases of rape and indecent assault which are convicted but which are not statistically recorded as crimes against children. At the most conservative estimate, the NSPCC and specialist police agree with studies here and in the US, that the official figures for convictions record no more than 10 per cent of the paedophile population. Which means that today in Britain, there are probably 1.1 million paedophiles at large. Other studies suggest that the figure is very much higher.

This vast scale appears to be confirmed by “prevalence studies” which take samples of the population and establish how many were childhood victims of sexual abuse. In the UK, the US, Germany, Switzerland and Australia, studies consistently find that around 20 per cent of women and around 8 per cent of men suffered sexual abuse as children. In the current population of UK children, that would cover 1.5 million girls and 520,000 boys, a figure that is consistent with the projection of 1.1 million offenders.

Child sex abuse is not only easy to commit, it is also easy to get away with. It is the least reported crime on the planet. Numerous victims say that they were silenced by their own emotions – the same emotions which gag the adult victims of rape, but which are magnified in a child’s mind. Some children simply cannot report it: social workers in East Sussex four years ago found paedophiles deliberately targeting children who were too disabled to give evidence. Others had picked children who were terminally ill and who died before the system could catch up with them.

Those children who do report what has happened to them are uniquely likely to find their stories rejected. Often, like the adult victims of indecent assault, they will have nothing but their own word as evidence. And the word of a child is viewed with suspicion from one end of the criminal justice system to the other. It is for that reason that the tribunal of inquiry into abuse in children’s homes in North Wales is only now attempting to get to the truth of hundreds of complaints which were first made by children up to 20 years ago – to council officials, doctors, social workers and parents who, almost without exception, believed not a word of it.

North Wales is only the beginning. It is now clear that during the last 30 years, children’s homes in Britain suffered an epidemic of rape and violent assault. It was an epidemic that went unnoticed. There are now thousands of men and women, in North Wales, South Wales, Manchester, Liverpool, Sunderland, Northumbria, Edinburgh – in 17 different police areas – who have come forward to make detailed, credible allegations about their childhoods of abuse in care. And yet, at the time, just about all of them were overlooked by just about every agency that was supposed to protect them – the police, social workers, the Social Services Inspectorate, health visitors, doctors.

The passage of time, itself, often allows abusers to escape. In Cardiff, Paul Conibeer, who is now aged 28, is trying to persuade the police to prosecute three men for buggering him and passing him around their friends when he was a 13-year-old in care. The three men have since been convicted of paedophile offences and have become involved in the abuse of children in Portugal and Amsterdam, where they shared their pleasures with Warwick Spinks. Police in Cardiff, however, say Conibeer’s story is too old to be proved.

The fact that the sexual abuse of children is so hidden is not entirely the result of the age its victims. This is also a crime of conspiracy, of the abuse of power and, from time to time, of incidents which suggest that a paedophile with prestige may be more likely to escape justice than a more humble offender.

Fleet Street routinely nurtures a crop of untold stories about powerful abusers who have evaded justice. One such is Peter Morrison, formerly the MP for Chester and the deputy chairman of the Conservative Party. Ten years ago, Chris House, the veteran crime reporter for the Sunday Mirror, twice received tip-offs from police officers who said that Morrison had been caught cottaging in public toilets with under-aged boys and had been released with a caution. A less powerful man, the officers complained, would have been charged with gross indecency or an offence against children.

At the time, Chris House confronted Morrison, who used libel laws to block publication of the story. Now, Morrison is dead and cannot sue. Police last week confirmed that he had been picked up twice and never brought to trial. They added that there appeared to be no trace of either incident in any of the official records.

A lot of paedophiles are loners. The NSPCC found that 70 per cent of them were closely related to their victim – and, contrary to popular belief, they were not always men. Michelle Elliott from Kidscape says she has dealt with more than 700 cases of women sexually abusing children and that she takes on one or two new such cases each week.
Academics who have analysed the history of sexually abused children on the At Risk register have found that one in three were assaulted by adolescent or pre-adolescent children. The Young Abusers Project in London, has dealt with one abuser who was only seven years old.

Even though most abusers – whatever their age or sex – work alone, there is clear evidence of some con-spiracy, of the existence of paedophile rings, sometimes deliberately infiltrating parts of the child protection system, often taking advantage of each other’s political or social power to conceal their activities.

Researchers at Manchester University trawled the records of eight police areas in search of cases of or-ganised abuse and they concluded that nationally they would expect to find 242 cases every year where children were the victims of adults who had colluded together to use them for sex. They noted, in line with other specialist researchers, that these official records probably captured only one tenth of the truth. It is these cases of organised abuse which present some of the most frightening incidents.

Some are never brought to trial – like the group of men who were believed by police to be abducting home-less girls from the streets of London in the early 1990s and holding them in a converted garage with padded walls, where they were being abused and finally killed. The closest they came to being caught was when the man who was said to be disposing of the girls’ bodies, for £2,000 a time, was identified by Number Eight Regional Crime Squad, in Wales, as an ex-convict, a man with a history of spectacular violence who was living in Cardiff. Police investigated him but were unable to identify those who had hired him or to find evidence to charge him.

Others come to trial only partially – like Robert Oliver and Sidney Cooke and their friends who together abducted, drugged, raped and killed Jason Swift, Barry Lewis and Mark Tildesley. They were convicted of manslaughter.

Investigating officers were frustrated, first because there was insufficient evidence to convict them of murder and, second, because they were never able to bring any charges at all in relation to six other boys who, they believed, had also died at the hands of the same ring.

Often the links between abusers lie beneath the surface of less horrific conspiracies. Take, for example, the case of Greystone Heath, an approved school for boys in Warrington, which for years enjoyed an unsullied reputation until police finally discovered that it had become a hot spot for paedophiles.

It appears to have started in 1965 when a 21-year-old student teacher named Keith Laverack went to work there. Over the ensuing four years, he raped at least 16 boys, three of whom he shared with his colleague, Brian Percival, the clerk and storeman at the home. Once these two men had established sexual rights over the boys at Greystone, other abusers joined the staff: Alan Langshaw, who raped at least 24 boys; Dennis Grain who raped at least 18; Roy Shuttleworth who raped at least 10; Jack Bennett who indecently assaulted two; and Steve Norris who assaulted an unknown number.

The Greystone abusers then fanned out. Keith Laverack went to childrens’ homes in Cambridgeshire; Alan Langshaw became Principal of St Vincent’s Catholic boys’ home in Formby; Grain and Shuttleworth were both promoted to other homes in the Warrington area; Steve Norris went to North Wales. At their new homes, all of them continued to rape boys who were in their care and wherever they went, they crossed the paths of other paedophiles.

In Cambridgeshire, Keith Laverack worked with numerous colleagues, four of whom are now also suspected of abusing children. Dennis Grain worked in Doncaster for the same group of private schools as Terence Hoskins who went on to become headteacher of St Aiden’s Community Home in Widnes, where he liked to thrash naked boys with a cane, which he then pushed into their backsides, while his housemaster, Colin Dick, indecently assaulted those who caught his eye. Dennis Grain had previously attacked boys in Danesford childrens’ home in Congleton, opening the door to three others, John Clarke, Joseph Smith and Brian Hudson, who set about the boys with relish. Dennis Grain, in the meantime, went off to work at Eton, where he became a housemaster. The web is almost endless.

While he was Principal of St Vincent’s, Alan Langshaw recruited a care worker named Edward Stanton, who joined in Langshaw’s orgy. Stanton appears to have got the job through the good offices of Roy Shuttleworth, who was continuing to abuse the boys at Greystone and who is believed to have known Stanton from their time in Birmingham when they took the same course in residential child care.

That course in Birmingham, in turn, is believed to have been lectured by Peter Righton, a notorious paedophile who attempted to legitimise his obsession in a series of academic studies. Righton, for his part, belonged to the Paedophile Information Exchange, along with Jack Bennett who joined in the abuse at Greystone. Righton had earlier worked in the same childrens’ home in Maidstone, Kent as Peter Howarth, who went on to become a legendary abuser in the homes of North Wales where he shared his indulgence with Steve Norris, formerly of Greystone.

Each of these men claims to have abused alone. Even though their paths connected so frequently, even though the Greystone abusers were assaulting boys in buildings within yards of each other, even though several of them were raping the same boys, they claim never to have colluded with each other. No one who has been involved with investigating Greystone believes them. The evidence suggests that such abusers not only collude to give each other work and access to children, but also to infiltrate the child protection system. Peter Righton lectured not only in Birmingham but in numerous other colleges.

Before he was finally taken to court and convicted, he became a highly regarded consultant in child care and, eventually, the Director of Education at the prestigious National Institute of Social Work in London, a position from which he was able to have some influence on government policy.

With similar cynicism, Keith Laverack, who opened the catalogue of abuse at Greystone Heath, went on to run the Guardian Ad Litem panel for Cambridgeshire county council, with the job of representing the interests of children in court cases. This job not only introduced him to the most vulnerable children in the area but also gave him access to files on abused children all over the country. Terence Hoskins, who worked with some of the Greystone abusers, used connections with South Yorkshire police to get access to his own file, from the supposedly secret National Criminal Intelligence Service, NCIS.

Roger Saint, who spent years assaulting his foster children in Clwyd secured himself a job on the local adoption panel from which he could referee complaints about people like himself.

But this is only the beginning. Beyond the inherent difficulty of detecting and preventing this most secret crime, beyond the obstacle course of concealment erected by the collusion of clever paedophiles, the child victims of sexual abuse are betrayed by organisations who repeatedly prefer to avoid embarrassment by concealing awkward allegations and by a system of protection which simply does not work.

Thursday, 27 June 2013


I'm not reposting the whole post, just the comments that appeared afterwards, people can read the whole post by looking it up in the blog history.

I just want to show people the abusive comments I recieved after posting up the statement that Robert Francis QC barred me from reading at the Stafford Hospital investigation, he told me my case, to quote his very words, "WAS NOT COST EFFECTIVE" what the heck he meant by that I have no idea as all I actually wanted was an apology for being assaulted as a patient at Stafford Hospital after I was taken to A and E foillowing a panic attack that was caused by attending a child abuse therapy session at St Georges Psychiatric Hospital, and I believe I was sent to that place on purpose by EMERGE to break my mental health down deliberatly, as they knew damned well that place was a trigger for me on account of me being abused there as a 14-15 year old, I had been an inmate there on a Place of Safety court order because I had tried to run away from Chadswell Assessment Centre, where I was put on a Place of Safety court order after trying to run away from home where I was being abused. Out the frying pan into the fire is the catchphrase for what happened to me as a child.

Anyway, these are some of the disgusting comments that these people decided to leave on my blog, pretending they had stumbled upon my blog by chance. As if I was born yesterday and don't know what trolls are!

Chris F said...
Hospitals get people coming into A&E pretending to have this, that and the other all the time. They have various tests they do to see if the person may be lying. You obviously claimed that you couldn't move your legs or something, so QUITE RIGHTLY the nurse tested to see if your leg muscles and reflexes were working. The fact that she said "naughty, naughty", to any rational outside observer suggests that she saw plain evidence that your legs were just fine.

Yet you seem to believe that this was abuse of some kind. If they took a blood sample from an unconscious person, would that person be justified in claiming that the hospital had stabbed them? Your accusation of abuse is just as silly.

I am not disputing that you have been abused or raped in the past but I think that your perception of reality is somewhat unbalanced so that nowadays you see abuse where there is none, or people fighting back when they are on the end of irrational accusations.

Furthermore, I think you ought to consider that part of the problem of the repeated abuse you seem to encounter, which most people never do, is because of the way you behave towards other people and the way you react to them. I have seen a couple of your videos and, although I have never met you, and know virtually nothing about you, I have to say that you come over as a very difficult, passive belligerent person, completely wrapped up in your own beliefs and seemingly unable to realise that the alternative explanations for what happened to you given by other people just might be right and you may be wrong in your interpretations.

Don't you think it just a little strange that so much seems to happen to you and so little to others who don't behave in the way that you do?

Are you nowadays the cause of most of what you interpret as abuse?
26 February 2010 04:43

Zoompad said...
"and, although I have never met you, and know virtually nothing about you"

You ruddy bare faced liar!

Before you come malarkying around posting comments on my blog again, trying to pretend to be some kind of blogosphere passer by, you ought to take better care that you cover your tracks!

I'm not even going to try to answer your offensive blog post, but I will promise you this much - the Lord has got His eye on you and your gang, and He has seen everything you lot have been up to. Never mind that stupid eye of Isis or whatever you lot use to try to intimidate everyone else with these days - the Lord is watching you and everything that you do. Nothing that you do in secret any more is going to remain secret. Even though you are a pack of evil hearted devils, I actually feel sorry for you Common Purpose gangsters. You are all running round and round like headless chickens, terrified, because you know that your day has come and all your secrets are exposed for all to see - you are naked.

I have gone through so much abuse, and I have done what the Bible tells me to do - I have taken my complaints to the Lord and He has heard my prayers. Every time you attack me, you are attacking the Lord God, because I have run to the Lord for protection.

If I were you, I would see to sorting out your own soul rather than coming here and digging yourself into a deeper hole by trying to tell lies and get away with it. You should beg forgiveness from Jesus, you should ask Him to forgive you for your part in all of this. He is so loving and kind, He wants to forgive sinners, He does not rejoice in evil.

That is my advice to you.
26 February 2010 06:34

Anonymous said...
Chris F. I totally and utterly agree with you.

I think sadly Zoompad has been and suffered abuse throughout her life, sadly it would seem that everyone is responsible for that abuse, she seems to listen to no-one that tries to help her - hence she is becoming somewhat of a professional victim - as for the latest rubbish relating to the government - No matter which party is in power undoubtedly Zoompad will have a beef with. The only people she really respects are those who entirely agree with her every step of the way.

People I do believe have tried to help her, is it surprising with her regular rants that she is constantly hitting brick walls. You cannot help those who do not want help, sadly she takes some sort of comfort in undermining anyone and everyone who tries to help her.

No doubt this will indeed receive the regular abuse she dishes out with anyone who fails to agree with her.

No doubt her reply will be yet another of her chidish rants hey nonny nonny more endemic to the school playground than a grown woman.

Zoompad your an intelligent woman, instead of ranting and taking on all of the problems blaming anyone and everyone for the sins committed against you, accept that you need to help yourself before others can help you.
26 February 2010 07:14

Zoompad said...
Julie Bailey, if you are reading this, PLEASE get in touch, and WELL DONE for what you and the others, the REAL curethenhs have achieved so far.

Dear Lord Jesus, please protect Julie and all the other people who have suffered abuse and cover up at Stafford Hospital. Please continue to give them your strength to carry on in this battle against principalities and powers. I praise you, dear Jesus, for such wonderful brave people.
26 February 2010 07:39

Chris F said...
You wrote:
You ruddy bare faced liar!

Before you come malarkying around posting comments on my blog again, trying to pretend to be some kind of blogosphere passer by, you ought to take better care that you cover your tracks!

Your response is exactly the sort of bloody difficult insulting behaviour that I was on about. You don't know me at all. The truth is I was reading Stuart Syvret's comments and saw one from Ian Evans posted Friday, 26 February 2010 00:27:00 GMT. I followed the link to his blog profile and happened to see a link to your blog on there. I didn't know you had a blog so I had a look, where I saw your witness statement and just felt if that was representative of the abuse you claim to have suffered that I had a duty to try and point out where your imagination blinds you to reality.

As you appear to be so wounded by abuse, and what you call false accusations (like you have just done to me), perhaps you ought to consider the damage that YOU do to innocent people - for example the nurse, who you have libelled in a witness statement, who was just doing her job checking out a hysteric to see if they had a genuine loss of limb function.

Maybe they shouldn't have put you off the trolley but maybe they really needed it for someone who was genuinely injured and they had become sick and tired of irritating people wasting their time.

Perhaps the worst aspect of people like you is that your prima donna-like moaning pisses people off so much that genuine abuse cases find it harder to be believed. I believe you when you say you have suffered abuse in the past (a long time ago) but you have cultivated what it did to you to justify your bad behaviour now.

Just because someone has been abused, just because someone has mental health problems, just because they were raped doesn't give them carte blanche to be an arsehole to others.

All your floods of letter writing, that you mention on Stuart's blog at intervals, makes letters from more genuine cases more likely to be disbelieved if the recipients have been already been snowed under with your stuff to the point where they start to feel as if all letters about abuse must be made up by people who are just a little bit crackers.
26 February 2010 10:49

Zoompad said...
Well, I thought I knew who you were, now I am not so sure. Obviously you are someone who has read a lot of my posts.

What I am sure about is that you are an extremly nasty piece of work.

You can be sure that I WILL find out who you are, and when I do, I will make sure that the whole world and its pet monkey gets to know as well, and the horrible abusive things that you have been saying.

You ought to be thoroughly ashamed of yourself, it is just plain wicked nand cowardly to come onto the blogsite of a person who has struggled for years and years and years to just get some honest answers about the way they were treated as a child in Social Services care, and spout horrible abuse.

I am jolly glad yopu chose me to give a good kicking, rather than anyone else who might be more vunerable. All the abuse I have suffered over the years has made me as tough as old boots, and I am not going to be intimidated or upset by a little prick like you. So come here again and again and keep up your verbal assault on me, as the more crap you post here the more likely it is that I find out who you are, COWARD!
26 February 2010 11:43

Chris F said...
So - now I am sure you really are paranoid or something because you can't see reality giving you a wakeup call. For God's sake, when people tell you you are wrong, listen! Your personality really is a liability to other people who have been abused.

No doubt your egotistical fantasy view will be that I am just another evil abuser person oppressing you, but I am not. You have just made me angry. The way you responded when I pointed out your ridiculous view of the incident at the hospital is exactly why people end up fed up with you, angry at you. I am now very angry with you - with your gross inability to realise your own faults and your ugly tendency to blame others for things they are not guilty of. I happen to think that claiming an innocent person is guilty of something is just about as close as anyone can get to pure evil.

You generated that anger. You have forced me to give the "experiences" and "difficulties" I have seen you post about much less credibility than I gave them before. As I have repeatedly said, I believe some things did happen to you but now I am sure a hell of a lot of other things didn't and were only, or mostly, in your head.

I will try not to come away from this with a tendency to believe other victims slightly less but that is what you have done with your behaviour. May God forgive you - you claim to be a Christian, so behave properly and don't badmouth others who don't deserve it.
26 February 2010 12:38

Zoompad said...
"you claim to be a Christian, so behave properly and don't badmouth others who don't deserve it."

Don't worry about that - I will behave as Jesus did, God help me. Jesus always told the truth - even to those arrogant lying snakes, the Pharasees. At one point, He even whipped their butts!
26 February 2010 13:03

Anonymous said...
This guy was 'trying' to help you and in return Zoompad you give him a load of verbal abuse. Says it all really - 'and Jesus whipped their butts' - really so your Jesus was an abuser albeit physical and that's ok - you really ought to give some thought to the messages your giving out - you praise Jesus who in your words was an abuser - yet people who try to advise you are the scum of the earth and offered bullying threats.

I rest my case, I really do believe you may have an element of intelligence but I firmly believe your not of sound mind. Read what you have written you will see where I am coming from. You can rant at me if you like, it seems you do indeed get an element of satisfaction sounding off at anyone who dares to oppose you.

Incidently when you place a blog on the net it is usually for people to read it and comment. You must learn if your going to continue with your rants that people will comment - even if you do not like it. Perhaps you ought to get used to the idea or perhaps stop slating our hard working nurses, hospitals etc., etc., None of them are perfect are you??????????
26 February 2010 13:48

Zoompad said...
Isn't it funny how all these apparently anonymous people are all coming out of the woodwork to attack old Zoompad!

It reminds me of the other big thunderstorm that was on this blog when I exposed the Freemasons of Warwick's involvement with a charity that was meant to be helping people who had been abused as children, but in fact was brainwashing them into believing that they had a wierd psychiatric disorder that the CIA had invented, encouraging them to act like babies and completly lose the plot, and then reporting them to Social Services!

I do seem to attract rather a lot of bullying wierdos onto my blog spot! Ah well, looking on the bright side of things, at least if they are all trolling round here, attacking me, that leaves them less time to do nasty business elsewhere, which can only be a good thing!
27 February 2010 07:36

Zoompad said...
"You must learn if your going to continue with your rants that people will comment - even if you do not like it"

Actually, I think it's fantastic that you ratbags have crawled out of the cesspit to try to put me down - I DO like it!

Please feel free to continue coming here and posting malicious crap.
27 February 2010 07:38

Zoompad said...
Julie Bailey, if you manage to find me here, PLEASE get in touch, and God bless you and the others for what you are doing in exposing the Stafford hospital scandal. Don't believe any rubbish you might hear about me, I know some of what has been said, and it isn't true. I only want to help the campaign, and not hinder and I KNOW I can be of great use. Thats why they are keeping us apart, they do this sort of dirty trick all the time.
27 February 2010 07:42

Zoompad said...
Reposted from NBY's blog - some brilliant news

Saturday, 27 February 2010

David Nicholson presided over disaster in Stafford...and then became CEO of the National Health Service.

A new development suggests that there is a culture of corrupt secrecy embedded in Stafford Hospital. And the man who was ultimately responsible is now in charge of the whole NHS.

Kate Levy, Stafford Hospital's Legal Secretary, is undergoing an internal investigation. Local activist Julie Bailey confirmed the case to The Slog late yesterday.

We understand the investigation concerns alleged conspiracy to falsify the death certificate on a 21 year-old male patient. The local coroner's office refused to comment yesterday,but we are told the County Coroner Andrew Haigh has given evidence to the investigation.

A third party (believed to be a doctor at the hospital) appears to be alleging that Levy asked for the cause of death to be altered in favour of natural causes, but we cannot confirm this. Further Slog enquiries yesterday failed to reveal the identity of the complainant
27 February 2010 07:56

Lady Portia said...
"The real meaning of the word paranoia is--- a man or person who has the ability to link events that seemingly are not connected."-

--John Coleman

[The main ad hominem/Name Calling attacks are by using terms quack/crank or paranoid/mad.

This has even been written up in the Soviet book on brainwashing.

This has been recently seen in The victimisation of Lisa Blakemore-Brown.

The The British Psychological Society were trying to declare her paranoid.

Also it is one of the defences of the sanity of the mind called ego denial, to declare people paranoid who are expressing unwanted ideas.

In effect they may go mad if they suddenly took on those beliefs.
27 February 2010 08:58

Chris F said...
"Lady Portia" quotes from a website that mentions the use of "paranoia" as an ad hominem term to attack credibility.

Presumably LP is aware that there actually are paranoid people of varying degrees around who do not perceive reality as it actually is? That is where the concept came from. Paranoia is a mental illness.

Imagining that a nurse is assaulting you when she was only testing your reflexes and muscles is "smoking gun" paranoid. Paranoid people accusing innocent people of things that never happened, particularly in today's litigious society, is a nightmare for professionals.

Frankly I think that those who make unjust accusations get too much attention and they should realise that if they're diagnosed as "mad" that their personal opinions as to how things are, are highly unreliable.

Everyone in prison is innocent and everyone in mental hospitals is sane - if you listen to them.

Lady Portia seems to think that anyone diagnosed as paranoid is victim of some sort of political oppression. Get this very straight Lady P, paranoia is a real mental condition. A person suffering from it is obvious to someone who isn't.

Zoompad is clearly somewhere on the paranoid scale and her presence on Stuart's blog can only reduce its credibility, which is a shame because Stuart is fighting for people who have been genuinely abused, not merely those who've dishonestly talked up some of their experiences to appear more than they were - if indeed they actually were incidents of abuse at all.

No wonder her letters end up being ignored!
27 February 2010 11:11

Anonymous said...
Diane Smith
28 February 2010 15:43

Jenny said...
Who is Diane Smith?
1 March 2010 01:30

Zoompad said...
She is a woman who works with David Kidney, she's got up some webpages for him and organises stuff for the Labour Party. She was at the Democracy Club meeting last week, she tried to make out that she was backing Kidney on a casual level, turns out that she is a very active fully paid up member of the Nu Nazi party, sorry, I mean the Labour Party.

Cheeky cow spent the whole time sat in a corner writing stuff that we were saying down in a clipboard file. I thought she was incredibly rude, she didn't offer to share any of the notes with anyone afterwards, and she tried to make out that David Kidney was some sort of holy messiah, which I found particularly infuriating.
1 March 2010 02:15

Anonymous said...
I have received similar treatment to you at Stafford Hospital. The hospital staff behaved unprofessionally and unethically to check if I was a malingerer or to elicit a conversion response and free up a bed.

I believe I would receive the same treatment in any NHS hospital up and down the country. The doctors and nurses didn't intentionally sexually assault me to harm me, they didn't physically assault me or verbally abuse me to intentionally harm me either. Their was no malicious intent in their actions their was just plain - IGNORANCE.

Sorry to break it to you, but doctors and nurses are VERY IGNORANT of mental health issues/esp. trauma.

And, please do not listen to the lay man who denies your experience and labels and degrades you as intrinsically bad for being abused. Some people! You are a victim and not a criminal, remember that always when encountering the ignorant.

A solicitor needs to know that they have a chance of winning a case in order to take it on - sadly this is financial (reputation, future business and funding). It's not personal, it's political. This is a part of mental health discrimination and social stigma.

My advice to you is, overcome your childhood experiences. Get well, get strong and search for the big picture. Mental health activism would be a great place and a great platform for some with your insight. You have so much to offer .Good luck.

Stafford Hospital 05-08 was a horror film. The cover up has been spectacular, I don't feel anyone nationally is convinced things have improved or that it's not happening in a hospital near them. And, the patients and relatives the one's that have been acknowledged as suffering damaging effects have had to force a public apology and any fall out has been swept away. My thoughts are with those people and those families, may you find peace.
28 April 2010 17:46

Zoompad said...

It's much more sinister than ignorance - it's their training. Have you ever heard of the Tavistock Institute and Common Purpose?

You are absolutly correct to point people like me to the bigger picture.

I know that Julie Bailey is surrounded by moles. Those moles tried to keep people like me away from Julie Bailey, because they did not want Julie to find out certain things which would interest her very much.

God is good. I met Julie anyway, by chance. It was good to be able to talk to her at last. So that little plan was scuppered - by God!

These wicked people - we know who they are now - are not going to get away with what they have done. God has got his eye on them, and God won't be mocked.

I don't want to "get over" the abuse I sudffered. If I were to "get over" all that I went through, how the heck could I fight for the rights of other people WHO ARE BEING ABUSED RIGHT NOW? There have been plenty of attempts by the people reseponsible for how I was abused to brainwash me into "getting over" the abuse I suffered, the Secret Family Courts even tried - illegally - to force me to see a decrepit old bag called Joanna Simpson Blake for a course of NLP brainwashing. The nasty old cow tried to FORCE me to go to her den - near where I was abused as a child - for "treatment". I've also had pills of all shape and variety thrust at me, but I never want any of their chemical coshes, thank you very much indeed, as I have a pair of eyes in my head and I have seen what they have done to other people.

But you see, I'm not alone any more - there are thousands of us now, and we have also got some pretty powerful friends, so I'm not really worried any more about any of the bullies, they are yesterdays news as far as I am concerened. We are going to stop all this bloody bullying - for that is what it all amounts to - child abuse is an extreme sort of bullying, as is what happened at Stafford Hospital. With God to guide us, we will get this stopped.
29 April 2010 05:54

C. Ialis said...
I believe you when you say you have suffered abuse in the past but you have cultivated what it did to you to justify your bad behavior now.
16 June 2010 01:42

Zoompad said...
Are you seriously trying to say that people who are abused have to just put up with it, and not complain or anything, because if they do they are out of order and badly behaved? I think you must be off your trolly!
25 August 2010 19:21

Zoompad said...
So come on then. You have accused me of bad behaviour. You had better list all my faults then hadn't you. You do that, and I will ask the Lord Jesus, who is watching you as you read this right now, to reveal to me all your faults, plus your true identity. We will do a deal, you write down all my failings, and I will write down all of yours. It will be a blassed thing for me to be made aware of all my faults, please do remove the speck from my eye, and I will seek to remove the log from yours - in that way, let us bless one another by seeking to improve each othes souls!
25 August 2010 19:30

Anonymous said...
I understand your responsible for the upbringing of 2 boys is that so Zoompad?
17 January 2011 16:51

Zoompad said...
"Anonymous said...
I understand your responsible for the upbringing of 2 boys is that so Zoompad?

17 January 2011 16:51"

IP address noted.

No, that is not true. And a word of advice - I suggest you do not attempt to orchestrate another Common Purpose malicious vindictive persecution against me, as you will certainly get your fingers burnt if you try that malarky.

Best repent, and quit your criminal activities.
18 January 2011 00:37
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Given that this response is now outside of the mandated timeline,
please can you provide the other non hardcopy details by return?

Yours sincerely,

Mark Salter
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From: FOI Enquiries
British Broadcasting Corporation

21 May 2013
Dear Mr Salter

Thank you for your email; we confirm we have received your message with details of your postal address, and will send the hard-copy documents to you as soon as possible.

We also note that you would like the non-hardcopy information that you requested via email, i.e. all details (make/model/software version and maintenance costs) of the hardware used to produce the hardcopy (the copier/printer) that will be used in forming the hardcopy release. We will also respond to you as soon as possible on this point.

Yours sincerely

The Information Policy & Compliance Team

BBC Freedom of Information
BC2 B6, Broadcast Centre
Wood Lane
London W12 7TP
Email: [BBC request email]

Tel: 020 8008 2882
Fax: 020 8008 2398

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From: Mark Salter

24 May 2013
Dear FOI Enquiries,

REF: RFI20130613

sorry to trouble you again...

... I just wanted to ask if you could please let me know once the
hardcopy has been posted?

I would also like to seek an estimate from you of the time needed
to gather the detail of the hardware used to produce the hardcopy?

The detail on the hardware should take very little time to gather
and provide, at this time we are past the 20 day deadline.

Yours sincerely,

Mark Salter
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From: Mark Salter

1 June 2013
Dear FOI Enquiries,

REF: RFI20130613

so another week passes, still no hardcopy - or online detail on
this already overdue response, and no reply to acknowledge my
simple request to be notified when the hardcopy hits the postal

Please note that is response is now very late.

Yours sincerely,

Mark Salter
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From: Katie Paxie
British Broadcasting Corporation

6 June 2013
0K Download
RFI20130613 Final response.pdf
885K DownloadView as HTML
Dear Mr Salter,

Please find the response to your requests for information (ref:
RFI20130613 and RFI20130615) attached. A hard copy of the information
referred to has been posted to you today.

Kind regards,

BBC Information Policy and Compliance

Room BC2 B6 Broadcast Centre

Wood Lane

London W12 7TP

Website: [1]

Email: [2]mailto:[BBC request email]

Tel: 020 8008 2882

Fax: 020 8008 2398

[3]Description: Description: \\BBCFS2025\UserData$\myrien01\Documents\My

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2. mailto:[BBC request email]
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Mark Salter left an annotation (12 June 2013)
Just wanted to share with any observers that I still have not received the hardcopy response!
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From: Mark Salter

15 June 2013
Your Ref: RFI20130613

Dear British Broadcasting Corporation,

Please pass this on to the person who conducts Freedom of
Information reviews.

I am writing to request an internal review of British Broadcasting
Corporation's handling of my FOI request 'RFI20121161 release'.

In summary, the handling of this request which was for information
that was already 'available' to send to another requester that
declined to give an appropriate and their case was closed has been
unprofessional and lackadaisical. The final straw landed today when
the royal mail posted - not the package sent, but a form indicating
that postage was due on an item. The amount due to actually
coverage postage was not a pound or two short, but £13.35 (£14.35
with the £1 handling fee)!
I have to think this is yet another attempt not to have this
information reach the public domain.

So, please now conduct an internal review on:-

a) The delayed response.

The response has taken 40 weekdays, almost double that prescribed
by the ICO, even though the information was indicated as prepared
and ready to send on the 18th April for the original requester.

b) The failure to provide the response in the form requested

We have heard many reasons why this response cannot be sent
electronically, but all are far-fetch and frankly not believable.

Your organisation has paid a third party to produce hardcopy as
your facilities do not enable you to do so. That same third party
could surely have provided an electronic version of the same,
possibly at less cost than the hardcopy version and saving a few
trees at the same time.

To suggest that the result is too large to send through email, when
the way to facilitate the electronic version would be to send an
email with a link to the document somewhere on the BBC servers,
which I'm sure you are aware serve many gigabytes of electronic
content every day.

c) The 'diarised' approach to responding.

Your organisation consistently fails to meet the 20 working day
deadline and it almost appears that the request is diarised for a
'delayed' response rather than worked and the indication given
earlier. I have to suggest that this apparent approach is against
the intent of the FOIA which requires all organisation to which the
Act applies to "reply *promptly* to requests", you fail to do so
consistently as your data on aptly demonstrates.

This failure to reply promptly has been happening for a while and
not just since you have been 'inundated' with requests following
the 'Savile affair'

d) Your organisation's failure to actually read this request.

Had I not restated my request for the details of the hardware used
to make the copies on the 21st May

It still took until the 6th June to provide this part of the
response, which did not need any time to discover as the hardware
used was not your own but a third parties, why was another twelve
working days need to provide this equipment detail (or not in fact)

e) The seeming delays you have generated in the internal postal
system and royal mail.

The package that the Royal Mail tried to deliver today, was
'posted' on the 6th of June, but 'arrived' today (15th June). I now
know that you paid £13.35 less postage than you should of and that
may have accounted for some of the delay, but I would like you to
consider the actual posted date, compared to that stated here :-

Is your 'Information Policy and Compliance' team lying about it
being posted, or are your internal postal services and the Royal
Mail also having trouble?

e) The failure to pay the correct postage on the package.

To place the incorrect postage on a hardcopy response, perhaps
short by a pound or two could be understandable, I do not yet know
the amount of postage paid, but can confirm that the Royal Mail
have confirmed that you underpaid by £13.35.

Whilst I appreciate your needs to keep postage costs under control,
how did anyone think that the postage paid was even close to

I would like to also request a refund of the £14.35 which I will be
paying to the Royal Mail to collect your response early next week.
Please send a cheque to the same postal address - with the correct
postage and next day delivery to ensure a timely delivery to me. I
am very happy to provide a copy of the receipt of my payment here
if needed, please let me know if this will help.

I am sorry that this seems such a long list of items, but it does I
think accurately reflect the number of failures in this and so many
other requests for information to your organisation.

Please note that I have repeated this request for an internal
review against two requests that your were satisfying with a single
response. I would request an appreciate the response to this
internal review to both email addresses. Please also note that only
a single refund of the postage underpaid is requested!

Thank you in advance for your time and attention.

A full history of my FOI request and all correspondence is
available on the Internet at this address:

Yours faithfully,

Mark Salter
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From: Mark Salter

17 June 2013
Dear British Broadcasting Corporation,

Your ref:RFI20130613

Having picked up this response from the Royal Mail - who I have to
say did a fantastic job in managing to successfully transport and
repackage your badly wrapped package - I can now share that not
only did you attempt to post a single brown a4 envelope containing
three bound booklets each around an inch thick, a highly
inappropriate holder for documents that cost well over £100 to
produce; but you also did not affix any postage at all.

Quite how you expected it to ever arrive safely and intact is
beyond me.

If you could also confirm the contents of the package only included

- Volumes 1 to 3 of "Jimmy Savile Contributor File"
- an A5 envelope containing a hardcopy of your previous response

Then I will be able to confirm Royal Mails efforts to deliver this
were successful.

As previously, this is a repeated reply, so please combine any
reply and the internal review with RFI20130615

Yours faithfully,

Mark Salter
Link to this
Mark Salter left an annotation (20 June 2013)
Whilst I await a response to my request for an internal review, I hope to share that the money spent on providing the hardcopy details has not been wasted.

This is a link to the entire three volumes that the BBC failed to supply electronically :-

These are being served (for *free* on google docs).

I have maintained the volume split on the hardcopy and docs provides quite a nice preview to distinguish the various items. The files are named :-


where x is the volume and nnnnn is the page number.
The spreadsheet is pre-populated with this file name for the addition of comments as you see fit.

Should you wish to comment, describe on or see other's comments on these images then please see here :-

You will need a 'modern' browser to add comments. I will monitor this document from time to time and reserve the right to adjust, make read only or remove should the need arise.

The scanning of the items took less than an hour, the subsequent processing and upload perhaps another two.
The quality of the originals is poor, so I have maintained resolution to try and preserve the detail that is present; however some pages are illegible I'm afraid.

I hope you find the detail useful. It is a shame that the BBC find themselves unable to provide quite the same level of electronic output - opting for hardcopy and the associated expense (postage paid by me at this time I might add!).

Friday, 21 June 2013


DATED 5/9/2011


Cynthia Bower is the Chief Executive of the Care Quality Commission.

Cynthia Bower graduated from Birmingham University and began her professional life in social care. She spent a number of years working with children in a variety of settings and managing social care services for children. She moved to the Health Service in 1995 to work for Birmingham Health Authority, working as Director of Primary Care at the time of the establishment of Primary Care Groups and the first wave of Primary Care Trusts (PCTs).

In 2000 she became Chief Executive of Birmingham Specialist Community Health NHS Trust and in 2002 Chief Executive of South Birmingham PCT.

At that time South Birmingham was the largest PCT in the country, commissioning for almost 400,000 patients and providing a wide range of local, city-wide and regional Services.

In August 2005 she became Managing Director of Birmingham and the Black Country SHA and in July 2006 she became Chief Executive of NHS West Midlands.

In July 2008, Cynthia Bower was appointed Chief Executive of the Care Quality Commission, which took up its duties as the regulator for health and social care on 1 April 2009.


About us
Who we are and how we can help you
Skills for Health is your Sector Skills Council, for all health employers; NHS, independent and third sector. Everything we do is driven by your skills and workforce needs.

We can help you in three ways:

firstly, we offer tested solutions and tools to help you improve productivity and quality
secondly, we can directly support you and your staff to plan and manage workforce development and change
thirdly, as the employers’ authoritative voice on skills issues, we represent your views and champion the effective investment in skills that you need.
Influencing policy
As your Sector Skills Council, Skills for Health acts as the voice of healthcare employers in the skills system.

Ensuring government policy reflects the needs of health employers

We influence skills, education and health policy to ensure that it reflects employers’ needs and helps develop a world class healthcare workforce able to meet changing needs and expectations.

We do this by lobbying and working with a range of Government departments, agencies and stakeholders as well as collating and delivering responses to policy consultations.

Helping you deliver on key policy priorities

We identify key policy priorities and provide you with a range of resources to help you deliver against them.

Skills for Health was relicensed in 2009 following a review by the National Audit Office with an ‘outstanding’ contribution to workforce redesign. The UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) is responsible for the relicensing process for the 25 Sector Skills Councils.

Skills for Health’s strategic plan covers the period 2010-2015.


Case studies
Managing eRostering and Scheduled events with DRS Realtime
Reduced spend on locums - early implementers of Realtime in Blackpool reduced medical locum spend by between 10% and 20%.
Fast, Accurate, Cost effective – Compliance Reporting using WIRED
Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals used WIRED achieve the Trust target of 85% of staff completing all their relevant statutory and mandatory training.
Accurate compliance reporting with WIRED
Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare NHS Trust used WIRED to export data from their HR system (ESR) and Learning Management System (OLM) to quickly create a wide range of high quality compliance reports, helping them save time and money.
New role cuts length of stay by 60% at NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde
How new competence based Allied Health Professional Advanced Practitioner role doubled patient discharge rates and reduced onward referrals.
New role improves patient care at NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde
How Advanced Nurse Practitioner role enabled more flexible ways of delivering services improved patient outcomes and helped nurses to progress along the career framework.
Achieving 90% employment for students at NHS Tayside
Meeting the flexible workforce challenge using a competence based approach to develop support staff and open up career pathways across health and social care.
Flexible training for support staff improves service quality
Career Framework helps NHS Lothian develop Healthcare Support Worker role in mental health and learning disability services
New role has ‘phenomenal’ effect on Emergency Departments
How a new role is easing emergency access to hospitals, improving patients’ experience and saving money
Recruitment toolkit delivers ‘very significant’ savings for Cwm Taf Local Health Board
How Skills for Health’s Sector Employability Toolkit dramatically improved recruitment to hard-to-fill posts while reducing turnover and sickness rates.
Dramatically cutting waiting times and improving productivity
How transferable roles are transforming services in NHS Dudley
Cutting length of stay at Whittington Hospital NHS Trust
How using competences to develop new roles delivered a more productive workforce.
How Foundation Trust drove up recruitment and reduced turnover in hard to fill posts
Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust applies employability approach to open up a new workforce pool.
Competence based coaching develops effective front line managers
How Whittington Hospital NHS Trust and Skills for Health pioneered competence based leadership programme for front line managers.
Equipping staff with the business skills to lead innovative healthcare services
Skills for Health helps Therapyworks pioneer new franchise model for physiotherapy practice in independent healthcare
Competence based training boosts competence and confidence in clinical practice
NHS Nottingham City and University of Nottingham use competences to support staff development for End of Life Care.
Nuffield Health uses Skills for Health competences to eliminate one area’s clinical incidents
How supporting staff with competence based training helped build excellent safety record while freeing up clinical staff time.
Creating safe, efficient and effective new services for remote and rural populations in Scotland
How Scotland’s Remote and Rural Healthcare Educational Alliance used a competence based approach to create a new flexible role
New Roles and Progression Pathways Report
This case study was commissioned to test the usefulness of ‘Growing Your Own: a Practical Guide to Growing Your Own Professionals for the New NHS' against the realities of front line delivery of an NHS Trust - Newham University Hospital Trust (NUHT)
Meeting 18 week wait through workforce development
Central Manchester and Manchester Children’s University Hospitals NHS Trust uses Skills for Health competences
Improving service delivery in Breast Screening
Warwickshire, Solihull & Coventry – developing new Practitioner roles
Improving service delivery in school health services
When South Birmingham Primary Care Trust was invited to become part of a School Health Demonstrator project, managers recognised an opportunity to assess and evaluate the effectiveness of a new role in school nursing
A competence based approach to service and team redesign
NHS Forth Valley creates evidence-based new roles for older people’s care
LLN training overcomes the language barrier
Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Foundation Trust pioneers English for Speakers of Other Languages training
New Roles support elderly patient services
Whittington Hospital Trust uses Skills for Health competences for Therapy Assistant roles
Creating career progression opportunities for healthcare staff
Northwest London Trust uses Skills for Health competences for Associate Practitioner role
Creating accessible training in Psychological Therapies
Improving professional development in health
BUPA implements Skills for Health competences
Now is the time to invest in skills - the Blackpool way
Independent care home staff to provide new levels of personalised care
Creating new roles to support Hospitals at Night
Improving management of long term conditions
Improving education, training and service re-design in healthcare services
Clinovia implements Skills for Health competences
New obstetric theatre maternity support workers
Emergency care reform in Northern Ireland
Angina patient pathway
Berkshire CHD Collaborative
Angiograph practitioner role profiling, job specification and training plan
Hull and East Yorkshire Hospital NHS Trust
Reducing complications in people with diabetes
Using competences to improve Coronary Heart Disease services
Linking LLN training to disability priorities and KSF
A whole organisation approach to Skills for Life
Unlocking staff potential at Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust
A Learning Advisor model approach to Skills for Life
Apprenticeships - a vital tool for workforce development
User empowerment
Castle Hill Cardiac Support Team
Cardiac Nurse Practitioner role profiles and development plans
Broomfield Hospital, Chelmsford
ACS competence-based training programme
Critical Care Institute, Greater Manchester SHA
Using competences to improve Coronary Heart Disease services
Wrexham Maelor Hospital – developing the role of the Acute Coronary Syndrome Nurse
Cath lab worker role profile and training programme
Lancashire and South Cumbria Cardiac Network
Cardiology department job descriptions and training plans
Heatherwood and Wexham Park Hospital, Slough
Awareness of Literacy, Language and Numeracy supports Lincolnshire health employees
Contextualised Literacy, Language and Numeracy Awareness brings success
Northwest London NHS Hospital Trust
Improves patient care and reduces nursing burden through the introduction of a new Associate Practitioner role
Learning for all Union Learning Representatives