Saturday, 6 May 2017

Once again I am in Twitter jail!

I'm not going to worry about it, there was a time I would have been weeping about it. I'm learning to rest in God, no matter how many evil tricks the paedophiles who are so absolutely desperate to shut everyone up are, they can never ever separate me from the Lord Jesus Christ.

I think seeing as I'm not allowed to communicate with anyone any more I will just do some nice stuff that I like doing, ie learn to do split rings in tatting, and learn to play my ocarina.

The jail they put me in is like a cage round my body, I feel that I have been a prisoner all my life. But I also know that the Lord Jesus Christ is coming back, and all the people like me who are in a crushing prison guarded by Satan and his associates will be set free at the return of the Lord Jesus Christ. The wicked will try to hide, funny thing is that a lot of them are fooling themselves that they are serving God, freemasons actually do believe they are doing God's work, just as the SS thought that by putting on sinister uniforms they had the authority to persecute and murder people after being given orders to do so from someone a bit higher up the pyramid of shame.

So I will sit in my jail of social isolation with my Creator, and learn some new beautiful skills and rest in His love. My voice has been silenced, my hands have been disabled, my feet have been shackled. I still have my soul and my clear concience.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017


I'm not sure who put me there, but it was after virtually exploding with rage after listening to Simon Warr on radio half an hour ago talking about the need for people to STFU about bad childhood experiences and keep a stiff upper lip. Simon Warr, the cane yielding moron who sees nothing wrong with ritualistic beating of young boys.

Another person who might have gone run run running tell tale tit to Twitter mods is the multi Twitter account holding ANNA RACCOON, who I blocked (with great difficulty, it was as if there was an anti block button on her account) and I did make a comment concerning her multiple accounts. Another suspect is Barrister Blog, and his paedophile friends.

So I'm not sure who did it, but ah well, that's the way it goes. One day all those creatures will have to explain to God what they have done.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017


On Tuesday 14th March I was once more sectioned on a 136 order by Stafford Police and taken to St George's Psychiatric Hospital against my will. I was given no paperwork again, just like the last time, and not given an option to see a lawyer.

These are some of the names of the people involved

Lettie Mnisi

Pascal Ashieddo

Dr Shakir

Dr Bhardwaj

Jenni Hudson

Sue (student)

Emma Davies (nurse)

There were also two paramedics, I think one was male and one female, and two female police officers, I think one of them was called Lisa and had tattoos.

I'm writing this for my own protection, as I am frightened. The reason the police came was because I had a fit in Victoria park, and when the police came I was actually recovering from the fit. I was told by the paramedics they needed to check my health before I could be allowed to go on my way,I did tell them how frightened I am of Stafford Police due to their mistreatment of me since I was a child, in Pindown children's home which was used as a sex slave brothel in the 1970s, which Stafford Police are very well aware of.

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Tuesday, 3 January 2017


1) Matthew Ellis was on local radio this morning, talking about a new scheme to lock up mentally ill people, a new cell unit at St George's Psychiatric Hoispital. Naturally, after my appalling recent experience of being illegally sectioned for getting upset (NOT violent I must stress, but very weepy and upset) over police refusing to do anything about child trafficking and abuse that I've repeatedly told them about in Stafford, I did have quite a lot to say on this subject.

Suddenly, I found I was totally unable to make any comments on Twitter. It was as if someone else has taken over the control of my keyboard. Typing anything in was useless, no words appeared.

Now, I just don't believe in coincidences and there's nothing wrong with my device.

I don't use my blog much any more. Stafford police have harassed me for blogging. They want me to shut up. Michael Brown Mental Health COP paid me a visit when they sectioned me 2 years ago at St George's. I'm sure people can easily understand how that makes me feel. I think I am a brave lady even if no-one else does!

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Stafford Police have told me its legal to abduct disabled kids from school and take them to prison without parents consent

I had a call from Victoria Downing from Stafford Police Child Protection unit yesterday and she told me again, that its not a criminal offence to abduct disabled children and take them to prison without parental consent and knowledge and hand them over to a bunch of criminals.

I told her I feel like an ant living in TopsyTurveyland. I told her I feel that I have no human rights.

Stafford Police have effectivly silenced me. I've tried for years to fight against the paedophile ring that is operating right in front of everyones noses in Staffordshire, but its useless. Hardly anyone reads this blog any more. Ive been pretty effectivly silenced and theres nothing I can do about it. I feel like nothing has changed since I was a child being abused 40 years ago, I had no voice then and I have no voice now.

But God is watching.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015


Stafford Police are telling me that it isnt a crime, and I find that absolutly shocking, especially considering how I was persecuted for seven long years, falsely accused of Parental Alienation Syndrome, which was invented by the paedophile Richard Gardner, and repeatedly threatened with jail/removal of my son/psychiatric hospital if I committed "Contempt of Court" which umbrella term could mean simply talking about how I was being abused in the secret family court!

So the things you would think are crimes arent, and the things you wouldn't think are crimes are, according to Stafford Police.

Its like living in TopsyTurvyland!!!

The secret family court of Stafford is still up to its tricks, using PAS and Threat Therapy. I can't name the lady, but I have a contact who is suffering the same legal criminal harassment as I did, but I will say that the criminal gangster law firm that is shafting her is based in Rugely. I expect they troll this site though, just as Stafford Police do, I'm not stupid, I know full well what goes on, so I just want to say this much, you had better leave this one well alone, she's not on her own any more.

As for me, I'm smashed up and can't do very much these days, its PTSD, I keep having episodes, and its like a spiral of thunderstorms in my head, dispair. Ive been trying to relax a lot, did some ukelele cases, I mean to post the pattern onto my other blog, the craft blog. I made a really nice one with George Formby embroidered on it, for someone who is just amazing at playing the uke. I've been doing quite a bit of embroidery, and painting, just funny little paintings of birds and cats and people. I try to keep positive, but I still feel so terrified inside, and wonder if that horrible feeling will ever go away.

To the Christian man who posts on here - I know what you're saying, but I dont think you understand, its not bitterness, its righteousness, and the horror of what is still happening here in Stafford. The Lord gives us a moral duty to care for others, He doesnt want us to turn away, like in the story of the Good Samaritan. We're living in TopsyTurvyland right now, thats what the Bible means when it says the whole world groans, we who love Jesus groan in pain at the goings on of this world, we groan for justice and righteousness. If I sound bitter at times, well, the Lord does understand, its a bitter cup we are all having to drink from, even though the Lord drained it down to the dregs, He also wept in pain and heartache, as we do.

I just want to mention the Moody Blues at Glastonbury. It would have been very nice to see that concert, but the BBC decided not to film it!!! They are my favourite band, and when I was going through that horrible seven years of secret court persecution I was touched by two tracks in particular, The Voice, and Dawning Is The Day. The lyrics of those two songs, I used them as a mantra, I knew deep inside the Lord wouldnt let those wicked people destroy me, in faith, I clung to the Lords promises like a drowning person clings to a piece of flotsam. The paedos mocked me for trusting in God, I remember that, they abused me and mocked me for that too. I actually met Justin Hayward a few years ago, that was a special day for me, he's a nice man, kind and I like kind people.