Thursday, 8 August 2013


I have had enough of YouTube messing around with peoples channels.

They have fixed it so that I have just lost all my inbox, sorry because the technicalities of what they have done are over my head, but they fixed it so that I could only get at my inbox by renaming my YouTube channel, so I renamed it by the old name that everyone will know it by, which is REALZOOMY, it would have been ZOOMPAD but I couldn't have that name because it had already gone, so thats why I had to choose the name REALZOOMY. I didn't want to change the name of my channel, but YouTube but a notice in the way of me and my inbox so that I was forced to!

I have also chosen to make my channel for 18 plus, NOT because I have posted any immoral video on there or anything I am ashamed of, but because there are so many videos talking about the abuse I have experienced that I thought it was the right thing to do, to stop children stumbling onto my channel and making them old before their time, because I had my childhood innocence robbed off me, and I don't want to do anything like that to any child, I think children should be allowed to have a happy and innocent childhood, which is what I had until the abuse started, aged 11.

Anyway, I am not happy that all my YouTube inbox is empty now, I am glad I copied and saved some of the nasty comments I got from the paedophile human trafficking gangsters who were trying to shut me up by calling me a nutter all the time though.

YouTube shouldn't be doing this to peoples channels, blocking their inbox with forms about changing the name of their channels, I expect most people just want to keep their channel the same.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013


I didn't want to add this comment to the previous blog post, so I have posted it here. Yes, I have heard of this sort of stuff happening, and I am absolutly disgusted, because VICTIMS of child abuse are having to beg and nag for councelling, and even when they do get it, they are lucky if they actually get any appropriate councelling that is going to do any good, as the paedophiles are getting their cover uppers into the councelling profession as well as the legal profession, and they are stuffing the victims of these horrible crimes up even more at every opportunity.

Anonymous said...

All seems a bit weird

Check todays east Anglian daily times
Article about barnados giving counseling to a man on bail for child sex offenses

This man was called John wills from Stowmarket and was authorized by social worker Jonathan eckersely

Eckersley was told about wills a year before the arrest yet nothing was done

a friend
5 August 2013 06:31