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Mark earns top tribute
Saturday, October 17, 2009

This is Staffordshire

STAFFORDSHIRE detective Mark Blandford has been nationally recognised for developing a public protection learning programme.

DC Blandford was one of three people who received an ACPO President's commendation at this year's national ACPO public protection conference held in Warwick. It is the first time commendations have been awarded to public protection practitioners who attend the annual conference.
DC Blandford, from the force's Multi-Agency Protection Arrangements (MAPPA) unit, has developed a national policing learning and development programme which covers aspects of training required for officers to recognise the risk assessment of sex offenders and violent offenders.

DC Blandford said: "I feel very honoured to receive a commendation and pleased that our work will go towards training officers to achieve excellence in the way they protect the public and for the public to have trust and confidence in the police."

Superintendent Neil Hemmings, head of the force's public protection unit, said: "Mark is now recognised as one of the most highly qualified specialists in the country in the field of risk management.

"We are pleased his work has been recognised and public protection officers from across the country will benefit from attending the five-day course."


JSB Forensic Practice has been set up to offer expert forensic support to the legal profesion as well as training This is dummy text. It is intended to be read but have no meaning. As a simulation of actual copy, Johanna Simpson Blake using ordinary words with normal letter frequencies
Risk Matrix 2000
August 8th - 9th 2005 and
October 3rd - 4th 2005

Two day Intensive training at
The University of Stafford.
Providing participants with the
knowledge, skills and practice
in order to use the tool in
forensic work, risk analysis,
decision-making and research.

Tell Me More

Johanna Simpson Blake

Forensic experience
Johanna Simpson Blake is the Principal Chartered Forensic Psychologist, Head of Programmes, Public Protection & Violence Reduction and Member of the Senior Management Team at HMP Stafford.She is also a Chartered Forensic Psychologist and founder of JSB Forensic Practice.

You can view information about Johannas Career to date, Professional body Membership and qualifications within the legal cv area of the site.

In line with Lord Woolf’s recommendations in relation to expert witnesses, Johanna Simpson Blake is a applied Chartered Psychologist working in a busy Forensic Setting. Johannas career to date has involved working with a range of different client groups; adult, young, and juvenile offenders, both male & female. Johanna holds a MSc degree in Forensic Psychology and a Diploma in Women’s Studies. You can view a detailed breakdown of her full forensic experiece within the legal cv area of the site.

Understanding Sexual Offending

JSB Forensic Practice presents a one day intensive training event at the Oddfellows Hall, Stafford with Johanna Simpson Blake, Principal Chartered Forensic Psychologist & DC Mark Blandford, Public Protection Unit, Stafford,

October 5th, or December 7th 2006

Objective: The training will provide participants with a fuller understanding of the risk factors related to sexual offending behaviour, risk assessment, risk reduction and risk management measures applied within prison and the Community [MAPPA].

Training includes:
Modern theories related to sexual offending pathways
Developmental factors and victim to perpertrator transmission
Identifying risk factors
Risk assessment [strengths and weaknesses]
Using static and dynamic risk assessment to inform decision making
Case studies
Evidence based treatment models
Managing sexual offenders in prison
MAPPA legislation [Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements] and civil orders used to manage, prevent and restrict sex offenders in the community

Johanna Simpson Blake BSc(Hons), MSC, Dip, CPsychol
Chartered Forensic Psychologist
Bond Solon Expert Witness trained/Member of the Society of Expert Witnesses

Professional CV
Forensic Experience
Download PDF CV

Present Position(s)

Principal Chartered Forensic Psychologist, Head of Programmes, Public Protection & Violence Reduction, Member of the Senior Management Team, HMP Stafford, Chartered Forensic Psychologist, JSB Forensic Practice.

Career to date
Principal Chartered Forensic Psychologist Head of Programmes, Public Protection & Violence Reduction - HMP Stafford
2003 - Present
Chartered Forensic Psychologist - JSB Forensic Practice
Forensic Psychologist (Head of Dept) - HMP (Category C)
Higher Forensic Psychologist (Head of Dept) - HMP (Local)
Higher Forensic Psychologist (Head of Dept) - HMYOI (Juveniles & YO’s)
Forensic Psychologist – HMP (Category A/B)
Assistant Psychologist - HMP (Category C)
Membership of Professional bodies
British Psychological Society (BPS)
Division of Forensic Psychology (DFP)
Society of Expert Witnesses
International Society for the study of Personality Disorders
National Institute of Mental Health in England



JSB Forensic Practice
62-64 Britannia Wa
Britannia Enterprise Park
Lichfield WS14 9UY

Food for thought: This is a psychologist's headquarters, where she is treating mentally fragile patients, some of whom have been incarcerated in prisons and children's "homes" ON A FREAKING INDUSTRIAL ESTATE!!!!!


There is a notice on the perimeter fence. WARNING. These premeses are protected by Louise Alexander Security Solutions.

Mr J.H. McCann
appointed 31 Aug 2010

K.W. Rose
appointed 31 Aug 2010
also director of:

Louis Alexander Limited


Walsall Amateur Boxing Club




View the latest Crowers ranking for this industry


Private Limited with Share Capital


11 Nov 2005

Registered Office:

Carmella House, 3 & 4 Grove Terrace
West Midlands
United Kingdom



A vision, a call
In times before my fall
In life before I became
I dreamed I was insane

I saw the unseen
I heard the unheard
I rode the sky above the earth
I felt the breeze of the world
What was lost
I should have retrieved
What was real
Was long gone within of me

Crimson tide
A wave of lost time
Scenario of a velvet blue sky
I dreamed about day
But I lived in the night
I looked and I saw
That in my dream I was so free
Red turned blue
White became black
The daylight erased my shadow
Insanity reached me it's hand
Whispering velvet voice
The sky above the stars
The wind below the moon
The light that create shadows
The dark beyond the eyes:

I sat before myself
I looked above below
I embraced my living self
Doves and birds, gras and trees
Where was all I used to see?
Why am I not what I used to be?
That's the beauty of the mind

Night divide day, day erase night
Light of day, day of Darkness

They are inside my head
Climbing the walls
Falling of the sealing
Jumping on the floor
Voices and calls
On the edge of sanity
I stumble and fall
Through the gates of the endless halls

Come walk with me
Through the valley of eternity
In passion I see the light
Am I the one only the mirror sees?

A distant calling
Lost in memories
Lost in the maze of the mind
The secret place that none have seen
Silent cries of despair
What sanity remains

Within this fragile mind
I am alone again
Me, myself and I
Echoes pounds my head
Shapeless forms everywhere

I think, therefore I am
You are a fantasy made by me
I dream this world
When I end, the world will end with me,
I am everything,You are me

"Sleep my child" to never be awakened again:

I fell asleep, to sweet lullaby
A sleep in which I had a dream
And in this dream
I conceived a perfect plan
That would change the face of man

For it was my dream
To create a perfect world
From this cold imperfect world
And all the answers were inside my mind

And I was unafraid
The dream was so enticing
But now I see it fade
And I am here alone, all alone
Once again
The soul of an angel
Lives forever
The love of the innocent
Lasts forever
A moments passion
I hear a desperate cry

I weep for the weak
I pray for the strong
Through Crimson eye
And Shattered lie,
I behold the sacrifice
Of the innocent life
[ Lyrics from: http://www.lyricsmode.com/lyrics/g/green_carnation/light_of_day_day_of_darkness.html ]
There`s blood on the bended knee
The light paint a shadow on me
Will I forsake you
Or will I the forsaken be?

I left my body
Come meet me in my dreams
It`s been so long
Would you know me?

Time stands still, but I wonder
Who`s watching over you
Who`s watching over me

As a traveller
I seek hospitality
As a wanderer
I seek immortality
As a journey in insanity
I seek divine comparity

I sit here alone, so cold
Left in the dark, to feel
Pitty my soul
What is left to say?
What is left to see?
Where did I fail?
Where did I go wrong?

I am so lost
Still I am so free
But my heart just
Won't stop to bleed

In Twilight atmosphere
Sirens seductive call
Is summoning me
To my New World
A brave new world
Where right is wrong
Where justice is gone

Funeral Symphony
Behind me, a dark shaping mass
I turn and face the face of deception
A face without the warmth
Of dignity and grace

I see the unseen,
I hear the unheard
I learned the secret
That none before me had learned

Watch me and my new desire
I am emptier than ever
But I feel complete
Take my hand and watch me as:

I conceal myself in shadows
Until night falls
I am who I am
I just want to be
And once again the night
Seems to outlast me

I hear a voice
Who could it be?
Is there anybody else here with me?
Why do you torture me?
Wont you leave me be?

Am I whom I should be?
For all that you are lies wholly within of me

Out of reach, out of sight
I feel strange and lost,
Can you lead me right?
It's too dark for me to see
Capture of soul,
Won`t you please forgive me?

I heard the tales
I learned the secret way
That tears are replacements
For what has been taken away
From us and what we`ve lost
Still, all I see is burning fields
Still, all I hear is dying screams

I am the future
I am the past

I am what you wish for
The god you wish to be

I am the voice
Behind the silent scream

I am the dark
I am the light you never see

I am the blood
That makes your soul free

I am pure
I am unclean

It takes one to be a god
It takes one to feel lonely

It takes two to outlast me
It takes two to feel complete

It takes a moon to light the stars
It takes a light to see the dark

If what I wrote was real
Could I then a God be?
Would what I see
Then be part of reality?
Would I then reach divine entity?

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I'm assuming it is a council house, because it certainly looks like one to me.

Google RE-ACT (UK), look at the contact address and google that.

Here is the clients list:

Recent Clients & Venues

Virgin Atlantic

Holiday Inn

Warner Leisure Hotels

The Extra Care Charitable Trust

Wortham Lawn Tennis Club

Somerleyton Hall

Oaklands Hotel

Wensum Valley Hotel & Golf Club

The Pheasant Hotel

Gorelston Golf Club

Family Amusements

Norwich Artistes

Caesar's Palace

Britannia Pier

Best Of


Federation Of Small Businesses

Beccles Town Council


I have posted this on someone elses blog, but thought I would post it on my own knackered up (because of hackers) not working properly blog as well.

I have been puzzling over the Edge TV that the UK Column uses for ages. They got my picture onto RTV and yet no-one from RT is interested in talking to me, and I find that really very strange.

RT's Max Keiser's real name is Timothy Maxwell. I think he looks like Robert Maxwell.

The Russian Revolution. I have been reading about Prince George, Duke of Kent.



"In 1917 George V took the controversial decision to deny political asylum to the Tsar Nicholas II and his family after the Bolshevik Revolution. People where shocked by George's unwillingness to protect his cousin but his advisers argued that it was important for the king to distance himself from the autocratic Russian royal family. Some people questioned this decision when it became known that the Bolsheviks had executed Tsar Nicholas, his wife and their five children. "

His grandson is Prince Michael, Duke of Kent


"Prince Michael has a strong interest in Russia, and displays some physical resemblance to Tsar Nicholas II, a first cousin of three of his grandparents. When the bodies of the Tsar and some of his family were discovered in 1979, the remains were later identified by DNA, using among others, Prince Michael's blood sample for recognition. [19] He attended the 1998 burial of the Tsar and his family in St. Petersburg. [20] Prince Michael speaks fluent Russian, and travels to Russia frequently. Prince Michael is an Honorary Member of the Romanov Family Association"

Postman Patel did an interesting blog post called Dukes, Freemasons, Jersey and all that sort of nonsense


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