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JSB Forensic Practice has been set up to offer expert forensic support to the legal profesion as well as training This is dummy text. It is intended to be read but have no meaning. As a simulation of actual copy, Johanna Simpson Blake using ordinary words with normal letter frequencies
Risk Matrix 2000
August 8th - 9th 2005 and
October 3rd - 4th 2005

Two day Intensive training at
The University of Stafford.
Providing participants with the
knowledge, skills and practice
in order to use the tool in
forensic work, risk analysis,
decision-making and research.

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Johanna Simpson Blake

Forensic experience
Johanna Simpson Blake is the Principal Chartered Forensic Psychologist, Head of Programmes, Public Protection & Violence Reduction and Member of the Senior Management Team at HMP Stafford.She is also a Chartered Forensic Psychologist and founder of JSB Forensic Practice.

You can view information about Johannas Career to date, Professional body Membership and qualifications within the legal cv area of the site.

In line with Lord Woolf’s recommendations in relation to expert witnesses, Johanna Simpson Blake is a applied Chartered Psychologist working in a busy Forensic Setting. Johannas career to date has involved working with a range of different client groups; adult, young, and juvenile offenders, both male & female. Johanna holds a MSc degree in Forensic Psychology and a Diploma in Women’s Studies. You can view a detailed breakdown of her full forensic experiece within the legal cv area of the site.

Understanding Sexual Offending

JSB Forensic Practice presents a one day intensive training event at the Oddfellows Hall, Stafford with Johanna Simpson Blake, Principal Chartered Forensic Psychologist & DC Mark Blandford, Public Protection Unit, Stafford,

October 5th, or December 7th 2006

Objective: The training will provide participants with a fuller understanding of the risk factors related to sexual offending behaviour, risk assessment, risk reduction and risk management measures applied within prison and the Community [MAPPA].

Training includes:
Modern theories related to sexual offending pathways
Developmental factors and victim to perpertrator transmission
Identifying risk factors
Risk assessment [strengths and weaknesses]
Using static and dynamic risk assessment to inform decision making
Case studies
Evidence based treatment models
Managing sexual offenders in prison
MAPPA legislation [Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements] and civil orders used to manage, prevent and restrict sex offenders in the community

Johanna Simpson Blake BSc(Hons), MSC, Dip, CPsychol
Chartered Forensic Psychologist
Bond Solon Expert Witness trained/Member of the Society of Expert Witnesses

Professional CV
Forensic Experience
Download PDF CV

Present Position(s)

Principal Chartered Forensic Psychologist, Head of Programmes, Public Protection & Violence Reduction, Member of the Senior Management Team, HMP Stafford, Chartered Forensic Psychologist, JSB Forensic Practice.

Career to date
Principal Chartered Forensic Psychologist Head of Programmes, Public Protection & Violence Reduction - HMP Stafford
2003 - Present
Chartered Forensic Psychologist - JSB Forensic Practice
Forensic Psychologist (Head of Dept) - HMP (Category C)
Higher Forensic Psychologist (Head of Dept) - HMP (Local)
Higher Forensic Psychologist (Head of Dept) - HMYOI (Juveniles & YO’s)
Forensic Psychologist – HMP (Category A/B)
Assistant Psychologist - HMP (Category C)
Membership of Professional bodies
British Psychological Society (BPS)
Division of Forensic Psychology (DFP)
Society of Expert Witnesses
International Society for the study of Personality Disorders
National Institute of Mental Health in England



JSB Forensic Practice
62-64 Britannia Wa
Britannia Enterprise Park
Lichfield WS14 9UY

Food for thought: This is a psychologist's headquarters, where she is treating mentally fragile patients, some of whom have been incarcerated in prisons and children's "homes" ON A FREAKING INDUSTRIAL ESTATE!!!!!


There is a notice on the perimeter fence. WARNING. These premeses are protected by Louise Alexander Security Solutions.

Mr J.H. McCann
appointed 31 Aug 2010

K.W. Rose
appointed 31 Aug 2010
also director of:

Louis Alexander Limited


Walsall Amateur Boxing Club




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Private Limited with Share Capital


11 Nov 2005

Registered Office:

Carmella House, 3 & 4 Grove Terrace
West Midlands
United Kingdom


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Understanding Sexual Offending

JSB Forensic Practice presents a one day intensive training event at the Oddfellows Hall, Stafford with Johanna Simpson Blake, Principal Chartered Forensic Psychologist & DC Mark Blandford, Public Protection Unit, Stafford,

October 5th, or December 7th 2006

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DC Mark Blandford.

Now, up until this afternoon I had never heard of DC Mark Blandford, but I am pretty sure I have heard about him.

I was told about a year or so ago that a senior police officer had discredited the Haut de la Garenne and Staffordshire Pindown child abuse investigations.

Apparently the senior police officer who had written a letter which I was not able to see due to the person who had been sent the letter being lied to by a media company, and told that if I were to be shown the letter that person would not have the television program they had been promised, to highlight Pindown child abuse in another part of the country. It was very upsetting to be told by this other child abuse victim that basically what happened to the rest of us didnt class as child abuse. But I pushed my personal hurt down, in the hope that this person might show me the letter, or even simply tell me the name of the police officer.

The person at this time was posting very worrying things on Facebook, of being stalked by a man, and I had a look on their friends list and warned them about one of the people. I was told to butt off, and blocked.

Zoompad said...

Recently, someone played go between to try to get us two child abuse survivors back together as friends and fellow campaigners. I told him everything that had happened.

I still felt very hurt about what the person had said, but I really wanted to know who the senior policeman was. To be honest, I didnt really care if that person friended me or not, as I felt rather disgusted about what had been said about Staffordshire Pindown and Haut de la Garenne. Well, the person friended me on facebook, but was talking about getting child abuse councelling. I didnt want anyone to get stitched up the way I had with so called therapists who are anything but that, and said words to the effect that finding a good child abuse councellor who really wants to heal is like finding rocking horse shit. That didnt go down too well, and I blocked a creepy looking woman that wasw a friend of that person, and ended up blocking the person as well, in case any other "friends" dashed in to attack me, which is what happens on facebook

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I also blocked that person on Twitter after getting a creepy message that appeared to accuse me of stalking. When I went to that persons account to block, I noticed that two of the persons friends were two that were on Mothers for Justice for years, attacking me because I kept posting the truth about 2 American paedophile psychologists, Richard Gardner and Ralph Underwager. Those two men from Fathers 4 Justice hated me posting anything about those two paedophiles and one of them had striven to defend Richard Gardner and the use of his junk science in the secret courts. So they got blocked as well.

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Threatening Times and the Election of Charismatic U.S. Presidents ...

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STEWART J. H. McCANN. Department of Behavioral and Life Sciences University College of Cape Breton. ABSTRACT.Two hypotheses based on Max Weber ...

Wonder why the link doesn't work any more?

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Try again, messed it up last time!

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Brian Child

Brian Child is one of the best known names in marketing in the Northwest of England and during his extensive career has spent a total of 25 years at McCann Erickson Manchester, ten of those as chief executive.

During his time with the agency he created a management team through which he helped to build the integrated marketing services agency in to the largest outside London with more than 300 staff working out of its Bonis Hall offices.

Also, during his time with McCann Erickson Brian held the role of UK Group Chairman, which gave him responsibility for agencies in Edinburgh, Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol and Windsor.

For his last two years with McCanns he held the role of European vice president and chief executive of Momentum Europe, a post that saw him build up a network of sales promotion/event companies in 23 countries.
Since retiring from McCann Erickson Brian now runs his own company, Brain Child Marketing Ltd, specifically to help small/medium agencies to realise the full extent of their ambitions.

Brian is currently non-executive director of The Mission Group, a group of marketing services suppliers based throughout the UK, which includes Bray Leino, Big Communications, Story, RLA and BDM. He also holds non-executiuve positions with Elmwood Design and the Yes Agency.

He also advises Deleinio and KMP and was previously a Mentor for CIDS in Manchester.

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What happened to CIDS in Manchester?
Friday, February 11th, 2011 | Uncategorized |

Creative Industries Development Services (CIDS) in Manchester started in the end of the 1990s as a way to support the bubbling small-scale music life to become more sustainable businesses, build networks and be an intermediary between the city and its cultural scene.

The initiative was taken by Manchester City after a research-report 1997-1999 suggested to start an agency to be the intermediary between Manchester City’s infrastructure for support for businesses and the small-scale cultural life.

CIDS had four assignments when it started: 1) offer business support based on the acknowledgment that the cultural field needs specific competence and expertise, you need to know something of the field to be able to give the right support, 2) provide information and expertise of the cultural sector to the official structures, 3) build collaborations and partnerships with existing infrastructure to provide better and more coherent efforts to the creative field, and 4) to have a representative role and give voice for specific needs in the field into policy- and decision-making structures in the city.

In Professor Justin O’Connor’s report Developing a Creative Cluster in a Postindustrial City: CIDS and Manchester, he points at a few reasons why CIDS, in 2008 finally closed down its activities.

Two processes showed to be difficult. On one hand the notion of “Creative Industries” which through the slight different connotation towards economic growth in the understanding of “Creative Industries” compared to “Cultural Industries” which in the beginning were understood as not only economic growth but also the non-commercial arts and culture. This change in the understanding slowly mirrored the policy and decisions in the city of Manchester, which in the long run made CIDS work with small-scale cultural businesses with specific conditions and in the middle of commercial and non-commercial difficult.

The other was the intermediary role, the balancing act between the city and policy becoming more and more instrumental and focused on economic growth, the other being the situation for artists and small cultural businesses and their specific needs which often didn’t fit in to the overall agenda of the city. The idea of building trust by sharing the same risk as the cultural field and taking a clear standing point for the artists, made the officials look upon CIDS as somewhat a maverick organisation.

It is interesting to see how the hopes for creative industries are growing, at the same time as the official support-structures, indicators and expectations still follow the traditional industry.

Read Justin O’Connor’s and Xin Gu’s report here: manchestercids.pdf.

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CIDS Profile


1st Floor, The Department Store 5 Oak Street Manchester Greater Manchester
M4 5JD

The Creative Industries Development Service (CIDS) works to help new and established creative businesses in Greater Manchester.

I have had a look at that address, there is a nasty looking dirty run down place on the corner of Oak Stree, called Miss Sheetal, I don't know if it's that but there are two stories of grubby looking appartments over the top of it. It looke like the sort of place Fagan and Bill Sykes would hang out!

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Sorry for the typos, they will have to stay because I dont want to mess my blog up now with more deletions! I think I need to learn touch typing!

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This is the funny thing about some of these companies. They look all shining and pristine on the website, but you get to the location and it's some dirty filthy wretched Tom All Alone's!

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Resident's campaign scuppers home plans

Project sparks fears that violent criminals could move in

A HOME plan which caused a storm of protest amid fears violent criminals would move into a Stafford village has been ditched in what has been dubbed a victory for people power.

Generic Online News 5

The application by, JSB Forensics for Keeper’s Cot- tage in Weston Bank, led to outrage and opposition from villagers.

Applicant, psychiatrist Johanna Simpson Blake insists there had never been any such plans for vio- lent or sexual offenders. She said the plan was for a home for people with mild learning difficulties who had previously been in hospital and needed help with basic tasks.

But concerns arose when Ms Simpson Blake adver- tised her scheme on a website.

Residents in Weston, Salt and Hopton discovered her other company, Premier Psychological Care, dealt with patients offered treatment as an alterna- tive to prison and fears escalated.

They formed a residents’ association and posted 2,000 leaflets opposing the plan.

The property’s owners, Sue and Robert James, feared Ms Simpson Blake had not revealed the full extent of her plans and were unhappy for the scheme to continue.

Ms Simpson Blake has now withdrawn the plan from Stafford Borough Council.

She said: “It’s terribly sad really.”

“As a professional I would not have been bringing

people into the community if I thought they weren’t manageable or if I thought they would pose any risk or danger.

“I had lined up the best team of people to look after these men and give them the opportunity to lead a normal life.

“At the end of the day it’s up to the owners and I do understand why they’ve made the decision that they have.”

Mr and Mrs James said they were approached by Ms Simpson Blake and told she wanted to rent the house as a centre for harmless individuals with mild learning difficulties. She also assured them she would consult with residents.

Mr James said: “We are very proud of our family home and thought that it would be a wonderful set- ting conducive to helping people with learning dif- ficulties and we were pleased that it was to be used in such a beneficial way.

“We are deeply upset and disappointed that we did not find out about the actual intended use of the house sooner, as we would have been able to act before the situation escalated, causing unnec- essary anxiety and stress to local residents.

“As soon as we did find out about Johanna Simp- son Blake’s real intentions we immediately demanded the planning application to be with- drawn. We are sorry for any distress that may have been caused. This was never our intention.”

Peter Nadin, from the Salt, Hopton and Weston Residents Association, said: “People power has won the day.”

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Update: 27 April 2012
Press release from Salt Hopton Hixon and Weston Residents Association
Release date - Sunday 28/4/2012 8:00 pm
Local residents from a group of parishes near Stafford have set up a Residents Association to respond to a planning application which is horrifying the local population.
A seemingly innocuous application for change of use of a large family house at Keepers Lodge, Brick kiln Lane, Weston (Planning ref 12/16853/COU ) nearly went unnoticed and unopposed as it purported to be a residential institution to reintegrate and rehabilitate the vulnerable mentally impaired into the community and to develop their life opportunities.
However, eagle eyed locals uncovered the fact that planning applicant JSB Forensic Practice Ltd is owned by Psychologist Johanna Simpson Blake, who claims on her website to specialise in the treatment and management of High Risk Offenders, including Sex offenders, and convicts serving life sentences. This and other parts of her CV seemed very at odds with the implied nature of the application, and alarm bells began to ring at that point.
Further urgent research uncovered a second company, Premier Psychological Care (, solely owned by Johanna Simpson Blake and set up just days before the application was made for change of use by her other company JSB Forensic Practice.
What really shocked residents was that PPC ltd were already inviting referrals for men aged 30-60 years of age who had spent significant amounts of time detained under the Mental Health act, particularly sections 37, 37/41 and 3 with "forensic histories" (meaning "criminal convictions").
This was further evidence that there seemed to be an attempt to mislead with the application. Local residents rapidly mobilised and set up the Salt Hixon Hopton and Weston Residents Association, SHaWRA, who leafleted nearly 2000 households throughout these parishes, set up an informative website and dedicated email news subscription service, all within 48 hours, to raise public awareness.

Zoompad said...

SHaWRA is now focussing on encouraging and co-ordinating lobbying of Parish and Borough councillors, as well as local MP's Bill Cash and Jeremy Lefroy. Next is urging residents to express their concerns and objections at their local parish council meetings, and most importantly to Stafford Borough Council Planning Department.
To this end they will be in attendance at parish council meetings from next Wednesday the 2nd May at Salt Village Hall, and the following weeks in Weston and Hopton, to give help and advice on how to do so.
Already SHAWRA is being flooded with contacts from concerned residents.
Chair of SHaWRA, Peter Nadin, of Weston Bank said " There certainly seems to have been an attempt to subvert the normal process of democratic local involvement in planning decisions by hiding the true nature of the application"
Update: 27 April 2012
Additional notes to editors:
• -SHaWRA - website address
• Unlike similar projects elsewhere in the UK where significant public consultation took place prior to planning applications being made, absolutely none occurred in this case.
• Residents are encouraged to attend their local Parish Council meetings that occur during the very brief window of public consultation, which closes officially on 10th May. Salt & Enson - Weds 2nd May 8pm Salt Village Hall
Weston - Tuesday 8th May 2012 at 7.30pm in Weston Village Hall
Hopton/Coton -14th May time and venue unknown.
Borough Ward Councillor & planning committee member F Beatty will be in attendance at the Salt and Enson meeting
• Owner of land - Robert and Susan James, of Keepers Lodge, Brick Kiln Lane, Weston, Stafford, ST18 0BA
• Residents wishing to object may do so rapidly online at quoting the planning ref number 12/16853/COU

• For further information contact : Salt Hopton Hixon and Weston Residents Association
The press are invited to seek interview, photo opportunities, and further information from the following committee members:
Peter Nadin (Chair) 07968 594931
Lesley Mosam (Secretary), 07971 247419
Tania Nadin 01889 270004
Max Mosam 07702 121521
or email
The press are cordially invited to attend the Parish Council meetings where large turnouts are expected. SHARWA members will be on hand if required, please notify us in advance if possible so that we might priorities you if possible.
Attached are photos that may be used and reproduced of Keepers Lodge, and of SHAWRA members delivering leaflets.

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5 Oak St Manchester M4 5JD!!!!!

Manchester Pride, The Department Store, 5 Oak Street, Manchester, M4 5JD
Registered Charity 1117848 Phone 0161 831 7700 Fax 0161 831 7711