Tuesday, 30 October 2012


I went to see my GP yesterday, and told her how I am feeling.

I am giving that GP surgery one last chance to put things right. I haven't forgotten what was done with my medical records.

I told her that I want to feel well and happy.

I am now waiting to see what will happen. What I hope will happen is that I will, at long last, be treated with respect and courtesy, and not be subjected to yet more psychological abuse, but be given the means to be well and happy. I was very specific in what I asked for, which was simply for a PROPERLY QUALIFIED AND APPROPRIATE doctor to assess me to see if I have the condition that I strongly suspect I have. I do NOT NOT NOT want to see any more stitch up artists like Joanna Simpson Blake or that bloody Trevor!!!

If I finally get the help that I should have been given in the first place, it will be good, but if I end up getting stitched up and hounded again I will carry on fighting like 3000 tigers, as I have had to for all my life.

Friday, 26 October 2012


This is why I am not expecting Peter Spindler to arrest all the paedophiles who were/are involved in the Jimmy Savile paedophile scandal

Former policeman faked records

A former Met Police officer has admitted faking records, which meant that rape cases weren't investigated properly.


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4:50 pm, Wed 12 Sep 2012
Metropolitan Police statement on Coleman-Farrow case

Commander Peter Spindler from the Metropolitan Police has issued the following statement, after a former officer from the force's Sapphire command (which deals with investigations into rape and sexual assault) admitted falsifying records.

"We expect the highest standard of conduct from our officers, particularly within the Sapphire Command with its clear focus on victim care.

"This individual clearly fell well below those standards and it is therefore only right that he take full responsibility for his failings.

"His dismissal and subsequent criminal conviction sends a clear message to both the public and colleagues that neither the police service nor the courts will tolerate such serious professional failings."
Peter Spindler
Metropolitan Police


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'Complicity or negligence?' Rape charity slams Met over Coleman-Farrow case

The charity Women Against Rape has accused the Metropoltian Police of 'complicity or negligence', after a former officer admitted faking police records and failing to properly investigate complaints of rape and sexual assault.

Ryan Coleman-Farrow, 30, pleaded guilty to 13 counts of misconduct in a public office at Southwark Crown Court today.

The charity said:

"This is a very serious case, because at least 12 victims have been denied justice and at least 11 rapists have received impunity as a direct result of this man’s actions, and they may well have felt emboldened to rape again (or even murder) having got away with it.

"Every single case this specialist officer has been involved in should be reviewed. How long had he been operating in a specialist rape unit? Why wasn’t he stopped sooner? What was the responsibility of his superiors – was it complicity or negligence?

It continued:

We have been saying for years that officers and others within the criminal justice system who are obstructing justice have to be held to account or nothing will change.

"We understand this officer has been doing it since 2007. We hope that when he is sentenced, it will properly reflect the seriousness of the crime."
– Women Against RapeUK
Women Against Rape
Metropolitan Police

4:50 pm, Wed 12 Sep 2012
'Rogue officer' faked rape case records

The Independent Police Complaints Commission said that Coleman-Farrow appeared to be a "rogue officer who set out to deceive".

Deputy Chairwoman Deborah Glass said their investigation did not reveal any systemic or serious supervisory failings, and that the Metropolitan Police had reviewed all cases where he was the officer in charge.

She said:

"While we may never fully understand the motivation for his actions, Mr Coleman-Farrow appears to have been a rogue officer who set out to deceive.

"While dealing with rogue individuals must always be a concern in any system, supervisory systems will not necessarily pick up on an officer who has concocted evidence to cover their tracks."

The Metropolitan Police dismissed Coleman-Farrow in April 2011.
Independent Police Complaints Commission
Metropolitan Police


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Former policeman admits faking records

A former detective constable at the Metropolitan Police has admitted faking police records which meant that rape cases weren't investigated properly.

Ryan Coleman-Farrow, 30, pleaded guilty to 13 counts of misconduct including falsifying witness statements and wrongly claiming that some cases had been dropped by prosecutors.
Metropolitan Police
Ryan Coleman-Farrow

The criminals in uniform: Almost 1,000 officers with convictions from drug dealing to perverting justice are still in the police

Two detective chief inspectors among 944 officers in England and Wales with a criminal record
One officer found guilty of gross misconduct after sending racist and sexist texts is still in his job
Hundreds of others facing misconduct allegations are allowed to escape punishment by quitting their forces...Hundreds of police officers facing misconduct allegations are being allowed to escape punishment by quitting their forces.

More than 130 employees were permitted by chief officers to walk out of Scotland Yard over the past year instead of facing a misconduct panel.

The force sacked 43 officers over that same period, figures show.

With police conduct under 'unprecedented' scrutiny, Commander Peter Spindler, the Metropolitan Police's discipline chief, insisted he was not letting corrupt officers off the hook.

But Mr Spindler, head of the force's directorate of professional standards, said in many cases 'it's actually more pragmatic to let them resign'

I still don't know who was responsible for falsifying a police statement that was substituted in my social work records from 40 years ago, when Stafford Police picked me up as a runaway (from abuse) and performed a clinical rape upon me to see if I had been abused. I did complain to Stafford Police about this falsified record and I was told by an officer that it was legal to falsify official records!I DONT THINK SO SOMEHOW!!!

Thursday, 25 October 2012


I am getting a succession of shifty looking people in different vehicles parking up outside my home for no apparent reason. The behaviour of these people is pretty much always the same, as if they have all been briefed.

Yesterdays was a man in a white van with a Scwift logo on the side.

Whilst looking up Sxwift I discovered this:

The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) provides a network that enables financial institutions worldwide to send and receive information about financial transactions in a secure, standardized and reliable environment. SWIFT also markets software and services to financial institutions, much of it for use on the SWIFTNet Network, and ISO 9362 bank identifier codes (BICs) are popularly known as "SWIFT codes".

The chairman of SWIFT is Yawar Shah, and the CEO is Gottfried Leibbrandt, who is from the Netherlands.

And this:

Terrorist Finance Tracking Programme

The Committee consisted of the following Members:

Chair:Dr William McCrea

† Anderson, Mr David (Blaydon) (Lab)

† Bagshawe, Ms Louise (Corby) (Con)

† Cryer, John (Leyton and Wanstead) (Lab)

† Duddridge, James (Lord Commissioner of Her Majesty's Treasury)

† Hanson, Mr David (Delyn) (Lab)

† Hemming, John (Birmingham, Yardley) (LD)

† Hoban, Mr Mark (Financial Secretary to the Treasury)

† Hopkins, Kelvin (Luton North) (Lab)

† Hunt, Tristram (Stoke-on-Trent Central) (Lab)

† Leadsom, Andrea (South Northamptonshire) (Con)

† Phillips, Stephen (Sleaford and North Hykeham) (Con)

† Sharma, Alok (Reading West) (Con)

Wilson, Sammy (East Antrim) (DUP)

Alison Groves, Committee Clerk

† attended the Committee

Column number: 3

European Committee B

Tuesday 8 February 2011

[Dr William McCrea in the Chair]

Terrorist Finance Tracking Programme

A lot of the names on this list are very well known to me, as they are people I have corresponded with about the Staffordshire Pindown child abuse cover up.


Wednesday, 17 October 2012


I see Esther Ranzen has been sacked from NAPAC.

Esther Rantzen, the founder of ChildLine, has been sacked by the National Association for People Abused in Childhood. The decision follows Rantzen's admission that she blocked her ears to all the rumours about Jimmy Savile...According to Unreality TV, Mr Peter Saunders, the Chief Executive and founder of the NAPAC, said:

In the light of her admission that she heard rumours about Savile but did nothing, I am going to ask the trustees if they feel she is an appropriate patron.
A number of people have contacted us to say they don’t feel she is.

Read more: http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/334919#ixzz29Xi5iMd1

I hope Esther Ranzen gets to read this blog post, I don't know how to contact her, so if anyone does can you please point this blog post out to her?

I asked NAPAC to help me a few years ago - I was being maliciously persecuted in the secret family courts, falsely accused of Parental Alienation Syndrome (which was invented by an American paedophile) and Richard Gardner's "Threat Therapy" used on me for years. I was in great distress and eventually became so run down that I ended up seriously ill in hospital with pneumonia. I am one of the Staffordshire Pindown child abuse survivors, and have gradually realised that Stafford Police have colluded with other agencies and the Government to cover up institutional child abuse, and persecute the victims to keep it all hidden, my solicitor Richard Wise, who died very suddenly ten years ago was helping us Pindown victims, and he discovered that many of us were being deliberatly criminalised and jailed.

Peter Saunders was very nasty to me. I do have the email exchange I had with him somewhere amongst my files, but I had my computer hacked repeatedly and so I do not have them on this computer but on saved files, which I have had to hide away from my home due to my house being ransacked and documents taken a few years ago. Basically, I told NAPAC what I had endured, and added that I had grown so used to being set up by one agency after another that I didnt really expect NAPAC would help me, but hoped that they would.

Peter Saunders must know how broken someone like me has become, with repeated abuse from one agency that was SUPPOSED to be there to help people like me, but didnt, and have some understanding of how people subjected to malicious vindictive persecution for years on end end up not knowing who they can trust, like a dog who has been repeatedly beaten and is crouched in the corner frightened of any hand that goes near it. But what he did is inexcusable. Instead of making any allowances for me being sceptical that NAPAC would help me, he confirmed my fears by falsely accusing me of being aggressive to the female member of staff that opened my email!!!

I was horrified when I read what Peter Saunders had written, and posted an email back, telling him that I had no intention of attacking or upsetting anyone, but that I had suffered so much abuse from agencies supposedly set up to help child abuse victims that I was sceptical of any agency, but was bravely trying to get help anyway. I told him that I did trust Shy Keenan and Sarah Payne, and asked him to pass on my details of how I had been abused and contact details to them.

Peter Saunders washed his hands of me instead. He did absolutly nothing to help me. Also, the top of the list in my area of agencies that he is recommending to help people like me is Emerge. They were the ones who maliciously sent me to St Georges Psychiatric Hospital for child abuse councelling, despite me begging them to send me somewhere else, as that was one of the places I was abused at as a child. They didnt listen, and I ended up in A and E after a "therapy" session in which I had my head opened up and had been talking about some of the horrible things that had been done to me as a child, and then left to make my way home, past the gloomy buildings of St Georges Psychiatric Hospital and Stafford Prison, to the bus stop. My head started spinning as if there was a big thunderstorm inside, and I ended up on the pavement, unable to feel my lips and arms and legs, so someone called for an ambulance. That is what happened to me, and at first I tried to give Emerge the benefit of the doubt, but after another 8 councelling sessions at another, safer venue, with a man who promised me that the councelling sessions were confidential, but finding that little snippits were becoming known to other people who had no rights to know them, I now have no doubt in my mind that Emerge was acting maliciously towards me and had sent me for councelling on purpose at St Georges, knowing full well what was likely to happen.

I hope Esther Ranzen gets to read this. I don't believe she is one of the bad ones, and that she genuinly does want to stop child abuse. Perhaps I am being naive, but I still believe she isn't malicious to child abuse survivors.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012


I am experiencing strange activity on my computer, as if someone is overriding my anti virus software.

The warning message that comes up when there is a cyber attack, but did not give me any chance to decide what to do.

Someone is, again, hacking my computer.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012


Dear Lord Jesus, please help me.

The wicked ones are trying to cover up what they did.

I want the horrible nightmare of the abuse I suffered as a child to end, and I crave for that apology that has been so long denied to me.

I know what Jimmy Savile did is somehow connected to the abuse and cover up that has hurt me for so long.

Dear Lord, now the BBC spokeperson is saying that there are probably 25 victims of Jimmy Savile. A few hours before that, they were saying there were probably 30. They are trying to whittle it down - it's not their job to do that! The BBC isn't the police!!!

Please don't let them cover this stuff up any more. It really hurts me every time I see them doing that. I feel like I am being squeezed into a box and they are trying to slam the lid down every time they do that.

What Savile did was connected to the Pindown child abuse. Please don't let them cover this stuff up any more. Please don't answer their prayers or allow them to curse anyone, please strip them of their power, please don't let them go on hurting their victims. Please let what really happened be seen and not hidden away any more.

Love Barbara

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Jonathan King gets to the heart of the problem

"He smiles across the canteen at his arresting officers. They smile faintly back. Jonathan has always told me about his good relationship with the police, how kind they were to him during his arrest, and he looks a little crestfallen at their evident withdrawal of affection. "The police are far less friendly than they were," he says. "Quite boot-faced, in fact." He pauses. "And there doesn't even seem to be a senior officer around. I'm getting quite insulted that I'm so unimportant that only constables are allowed anywhere near the case."

From The fall of a pop impresario, Jon Ronson The Guardian, Saturday 1 December 2001


I think I can understand him very well when he speaks of the friendliness of the police, and his dismay at the lack of senior officers afterwards.

"I am quite sure that there are still plenty of very friendly senior police officers who would give him all the support he craves for.

"I felt terrible about shaking his hand," one reporter says a little later. "I felt disgusting. I was standing there thinking, 'What's he done with that hand?' I should have refused to shake it."

"I just asked my solicitor if it's unusual for the accused to make a point of shaking the hands of the press and the prosecution barrister," Jonathan says as we walk into court. "He said it was absolutely unheard of!" Jonathan laughs, and adds, "You know, I fully intend to change the legal system just like I changed the pop industry."

Again, with the help of his friends in the legal profession, I am sure this is true. The pity of it is that there are some right wicked scum bags in the legal profession, and they are very busy trying to change laws, as was evident in 2002 when a group of BFMS members managed to stop what they called "police trawling" but what victims of child abuse and parents of young children would call the police just trying to do their job.

This vile man really did cling onto every word that Ralph Underwager spoke about the need for paedophiles to "Be Bold". They are as bold as sewer rats.

Thursday, 4 October 2012


I watched the documentary about Jimmy Savile last night and at the end of the program there was a notice asking people who had been affected by the issues to contact NAPAC.

The Jimmy Savile documentary on ITV.
If you have been affected by watching this programme or any of the revelations of recent days please call our free phone Support Line on 0800 085 3330.

The opening times are mentioned below.

We are very busy at the moment so please try later if you don't get through straight away.

Media enquires should be directed to our Chief Executive, Pete Saunders on 020 3176 0560 or mobile 07977975402.

I did contact NAPAC to ask them for help when I was being persecuted in the secret family courts, and falsely accused of Parental Alienation Syndrome (which was invented by a paedophile called Richard Gardner) and subjected to horrendous harassment, which was so bad that I ended up in hospital with pneumonia, because they wore my health down by the constant threats of prison if I committed Contempt of Court.

I told Peter Saunders very clearly that I am one of the Staffordshire Pindown victims.

He not only didnt want to know, he was dead nasty to me and accused me of being aggressive.

So I would advise any institutional child abuse survivor to be very wary of NAPAC.

So far I have yet to find any registered charity that has the balls to take on the Pindown child abuse cover up scandal. Most people run a mile when you mention Pindown, they just do not want to know.

I dont give any money to registered charity these days, if I can help it.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012


I am reposting this from something called Durham Narpo:

"Brian Jones sent us this one : “The recent sad demise of Sir Jimmy Saville reminded me of the time he visited Consett police station in 1980 to receive a cheque for £2,500 towards the Stoke Mandeville appeal, money raised by a sponsored bike ride to London.

Those in the photo from the ride are Sgt Jeff Ridley, PC's Les Reay, Alby Allen, Nigel Miller, Brian Jones and MCE Arthur Milburn. Typical of Sir Jimmy was that he insisted on visiting the children's ward at Shotley Bridge hospital where he created mayhem! “


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Anonymous said...
Are any of these Officers aware of many children and young adults that attended Consett Police Station in an attempt to report serious sexual abuse at the hands of crown officers and outhers serving in and around consett area 1970s 1980s Medomsley Detention Center """""""
If so will any be questioned about there knowlage , or involvement if any ,
kind regards,
Kevin Young
Kevin Young Vs Home Office , Crown House Of Lords 2009

12 June 2012 12:41