Saturday, 6 October 2012

Jonathan King gets to the heart of the problem

"He smiles across the canteen at his arresting officers. They smile faintly back. Jonathan has always told me about his good relationship with the police, how kind they were to him during his arrest, and he looks a little crestfallen at their evident withdrawal of affection. "The police are far less friendly than they were," he says. "Quite boot-faced, in fact." He pauses. "And there doesn't even seem to be a senior officer around. I'm getting quite insulted that I'm so unimportant that only constables are allowed anywhere near the case."

From The fall of a pop impresario, Jon Ronson The Guardian, Saturday 1 December 2001

I think I can understand him very well when he speaks of the friendliness of the police, and his dismay at the lack of senior officers afterwards.

"I am quite sure that there are still plenty of very friendly senior police officers who would give him all the support he craves for.

"I felt terrible about shaking his hand," one reporter says a little later. "I felt disgusting. I was standing there thinking, 'What's he done with that hand?' I should have refused to shake it."

"I just asked my solicitor if it's unusual for the accused to make a point of shaking the hands of the press and the prosecution barrister," Jonathan says as we walk into court. "He said it was absolutely unheard of!" Jonathan laughs, and adds, "You know, I fully intend to change the legal system just like I changed the pop industry."

Again, with the help of his friends in the legal profession, I am sure this is true. The pity of it is that there are some right wicked scum bags in the legal profession, and they are very busy trying to change laws, as was evident in 2002 when a group of BFMS members managed to stop what they called "police trawling" but what victims of child abuse and parents of young children would call the police just trying to do their job.

This vile man really did cling onto every word that Ralph Underwager spoke about the need for paedophiles to "Be Bold". They are as bold as sewer rats.


Pauline Barten said...

Jonathan King is deluded if he thinks he changed the pop world.He is such a narcissist that he thinks he will change the legal system.What a sad little man.

Anon said...


- Aangirfan

Zoompad said...

I don't think Jonathan King is deluded for thinking he and his creepy friends can change the legal system to legalise paedophilia, as they have been doing just that by stealth, little by little, right under our noses for decades.

The paedophiles have an agenda, to legalise sex with children, to do away with the age of consent.

They have snook in to all sorts of positions of authority, ie the police, the judiciary, education, NHS, the probation service, law. They help each other, and they plot against anyone who tries to expose them.

And we have let them do it. We have not spoken out when we should, turned a blind eye to bad stuff, when we were too scared to deal with it.

I can understand though why people are reluctant to speak out, GOD PLEASE HELP US, JESUS PLEASE HELP US!

Anonymous said...

Joanthan king is dead right, bang on the button, the agenda is to change the system and they have.
they got homosexuality decriminalised then acceptable now almost compulsory, pedophilia has been down graded as a crime, and will soon be a minor misdemeanor.
Roman Polanski Elton John and all jews do not see it as a crime, becuase in talmudic law its nota crime to abuse christian kids,
and because jews now run this country we are having our laws, changed to theirs

Anonymous said...

With all due respect Zoompad, I don't think god, jesus or the holy spirit are going to help us. What good is calling out to a 'god' who is outside of ourselves' when it is the g(o)od within us we as a human race should be calling out to and nourishing.

How can humankind as a whole evolve into a peaceful, kind and loving race when so many of our 'kind, who are in positions of authority and influence, not by right but by deception, are so corrupted?

Zoompad said...

Well, you are entitled to your opinion. I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and put my faith in him, not you or anyone else.