Friday, 13 November 2009

The continuing persecution of Maurice Kirk

3 October 2009
The Office for Judicial Complaints 10th Floor Tower, 10.52 102 Petty France, London,
Re: Cardiff Crown Court
Your ref: 6563/2009
Dear Sir
On 01 October Judge N Cooke refused me bail. Since 25 June I have been denied the right to apply for bail as I appear to be under the control of MAPPA (Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangement) without being notified for what reason.
Am I considered dangerous, despite FTAC (Fixated Threat Assessment Centre) clearance in January?
The Judge, after indicating I may be released, first asked if I would co-operate with further examinations at the clinic. I deferred my reply to establish just what was causing my having been locked up all summer and who instigated it?
The Judge then produced a single page extracted from my website, out of context, following the South Wales Police refusing to indentify any of the police officers at the 43 incidents listed with police authority ‘occurrence numbers' stored on the Police National Computer for easy reference.
The Chief Constable's 25 February 2009 erroneous sworn affidavit refers to this matter - see website downloads
Both the Chief Constable and Adrian Oliver of Dolmans solicitors, Cardiff, are the subject before the Barry Magistrates Court on 23 October in a private criminal prosecution and other related alleged offences originating from 1993 covert police surveillance by South Wales Police on my veterinary surgeries and home and which is ongoing.
The Judge indicated I would offend again and sent me down to attend court on 26 October.
The page he referred to identified my £10,000 reward for the home addresses of retired Police Officers and Crown Prosecution personnel.
In order to serve a witness summons private investigators have explained the only method left open to me as the police refuse to even answer my letters.
Welsh MAPPA meetings regularly include police, members of Caswell Clinic personnel and agents for the Judiciary, including the CPS.
Legislation allows me to express myself in the manner as portrayed on my website.
Judge Cooke knows the relationship between the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, South Wales Police and the HM Attorney General as co-defendants he having sat on one of my cases, only to witness the Jury catch the police ‘red handed' signalling to the PC on cross examination. They even put it in writing to Judge Cooke, but the Judge let the culprits get away ‘scot free'.
Judge Cooke already knows I have been subjected to intrusive techniques, including SPECT (single photon emission computed tomography) and the refusal by the HM clinic to disclose any of my medical records.
Judge Cooke knows there is no right of appeal to this 3rd 28 day consecutive court order when well over 35 hours of intense interrogation has already taken place with doctors alone.
Psychiatrists from both Cardiff and Swansea University, with funding from the USA in their research, have played a major part.
For him to refuse me the right to hear the 03 September court hearing tape (transcript omitting both my request for a bail application and allegation that the clinic had ‘put something in my tea' is but ‘small beer' to his ignoring my need for analgesia due to a splitting headache.
Not the court fraternity, custodial staff of the cells, nor even the numerous psychiatric nursing staff, that it needed to get me there, would supply anything to alleviate the acute pain.
Judge Cooke will know that on 26 October Dr Tegwyn Williams will reiterate his previous suggestion that I may now be subjected to anti psychotic drugs, possibly by force and further sectioned to remain in custody indefinitely purely at the discretion of the Ministry of Justice.
Judge Cooke again refused to take a pleading saying I was not fit, despite the 29 September psychiatric report clearly stating to the contrary!
It was Judge Cooke with two other barristers on 16 July who all discussed a submission that it was not about who was holding the parcel when the music stopped.
Judge Cooke reused to seize exhibit AJR/1, the antique weapon following my written request to prevent the police from furthering tampering with it. Now, I wonder why?
Judge Cooke is just another in a string of court cases where successive judges have refused to establish just who instigated my arrest in the first place, who appointed the Caswell Clinic and who instigated a Section 35.
Maurice Kirk