Thursday, 31 March 2011


I just watched the programme on BBC 2, its affected me in a really bad way. I tried to ring the helpline, I just wanted to talk to someone about the programme, because Stafford Police chewed me up and spat me out, they have not investigated my complaints properly at all, the BBC, they gave a number 08000 934 934, and it was just music and a man with a strange message, its really really really upset me. Why have a helpline after a programme thats bound to upset people and then not even have people manning it properly?

This is just like torturing people over and over again, they get your hopes up that someone at last cares, then they just drop you down like a stone. Do they do it on purpose? It looks to me like they do.


Yesterday I had an email from a lady who sent Stafford Police round to my house just before Christmas. It was all about Viagra. At first I was angry, then it dawned on me that the lady was not at all likely to send such an email completly out of the blue, and the address was not right, the lady's name was on it but there was a bit extra on the email addy. It seemed to me that someone was trying to stir up trouble.

So when that comment was left by that person regarding Stafford Police coming to visit my house again I twigged who the prime suspect of sending the Viagra email in someone elses name would be.

I think everyone else knows who I am referring to. So Jon, you are aware are'nt you that hacking into peoples email addresses and sending emails in other people's names in in fact a criminal offence?

And to think I was beginning to feel a bit sorry for the little rat.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011



Its a wrist tap, but we have to grateful for any scraps the injustice system throw into our way.

Man fined for response to blog comments

A MAN who made a ‘sinister and evil’ phone call to the family housing former Senator Stuart Syvret was fined £200 by the Magistrate’s Court yesterday.

Jonathan Sharrock Haworth (40), of St Helier, told the court that he made the call after being spoken about in derogatory terms on an internet blog site.

He was bound over for six months, was fined £200 and was ordered to pay his victim – Mr Syvet’s landlord – £200 after admitting making the menacing call on 11 March.

It was not revealed in open court which blog site Haworth was referring to, but he said that an inaccurate entry on the site stated that he had been sacked from previous employment.

Article posted on 29th March, 2011 - 2.56pm

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Monday, 28 March 2011


Nancy and Bruce Schaefer were murdered a year ago. The official story is that Bruce Schaefer killed his wife and then shot himself. Thats the official version of what happened.

Nancy Schaefer had been exposing paedophiles, and was on the verge of dropping the mother of all bombshells onto the paedophile ring she had been investigating - she had written a book.

If I were a gambling person I would stake every penny I own on the odds that Bruce Schaefer did not kill his wife.


Well, it looks like New Labour's not so smart idea of using Saturday's UNITE London protest as a political platform has fallen apart. Well done Bill Maloney for exposing these politicians for the heartless hypocrites that they are.

One of the reasons that Ed Balls is too embarressed to talk about child abuse has to be something to do with the fact that he employed many people who were trained at the Kensey Institute in his Children Schools and Families department. Wether he did that with malicious intent, or wether he had not taken the time to do a little research on the Kinsey Institute, I have no idea, but for those who don't know anything about that institution here is a little glimpse of how it was founded:

As for Harriet Harman, her refusal to talk about child abuse is pretty much well known to all of us who have been victims of institutional child abuse and the Secret Family Courts, who have written to her. I wrote to her, I think it was in 2006, and I did tell her that the secret family courts were using a syndrome that had been invented by a paedophile called Richard Gardner, who had been brought to the UK to lecture about child protection issues, by a company called EAGLE ASSOCIATES, which is part of LOCKHEED MARTIN, who were awarded the 2011 Census contract by New Labour.The chairman of Eagle Associates is a man called David Abrams. Remember the cash under the table deals with Tony Blair and co, from David Abrahams/Martin/Abrams/ect?

Bill hinted at another reason for Harriet Harman's unwillingness to talk about child abuse. I think this may enlighten those who don't know anything about this lady's past.

Sunday, 27 March 2011




"You need to create a proper independent police authority"

To cut a long story short, Jersey Police Chief Graham Power was illegally suspended by the Jersey Government for poking around too much into what the Jersey politicians would prefer remained Top Secret, the disgusting abuse and possibly murder at the Haut de la Garenne children's home.

One day, people will look back at these child abuse cover ups with the same repugnance and horror that people feel about the slave trade atrocities.

Friday, 25 March 2011


Letter to RTS, sent 24 January 2011 09:35

Subject: Channel Television Story Of The Year Award

Dear Sir,

I am writing to you to enquire about the process of television awards.

I am very concerned about the decision to award Channel Television an accolade for Story Of The Year in the Regional Television Awards. The programme, which dwelt on what they dubbed the Expenses Scandal set out to prove that the police involved in the original investigation at Haut de la Garenne, Jersey, had wasted millions of pounds in personal expenses was unbalanced and biased, and was little more than propaganda. The programme was highly selective in the materiel evidence chosen, and in the choice of people who were invited to contribute, and there was no contribution from the people who were accused of misconduct by the program makers, none of them had been invited to put their version of events forward. There was no mention, for example, that the Senior Investigating Officer, Leonard Harper, received death threats whilst working on the case, and was also unlawfully obstructed whilst trying to conduct the investigation.

This is not only poor journalism, but due to the serious nature of the offences committed at Haut de la Garenne, should this program be found to be a malicious attempt to try to whitewash serious crimes committed at Haut de la Garenne, the programme could be construed as an attempt to pervert the course of justice, and the people responsible for making the programme could find themselves in court accused of being accessories to criminal activity. To summarise, not only does giving out unmerited awards discredit the whole awards system, in this case it could actually be a criminal offence, if it is part of a deliberate and malicious attempt to pervert the course of justice and cover up serious crimes.

Therefore, I am asking that you look at this decision again, with a view to withdrawing this award. I would like to know the names of the people who nominated and seconded this program for an award.

I intend to write to OFCOM about this issue, and to forward this letter to my MP.

Yours faithfully,

Barbara Richards


Reply from David Lowen, Honorary Secretary, RTS, sent 24/03/2011

Dear Ms Richards,


I write in response to your comments on the suitability of the above award to a Channel TV news report on the occasion of the publication of an official report by Wiltshire Police into aspects of police conduct in relation to allegations about abuse at the Haut de la Garenne children’s home in Jersey.

In providing this response, I have taken statements from the Chairman of the Society’s Devon and Cornwall Centre, from the Managing Director of Broadcasting at Channel TV and have, with colleagues, viewed the news item within the context of the programme in which it appeared. The judges of the news category in the awards were professionally qualified to review the quality of television news and programmes.

I can understand that there are those who may have reservations about the facts, opinions and conclusions of the official report. Clearly, I am not able to, nor would I wish to involve myself, the RTS or the professional judges in that.

We must distinguish between the contents of the Wiltshire Police report and the contents of the Channel TV report about the Wiltshire Police report. What we need to establish is whether there was any distortion in the way that Channel TV reported the publication such that it should disqualify Channel TV from receiving an award for the quality of its journalism.

In the opinion of the judges and my review, the TV report set out clearly the findings of the report by Wiltshire Police and gave full and fair opportunity for the findings to be put in context by reporting the views of those people who found it misguided.

The opinions presented were not those of Channel TV but those of the main protagonists. The job of the news item was to convey those facts and views in the manner of a news report. The judges agreed that the news report had clarified for viewers a complex set of circumstances set out by Wiltshire Police.

As such, it was high quality journalism and the award was, in the opinion of the judges, worthy of the award. I endorse that decision.

Yours sincerely,

David Lowen
Honorary Secretary, RTS

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

“Behold, I am coming soon”

“Behold, I am coming soon. Blessed is he who keeps the words of the prophesy in this book”. The 7th verse of the last book in the Bible, Revelation 22, reminds us that Jesus Christ made a promise to return to this planet, in a shape that everyone would be able to recognise. He made this promise repeatedly, even before he was murdered.
Jesus was murdered. He was betrayed by one of his own friends, Judas Iscariot, who pointed him out to the corrupt lawyers in return for a bag of silver, 30 pieces of silver. Jesus knew that he was going to be murdered, because he read the scriptures, which are the history of the relationship between God and mankind. There are prophesies in those scriptures. A prophesy is supernatural knowledge of something that is going to happen that has not yet happened. Prophesies are like egg timers, they are set to ring an alarm when the egg is ready. There are prophesies for people of all times, they are encouragement for the people of God to know they are on the right path, and that God is with them, like milestones. Judas’s betrayal of Jesus was written in prophesy before Jesus was even born. Jesus knew that he would be taken secretly, and subjected to an illegal travesty of a court hearing. Jesus knew exactly how wicked the Pharasees were, yet he laid down his life for them, in the hope that they might repent of their evil and be saved. He died so that even the most desperate wicked loathsome sinners could see themselves as they actually were, murdering a man who had never done anything evil in his whole life. Jesus kept himself pure, he was the most unselfish, loving, kindest person who has ever lived. Jesus spread love and joy wherever he went. He healed people, he had the power to heal sick people and even bring people back from the dead! But he kept insisting that it was not people’s physical illnesses that was his mission in life, but their mental illness.
Jesus came to earth as a man to show us how to live. He came to reconcile us with God. The day that mankind decided to grab the thing that God had forbidden them to take was the day that a gulf opened up between man and God. That fruit of the knowledge of good and evil was not ours to take – we stole it. Its no use people saying “Well God should not have put it there then”. That’s like saying “Well, you should have put a 5 bolt security lock on your door” when thieves break into a person’s house. That is blaming the victim of the crime for the crime! It was a horrible thing to do, think about it. God had made this beautiful planet, a paradise, and placed mankind into the middle of it. There was nothing mankind needed in that garden, he had a beautiful woman by his side, surrounded by beauty, delicious food that he could just pick fresh off the trees, and all the creatures in the garden were in awe of him. God created man as king of his world.When the serpent came to Eve and told her to taste the forbidden fruit so that she could be like God, knowing good and evil, he was handing Eve a poisoned chalice, because Adam and Eve already were like God, except that they were like innocent babies, they did not know what good was or what evil was.
I don’t know what that tree was doing in the Garden of Eden, but I do know it certainly was not there for us to steal and eat from. It was forbidden fruit, and our ancestors stole it, and the result of that is this big row with God, and many misunderstandings with our Creator. Evil was in the Garden of Eden, in the shape of a subtle serpent, who tempted our ancestors with forbidden fruit, and we made the wrong choice, we chose to obey the serpent and disobey God, even though God had said that those who ate the forbidden fruit would die. Well, that came true sure enough, Adam and Eve lived a long time, but they are long past dead and buried!
We still make those choices today. Every day, we have these choices put in front of us, and the best thing we can do is to ask God what the right thing to do is every time we come up with these decisions we have to make. I do hope that the people in the House of Commons ask God what is the right thing to do every day, when they are making hard choices on behalf of the people of this country. Sadly, I feel that too many of them hold God in contempt.
I have been reading “THE TRUMPET SOUNDS FOR BRITAIN” by David E Gardner. It is a book I would highly recommend everyone to read, it is essential reading for anyone who truly loves this country. Here is a very short extract from that book:
“I can never forget how a few years ago, when I was speaking in Oxford along these lines, the rural dean asked me if I would be prepared to talk to a meeting of the clergy in the city. When I asked him why he was so anxious to arrange this, he said it was because he was deeply concerned about the number of people in Oxford who were being initiated into various forms of Satanism and demon worship every week. He used the word ‘initiated’ which means going the whole way – committing themselves fully. This, in blunt English, means ‘selling themselves, or handing themselves completly over’ to the devil. He quoted a figure which, by any count, was extremely alarming. In fact, working out the figure on the way home, the numbers involved were such, that I found myself saying, ‘If that number of people in Oxford were being converted to faith in Jesus Christ every week, there would be headline news in the national Press telling us that a revival of Christianity had hit one of our major university cities.”
Then this possibility dawned on me: He did not say that these people who were being initiated were from the university. He said they were people ‘in Oxford’. But they could have included people from the university, and no doubt did. As that alarming figure continued to take hold of my mind I thought: could it possibly be that initiation continues at this rate, we shall find that in ten or twenty years time the occupant of 10 Downing Street is a demon possessed person? After all, it is the universities which produce most of our future national leaders; our politicians, our professional men, our teachers, our business magnates – in short, most of the influential people of the future.
It happened in Nazi Germany, friends!”
From “The Trumpet Sounds For Britain” by David E Gardner, first published in the 1980’s.

Saturday, 19 March 2011


Thanks to C.H.R.I.S. which published an article last week on pervert sites such as BOYCHAT, I have been able to follow a link and obtain a copy of a book called THE APPALLING VISTA by BRIAN ROTHEWAY.

I am really having to force myself to read this book, it's really creeping me out reading it. The Haut de la Garenne investigation is mentioned in this book, and dismissed as golddiggers seeking easy money compensation. I was really angry when I read what he said about Haut de la Garenne, as I was in Staffordshire Pindown and although I didnt have Mario Lundy looking after me it was still a very frightening and traumatic experience which it looks like I will never be allowed to recover from, certainly if Stafford Jobcentre Plus keep trying to force me to go to interviews near the place I was kept for a year as a child, and where everyone seemed to forget that I was a child.

I think I have recognised someone who abused me in this book, a woman who I met from Mothers for Justice, who led a sustained attack on me which went on for about two years, while I was going through the secret family court ordeal I have already described in earlier posts. She told me her husband had been one of those accused of paedophile activity by the Operation Ore investigation, and that he was innocent. She also told me that it was all a big frame up, and that Gordon Brown and Tony Blair were two people who had also been accused, and that a D notice had been placed on the informatioin being released by the mainstream media. I didnt believe her that Gordon Brown or Tony Blair were paedophiles, and told her so. This lady then told me that she had met Archbishop Sematu of York at a garden party in Birmingham. She also told me that she and her husband had allowed a convicted paedophile to babysit for her, and she must have suddenly realised that perhaps she ought not have told me that, and then she tried to tell me that it was ok, that paedophiles could be trusted with children. The whole thing turned into a big row over the phone, made even worse by her calling me a paranoid nutter by my obsession in denouncing the American paedophiles Richard Gardner and Ralph Underwager.

Shortly after this conversation I was thrown off Mothers for Justice. The woman who threw me off was a lady called Michelle, she was a Conservative party councellor, and had objected to me standing up for Gordon Brown, who at the time was being accused of being a paedophile. But Michelle had arranged a meeting with Teresa May, and told me that Teresa May was willing to cvome to Stone and meet me, so I could talk to her about the secret family courts. I was very happy about that, but then, nothing happened, so I asked Michelle when Teresa May was going to interview me, and Michelle said they had had the meeting but I had not been invited by the group, because I was too much of a loose cannon, mainly because I kept going on about Richard Gardner and Ralph Underwager, like a broken record. Michelle, who is a pagan, had put a post up inviting people to have their fortunes told, as a bit of fun. I very gently interposed, by explaining God does not like fortune telling, and so I would not be doing it. There was an almighty row on the Mothers for Justice site, not about that but about my postings about Richard Gardner and Ralph Underwager (bothe American paedophiles) and a lot of people denounced me, called me a loose cannon, a religious nutjob, a bully and all sorts, and tried to make out that Gardner had been misunderstood! IKt ended in me being thrown off by the Admin, but the person who had set up the site who is also a Christian re-enstated me. I asked that noone be thrown off the site on my account, but the pro Richard Gardner people all left of their own accord, blaming me for their having to leave for being a bully and a nutter. The other lady followed me onto Youtube, calling herself Chopstick Sue and her husband Chopstick Steve, they stalked my YouTube videos which denounced the paedophile Richard Gardner, and I have copied all the ridiculous and abusive comments they made in case they take them down.

I aqm not 100% sure but I think she is the woman that this book describes as a "loose cannon".

Anyway, that book. It is really difficult for me to read victims of abuse such as Shy Keenan being treated like vomit. Also, the book is so full of self pity, but there is not one little bit of pity for the people who have been abused and had their lives smashed up. It's just wriggle wriggle wriggle squirm squirm squirm. But I am forcing myself to read it, because now I think I can understand just how crafty paedophiles are, how they squirm around and besmirch innocent people. I dont like Tony Blair, and I think Gordon Brown is a bit of a coward, but I do not believe they are paedophiles. I kept writing lots of letters to Gordon Brown, asking him to help stop child abuse, asking him to stop them using syndromes invented by paedophiles in the secret family courts. I got the impression that Gordon Brown wanted to do something but that everything was all a big mess. He had the courtesy to answer all my letters, I got a response every time I wrote to him. I read his books, and it seems like his motivation for becoming Prime Minister was genuinly because he wanted to serve this country, and apparently he was obsessed by politics from youth. I don't believe he really understood about the New World Order agenda, not at the beginning anyway. The people who make these horrible plans do them in such a clever, wordy, insiduous way that a person who is very busy would not have time to wade through all the literature.

Also, from this book it is apparent that there are some really good police, who are doing their best to stop child abuse.

I hope other people will have a look at this book, its not easy reading, its making me feel very upset and angry reading it, but the only way this horrible child abuse is going to stop is if we find out who these people are, and how they cover their tracks. These people are so crafty, and we have to be even more crafty. The chapter I found most disturbing of all is the one in which the author tries to make out that he has been covered by God, and that God is helping him win. The author tries to make out that people who complain about child porn are boring soul dead cretins, who hate sex, who cant get sex together in their own lives so they want to ban other people from having it. Everything is so twisted and its just so hard to read this book, but I am going to read it right through to the end.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Dear Sir,

I would have sent this to you by email if I could have found out where to send it to. I know that if I post it on my blog you will get it anyway.

Stuart Syvret has been helping all the victims of Haut de la Garenne, and he has also been very kind to me, by listening to me, and not condemning me, not telling me to "get over it" or being cruel in any way to me.

The reason Stuart does that blog is not to cause malicious trouble to the justice and administration system, he is not an anachist. He does that blog to help people like me, who have been abused as children, and reabused and reabused.

I have been through all the proper channels to get help. I went to the doctor, who, unbeknown to me at the time, already knew all about the Pindown abuse. The doctor kept giving me very dangerous prescription drugs, drugs with side effects of causing depression, and sleeping pills, which I used to save up for a suicide pot, I was so very very depressed at the time that I stashed them for when things got too bad for me to bear. I will say this again - THE DOCTORS IN THAT SURGERY KNEW ALL ABOUT THE PINDOWN CHILD ABUSE INVESTIGATION.

I went to the police - again, the police knew all about the Pindown child abuse investigation, but repeatedly lied to me and claimed to know nothing about it.

When the HDLG investigation was in the media, I called the helpline and Jersey Police (under Lenny Harper) tried to help me by contacting Stafford Police and repeatedly urging them to get in touch with me and investigate the abuse I suffered. Stafford Police did nothing, they would not investigate the abuse, they did not want to know. Jersey Police rang me back and asked if Stafford Police had contacted me yet, several times, I think it was three times, it will all be in the files somewhere, but the Stafford Police just refused to do anything at all.

I went to the church, and asked the vicar to pray for me and my family - at the time I was being persecuted in the secret family courts - and asked to be put on the church prayer rota. The vicar would not do that, I asked him several times, in the end he told me "I GAVE UP A GOOD JOB TO BE VICAR HERE" I went to another church, the vicar was too scared to help, and another, I was told off for praying (silently) after the Sunday service in a quiet area as too many people saw me every Sunbday and wanted to join in, the vicar seemed to have a big problem with people praying for child abuse survivors, I later discovered he was a Catholic Jesuit (educated at Maynooth) in charge of a PROTESTANT church. I complained about that to the Archbishop and Bishop, no response, surprise surprise, noone wanted to talk about it and offer any explaination at all. But the crafty so and sos changed a picture they had of him on a website to try to cover up what they had done, too late as I had already copied the origional website and the photo. I think the Lord nudged me to do that!

So when I found Stuart Syvrets blog I decided to write on it, and that is how I got to know Stuart Syvret. I thought he might not let me post on his blog, because I am in Staffordshire and not Jersey, but he didnt, and has never said anything to frighten me and put me down and further traumatise me.

I am writing this letter to tell you the reason why Stuart Syvret does that blog. I now realise that the JEP were trying to make out that you had spoken to Stuart in an angry way about his blog, but I just wanted you to hear about why Stuart does the blog anyway, it is a lifeline to all of us who have been abused and repeatedly reabused.

From Zoompad a survivor of Chadswell Assessment Centre and St Georges Psychiatric Hospital, the Staffordshire PINDOWN system (Grand Prix in Jersey)

Tuesday, 15 March 2011


I have just read what he told Stuart Syvret in court, and it has made me absolutly livid. Stuart Syvret is one of the kindest men I have ever met. He is one of the few people who has bothered to listen to us Pindown child abuse survivors. Even though Allan Levy QC said in his summing up of the Staffordshire Pindown child abuse investigation that we who had been abused ought to recieve the best care available, we have been persecuted to hell and back, and my late solicitor Richard Wise (another very very kind man just like Stuart Syvret) was having to get people who had been abused out of prison, because the local authorities were deliberatly criminalising us, so as not to have to fork out any compensation or help us in any way. Richard Wise is dead, and the whole way he died is very suspicious, the newspapers at the time said he had been ill a long time, AN ABSOULUTE LIE, he was a dynamic man, fit as a fiddle, I remember going to his office in Stoke On Trent and him bounding up the stairs, but just before he died, about two weeks or so, he came round my house, he looked terrible, I never saw him like that before, I dont know what had happened but I do not believe the official media story at all. He looked like he had been poisoned to me. That is what I think, judging on how I knew him, and what I observed with my own eyes. I cannot believe that he would have hidden a life threatening illness away from me, or that I would not have spotted the signs of it.

But I digress. It's this article, published in the JEP that has made my blood boil. I am furious about this, and I am going to write to Christopher Pitchers tonight and give him a piece of my mind. Stuart Syvret is virtually acting as a unofficial social worker to some of us, he gets sent letters off people who have been smashed up, I was not one of the Haut de la Garenne victims but what happened at Chadswell Assessment Centre was the same system as at Haut de la Garenne, its just that Staffordshire called it Pindown, Jersey called it Grand Prix, but it was the same horrible cruel treatment of children. Stuart Syvret is a blessing to us survivors, he never ever knocks any of us down, tells us to "get over it" and "move on", he has given me strength, and I know he has given other people the same courage. So if Christopher Pitchers is going to tell him to stop blogging I wonder what alternative Christopher Pitchers is going to give to all of us Pindown survivors? Is Christopher Pitchers going to take Stuart's place as an unofficial councillor and shoulder to cry on, while Stuart prepares his case then? Perhaps when Christopher Pitchers gets a barrage of letters outlining the horrific abuse we have all had to endure he might actually understand what has been going on and start being a proper judge, judging right from wrong, instead of being a highly paid glove puppet for a lot of gangsters?

Blog less, judge tells Syvret

Stuart Syvret.
FORMER Senator Stuart Syvret was told to spend less time on his blog and more time preparing for his court case by a UK judge yesterday.

Commissioner Sir Christopher Pitchers made the observation when Mr Syvret told him in the Royal Court that he needed more time to prepare his legal argument for this week’s hearing.

The judge also told Mr Syvret that because of an email the former Senator sent to him, he might have to remove himself from the case but would wait until he saw Mr Syvret’s written submissions.

‘Normally the judge or a tribunal cannot really receive communication from the parties in case there is contentious material that you think might influences the case,’ Sir Christopher said, before adjourning the case until 2 pm today.

Article posted on 15th March, 2011 - 2.57pm

Read more:


Johnny Maudlin, a friend from YouTube

Please hear this prayer of songs Jesus. You see all the pain in this world, you see how the children are hurting, you see the injustice and the cover ups and how we are crying out to you. Please hear this prayer, and please stop the persecution.

Monday, 14 March 2011


Jersey Police know who this man who has threatened Stuart is. I believe Stafford Police also know, as last year Stafford Police came round my house to investigate a false allegation against myself of cyber bullying (without a scrap of evidence) and I took the oppertunity to ask Stafford Police to investigate the evidence of crimes against myself and against Stuart Syvret and other people which was on the JERSEY HAUT DE LA GARENNE MURDER FARCE BLOG. Although much of the materiel has been erased, it has been saved by myself and others, and there is some fresh materiel on that blog.

I wont ask why that bullying thug appears to be completly above the law, as I already know the answer to that question. He may THINK he is above the law - but he will realise soon enough that he is not going to be protected from the consequence of breaking God's law - justice will be done, if not by earthly hands, then by divine intervention!

Saturday, 12 March 2011

voiceforchildren: Stuart Syvret Court Case Part 1.

voiceforchildren: Stuart Syvret Court Case Part 1.: "Most will know by now that former Senator Stuart Syvret continues his extensive court battle this coming Monday the 14th March 2011 in the R..."

Friday, 11 March 2011


I am posting this cry for help which I have recieved by email, from a young mother called Gemma. She has had her baby stolen by the secret family courts in Kent. This woman has been terrorised by these wicked gangsters, this sort of thing is going on all over the UK. The secret family courts are involved in human trafficking, and every secret family court judge should be arrested, as it is illegal to hold secret courts just as it is to traffic children.

The evidence I have gathered has grown and strengthened my case further. I feel that it is now water tight.

The birth that I had, the natural birthing center birth, was the best thing I could have possibly done. The evidence that backs up the benefits of the process of delivering the baby straight onto the mothers stomach and cutting the court while the baby is in the arms of the mother so that they are never apart for a single moment is overwhelming. I remember as I was feeding my son after birth the midwife smiling at me and saying "perfect attachment" I thought she meant to my breast, but it is more than that. The way I slept with him in bed, bathed with him, carried him in a sling during the day so he was close to me and could always hear the beat of my heart, it is actually called "perfect attachment parenting" i had no idea that I was perfect attachment parenting, it wasn't a concious decision it was something that happened naturally and I credit the midwife who delivered my baby in the way she did and the steps she took in the first moment of my sons life, things like removing my nightgown and encouraging me to breast feed him straight away (i had bottles and milk in my bag!) leaving me for 90 minutes having skin to skin contact, making sure that we were never separated through the process, she gave enabled me to have this perfect attachment and I didn't even know it. Most babies feel at one with the surroundings for the 1st month and from months 2-6 feel at one with the parent, I believe my son skipped stage one and was at one with me from the start. He never cried at birth or while I had him home, and I have read that if the above steps are completed successfully then babies don't cry! I was attuned with him, I met his needs without him having to ask which is why he didn't cry. I wasn't tired when i was looking after him in the early weeks because he slept with me and copied me, he slept for hours while i did and woke as I woke, he thought he was an extension of me! I used to wonder why mothers were always so tried and stressed I found it easy!

I so wish I had known all of this earlier, because I saw my parenting style as just normal and natural I didn't realise what a defence I had! The way I gave birth and went on to parent is how it used to be done for thousands of years before bottles were ever thought about, before modern society where people work.

Babies cry at birth when they are taken to be cleaned and have the cord cut and wrapped up to be made "to look nice" for the mother! The first seconds of a childs life if handled correctly can have a massive impact, my son felt my skin and heard my heartbeat which comforted him from his first second of life, his cord was cut, which essentially gave him his own life while he was in my arms. Can you imagine how he must have felt having this removed from him.

Also what I cannot believe is the medical community and child experts all agree that "if a good attachment is present at one year then it is likely to continue for the childs life"

The proceedings didn't finish until he was 15 months, and despite their best efforts to destroy it our attachment was still strong at that point, he reacted to my arrival and interacted with me throughout our contact, he reacted to my voice looking for me if he heard it, and following me around the room with his eyes, even at 16 weeks old he was displaying this behaviour and it is all evidenced in contact recordings!

When the experts said that due to my mental health history I was at risk of developing a disorganized attachment to my son, they KNEW that he was a year old and that out attachment was good, so being such experts they must have also known that because he was now one it was more than likely to continue in a positive way. They had no grounds for saying a disorganized attachment could occur. Also I had no idea what disorganised attachment meant, didn't sound too bad just not as organised as it should be! But oh no! It is only the worst attachment style that you can develop! I had no idea of what was being implied at the time! I am horrified.

It is well known by experts the trauma a child will experience being separated from it's mother and the long term implications. It is accepted fact that this does emotionally and mentally effect the child.



All mothers who have had the at risk of emotional harm card played on them should take action now!

They tried saying my son has learning difficulties, the guardian suggested fragile x or asbergers syndrome, the local authority suspect "inherited mental health problems" from the mother!

Research has shown me and convinced me that my son is suffering from RAD. Reactive Attachment Disorder. This is a result of him being removed from a PERFECT attachment and being left for the first 2 years of his life with NO ATTACHMENT! RAD is generally accepted as something displayed by children who are abused and neglected. Which is what my son has been through at the hands of his protectors.

In short the court, the guardian, the experts, the local authority ALL KNEW that I was a good mother and they chose to ignore it and abuse my child.


Wednesday, 9 March 2011


Anyone with even a tiny speck of common sense can see that this is a really repulsive and evil pagent. So why are so many world leaders in attendance? Were they all drunk, or drugged or what? HOW CAN ANYONE THINK THIS IS RIGHT?

Listen to the screams when the sacrificial fire is lit. Do they sound authentic to you? They sound like screams of terror and pain to me.

Even if this really is a mock human sacrifice (and I am convinced that it is genuine), IT IS HORRIBLE!

What are the International Police going to do about this? Have the MET done anything about this? What has David Cameron to say about this event, and has he ever attended it? These are questions that we all ought to be asking, and I am going to write to him about this. I hope other people will also write about this, it must not be ignored any more, it is evil.

Monday, 7 March 2011


About three years ago, a group of smirking lawyers were heard in a Liverpool court lobby sniggering amongst themselves by a friend of mine, a mother whose life was made into a living nightmare by the secret family courts trying to steal her son. She heard these scumbags say "WE ARE UNTOUCHABLE"

I remember this so well, because I found it deeply upsetting. I wept before the Lord and asked Him to wipe the smirk off all their faces.

Today, I think those wicked wicked scumbags will not be feeling so confident.

People are not very happy about judicial corruption in this country.

Sunday, 6 March 2011



I know there's a few people who are going through a really bad patch at the moment, praying for them, and also thought it might be nice to share stuff that helps me to cope when I am going through bad stuff. I like to listen to nice music, and so here are a few tracks that I really really love, sorry its not much but its my way of giving my brave friends who are hurting a cyber hug, there's no hidden meanings or anything, just good musicality, I like it anyhow. Hope you like the music. xx

Wednesday, 2 March 2011


I just think this needs to be read and digested properly, and am reposting it here so that more people can see it:


"In yesterday's debate in the Jersey parliament - the Home Affairs Minister, Ian Le Marquand - launched into a diatribe of ethically and intellectually bankrupt abuse against the the Police Officer who led the historic abuse investigation, Lenny Harper.

The fact is - the work of Lenny and his team did successfully investigate - charge - and secure the conviction and jailing of - a number of the most despicable child abusers; abusers who - for decades - had been protected by the "traditional" Jersey authorities.

Lenny his issues a brief response to the dishonesty words of Ian Le Marquand, which I reproduce here":


"I believe that in the absence of anything truthful and evidence based to say today, Ian Le Marquand has again launched a personal attack on myself in another pathetic attempt to deflect from the sordid cover up of the abuse meted out to innocent children in the care of the States of Jersey. These desperate rantings are the hallmark of those not articulate or reasoned enough to look at the evidence and use the power of logic to deduce that they have been caught with their trousers well and truly down. Firstly though, let me make a couple of things clear. The vitriol which he spits out humiliates only him. Secondly, it pales into insignificance into the further abuse he has heaped upon the victims by the stout defence, by all foul means, he continues to mount on behalf of the child abusers he uses his position to protect. He does this by ignoring the evidence and continuing to mouth, robot like, the discredited version of events circulated by those who sought to defend the indefensible. I could easily repeat again, the evidence which nailed the lies about so many of his pronouncements. However, do I really need to go into "fleshed and fresh", cellars which he said didn't exist, or indeed, the mystery spending which far exceeded mine even though he and his cronies tried to hide that also. It really is unnecessary, particularly as in the last week, a number of blogs have published it all again. He likes to project himself as a religious man. He is certainly as slimy, nasty and cowardly as the religious zealots who crawled out from under the rocks in Northern Ireland and elsewhere. He should thank his lucky stars, and whatever type of god he worships, that he did not have to experience the type of horrors that so many victims recounted to us during that enquiry, accounts which he dare not face up to.

Lenny Harper."


I have been asked to remove this persons article, as I was told I did not have permission to repost it.

Which is quite puzzling to me, as I would have thought that the person, who claims to be against child abuse, would have been pleased about me reposting it. But in no uncertain terms, I have been told otherwise.

We anti child abuse bloggers - particularly those of us who have suffered abuse - tend to take it as a given that if one of us posts something the others will have full permission to repost it, so as to give the article as much publicity as possible.

So I am very suprised about this persons attitude.


Joseph Rowntree, the son of a Quaker grocer, was born in York on 24th May, 1834. After only five years of schooling Joseph began work as a grocer. He started with his father at fourteen but part of his apprenticeship involved working in London. While working in the city Joseph became very interested in politics and regularly attended debates at the House of Commons.

Rowntree returned to work for his father but in 1869 he left to join his brother, Henry Rowntree, who owned the Cocoa, Chocolate & Chicory Works in York. The company only employed thirty workers at the time, but under Joseph's influence the company grew rapidly and by the end of the century it was an enormous international concern with over 4,000 employees. One important development was the decision to produce Fruit Pastilles in 1881. Other new products included Chocolate Drops, Fruit Gums and Jelly Babies.

On the death of Henry in 1883, Joseph Rowntree became the owner of the company. As well as running this fast-growing business, Rowntree devoted a considerable time to public work. He served on the committee responsible for two Quaker schools in York and taught in an Adult School on Sunday. Rowntree also played a leading role in the establishment of the York Public Library. He also provided a park in York as a memorial to those killed during the First World War.

Influenced by the book Poverty, A Study of Town Life, written by his son Benjamin Seebohm Rowntree, Joseph Rowntree attempted to improve the quality of his employees' lives. He provided a library in the factory and free education for workers under seventeen. A social welfare officer, doctor and a dentist were employed to provide free services for the workforce. Joseph Rowntree also donated £10,000 in 1906 to establish a Pension Fund for his workers. One of his main innovations was to give the workers a say in the appointment of their immediate supervisors.

Rowntree's major concern was to find ways of reducing poverty. In 1863 he produced a statistical study on the links between crime and poverty. Two years later he published a second study, Pauperism in England and Wales. Rowntree also provided practical help for the poor and in 1901 he purchased 123 acres at New Earswick to build houses for low-income families.

Rowntree was a supporter of the Liberal Party. In 1907 he funded the Nation, a weekly journal that advocated social reform. Three years later he helped purchase the Morning Leader and The Star, in order to stop the newspapers falling into the hands of supporters of the Conservative Party.

A long time active member of the Temperance Society, Rowntree wrote several books and pamphlets on the subject including The Temperance Problem and Social Reform (1900), Public Control of the Liquor Trade (1903) and The Taxation of the Liquor Trade (1906).

Rowntree was very critical of the Anglican Church for what he considered to be its lack of interest in dealing with social injustice. Rowntree was also in favour of abolishing the House of Lords, an institution that he believed was hampering social progress. Rowntree retained his interest in politics and social welfare until his death in 1925.