Friday, 11 March 2011


I am posting this cry for help which I have recieved by email, from a young mother called Gemma. She has had her baby stolen by the secret family courts in Kent. This woman has been terrorised by these wicked gangsters, this sort of thing is going on all over the UK. The secret family courts are involved in human trafficking, and every secret family court judge should be arrested, as it is illegal to hold secret courts just as it is to traffic children.

The evidence I have gathered has grown and strengthened my case further. I feel that it is now water tight.

The birth that I had, the natural birthing center birth, was the best thing I could have possibly done. The evidence that backs up the benefits of the process of delivering the baby straight onto the mothers stomach and cutting the court while the baby is in the arms of the mother so that they are never apart for a single moment is overwhelming. I remember as I was feeding my son after birth the midwife smiling at me and saying "perfect attachment" I thought she meant to my breast, but it is more than that. The way I slept with him in bed, bathed with him, carried him in a sling during the day so he was close to me and could always hear the beat of my heart, it is actually called "perfect attachment parenting" i had no idea that I was perfect attachment parenting, it wasn't a concious decision it was something that happened naturally and I credit the midwife who delivered my baby in the way she did and the steps she took in the first moment of my sons life, things like removing my nightgown and encouraging me to breast feed him straight away (i had bottles and milk in my bag!) leaving me for 90 minutes having skin to skin contact, making sure that we were never separated through the process, she gave enabled me to have this perfect attachment and I didn't even know it. Most babies feel at one with the surroundings for the 1st month and from months 2-6 feel at one with the parent, I believe my son skipped stage one and was at one with me from the start. He never cried at birth or while I had him home, and I have read that if the above steps are completed successfully then babies don't cry! I was attuned with him, I met his needs without him having to ask which is why he didn't cry. I wasn't tired when i was looking after him in the early weeks because he slept with me and copied me, he slept for hours while i did and woke as I woke, he thought he was an extension of me! I used to wonder why mothers were always so tried and stressed I found it easy!

I so wish I had known all of this earlier, because I saw my parenting style as just normal and natural I didn't realise what a defence I had! The way I gave birth and went on to parent is how it used to be done for thousands of years before bottles were ever thought about, before modern society where people work.

Babies cry at birth when they are taken to be cleaned and have the cord cut and wrapped up to be made "to look nice" for the mother! The first seconds of a childs life if handled correctly can have a massive impact, my son felt my skin and heard my heartbeat which comforted him from his first second of life, his cord was cut, which essentially gave him his own life while he was in my arms. Can you imagine how he must have felt having this removed from him.

Also what I cannot believe is the medical community and child experts all agree that "if a good attachment is present at one year then it is likely to continue for the childs life"

The proceedings didn't finish until he was 15 months, and despite their best efforts to destroy it our attachment was still strong at that point, he reacted to my arrival and interacted with me throughout our contact, he reacted to my voice looking for me if he heard it, and following me around the room with his eyes, even at 16 weeks old he was displaying this behaviour and it is all evidenced in contact recordings!

When the experts said that due to my mental health history I was at risk of developing a disorganized attachment to my son, they KNEW that he was a year old and that out attachment was good, so being such experts they must have also known that because he was now one it was more than likely to continue in a positive way. They had no grounds for saying a disorganized attachment could occur. Also I had no idea what disorganised attachment meant, didn't sound too bad just not as organised as it should be! But oh no! It is only the worst attachment style that you can develop! I had no idea of what was being implied at the time! I am horrified.

It is well known by experts the trauma a child will experience being separated from it's mother and the long term implications. It is accepted fact that this does emotionally and mentally effect the child.



All mothers who have had the at risk of emotional harm card played on them should take action now!

They tried saying my son has learning difficulties, the guardian suggested fragile x or asbergers syndrome, the local authority suspect "inherited mental health problems" from the mother!

Research has shown me and convinced me that my son is suffering from RAD. Reactive Attachment Disorder. This is a result of him being removed from a PERFECT attachment and being left for the first 2 years of his life with NO ATTACHMENT! RAD is generally accepted as something displayed by children who are abused and neglected. Which is what my son has been through at the hands of his protectors.

In short the court, the guardian, the experts, the local authority ALL KNEW that I was a good mother and they chose to ignore it and abuse my child.



Anonymous said...

The Police? Half are corrupt aren't they>? They allegedly get payoffs only to realise they get sacked or worse then they have dealt comes back at them later on - the police need psychometric testing. There doesn't appear to be many caring/honouble men. I think you do have to take what is yours and fight like a demon, even if I have lost all, I wouldn't have done if I was able-bodied, if I was you wouldn't see us for dust. My advice is take what is yours, run, change name and be a gypsy if you must, tell nobody what happened and trust nobody, just be happy with your family but scarper away from the courts in the west, they are almost totally corrupt and will play you like a fiddle. Once in their trap, there is no escape, you have to be like a criminal and fugitive and you can trust nobody. Not anyone. If you want your child, find him, know how to survive. Always beware people who use the words to descibe people 'mad' 'mental' 'nutter' 'paranoid' < never underestimate thse as people too sadly accept that as an excuse to treat parents weirdly- they are told 'the person is mental - we need to protect them' crap like that- don;t talk to them if you can help it- and find ways to make money without resporting to benefits if you can- escape the machine and disempower them, they are simply over-confident jerks with too much power, they are lesser tthan the good people we are. They are mostly scum with no depth of feeling for fellow humans. They are nasty, freaky bullying scum. Run away if you can.Otherwise surround yourself with friends and let them know how these freaks operate.

Anonymous said...

maybe a inside job midwife amd a policeman !!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is all a bit potty? Water birth and feeding the baby at birth asp. Well recognised as best for baby.
Also being with his mother as much as possible after birth again is globally known to be the best for the baby.
How the hell can they take your child for this?
What the heck is this 'attachment disorder'. I have never heard of it? Detachment maybe, but not attachment???
I would suggest you contact the active birth centre, North London for support. All evidence gathered by them would support the fact you were doing a good job of parenting.