Tuesday, 29 March 2011



Zoompad said...

I note someone has been having a good fiddle about with my account again. I wonder who that could be?

Ian Evans said...


Anonymous said...

I think Jon should now report you to the Staffordshire police for harassment.

Zoompad said...

Do so. If Stafford Police can be bothered to come round here again - they did keep saying they wanted to "draw a line" under it all now. But if they do come I will be very happy to show all the vile and disgusting comments that were made about me on the Blog of Doom plus the evidence that he hacked my Google account. Plus the disgusting comments about Stuart Syvret that I was hinting at above. All saved.

Come on, don't I even get a proper death threat, like the ones you people made to Stuart Syvret and others?

Zoompad said...

By the way, I did sus out that you people hacked into that womans email and I did not appreciate the Viagra email I recieved yesterday, SUPPOSEDLY coming from her. I know what you were trying to do.

So if Stafford Police do come round I will tell them to look at the IP address.

You are very wicked people, and the more you persecute me the bigger the trail you will leave behind. You won't win, because I am a child of God and Jesus Christ will protect me from every single one of your tricks. You are simply digging a deeper hole for yourselves.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I see your looking to identify Adrian Walsh and Jon Haworth, well there are lots about Walsh; Walsh is a failed wana be Jersey politician, links below,

Zoompad said...

Is he the same man as that comedian?