Tuesday, 15 March 2011


I have just read what he told Stuart Syvret in court, and it has made me absolutly livid. Stuart Syvret is one of the kindest men I have ever met. He is one of the few people who has bothered to listen to us Pindown child abuse survivors. Even though Allan Levy QC said in his summing up of the Staffordshire Pindown child abuse investigation that we who had been abused ought to recieve the best care available, we have been persecuted to hell and back, and my late solicitor Richard Wise (another very very kind man just like Stuart Syvret) was having to get people who had been abused out of prison, because the local authorities were deliberatly criminalising us, so as not to have to fork out any compensation or help us in any way. Richard Wise is dead, and the whole way he died is very suspicious, the newspapers at the time said he had been ill a long time, AN ABSOULUTE LIE, he was a dynamic man, fit as a fiddle, I remember going to his office in Stoke On Trent and him bounding up the stairs, but just before he died, about two weeks or so, he came round my house, he looked terrible, I never saw him like that before, I dont know what had happened but I do not believe the official media story at all. He looked like he had been poisoned to me. That is what I think, judging on how I knew him, and what I observed with my own eyes. I cannot believe that he would have hidden a life threatening illness away from me, or that I would not have spotted the signs of it.

But I digress. It's this article, published in the JEP that has made my blood boil. I am furious about this, and I am going to write to Christopher Pitchers tonight and give him a piece of my mind. Stuart Syvret is virtually acting as a unofficial social worker to some of us, he gets sent letters off people who have been smashed up, I was not one of the Haut de la Garenne victims but what happened at Chadswell Assessment Centre was the same system as at Haut de la Garenne, its just that Staffordshire called it Pindown, Jersey called it Grand Prix, but it was the same horrible cruel treatment of children. Stuart Syvret is a blessing to us survivors, he never ever knocks any of us down, tells us to "get over it" and "move on", he has given me strength, and I know he has given other people the same courage. So if Christopher Pitchers is going to tell him to stop blogging I wonder what alternative Christopher Pitchers is going to give to all of us Pindown survivors? Is Christopher Pitchers going to take Stuart's place as an unofficial councillor and shoulder to cry on, while Stuart prepares his case then? Perhaps when Christopher Pitchers gets a barrage of letters outlining the horrific abuse we have all had to endure he might actually understand what has been going on and start being a proper judge, judging right from wrong, instead of being a highly paid glove puppet for a lot of gangsters?

Blog less, judge tells Syvret

Stuart Syvret.
FORMER Senator Stuart Syvret was told to spend less time on his blog and more time preparing for his court case by a UK judge yesterday.

Commissioner Sir Christopher Pitchers made the observation when Mr Syvret told him in the Royal Court that he needed more time to prepare his legal argument for this week’s hearing.

The judge also told Mr Syvret that because of an email the former Senator sent to him, he might have to remove himself from the case but would wait until he saw Mr Syvret’s written submissions.

‘Normally the judge or a tribunal cannot really receive communication from the parties in case there is contentious material that you think might influences the case,’ Sir Christopher said, before adjourning the case until 2 pm today.

Article posted on 15th March, 2011 - 2.57pm

Read more: http://www.thisisjersey.com/2011/03/15/blog-less-judge-tells-syvret/#ixzz1GgZJWk5M


Anonymous said...

There must be a News Blackout on the reason the case was adjourned, as no mention of the death threats, which is rather odd considering it must be a public interest issue.

I guess it would be interesting to hear from the JEP reporter as to why a striking piece of news was omitted from the published report. Or was it in the story and then edited for some unknown reason!!

Rather strange to tell someone to spend less time blogging, its almost the same as saying to spend less time speaking, or eating, or sleeping, in fact anything was does normally in their day other than have to defend themselves without any legal support. In fact it is a most odd statement to make, as how did he know?

Anonymous said...

Actually he has a point, he's using logic, emotion isn't considered as a legal term- some Judges are OK- it's not always them - the judge is hinting not to share with everyone as he (Stuart) could be a target - keep himself safe- do the legal bullet points - no need for a show- showtime is when you get a judgement (!!!) 0 Stuart needs to focus on the paperwork, points of law- bullet-points- I think you've misunderstood the judges intentions- I think the judges are awake and want to help

Ian Evans said...

Great posting Zoomy hun xxx


GeeGee said...

Sadly Zoompad the RAG have taken this out of context and the manner in which this remark was conveyed was off the cuff and lighthearted.

Herein lies the problem, because those that blindly and faithfully believe everything that they read in our only local 'news'paper do not make themselves aware of the fuller facts via Citizens Media.

Zoompad said...

I don't care how smily Sir Christopher Pitchers looked when he said it, it's upset me, because Stuart is one of the few people who has actually cared about what we went through as children. I feel really hurt by that remark, because surely he must understand what a support Stuart has been to us?

I went to church on Sunday, the vicar of the church had previously refused to put me on the prayer rota when I was going through hell in the secret family courts, and I vowed never to set foot in that church again, but a very nice man who goes persuaded me to give it another try. so I went, and it was very good, until at the end, when the vicar had a right go at me, because I had told his wife in the post office that I was not very happy about how they had discarded me like a piece of trash and refused to even put me on the church prayer rota, when I had gone to see them and begged the church to help me, by praying for me and by writing to the bishop perhaps. I just wanted some support, just to know they were praying for me would have been enough, thats all I wanted, but they made me feel as thougfh I had no right to ask, and I was so frightened at the time, because Stafford court were doing illegal things to me, like keeping me in a room for 2 hours against my will to force me to sign papers, and threatening me with going to jail even though I was the victim of child abuse and rape, the judge kept threatening me IF I committed contempt of court I would go to jail, he said it over and over, psychological bullying, it was horrible, I was the victim, he said it in front of the man who raped me, it was an evil thing to do. I thought the church would surround me with the love of God and support me in prayer. But the vicar said "I gave up a good job to be vicar here", those words stung me to the quick, he tried to deny saying them, he lied to me in the church, I really hate being lied to especially from people who are supposed to be your christian brethren, we had only a few minuits before shared the bread and wine together in remembrance of Jesus, as he said do.

Stuart has been such a good friend to all of us, and never lied to us, just been there for us, and what Sir Christopher Pitchers said, wether in jest or otherwise, its really very hurtful. I am going to write to him and tell him so, why cant he understand how much it hurts to be abused, and he ought not be making jokes or remarks like that. WHY CANT HE UNDERSTAND HOW IT FEELS?