Monday, 25 June 2012


The media has not exactly lied about George Wiskin's death on Fleetwood beach, but it hasn't exactly gone out of it's way to tell the truth either.

George Wiskin has been portrayed in the news reports as an elderly gentleman of no especial consequence who had been in the Blackpool area for a conference.

George Wiskin was in fact the Chairman of North Staffordshire NHS.

I have been watching this story waiting for the media to tell the public who this man actually was.

Today, at last, the Staffordshire Sentinel has said "DETECTIVES are trying to piece together the final movements of a Staffordshire pensioner who was found dead on a beach.

Former Westwood High School headteacher and NHS boss George Wiskin went missing while attending a pensioners' conference in Blackpool.

The 76-year-old's body was found on a beach at Fleetwood, just to the north of Blackpool, on Friday.

Police are not treating the death as suspicious after a post-mortem examination revealed Mr Wiskin had died of a heart attack.

But they still want to know what happened to the pensioner after he was last seen.

Mr Wiskin, of Park Road, Leek, had been attending the Pensioners' Parliament at Blackpool's Winter Gardens, organised by the National Pensioners' Convention.

Detective Chief Inspector Neil Esseen said: "Even though we are now happy that there is nothing suspicious about the death, for the sake of his family, we are still keen to try to piece together Mr Wiskin's last movements.

"If anyone does think they have any information that might help then I would ask them to get in touch.

"The last sighting of Mr Wiskin we have is in Blackpool at the Winter Gardens around 8pm on Wednesday June 20. He was attending a conference function and I am sure people would have seen and spoken to him.

"If anyone saw him either in this area or later on that evening, please get in touch."

Incidentally, the Sentinal was the snoozepaper that pronounced in big bold headlines the libellous statement THEY WERE NO ANGELS at the Staffordshire Pindown child abuse investigation. I was one of those poor kids that was dumped in what was really a prison for children that was being run by pimps hiring out the kids the state had handed over to them supposedly into a "Place of Safety".

Well, I must say Staffordshire Police have been very quick in deciding that there was no foul play. I wonder if Mr Wiskin's body will be cremated very very quickly indeed as Amy Winehouse's was?

Saturday, 23 June 2012


As if it's not enough to have little kids in Pindown children's homes being tested like lab rats on their chemical filth, these evil scum bags have conspired to stop herbal medicine.

What are you bastards going to do, kill every blade of grass on the entire planet to wipe out every herb that gives life and strength to your brothers and sisters? Yes, I wouldn't put it past you, SCUM