Tuesday, 21 April 2015


First of all, sorry to people who have been commenting here and not getting their comments published, the reason for that is that last year I was sectioned and put into St Georges Psychiatric Hospital by Stafford Police, who are refusing to investigate the Pindown child abuse and reabuse in secret family courts in Staffordshire. To be fair to the actual officers who sectioned me, I had become ill because of continually having to fight for justice, but the ones at the top of Stafford Police have a lot of questions to answer.

I've been trying to get my health back, and haven't been blogging, I've had to for my own health and sanity, I don't want to end up in a wooden box before my time, though I'm sure certain people would give a massive cheer and dance on my grave if that happened, I pray to God for my health, even if its only to spite the paedophile gangsters.

I've had to come to my blog today, as a lady called Catherine Bruen has contacted me and showed me that someone calling themselves Chrisanna Kennedy is using a photograph of me as their avater on Facebook. As I haven't been on Facebook for at least 6 months, I was unaware of this until Catherine very kindly brought it to my attention.

She showed me part of a conversation of a chap called Paul Smith with Chrisanna Kennedy from last Tuesday, round about 3.15pm.

I've told Catherine some of the things the paedo gangsterss have done to me, and that I have nagged and nagged the police to do something about it, but all theyve done is reabuse me instead, I didn't tell Catherine a half of what theyve done to me, ie the time Dawn Franks from Stafford Police came round my house pretending to investigate the abuse I've suffered, but tried to trick me into signing my name underneath a very faintly pencilled in entry (which could therefore easily be rubbed out and replaced with something else in biro, as I'm quite sure was her intention) in her police notebook, the Lord alerted me to that one and I dealt with it by writing that I wanted Stafford Police to carry on investigating institutional child abuse in Staffordshire and signed under that instead, leaving her no space in which to insert any other writing afterwards!!!

I can't deal with the bullies on Facebook, theyve already made my life an absolute hell for years, and I told Catherine that, and also its a waste of time me going to the police as Stafford Police are part of the problem, they wouldn't even investigate a death threat made to me by the paedos, but what I can and will do is pray for courage and enlightenment for all the people who are getting bullied and abused by them, I've done my bit in the fight against paedos, as anyone who reads this blog can see, and I am shattered now, other good people will have to take up the battle now, but I do want to publicly thank Catherine for alerting me to them using my photograph illegally on Facebook.