Thursday, 31 May 2012


Here are some more people who have been blocked for stupid reasons by Facebook

Blocked from Facebook for this

So what have I been blocked from Facebook for? It's a mystery, as they haven't even had the courtesy to tell me!

The only things I can think of are

1) Posting too many links to this anti child abuse blog - apparently FaceNazi can block people if they post too many links to one site

2) Making a humerous comment this morning about the Bilderberg conference, stinkbombs and the fictional schoolboy character William Brown (Just William) I will laugh if this is the reason as it will show the utter incompetence of the secret military intellegence if they are unable to tell the difference between a naughty little boy armed with something from a joke shop and a weapon yielding terrorist. I already know how corrupt MI5 are as they trashed the police investigation into Haut de la Garenne and other Pindown child abuse police investigations.

Meanwhile, paedophiles and gangsters continue to use Facebook. I think Facebook moderators must have read this book and based the way they run the site on it!


There is a man on Facebook called Chris Wittwer - not the genuine Chris Wittwer, but someone with the same name, from Switzerland. He has a black and white profile photo of himself (presumably)

I have tried to block him but he is unblockable.

His friends are also unblockable.

I find this very alarming. The genuine Chris Wittwer is trying to stop paedophiles preying on the children of the UK.

Why are this other Chris Wittwer and all his friends unblockable?

Also, why are so many anti paedophile campaigners having their Facebook accounts meddled about with?

Wednesday, 23 May 2012


They rounded us up like homeless dogs
That was what they were paid to do
They rounded us up like hopeless dogs
They put us in a house of poo.

It wasn't a home - you wouldn't call that a home
The carpets were grimed and the walls were stained
There weren't any books or toys, not even for school
The dining room was dark, and the floor engrained

There was a boy on the table when I went in
Standing on the table, looking weepy
I didnt know why at the time, but I know now
The horrible man was evil and creepy

I was sad, and I still remember that well
I wanted to go home, and I cried and cried
The man came storming in with a yell
And he hit me in the face, just because I cried

So I hit him back, with a great big PUNCH!
The horrible devil got my little fist
Right smack punch! With all the strength of a girl.
I can see him still, beyond the sparkling mist.

I can't think about it all without crying
They made me feel as though I was dying
I can't think of any of it now without crying
It was like I was forever dying

The man went beserk, he grabbed me rough
His big fist hands grabbed my little wrists,
They all came charging into the room
They locked me in a room with windows like slits.

There was a tiny barred window for looking up at the sky
And a tiny window for them to peer with their eye
They left the light on all day and all night
So I lost my purpose and thought I would die

I didn't know if I would ever get out
I pannicked and began to scream and shout
The walls got closer and they squashed me up

The dinners appeared and the tray went away
As if by magic, and I ate my food
like a dog. I snarled and growled at the door
I didnt care if anyone thought I was rude

I looked at the stars and I read a letter
I screamed and cried and it made me feel better
Why am I here? I kept wanting to say
So I said it to God, because I know he was there as well, with me, in that hellhole.

They called it Pindown, and they made excuses
They said we were dangerous, or troubled, or bad
They tried to cover over it, pretend it never happened
But to gloss over that you would have to be mad (or really very very bad)

One day, coming soon, I will "get over" it
One day, coming soon, I won't cry any more
Just like the day, coming soon, for everyone
When there won't be any more tears, and no more war


I am sure David Icke won't mind me reposting this

Why is the head of 'Liberty' a governor of the Ditchley Foundation?

By David Icke

The Ditchley Foundation is a forum for the establishment elite and connects into the Bilderberg Group network. Why is Shami Chakrabarti, who represents the Liberty organisation apparently opposing the Big Brother State, one of its governors?

Why is she a member of the British-American Project, which was created with support from the Royal Institute of International Affairs that connects into the same web as the Bilderberg Group, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission and the Ditchley Foundation?

The British-American Project, known as 'junior Bilderberg', has among its patrons one Lord Carrington, a close associate of mega-manipulator Henry Kissinger of the Bilderberg Group, Council on Foreign Relations, and Trilateral Commission. Carrington was a long-time chairman of the Bilderberg Group, Secretary-General of NATO and is, like Chakrabarti, a governor of the Ditchley Foundation.

The British-American Project is sponsored by a list of corporations, including Monsanto, famous, or infamous, for GM food, aspartame and Agent Orange in Vietnam.

Among the American members of the 'Advisory Board' of the British-American Project is Paul Wolfowitz, one of the main architects of the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq and the 'war on terror' that has been used to justify the Big Brother State world-wide.

Wolfowitz is one of the Neocons of the Project for the New American Century and the American Enterprise Institute who have controlled the Bush administration from day one. Their British arm is called the Henry Jackson Society, named after an American Senator who was a Neocon before the term was even coined.

The Conservative Party MP, David Davis, who fought the 'Big Brother By-Election' to 'oppose the surveillance State', was given much support by members of the Henry Jackson Society along with Shami Chakrabarti of Liberty.

Why did Chakrabarti accept an honour from the Queen in 2007 - the CBE or Commander of the Order of the British Empire? She said she believed it was an encouragement from the Queen to continue to protect civil liberties, which is a bit like saying that someone was honoured by the Nazis to continue to protect Jews, Communists and gays.

When it comes to the highest-profile Big Brother opposition in the mainstream British media, the establishment is opposing the establishment, which means the establishment is always in control and therefore always wins.

Click here for Ditchley Foundation personnel ...

Click here for British-American Project website ...

The reason I am interested in this is because Virginia Bottomley was part of the London School of Economics Staffordshire Pindown cover up team, and I am still waiting for a simple apology for the disgusting way I was treated as a child, and as a persecuted (for being one of the Pindown victims) adult, as the victims and whistleblowers have been systematically persecuted, just as happened at Jersey Haut de la Garenne. Incidentally, I have written several times to Liberty, to ask for their help for me, and for other whistleblowers of child abuse ie Stuart Syvret but they have refused to intervene every time.


Virginia Bottomley

11 - 13 Hanover Square
London W1S 1JJ United Kingdom

+44 20 7529 1111

+44 20 7529 1000
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Virginia Bottomley chairs the Odgers Berndtson Board & CEO Practice. The practice conducts searches for Chairmen, CEOs and non-executive directors for plcs and private companies.

Virginia has a wealth of experience from her responsibilities of over 30 years with a number of organisations in the commercial, voluntary and public sectors. Virginia is a member of the Supervisory Board of Akzo Nobel NV, an NED on BUPA and a Trustee of The Economist Newspaper.

As part of her pro-bono activities, Virginia is Chancellor of the University of Hull, Pro Chancellor of the University of Surrey and Governor of the London School of Economics. She is a member of the UK Advisory Council of the International Chamber of Commerce and of Cambridge University Judge Institute of Management Studies. She is President of Farnham Castle, the Centre for International Briefing and on the Council of The Ditchley Foundation.

Virginia was a member of the House of Commons from 1984 to 2005 serving successively as Secretary of State for Health and National Heritage (now Culture, Media and Sport). Virginia was appointed a Life Peer in 2005.

Following her first degree, Virginia gained an MSc in Social Administration from the London School of Economics.


Industries & Functions
Board & CEO
As world-class organizations grapple with the global challenges of the 21st century, it is their leaders that define success.

Private Equity
Private equity is arguably the most dynamic global business phenomenon of the last 10 years. Attracting talent - and supporting investment clients with talent - is key to success.


Latest insight
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The stereotypical white male middle-class board ill serves most companies at a time when nearly all significant businesses face intense competition....

Remuneration: between a rock and a hard place

Remuneration is a tricky balancing act between rewarding exceptional talent and delivering shareholder value. What strategies can the Chair of the...

How diversity can make your board more effective

There is strong evidence that diverse boards create more successful outcomes - but how do you go about introducing diversity?


Virginia Bottomley and Jereny Hunt, the British Council and the SW Surrey Nomination

Tuesday, 22 May 2012



Leonard Constant Lambert was a British composer and conductor, who wrote for the Russian Ballet and Vic Wells Ballet (renamed the Royal Ballet).

His father was George Washington Lambert, was born in St Petersburg, Russia, and he was a war artist.

Constant Lambert was one of the “Fitzrovian” circle, he knew Aleister Crowley, who wrote these two limericks about him:

The first limerick about Lambert:

A militant Mormon of Wells
Said, “Decent polygamy quells
Lust - ’twould bring pious ease
Back to the diocese
With a musical peal of ten bells.

“Tintinnabula omnia, give me insomnia!
- A musical peal of ten bells.”

The second limerick about Lambert:

Said a Yankee who visited Wells:
“Say, these ecclesiastical swells
Seem grand at contriving
To manage their swiving
To a musical peal of ten bells.”

He had an affair with the ballerina Margot Fontaine

His son, Kit Lambert, was at Oxford University before entering the British Army. He was assistant director on the films Guns of Navarone and From Russia with Love. He went on an geographical expedition to the Amazon with two fellow Oxford graduates Dr John Hemming and Richard Mason. He was arrested by the Brazilian police after Richard Mason was found murdered, but the Daily Express newspaper, which had funded the expedition, intervened and he was released.

Kit Lambert became the manager of the Who when they were starting up, and influenced their musical direction. He and Christopher Stamp (Terence Stamp’s brother) who is now a psychotherapist shared a flat in London. He was a frequenter of the Kensington gay nightclub, El Sombrero, and was seen drinking there the night he died.

Dr John Hemming is a trustee of the Cusichaca Trust charity number 273837.

His official biography appears to have been removed

He is also one of the trustees of the Global Diversity Foundation (Earthwatch)
From Wiki:
“Hemming was born in Vancouver because his Canadian father, Henry Harold Hemming OBE, MC,[1] had been through the trenches in the First World War, saw the Second coming, and wanted him to be born in North America. So he sent John's mother, Alice Hemming OBE, a well-known journalist,[2] on a cruise through the Panama Canal that ended in British Columbia. John and his sister Louisa were brought back to London when he was two months old. Though a proud Canadian he has not been there since 1967. He was educated in the United Kingdom at Eton College and read History at Magdalen College, Oxford.”
His mother Alice Hemming got an OBE for her involvement in girl’s education. She appears to be a proponent of the women’s liberation movement.

Thursday, 3 May 2012


They won't leave me alone, they just cannot help themselves can they? I've had those blinking bozos sign me out of all my stuff yet again and I am fuming. So I might as well risk the wrath of Stafford Police (who have twice told me to stop blogging, which is funny because I never realised blogging was against the law, apparently threatening to pour petrol into peoples letterboxes is ok though, which is probably why Charles Dickens said that the law is an ass in Oliver Twist) and the wrath of everyone else, and continue with my blog. As I am going to be harassed wether I do or don't it wont really make any difference. At least if the blog is still going they can't do their nastiness in the dark.