Tuesday, 28 March 2017


On Tuesday 14th March I was once more sectioned on a 136 order by Stafford Police and taken to St George's Psychiatric Hospital against my will. I was given no paperwork again, just like the last time, and not given an option to see a lawyer.

These are some of the names of the people involved

Lettie Mnisi

Pascal Ashieddo

Dr Shakir

Dr Bhardwaj

Jenni Hudson

Sue (student)

Emma Davies (nurse)

There were also two paramedics, I think one was male and one female, and two female police officers, I think one of them was called Lisa and had tattoos.

I'm writing this for my own protection, as I am frightened. The reason the police came was because I had a fit in Victoria park, and when the police came I was actually recovering from the fit. I was told by the paramedics they needed to check my health before I could be allowed to go on my way,I did tell them how frightened I am of Stafford Police due to their mistreatment of me since I was a child, in Pindown children's home which was used as a sex slave brothel in the 1970s, which Stafford Police are very well aware of.