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An olive branch, healing, hacking, Teresa May and WHO IS ANDY?

Perhaps Teresa May really genuinly doesn't realise what MIpaedo have done to institutional abuse victims? Just because David Cameron has deliberatly covered up institutional child abuse and deliberatly alowed members of MI5 to cruelly persecute the victims doesn't mean she is aware of what is happening. I will have to write to her, and tell her what has been going on, in my own handwriting of course, so that no-one else will be able to write a letter pretending to be me - my handwriting has never been very tidy so its a damned sight harder to forge than if I just type a letter, I'm saying this because I'm well aware of who is reading this blog, and so you needn't get any ideas about pulling that one!

Andy Coulson is a hacker and he worked for David Cameron who has deliberatly covered up instititutional abuse, including Pindown and secret court legal abuse, of which I am a victim and have been complaining about for years on end. That HDLG Murder Farce blog was run by "ANDY" and "GAZZA", and those two drove me half mad with the vile things they said and did, and I was being fed anonymous tips on who they were, which I believed at first, being naive at how evil and cowardly people hide behind anonymousity to blog lies. But I did pick up several facts about the mysterious "Andy", and although he boasted "You'll never guess who I am", and the Lord won't tell me (WHY DID YOU LET THOSE DEMONS ABUSE ME JESUS, WHY WHY WHY?)I am not ruling out the possibility of the mysterious "Andy" actually being Andrew Coulson.

The dissapointment of the email recieved from a certain NHS complaints enabling quango yesterday Iam still smarting from, but after a good nights sleep (my sleep takes a long time to come due to PTSD, but when it does come it is sweet and unbroken by a troubled concience, and I do not have to drug myself with large quantities of alcohol in order to dull my concience to enable me to rest, which is what some people with guilty conciences troubling their hell bound souls have to do every night. you know who you are) I have decided to give the people involved a few days grace in which to come up with a plan to actually help me rather than naming and shaming them, because they are recieving large quantities of money to help people like me, that money is for helping people, not covering up the wickedness and persecuting the victims even more, and they all know what I want now, I've not asked anyone for the moon on a piece of string, I just want the same rights as anyone else, to be allowed to divorce a man who molested me who I haven't seen for almost 20 years which Stafford Crown Court, who have had access to all my medical and social work records has deliberatly blocked, to recieve proper and appropriate NHS treatment instead of being fobbed off with dangerous anti psychotic drugs with 29 side effects and bustled off as if I were a damned nuicence even for breathing, to not be treated worse than a criminal by the police for reporting serious crime and death threats made to me, to have access to the welfare benefits advice system which is the biggest tangle for anyone to understand, yet some people, ie Abu Hamza seem to be able to play like a violin and have all sorts of people running round them making dure their human rights are not violated, and others who have not done any wilful harm to anyone else and who have themselves been seriously smashed up have the IT partners of the BBC from Birmingham and Stoke On Trent hounding them and illegally having little conferences to discuss their records and plotting against them and making the whole family so stressed out that one ends up with her hair dropping out and another ends up in such a distressed pannicking state in the street that all the neighbours are gathered round her the police and ambulance gets called and she ends up being whisked into hospital because they think she's had a stroke or something. (IF THAT EVER HAPPENS TO ME AGAIN GOD HELP ME THAT IT NEVER DOES AS ITS ABSOLUTLY TERRIBLE TO BE IN THAT STATE, BUT IF EVER IT DOES IT WILL BE RECORDED AND IT WILL GO ON YOUTUBE FOR ALL TO SEE)

Now I am giving those involved a few days of grace to get their act together. I can't take on the whole world, I can't put the whole world to rights, much as I'd like to, I am one human being, but I'm not a martyr, I don't want to be a martyr, I want my life, I want a few peaceful years of life, selfish that may be but as I've already had enough strife in my life more than most people I would actually like some golden times, with my family, and I would like to marry the man I love, whom I have been prevented from marrying by the blocking of my divorce to the abuser I married 20 years ago, who Stafford Court have prevented me from divorcing. I am holding out an olive branch here, and you can either take it and get your act together on putting things right for me and my family, or you can carry on with the stupid charade and swee where that gets you, the ball is in your court now, so think about it.

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I have had yet another blow. I have been referred to an organisation which claims to be there to help people who have complaints about NHS treatment they have recieved, and I really did think they were going to help me, but I have just been reading an email from a member of that organisation and there was virtually steam coming out the top of my head when I read it.

I suppose I was naive to think that us Pindowns can ever expect any olive branch to be given, or taken. I made it perfectly clear that I just want my life, and have been pretty much told in no uncertain terms that I am to be kept on the grindstone of endlessly complaining in vain, and that the door is to be slammed shut in my face.

All I can say is so be it then. Its the only Phil Bailache quote I will ever want to make, but it seems highly appropriate in this circumstance, so be it.


Insurance Broker jailed for bribing Costa Rican officials
26 October 2010

Julian Messent was sentenced today to 21 months' imprisonment after admitting making or authorising corrupt payments of almost US $2 million to Costa Rican officials in the state insurance company, Instituto Nacional de Seguros (INS) and the national electricity and telecommunications provider Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE).

He was ordered to pay £100,000 compensation within 28 days to the Republic of Costa Rica or serve an additional 12 months imprisonment if he fails to do so.

Following a joint investigation by the Serious Fraud Office and the City of London Police which opened in 2006, Julian Messent (d.o.b. 20/02/60), who was a director of London-based insurance business PWS International Ltd ("PWS"), pleaded guilty at Southwark Crown Court to two counts of making corrupt payments between February 1999 and June 2002, contrary to s1 (1) of the Prevention of Corruption Act 1906. The sentence passed was 21 months imprisonment on each count to run concurrently. He also asked for 39 similar offences to be taken into consideration.


The defendant was head of the Property (Americas) Division at PWS. In this role he was responsible for securing and maintaining contracts for reinsurance in the Central and South America regions.

Between 1999 and 2002, PWS acted as broker on behalf of INS, which in turn was the insurer for ICE. Both INS and ICE were state institutions of the Republic of Costa Rica.

During this period, Messent authorised 41 corrupt payments totalling $1,982,230.77 to be paid to Costa Rican officials, their wives and associated companies, as inducements or rewards for assisting in the appointment or retention of PWS International Ltd as broker of the lucrative reinsurance policy for INS.

Following elections in Costa Rica in 2002, officials in INS and ICE were replaced. Enquiries were made into the contract with PWS and questions were raised about payments made under it. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office referred the case to the SFO in October 2005 and the case was accepted for investigation in August 2006.


The defendant was charged in April 2010. He had already started plea negotiations under the Attorney-General's Guidelines with the SFO and these were successfully concluded in September. He pleaded guilty at Southwark Crown Court on 22 October, in accordance with the agreement, and has today been sentenced to 21 months' imprisonment on both counts on the indictment, each sentence to run concurrently. He was also ordered to pay £100,000 in compensation to the Republic of Costa Rica and was disqualified from acting as a company director for five years.

In passing sentence The Hon. Recorder of Westminster, HHJ Rivlin QC, quoting Lord Justice Thomas (in the Innospec case) said, "It is no mitigation to say others do it [pay bribes] or that it is the way of doing business…anyone minded to do it should be deterred from doing so". Judge Rivlin also commended the SFO and the City of London Police saying that, "The investigation has been carried out to the highest possible standard".

SFO Director Richard Alderman said, "This case shows how determined we are to pursue businessmen who bribe. Working with agencies in other countries is a key feature of our approach which can result in action being taken against both sides of the bribe. This case is also a good example of how an early plea agreement can bring a swift resolution."

Ongoing proceedings

There are proceedings in the Republic of Costa Rica against those alleged to have taken bribes. The SFO has been working with prosecutors there to bring both cases to court. A trial date for the Costa Rican case has not yet been set.

Notes for editors:

The charges the defendant pleaded to are:

Count 1

Corruption, contrary to section 1(1) of the Prevention of Corruption Act 1906.

Particulars of the offence: Julian Messent on or about 9 February 1999 corruptly made, or caused to be made, a payment of $25,832.22 to Roxana Cordero Bogantes, the wife of Alvaro Acuna, an agent of the Instituto Nacional de Seguros of the Republic of Costa Rica, as an inducement or reward for doing an act in relation to the affairs or business of the aforesaid Instituto Nacional de Seguros, namely assisting in the appointment or retention of PWS International Limited as broker of the reinsurance contract known as 'U-500'.

Count 2

Corruption, contrary to section 1(1) of the Prevention of Corruption Act 1906.

Particulars of the offence: Julian Messent on or about 7 June 2002 corruptly made, or caused to be made, a payment of $250,000.00 to Reska Financial Inc, a company associated with an agent of the Instituto Nacional de Seguros of the Republic of Costa Rica, namely Cristobal Zawadski, and for his benefit, as an inducement or reward for doing an act in relation to the affairs or business of the aforesaid Instituto Nacional de Seguros, namely assisting in the appointment or retention of PWS International Limited as broker of the reinsurance contract known as 'U-500'.

Serious Fraud Office, Elm House, 10-16 Elm Street, London, WC1X 0BJ

Press Office tel: 020 7239 7001/7045/7004 or mobile: 0781 807 6688 or 07584 218 694

Main switchboard tel: 020 7239 7272 - or via -

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Donald Levine, the Hasbro toy company executive credited as the father of G.I. Joe for developing the world's first action figure, has died. He was 86.

He died of cancer early Thursday at Home & Hospice Care of Rhode Island, his wife, Nan, said. They were just about to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary.

Levine shepherded the toy through design and development as Hasbro's head of research and development. He and his team came up with a 29.2-centimeter articulated figure with 21 moving parts, and since the company's employees included many military veterans, it was decided to outfit the toy in the uniforms of the Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force, with such accessories as guns, helmets and vehicles.

In this Jan. 30, 2003 file photo, Don Levine holds up his original hand-carved, hand-painted G.I. Joe prototype. (Victoria Arocho/Associated Press)

Levine, who served in the Army in Korea, said he got the idea for the moveable figure as a way to honour veterans.

G.I. Joe hit the shelves in time for the 1964 Christmas shopping season and soon became a big seller at $4 apiece.

"Don Levine and his team took it from a good concept to a great concept," said Alan Hassenfeld, Hasbro's former CEO whose father, Merrill, oversaw G.I. Joe's development when he ran the company.

G.I. Joe remained popular until the late 1960s, as opposition to the Vietnam War intensified and parents shied away from military-related toys. Hasbro countered in 1970 by introducing "Adventure Team" G.I. Joes that played down the military connection. Into the '70s, G.I. Joes featured "lifelike hair" and "kung-fu grip" and were outfitted with scuba gear to save the oceans and explorer's clothing for discovering mummies.

Hasbro said in a statement that Levine's "influence on the toy industry was profound" as his team developed the concept of an action figure.

"His work forever changed the way kids play with toys, and in particular helped birth the G.I. Joe brand which has been a part of the American fabric for 50 years," the company said.

Over the decades, G.I. Joe has spawned comic books, cartoons, two movies starring Channing Tatum, and a G.I. Joe Collector's Club and its annual convention — GIJoeCon — held in Dallas in April.

Levine's funeral will be held Sunday morning at Temple Beth-El in Providence. He is survived by his wife, three children and four grandchildren.

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I am having right game posting anything on Twitter this morning, theres a delay every time I try to post anything, and the first time I get Internal Server Error, its' like someone else is intercepting everything I post. Its not only on Twitter, its done it on here as well, my blog site.

I am pointing the finger at MI5, because they've already exposed themselves as paedophile cover uppers, from their employing men like Jimmy Savile and David Rose, and John Hemming.

I have just been reading about Sonia Poulton, and her struggle with Twitter trolls, and one of them, surprise surprise is from Birmingham. Mary Beard has also been attacked on Twitter. I wondered why Sonia Poulton didn't write what I told her over th telephone, about Pindown/Richard Gardner ect, but it's not surprising now, because it really gets you so low when the paedo stalkers do this, it wears you down. The Hemming gangsters are always there in the thick of it, he is a very very clever man, he wanted to work for NASA, (he probably does work for them) but he's alo a very stupid man, I will never forget what he and his friends did to me on Mothers for Justice, over a 2 year period, hounding the living daylights out of me there were, also on other sites, Topix, and The Jesus Army Watch forum, at the time I thoght was talking to different people, but the nasty creepy sinister childish giggle down the phone and "Emily's " broad black country accent was a dead givaway, you know who you are, and it'll all come out in an open court one day.

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It took me ages to get online this morning, and I did a virus scan and a lot of weird stuff about memory dump came up on the scan.

I am not a computer technician, bt I know when something is wrong, and I know when someone is fiddling about.

I know MIpaedo are covering up institutional child abuse and I know they don't like me.

One day all the wicked things they've done will come out into the open for all to see.

I'm also engaged in conversation with a chap who claims to be an ex prison officer, who is pretending to be on the side of the angels. This man has just told me that taking children from a special needs school for PE lessons and putting the kids in the care of prisoners, without informing the parents, or getting their consent is not a criminal offence.

Ex-Prison Officer‏@Prison_Screw·20 hrs
@Zoompad Barbara, you're annoyed but no crime can be established, no law broken. If it was I'd be helping you get justice.

He's also told me I need to see my GP, for help with PTSD, when he knows damned well that I have already been to see my GP for that, and am recieving very poor care, as all the other Pindown child abuse victims are, plus the PTSD is being caused by the cat and mouse game the cover uppers of Pindown are playing with us child abuse victims.

This is what he's said to me:

Ex-Prison Officer‏@Prison_Screw·20 hrs
@Zoompad Go to your doctor and tell him/ her that an annoying ex prison officer says you might benefit from PTSD counselling.

So I've responded by telling him I'll do just that, if he will tell me his real name, plus which prison he used to work at.

This is the sort of crap we Pindowns have to deal with all the time, shadowy anonymous people pretending to help us, but telling us crimes that have been committed against us aren't crimes, when we know they jolly well are.

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REPOSTING FROM DAVID HENCKE'S BLOG David Cameron: dumping his support for sexually abused kids?

Hope David Hencke won't mind me reposting this, it involves me, as I am one of the Pindown child abuse victims who is still waiting (40 years on) for even a simple apology, let alone for the wrong thats been done to be put right, which wouldn't even cost a fortune in my case, as one of the things which is grieving me is that I am unable to marry the man I love, on account of the Freemasons of Stafford County Court spitefully blocking my divorce from a man who not only abused me and my daughter, I also haven't clapped eyes on him for almost 20 years, and don't want to either! Yet the Freemasons have blocked me from divorcing him, my solicitor I had at that time was bemused about this, she could not understand why they have blocked my divorce, the only reason I can think of is sheer unadulterated spite, because I raised Cain about Richard Gardner and Ralph Underwager, when they Secret Family scoundrels tried to accuse me of PAS, which paedophile Richard Gardner had invented, and I refused to lie down and be labelled with paedophile made up junk science and made a very vocal complaint about their persecution of me!

Plenty of money has been spent on persecuting me, but not very much, if any, has been spent on actually helping me. It's not just me, its ALL us Pindown child abuse victims who have been treated like criminals for decades, instead of victims of serious crime.

David Hencke

Westminster, Whitehall and Berkhamsted news and views

David Cameron: dumping his support for sexually abused kids?

Posted on March 18, 2013 by David Hencke

David Cameron outside Downing Street. Picture courtesy: Guardian

Politicians like journalists can be creatures of the moment. Flitting from issue to issue – today will be the decision on implementing Leveson on press regulation – they sometimes forget the bigger picture in the adrenalin rush of a crisis or a story.

Eleven years ago David Cameron, then a backbencher sat alongside Tom Watson, Labour MP, as a member of the House of Commons Home Affairs Committee. Together the two MPs signed up to a report on historical child abuse. One of the key recommendations of the report ( for those who want to read it all, the link is ) was that when the police ” trawl” for abuse victims and witnesses those who are interviewed should get support from day one.

The recommendation states: “complainants should be offered appropriate victim support services, such as
counselling, from an early stage of their involvement in the investigation.”

Now 11 years later the police seem to be working overtime investigating historic child abuse cases. Operation Fernbridge – the police investigation into sexual abuse of children in the care of Richmond Council and their links to Elm Guest House in Barnes – has at least 16 potential children in its sights. The aftermath of the Savile inquiry could bring many others into its scope and the don’t forget Operation Fairbank investigating other child abuse allegations and at least 30 investigations into child grooming across Britain. The scale of abuse is obviously much higher than people realise.

Officially the police and it now appears Downing Street believe all these former kids, some now in their 40s, are getting support. But evidence from two people who can be expected to be important witnesses in any trial involving the Richmond scandal suggests otherwise.

Details were published yesterday in the Sunday People and on the Exaro website. You can read the article in the People here ( and the harrowing view of two witnesses here ( .

Suffice to say they are both highly critical. One, Sam, not his real name , says the help he was given : “as “inadequate, ill-conceived and suffered from a complete failure to understand what they (the authorities) were doing.”

He doesn’t blame the police who appear to have been sensitive in interviewing him but just left him with a list of referral agencies to fend for himself.The other is also having to find his own care while his GP prescribes sleeping pills.

I put this direct to Downing Street – including sending Mr Cameron’s office a heart-rending quote from one of them – and reminded him of what he signed up to 11 years ago.

The reply was :”Sexual abuse is a devastating crime and the Government is committed to ensuring that every victim has access to the specialist support they need. This is why the Ministry of justice is providing £10.5million in Government funding over three years to provide services to support victims of these heinous crimes.

“The Government funds 78 Rape Support Centres across England and Wales. These provide confidential and expert support, advice and counselling for victims of these heinous crimes. More centres are in the process of being established and expected to open soon.

“The Government is committed to providing a justice system that protects, supports and reaches the highest possible standards of care for victims. There are a number of measures which already exist to protect vulnerable and special victims, including rape and sexual abuse victims, throughout their involvement with the CJS, and a number of reforms are under way to improve the system further.”

The rape crisis centres are not dealing with these particular Fernbridge cases or any historic childhood sex abuse and therefore Downing Street is misleading people by suggesting that all this money is going to help victims of child sexual abuse.

No answer was given to my main point – did David Cameron support what he had signed up to 11 years ago. And the suggestion is that this support is not there on the ground nor is it co-ordinated.

This is stupid, short-sighted and frankly callous. Tom Watson, who has been approached by some of the witnesses who suffered child sexual abuse about lack of support, believes Cameron should use his power to make sure this is properly implemented and people have support from day one.

For a successful prosecution of people who committed these heinous crimes some 30 years ago, the government must ensure that the people who complained and will be witnesses are properly supported. It is no good having witnesses in the court who can’t sleep, feel sick or can’t cope.

Shame on you Mr Cameron if you sign up to reports and don’t do anything about it when you are in power yourself.

5 thoughts on “David Cameron: dumping his support for sexually abused kids?”

andy says:

March 18, 2013 at 4:07 pm

if you would like to hear a story about this please drop me an e-mail at

this is part of my story but there is a lot more to it
the police first got this guy and charged him with abusing myself and another, i was not able to speak so did not provide a statement, however the police still charged him and he went to prison.
you would think that the police would tell my guardians(ss) and parents what had happend and that he had been charged, but instead they told them that i had not been abused but i was in a homosexual relationship with him(i was 13 he was 40) and that the police were not intending to take any further action(i have documentation to back this up), this news was delivered to a room full of social workers and have all there names

this was just a brief out line of what i have been put through


andy says:

March 18, 2013 at 4:08 pm

left out the link for the above post



gojam says:

March 18, 2013 at 4:11 pm

Reblogged this on theneedleblog.


andy llewellyn (@andyllewellyn3) says:

April 10, 2013 at 1:27 pm

Please disregard the post i made on April 2


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zoompad says:
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June 12, 2014 at 9:39 am

Where’s all this £10.5 million going then? It certainly isn’t going on helping us Pindown child abuse victims, I’ll tell you that first hand, the only “help” I am being given right now is the virtually useless Emotional Well Being (based in the old tax offices in Stafford near where Woolworths used to be), I get the chance to have a moan to a lady called Amanda once a fortnight, that is the only support I am getting, it’s totally useless, I know that, Amanda knows it too. I have also been on the merrygoround of being offered all sorts of nasty drugs by GPs, I DON’T WANT OR NEED DRUGS I WANT JUSTICE, I WANT AT THE VERY LEAST SOMEONE TO APOLOGISE FOR THE PINDOWN ABUSE AND THE LEGAL ABUSE I SUFFERED, AND FOR SOMEONE TO ACTUALLY TRY TO PUT THINGS RIGHT FOR ME!


Saturday, 7 June 2014




Time to end the secrecy over Freemasons society

By Derby Telegraph | Posted: January 23, 2013

 Comments (3)
I WOULD like to add a contribution to the recent Derby Telegraph debate on Freemasonry in the police.

May I suggest to Thomas Briggs, a senior Freemason who has commented, that a public debate be held?

I find it somewhat cowardly that Freemasons hide behind tacit threats of legal action against their detractors rather than take up the challenge to answer questions in an open forum. I am far more interested in what is truthful and ethical than I am in what is merely legal.

Not so long ago, it was legal to ride round the countryside with horse and hound murdering our wildlife but any sensitive person could see that, while legal, that was hardly ethical.

It is high time that Freemasons came out from their windowless lodges in order to defend their cult.

Freedom of association must have its limits. Are we to believe that it would be acceptable for a police officer or judge, declared or otherwise, to be a member of a Satanist coven or some crackpot fascist cult?

It is far from certain that a European Court ruling would be applicable in every case of membership of a secret society.

I throw down the gauntlet to the Freemasons. I doubt anyone will pick it up but maybe I shall be proved wrong. I do hope so, for the sake both of the people still locked inside the Masonic cult and for the good health of the police and the wider community.

The Rev John Kirby

Highfields Park Drive

Read more:

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Hamunanaa Daticou‏@HDaticou·16 mins
@Zoompad #Ze26h58

Can anyone explain what is going on? I was having a conversation with IAN PACE on Twitter and this person butted in and posted this, then suddenly, and I mean suddenly, seconds later, Hamunanaa Daticou's Twitter accound was suddenly suspended!

Can anyone help me find out what on earth is going on? I've emailed Ian Pace but he hasn't responded.

The discussion I was having was about my MP Bill Cash and his complete failure to protect me from systematic reabuse by paedophile gangsters

Tuesday, 3 June 2014


I missed this, didn't realise those two MI5 paedophile cover up scoundrels had done an article about Steven Messham.

This is the reason I don't buy the Daily Mail any more, I refuse to buy newspapers that employ MI5 paedophile cover up agents.

David Rose and Bob Woffenden have desperatly tried to cover up Pindown systematic child abuse, heaven knows how much they've been paid to smear and persecute Pindown child abuse victims, them and their FUNDSWELL and BFMS cronies.

A victim of his delusions: Astonishing story the BBC DIDN'T tell you about its troubled star witness
He assaulted QC at inquiry and was branded 'unreliable witness'
Triggered £400k libel payout after false sex abuse accusation
Stood trial for £65k fraud at charity for victims of the scandal
Even his lawyer says he may have invented stories

ByDavid Roseand Bob Woffinden

Published: 01:38, 11 November 2012 | Updated: 17:39, 13 November 2012

The former care home resident who falsely claimed he was sexually abused by former Tory party chairman Lord McAlpine was exposed as an ‘unreliable’ witness whom no jury would believe almost 20 years ago, a Mail on Sunday investigation has revealed.

We can show that those responsible for the controversial Newsnight story based on Steven Messham’s claims misrepresented crucial facts, and either failed to check or wilfully ignored alarming information available in official records. The Mail on Sunday has established:
Newsnight failed to say that Messham triggered a 1994 libel trial by falsely claiming to have been abused by a senior police officer. His story was shown to be riddled with contradictions, costing the publications which reported his claims a total of £375,000 in damages and £1 million costs.

Messham physically attacked a lawyer at the Waterhouse public inquiry into sexual abuse in North Wales. He screamed obscenities at the barrister who was questioning him, leapt out of the witness box, and threw punches at him.
Documents proved some of Messham’s evidence to the inquiry to be false. Although Sir Ronald Waterhouse concluded that Messham had experienced abuse, he described him as ‘an unreliable witness’ who was unlikely to be trusted by any jury – a conclusion also reached by the Crown Prosecution Service.
Even Messham’s lawyer concedes he may be ‘disturbed’ and that he may have made up some of his claims.
In 2004, Angus Stickler, the reporter behind this month’s Newsnight story, was publicly criticised for interviewing Messham on Radio 4 without mentioning he was facing charges of defrauding a charity he ran for alleged abuse victims. Messham was later acquitted.
In 2005, Messham was also cleared of a £33,000 benefits fraud. He admitted concealing savings of £40,000 – a result of compensation for the alleged abuse – when he made claims for income support and housing benefit, but insisted he had not intended to be dishonest.
Newsnight’s key claim that Messham was prevented from naming Lord McAlpine and other supposed paedophiles at the Waterhouse inquiry was clearly untrue. Transcripts show Messham could say whatever he liked about anyone he chose – and that he did so with abandon over his two weeks of testimony, during which time he did allege that a man referred to only as ‘McAlpine’ had abused him.

Errors from the start

Messham’s evidence about abuse at the Bryn Estyn care home in Wrexham has been unreliable from the start. He was even wrong about how long he spent at Bryn Estyn.

According to a police statement in March 1992, he said: ‘I stayed there between three and four years.’ In fact, records show, he was there for 20 months, from September 1977 until May 1979.

After newspapers began to allege that Bryn Estyn was the scene of widespread abuse in 1991, prompting a massive police inquiry, Messham made the first in a series of statements about his time at Bryn Estyn, and alleged abuse that he suffered after he left.

In his first police statement, on March 30, 1992, he said he was physically assaulted by three people, indecently assaulted by two male care workers, Peter Howarth and Stephen Norris, and that two female care workers had sex with him. Both Howarth and Norris subsequently stood trial and were convicted.

Two days after Messham gave his first police statement, his wife committed suicide, leaving him to care for their three-month-old daughter. It was at this period of great vulnerability that he became a major figure in the North Wales inquiry.

Thirteen years after leaving Bryn Estyn, he made further statements in April, August, September and October 1992, in February 1993, and then again regularly until 1997.

His allegations changed from one statement to the next. The Mail on Sunday has examined them, and the number of episodes of abuse he claimed to have suffered rose with each successive statement.

Witness with no credibility

By the time he gave evidence to the Waterhouse inquiry, which ran from 1997 to 2000, he said he had been sexually abused by 49 men and women, and physically abused by a further 26. His claims should have been treated with diminishing credibility. Indeed, there are many allegations against people who were never charged because – as Waterhouse pointed out – his evidence was not considered plausible enough.

Wide-ranging: Inquiry chairman Mr Justice Waterhouse. The inquiry ran from 1997 to 2000

The Waterhouse report stated that, in March 1993, the Crown Prosecution Service concluded that ‘reliance ought not to be placed on [his] evidence for the purpose of prosecuting any alleged abuser.’

Thanks in part to Messham’s allegations, Bryn Estyn has become a byword for abuse, with claims resurfacing in the wake of revelations about Jimmy Savile.

But the police method of ‘trawling’ former residents, many of whom had long criminal records, and inviting them to make allegations – has long been recognised as risky. In 2002, the Commons Home Affairs Select Committee warned such a process was liable to create miscarriages of justice, and that some people had made false allegations in the hope of being paid large sums in compensation.

Gwen Hurst, a former Bryn Estyn teacher, said the accepted picture of life there was far from the truth. ‘If this abuse was going on, the boys would have had so many opportunities to tell so many people,’ she said. ‘There were council employees, social workers and tradespeople in and out of the school all the time.

‘All this is costing the country millions. And it has exacted a terrible toll on the school staff. Twenty years we’ve had of this.’

Of all the allegations made by Messham and others, it was the heinous accusations against Lord McAlpine that were the most sensational.

Despite Newsnight’s inaccurate assertions, these claims were aired in detail at the Waterhouse inquiry, in which the name ‘McAlpine’ was raised. Messham told the investigation: ‘I was also abused by him sexually’ – but he could not even remember his full name, or how he had come to know who this supposed abuser was.

After trying to attack the barrister at the inquiry, Messham apologised, and when he got to the end of his marathon evidence, he thanked Sir Ronald, saying: ‘This tribunal has been more than worthwhile. There was no one more sceptical about this tribunal at the outset but as time has gone on I believe this tribunal will do the right thing.’

He was also photographed holding the inquiry’s final report, Lost In Care, when it was published in 2000, saying he was delighted with it.

Mr Messham received an undisclosed amount in compensation as part of a class settlement after the report was published, in addition to the £16,000 he received after first making his claims.

He changes his tune...

However, when Messham went on Newsnight earlier this month, all his praise for the inquiry was forgotten. He told the BBC: ‘I don’t understand why on earth we had an inquiry.’

He claimed he had been stopped from naming at least a third of those who had abused him, so allowing Newsnight to claim there had been a cover-up.

The BBC programme claimed the ‘narrow’ terms of reference of the Waterhouse inquiry had prevented it from considering abuse outside care homes. But this was untrue: the inquiry could investigate alleged abuse of care home residents that took place anywhere.

The reason the report did not name some of those supposedly involved in such abuse was that there was only one source for these claims – Messham. But if Newsnight failed to check the facts, the same mistake was made by Downing Street.

In the wake of the Newsnight report, David Cameron has announced two new inquiries. The first, by Mrs Justice Macur, will consider whether the Waterhouse tribunal did its job properly, and whether its terms were indeed ‘narrow’. The second, by the incoming head of the National Crime Agency, Keith Bristow, will re-examine how North Wales police investigated the abuse allegations.

Messham has previously been reluctant to address the contradictions in his stories, as proved by the 1994 libel trial, brought by a former senior police officer he falsely accused of abuse – claims that were reported by Private Eye, The Observer and The Independent on Sunday.

It was put to him in court that just days before he began making claims to reporters, he had approached police to complain he was being harassed by a journalist, who was trying to put words in his mouth.

In a signed statement, he said: ‘At no time did [the officer] ever sexually abuse me,’ adding that a journalist ‘wanted me to say things that were not the truth’.

It also emerged at the trial that before he would give evidence to support the publications, he had insisted that Private Eye pay him £60,000 on the grounds it had previously published an article which had damaged him. Surprisingly, the magazine did agree to pay him £4,500.

Moreover, Messham initially claimed he was indecently assaulted by the officer, but later changed this into a far more serious allegation. When all this was put to him, Messham took an overdose of tranquilisers in court and collapsed in the witness box.

After a short stay in hospital, he had to resume his testimony next morning.

Cross-examined about demanding money from Private Eye as a condition of giving evidence, he said: ‘I was only doing what you lawyers all do and making a threat to get my money, and I got it. I wouldn’t in fact have carried it out... it’s what all you lawyers do.’

The libel trial was not Messham’s only day in court. He was later charged with theft, deception and false accounting involving almost £65,000 from the charity Norwas (North Wales Abuse Survivors), which he set up. But he was acquitted of all charges. Yesterday Mr Messham’s solicitor, Michael Gray, admitted his client may have fabricated some of his allegations of abuse over the years.

Echoing the Waterhouse report – which described Messham as ‘psychologically damaged’ – he said: ‘People who are vulnerable . . .  a good part of them is so disturbed that they’re not going to be wholly consistent and reliable. Whether he’s imagined it, made some up, I don’t know.’

He added that Messham – who has last week finally admitted he was wrong about Lord McAlpine – had gone to ground, and would not be giving any more interviews.

Handle this with care

If only Newsnight had heeded the words of Gerard Elias QC, counsel to the Waterhouse inquiry.

In his closing speech, the lawyer said: ‘In certain respects Messham’s evidence was demonstrably untrue and some of his allegations are wholly inconsistent with earlier statements made by him to the police. In these circumstances we submit it is plain that his evidence must be approached with care… the name McAlpine has hung over the rumour of abuse in North Wales by people in high places for as long those rumours have existed.

‘We submit, sir, the picture is no clearer after 200 days of evidence in this respect than it was before. No Christian name has ever been provided for this shadowy figure.’

In his statement this week, Lord McAlpine said: ‘I have every sympathy for Mr Messham and for the many other young people who were sexually abused when they were residents of the children’s home in Wrexham,’ and added: ‘I do not suggest that Mr Messham is malicious in making the allegations of sexual abuse about me’

But the BBC should surely have been more careful about their source of such appalling allegations. Yesterday The Mail on Sunday asked Mr Stickler about all the flaws and omissions in his Newsnight film. He refused to comment

Steven Messham stands with a copy of the damning report into two decades of sexual and physical abuse in children's homes in North Wales

Steven Messham, the former care home resident who has admitted his sex abuse claims against former Tory chairman Lord McAlpine were fabricated, has never been good at dealing with questions about his allegations.

While he was giving evidence in 1997 to the North Wales abuse public inquiry, he was cross-examined by Anthony Jennings QC, a barrister from Northern Ireland.

The QC started to press Messham about a very damaging admission: that parts of a long interview he had given to The Independent on Sunday, were untrue.

First Messham refused to answer his questions. Then, according to the official transcript records, he got out of the witness box and ‘moved towards’ Mr Jennings.

He yelled: ‘Excuse me, I will not have it from you ever, Jennings, right? Because one thing I don’t like is a little b******, right? You don’t push it, right? You are sick just like your client. Don’t push me, don’t f****** push me you little... I’ll tell you now, you b******.’

Then he began throwing punches at the QC. A security officer finally intervened, but not, say witnesses, before Mr Messham had landed several blows.

The inquiry chairman, Sir Ronald Waterhouse, adjourned for the day, but when Messham reappeared the following week, he delivered a stern warning: ‘What happened... was, of course, disgraceful. It amounted to a blatant contempt of court and it also amounted to a criminal offence’ and warned that any repeat would result in criminal charges.

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