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It doesn't get any better than this!


Wake up, wake up people - Guantanamo Bay is just a small part of the evil our government has participated in.

If you have no sympathy for people of a different colour of race, if you believe that they are inferior people and therefore we white people can treat them however we choose, then you are denying the words of our Lord Jesus Christ, who breathed life into all the people of this world, of all colours and races.

But even if you are hard hearted towards the people who have a different hue of skin to yourself, can you at least not turn your back on those who are suffering opression who are of the same skin tone as yourself?

Can you turn your back on the vunerable members of society - the children, women, old, disabled?

Women and children are being systematically tortured every day in these secret family courts. Systematic psychological torture techniques are being employed in these dark places every day. You may be walking past that large shiny new courtroom in your town, and as you walk past there is almost certain to be some poor woman being broken down by this systematic psychological torture.


Tuesday, 14 July 2009


Wether it will do any good, I don't know, but I always live in hope.

We are not puppets - God did not make us to be puppets, we have free will, to choose between right and wrong.

I am hoping that people will realise that the freemason system is wrong, because the masons cover up crimes, all in secrecy. It is like when Cain killed his brother Abel, and tried to hide what he had done - it was impossible, all these dark secrets are as transparent as glass to God.

The time to repent and turn aside from the evil is now. What happened in Staffordshire was just a tiny part of what was happening all over the UK.

If you are a mason and reading this, I urge you, plead with you - come out of the darkness and the secrecy and into the light, while you can.


In 2002 as well!


Chris Tchaikovsky Determined campaigner who put women's plight in prison on the political agenda

Yvonne Roberts The Guardian, Friday 24 May 2002 08.34 BST Article history

Chris Tchaikovsky, who has died aged 57, was one of this country's most effective and influential campaigners for penal reform for women. In direct and practical ways, she never swerved from trying to reduce the pain of female offenders, while endeavouring to secure a better future for them once they were released.
In 1983, with the inter- national criminologist Pat Carlen, she founded Women in Prison (WIP). At that time, the different needs of female offenders, particularly the fact that many were mothers who frequently lost not just their liberty but also their children into care, scarcely figured. Chris identified the issues, and pushed them persistently. She utilised a wide range of contacts - lawyers, prison governors, civil servants, politicians, journalists and celebrities - to expedite change, expose scandal and increase awareness.

She was delighted with the popularity of the ITV series, Bad Girls; as its consultant, she supplied many of the factually based storylines. At a time of dramatic increases in female prison numbers, she believed the programmes reminded the public that most female offenders have experi enced appalling abuse and sexual exploitation, their lives marked by poverty and violence.

In recent years, through WIP - and working closely with the prison and probation services - Chris established Education Training Connection, a charity which offers education and training opportunities to women in jail. She pushed hard for more drug rehabilitation programmes. WIP, whch has a policy of employing ex-offenders, also hugely improved resettlement provision. Many women who previously would have found themselves on the streets instead had jobs and homes on release.

Always hampered by a lack of funds, WIP worked on a raft of issues, including improving conditions for mothers and babies, and tackling the appalling neglect of the mentally ill and suicidal. Chris was also the first to raise major concerns about the circumstances surrounding the deaths of women in prison, working with the charity, Inquest. She used to quote a Joan Baez song, "Little victories and big defeats".

While campaigning was important, the needs of ind-ividual prisoners came first; WIP's involvement might range from years of support in prison to ensuring that a woman on day release would have £10 to take her children to McDonald's.

In 1985, Chris contributed to Criminal Women, a book that has become a seminal work in criminology. She wrote many papers, and made numerous contributions to academic conferences.

In 1997, she became a Cropwood fellow, spending a year at Cambridge University's institute of criminology, where she produced a study of 100 women prisoners. Typically, her focus was on what was beneficial for the individual offender; it was, she said, a unique opportunity for women in difficult circumstances to learn and benefit from each other's experiences.

Almost half the women in her study had gone through the Holloway Remand scheme (HRS), which diverted them from long custodial sentences into reparation within the community, and in which Chris had been a driving force. In addition, she was instrumental in setting up Women in Special Hospitals (Wish), an organisation whose aim was to highlight the needs of those incarcerated in mental institutions.

What gave Chris her insight was that she had served time herself. Born into an affluent, loving, middle-class family in Cornwall, one of six sisters, she was repeatedly expelled from school, and said she found herself drawn to "outlaws". Having moved to "swinging London" in the 1960s, she was attracted to the bohemian lifestyle she had read about in French existential novels.

Late in the decade, she ran a criminal gang known as the Happy Firm because the boss believed both in laughs and equal pay. She specialised in cashing cheques and travellers' cheques with forged identification. She spent "bad money", as she called it, on the finer things in life, and shared it generously with others.

In 1974, she served her final prison sentence. During her 15 months inside, a woman had burned to death in her cell; it was rumoured that her alarm bell had been disconnected so that the staff could sleep. Chris began a degree course, and ran a successful women's disco. Then, in the early 80s, she heard that a second woman had also been burned alive in Holloway - and WIP was born.

She was 6ft tall, charismatic, funny, fearless, and- rogynous and successful with women, gay and heterosexual. She had a high IQ, and a huge appetite for learning. People from all walks of life were drawn to her. Asked why she had an affinity for offenders, she would say, "They are my tribe."

Chris, who died surrounded by family and close friends, had been ill for some years with respiratory problems, but she pushed herself to ensure that WIP would continue. She had a breadth of vision and a generosity of heart that persuaded others to see issues from a different perspective. Chris Ryder-Tchaikovsky, prison reformer, born May 28 1944; died May 19 2002


If he can't spring you, nobody can

Richard Wise is a human hurricane. He can get a woman imprisoned for debt out of jail within six hours and look after his two children at the same time.

Emma Brooker

Friday, 17 May 1996
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NormalLargeExtra LargeRichard Wise is tousled, verging on dishevelled. Mobile phone in one hand, bright red kids' shoe bag in the other, this afternoon he is ferrying his two small children around Stoke-on-Trent in his battered blue Nissan estate. Lawyer and single parent, Wise combines the two roles to become a sort of human hurricane. Starey-eyed and intense, one minute he is fielding calls from prisons and magistrates courts all over England, the next minute he is grilling his six-year-old daughter about the whereabouts of her packed lunch.

Admirers rate Wise as the most dynamic radical lawyer in the country. Detractors suggest that this soft-spoken 38-year-old is a menace to society. But there is one thing about him on which everyone can agree. Richard Wise is the man who gets women out of prison. He has "sprung" several hundred of them from jail within the past year. Inmates of Holloway, Risley and Drake Hall, the main women's prisons in the UK, whisper the name Richard Wise to new arrivals as though it were the key to the prison gates. If he can't get you out, nobody can.

Wise specialises in obtaining the release of women imprisoned for non- payment of television licences, council tax, small debts and petty fines. Britain is the only country in Western Europe that still jails people for civil debt. Magistrates imprison up to 500 debtors daily, with figures running to around 30,000 a year. About a third of all women sent down are jailed for debt, often unlawfully. Magistrates are supposed to have exhausted all other measures and use custody only as a last resort.

But just as quickly as magistrates put women behind bars for so-called "crimes of poverty", Wise is working round the clock to get them out again. It is hardly the most glamorous area of civil rights work, but Wise's commitment to his clients, whom he rarely meets or even hears from after their release, is total and passionate. And his work has a huge practical impact on the hundreds of women whose freedom he secures and their dependants.

Wise seems to make no distinction between work and personal life. Both areas are equally demanding as, since the breakdown of his marriage last year, he has full-time care of his children every other week. His home is linked umbilically to his office with fax and computer, and the usual office/home boundaries are further blurred by the fact that Wise works mainly with his younger brother Ian, a barrister at Helena Kennedy QC's Doughty Street chambers.

"His office is right next to the High Court, and because he's my brother I can bully him into doing judicial reviews for me. We don't have to be polite to each other either, and that saves a lot of time," says Richard.

The Wise brothers spend, on average, an hour each night talking through cases on the phone, Richard often talking on his mobile while he supervises his children's bath time. On Sunday afternoons, the two brothers thrash out business further while jogging along the canal towpaths of Stoke, their home town.

Both are outsiders to the legal establishment. Richard describes his experience as a working-class child attending a "stuffy" middle-class school as being formative in shaping his attitude towards the class-ridden legal hierarchy. To this day, he takes institutional injustice towards vulnerable individuals personally, which partly explains his commitment to his clients.

"I felt like an outsider," explains Richard, who had learning difficulties and left school at 16 with two O-levels and not much self-confidence. "My mum and dad saw no value in further education."

Richard started out in his father's trade as an apprentice "slabber" , making fireplace surrounds from tile and plaster. Ian left school at 18 and worked as a labourer in a Crewe tea factory for 10 years while studying for an Open University degree.

Maverick to the last, Richard prides himself on not fitting into a comfortable "alternative" bracket either. "The trendy, radical lawyers down in London don't know what to make of me, because I work from an old-fashioned small- town firm of solicitors up north." He seems to delight in challenging, confusing and annoying the sort of people who wrote him off as a child, and clearly identifies far more with his clients than his colleagues.

During a five-year stint as a case worker with the Citizens' Advice Bureau, Richard worked extensively with people on benefits and in debt, and seems to be fired by a desire to redress the balance of power in their favour. In 1989 he joined a radical firm of solicitors in the Midlands, and started doing ground-breaking para-legal work with imprisoned poll-tax defaulters. Repeatedly challenging magistrates through the High Court, he went on successfully to sue several magistrates for unlawful imprisonment, and in so doing he believes he brought about a sharp drop in the jailing of poll-tax defaulters.

Last year, when the female prison population swelled to a record of nearly 2,000, several governors, desperate to free places by getting non-criminals out of jail, called Wise and asked him to help. "The prisons needed the space, and they were also observing that a lot of the women in for debt were assimilating the behaviour of the serious criminals they were alongside," says Wise.

The motivating factor for Wise in getting involved was the thought of the "collateral damage" that the jailing of debtors can do to dependants. When women are jailed, their children are often taken into local authority care.

The bail officer at Holloway prison in London now refers the handful of debtors who arrive at the prison every day directly to Wise. Today they fax through papers for a new inmate called Sandra (not her real name) who has been sent down for 14 days for outstanding fines for soliciting totalling nearly pounds 500.

Richard springs into action. "Every new case is important and exciting," he says. "Not because of the legal principles, but because each one of these clients has got a personal tragedy to tell."

Within minutes he has Sandra on the phone and is coaxing her life story out of her. It turns out that she is a 25-year-old single parent with three small children, all of them suffering from sickle cell anaemia and in need of weekly hospital treatment. "You'll be out by tonight," he murmurs to her before hanging up.

Bristling with indignation, Wise is operating on full throttle. "I work on a different timescale to most solicitors," he says. "If I don't get her out within six hours, I've failed."

Within minutes he has e-mailed his brother, faxed the magistrates' court that sentenced Sandra, and is on the phone to the court clerk threatening a High Court action.

Wise's methods amount to a kind of bureaucratic terrorism. He has won plenty of enemies with his take-no-prisoners tactics, including Rosemary Thomson, chairman of the Magistrates Association.

"Richard has decided that part of his career is to work with women defaulters," she says. "But men and women are equal before the law. How are we to say that we are not going to send women with young children to prison for fine default? People are responsible for their own finances. Why can't they pay?" She points out that there are "a lot of poor people who are paying up with great difficulty". Why, in that case, should anybody be let off?

Others gush praise for Wise. "He's saving the country a lot of money," says Chris Tchaikovsky of the charity Women in Prison. The cost of jailing a woman is about pounds 600 per week, a sum greater than most of the debts that people are imprisoned for. "It's not every solicitor who will work that far and go that extra mile to get women out," she says, "yet there's nothing self-important, stuffy, altruistic or smug about him."

Tchaikovsky and other campaigners object to the jailing of debtors because, they say, it criminalises the poor, punishes their children and betrays a "Dickensian" attitude towards poverty redolent of the Victorian workhouse and poor laws. But in the end, the most persuasive argument against the practise is cost. A Bill aimed at ending the jailing of debtors in all but the most extreme cases will be launched by MPs later this month. It has cross-party support and would cut the number of people jailed for debt by about 80 per cent, saving up to pounds 20m of public money each year.

Until the law is changed, Wise remains a lifeline for pressured prison governors and jailed debtors alike. Of the 360 cases he has handled in the past year and a half, only five have failed.

As Wise drives his children from the childminders' back to his office, where they will wait for him to finish some outstanding work, his mobile rings. His brother is calling with the news that magistrates have signed the bail order for Sandra's release. Happy in the knowledge that she will be back home tonight with her children, Wise will be able to relax and get stuck into the next case.

Was Dr. David Kelly killed because he knew too much?

Was Dr. David Kelly killed because he knew too much?
By Ken Craggs
Online Journal Contributing Writer

Jul 14, 2009, 00:19

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According to the UK’s Sunday Express, British weapons inspector Dr. David Kelly was writing an expose which would include his work with anthrax. Dr. David Kelly was an expert in biological warfare agents, as well as a former United Nations weapons inspector in Iraq.

An excerpt from the newspaper article reads, “He had several discussions with a publisher in Oxford and was seeking advice on how far he could go without breaking the law on secrets.”

Dr David Kelly’s death -- said to have been suicide -- came days after he gave testimony to the House of Commons about a memo which purported that Britain had “sexed up” a dossier on Iraq’s alleged weapons of mass destruction.

The allegations of a potential Kelly expose come from a new film about biological weapons being debuted in London on the sixth anniversary of Dr. Kelly’s death, titled “Anthrax War.” The documentary was shown earlier this year on Canadian public television.

A suspicious pattern of deaths of prominent microbiologists has emerged around the world, but especially highly-advanced researchers connected with the USA, the UK, Russia, and Israel. Were many of these microbiologists murdered because of what they knew or had discovered?

The following quote is taken from ‘Rebuilding America’s Defenses‘ the leading policy “white paper” of the Project for a New American Century (PNAC), which essentially dictated the Bush regime’s “defense” policies from early 2001: “ . . . advanced forms of biological warfare that can ‘target’ specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool.” See page 90 for the participants credited with this document.

Dr. David Kelly was head of microbiology at Porton Down and worked with two American scientists, Benito Que, 52, and Don Wiley, 57. Both Que and Wiley had been engaged in DNA sequencing that could provide a genetic marker based on genetic profiling. Google ‘Genome specific biological warfare.’

In November 2001, Benito Que left his laboratory after receiving a telephone call. Shortly afterward he was found comatose in the parking lot of the Miami Medical School. He died without regaining consciousness. Police said he had suffered a heart attack. His family insisted he had been in perfect health and claimed four men attacked him. Later, however, the family inquest returned a verdict of death by natural causes.

There are some unanswered questions about Benito Que’s death.

Who was the caller who caused Benito Que to leave his lab? What attempts did the police make to track the four alleged attackers -- after police admitted that Que was the “probable” victim of an attempt to steal his car? What happened to Que’s sensitive research into DNA sequencing? How close were Que’s connections to Dr. David Kelly?

Also in November 2001, a few days after Que died, Don Wiley, one of the foremost microbiologists in the United States, disappeared off a bridge spanning the Mississippi River in Memphis, Tennessee. He had recently left a banquet for fellow researchers in Memphis. Weeks later, Wiley’s body was found 300 miles down river. As with Que, his family said he was in perfect health. There was no autopsy. The local medical examiner returned a verdict of accidental death. It was suggested that Don Wiley had a dizzy spell and fell off the bridge.

Why did Wiley park his car on the bridge? Why did he leave the keys in the ignition and his lights on? Why did Wiley drive to the bridge when his father’s house, where Wiley was staying, was in the opposite direction, and just a few miles away? What happened to Wiley’s research into DNA sequencing? How close were Wiley’s connections to Dr. David Kelly?

Also in November 2001, another microbiologist, Vladimir Pasechnik, 64, was found dead. Dr. David Kelly, as head of microbiology at Porton Down, played a key role in debriefing Pasechnik when he fled from Russia to Britain in 1989. Kelly also helped Pasechnik create Regma Biotechnologies. Regma was allowed to set up a laboratory in Porton Down.

Research at Porton Down is classified as top secret. In August 2002, Regma Biotechnologies obtained a contract with the U.S. Navy for “the diagnostic and therapeutic treatment of anthrax.”

It’s a rather strange coincidence that Regma biotechnologies commenced a three-year tenancy at Porton Down on 17 July 2000 and Dr. David Kelly died three years later on 18 July 2003.

The Times obituary for Dr. Pasechnik, said, “The defection to Britain in 1989 of Vladimir Pasechnik revealed to the West for the first time the colossal scale of the Soviet Union’s clandestine biological warfare programme. His revelations about the scale of the Soviet Union’s production of such biological agents as anthrax, plague, tularaemia and smallpox provided an inside account of one of the best kept secrets of the Cold War. After his defection he worked for ten years at the U.K. Department of Health’s Centre for Applied Microbiology Research before forming his own company, Regma Biotechnics, to work on therapies for cancer, neurological diseases, tuberculosis and other infectious diseases. In the last few weeks of his life he had put his research on anthrax at the disposal of the Government, in the light of the threat from bioterrorism.”

On December 14, 2001, Set Van Nguyen, a microbiologist, was killed at an animal diseases facility in Geelong, Australia. The lab had recently been featured in the journal Nature for its work in genetic manipulation and DNA sequencing. Scientists there had created a virulent form of mousepox. “They realized that if similar genetic manipulation was carried out on smallpox, an unstoppable killer could be unleashed.”

A statement from police, published in the Geelong Advertiser, said that Set Van Nguyen, 44, “appeared to have died after entering an airlock into a storage laboratory filled with nitrogen. His body was found when his wife became worried after he failed to return from work. He was killed after entering a low temperature storage area where biological samples were kept. He did not know the room was full of deadly gas which had leaked from a liquid nitrogen cooling system. Unable to breathe, Mr. Nguyen collapsed and died.”

Details of the coroner’s report into the death of Set Van Nguyen were published in 2007.

Not long before Set Van Nguyen was killed, a Manhattan hospital worker, aged 61, died after inhaling anthrax. The name of the hospital worker was Kathy Nguyen.

It is also worth mentioning that there is now a prime intelligence focus on the use of a sophisticated computer program, Promis, that was stolen from the Washington company that created it, Inslaw. After Promis was stolen, Inslaw’s president, Bill Hamilton, said “The theft of our software would give any country a flying start in keeping track of just about anybody’s work. It is capable of integrating a wide number of data bases.”

Additional reading:

50 Dead Scientists

David Kelly -- Obituary

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Lord Falconer in the news yet again!

I don't know! Lord Falconer was in the news last week, over Dignitas and the attempt to sneak in euphenasia through the back door. Now here he is again - in the thick of the Dr David Kelly-did-he-commit-suicide-or-was-he-murdered-row.

Emails missing? Tell me about it! Who is hacking into our computers and messing about with our personal and private correspondence? Hey, I thought that sort of thing was meant to be illegal? Hmmmmm. not if you are one of the brethren - it's ok then, by the looks of it. Is there anything that is illegal for the brethren?


Doctors demand inquest into death of Dr David Kelly
A group of 13 doctors who believe that Dr David Kelly, the Government scientist, did not commit suicide, but was murdered, are launching a legal campaign to demand an inquest.

By Duncan Gardham, Security Correspondent
Published: 7:00AM BST 13 Jul 2009

The original inquest into Dr Kelly's death six years ago in woods near his Oxfordshire home was suspended by Lord Falconer, then the Lord Chancellor.

He designated the Hutton Inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the weapons inspector's death as "fulfilling the function of an inquest".

Dr Kelly died shortly after he was exposed as the source for a story claiming the Government "probably knew" that a claim Iraq could attack with weapons of mass destruction in 45 minutes was not true.

After taking evidence from Dr Nicholas Hunt, the pathologist who carried out the post-mortem examination, Lord Hutton concluded that "the principal cause of death was bleeding from incised wounds to the left wrist" combined with the consumption of painkillers and "silent coronary artery disease".

His family support Lord Hutton's conclusion and have said they do not want the inquest to be re-opened. However a team of doctors unconvinced by the findings of the Hutton Report has compiled a dossier which claims that a cut to the ulnar artery in Dr Kelly's wrist could not have killed him.

The 12-page document concludes: "The bleeding from Dr Kelly's ulnar artery is highly unlikely to have been so voluminous and rapid that it was the cause of death."

The doctors also claim that the level of the painkiller co-proxamol in Dr Kelly's blood was about one third of that required to produce death.

They have hired a solicitor, Martin Day, of Leigh Day and Co, and received advice from a barrister, Richard Hermer, QC, who intend to use the Coroners Act to challenge Lord Falconer's suspension of the inquest.

Among the doctors is Christopher Burns-Cox, 71, the former senior consultant physician for the Frenchay Healthcare Trust, Bristol, and current co-chairman of the NHS consultants' association.

Another is David Halpin, 69, a former lecturer in anatomy at King's College, London, and a former consultant in orthopaedic and trauma surgery at Torbay Hospital, who later went into general practice.

Dr Halpin said they had argued their case in the legal document in "microscopic" detail and added: "We reject haemorrhage as the cause of death and see no contrary opinion which would stand its ground. I think it is highly likely he was assassinated.!

The doctors have been working closely with Norman Baker, the Liberal Democrat MP, who believes the scientist was murdered by enemies he made in the course of his work as a weapons inspector.

The Hutton Report said Dr Hunt saw "evidence of a significant incised wound to his left wrist, in the depths of which his left artery had been completely severed...The arterial injury had resulted in the loss of a significant volume of blood, as noted at the scene."

But the doctors argue that the artery has the "width of a matchstick in its constricted state" and Dr Kelly's blood would have quickly clotted.

The doctors also cite a number of studies which they say prove for "all practical purposes" that suicide using the means allegedly adopted by Dr Kelly "does not exist in Britain".

Dr Halpin also claimed his own work was being monitored, as more than 6,000 emails have disappeared as though they were being sifted remotely, which he believes was done by "a state-sponsored agency".

To Portsmouth residents who care about their city and hate paedophiles.

Important: This report is rather long but it should be read by all

Portsmouth residents who care about their city and hate paedophiles.

The story of Detective Inspector John Geden, Mike Hancock and PCC

In 2006 Les Cummings and 19 others report abuse they were exposed to as children in the care of PCC. DI John Geden was an investigation officer for Portsmouth Police. 2007 Les and Ralph Mitchell set up The Children’s Cottage Homes Justice Project and do battle with PCC through our solicitor and public demonstrations.

In the early days PCC basically laughed at Les Cummings (spokesperson) as he attempts to make representations in PCC council chamber on behalf of all the other victims. Les is treated with disrespect and disregard in his quest for justice.

Because councillors have no biographical information on the PCC website we challenge councillors to place bio information on the website. Not one did (If you look on the PCC website you will see some have at last placed their bio info on the site) so we then decided to investigate all councillors and discovered there is one serving councillor Mike Hancock who is a paedophile and two ex-Lord Mayors are also paedophiles. We also discover two councillors who were discharged from public service. So we are certain some councillors are hiding from their pasts. Cllr Vernon-Jackson for example and his less than honest dealings whilst a Mayor for Newbury, plus the lies he’s told since he’s been a councillor in Portsmouth. We are given much information about certain councillors by a 'civic minded' local resident and also travel the country to investigate these councillors who refused to give background information about themselves.

The Children’s Cottage Homes Justice Project then decided to post letters to neighbours of various councillors in order to discover more information. The News reported this incident titled ’Spy for me’ by Alex Forsyth. No laws were broken as these councillors are public officials. Cllr Hugh Mason is quoted as saying.’ I believe the man has gone beyond the realms of rationality. We say is it irrational to want to know who your councillors are. We say it is rational because we all have the right to know who is representing us as councillors.

A day later Inspector John Geden calls Les Cummings and tells him to stop posting letters to councillors. Les asks DI Geden if he’s broken any laws and Geden says ‘no but I’m your friend Les and I don’t want you to get into trouble.’ Les refuses to continue discussion over the phone and insists on meeting Geden and they set up a meeting later that morning. Ralph Mitchell and Les Cummings attend. We are at Fratton Police Station for over two hours. Why did Geden spend two hours attempting to dissuade us from our actions exposing corruption unless he’s acting for PCC?

When we arrive we observe Mark Austin protesting outside the station, Geden is agitated by this. Geden is spitting blood whenever he speaks about Mark Austin. It is apparent to Les and Ralph, Geden actually HATES Mark Austin. Why does Geden hate Mark Austin, because of Geden's relationship with PCC. Geden is angry throughout most of this interview and tells us not to associate with Austin because ‘he has a nasty shock coming to him.’ we tell him Mike Hancock is a paedophile and give him all our information. We tell him the victims married name and her address. We told him we got her name from Cllr Jez Baker. Geden tells us Baker is going to prison. We tell him not until the jury have convicted Baker. Geden tells us he will investigate the Hancock situation. Geden is frustrated because he sees he cannot prevent us from exposing corruption, even if it means breaking the law. He starts shouting and Les shouts back. We realise Geden is in fact working for PCC. Geden gets frustrated because he cannot deal with Les because he knows that Les is right. Note: The whole of this interview with Geden was recorded and is in the custody of a London firm of Solicitors.

Geden calls Les a few days later and basically shouts and rants down the phone. He’s not going to investigate Hancock being a paedophile and Les needs to stick to The Children’s Cottage Homes Justice Project. I reminded Geden he told us the victim could be treated as a 'hostile witness' and he shouts down the phone a denial. We can now see Geden is a LIAR. Note: One of these conversations was recorded and it is in the custody of a London firm of Solicitors.

Les Cummings makes a statement for Mark Austin’s High Court Action against PCC Compulsory Purchase Order. Austin needs this to show the history of PCC and their less than honest actions. In this statement Les tells of the meeting with Geden where Geden tell Les that Austin was in for a nasty shock. PCC lawyers get copy of this in the High Court and in turn pass it on to PCC. PCC then give copy to Geden.

Geden calls Les 7 days later and this is a gist of his conversation. ‘Hello Les I have read your book and never realised you went through so much. My wife is now reading it. I see you as the national spokesperson for abused victims not a trouble maker. I have the name of another victim can I give you his number?’ Les is obviously stand-offish to Geden because he knows Geden’s working for PCC and this rather timely phone call supports this fact. We contact this victim and he tells us he reported kids going missing with a possible connection to Jersey. Geden has no contact with this victim for months but visits him after he gets Les statement for the High Court. We interview the victim who tells us he is confused about Geden’s visit so long after his original report to Geden. We believe that once Geden realised Les had made a statement for Mark Austin, he wanted to distract Les away from Mark Austin yet again. This attempt fails.

(Below is a short version of events regarding Mark’s case as he intents to write a fuller account of his own.)

Mark Austin is invited to lunch by Cllr Eleanor Scott (who is acting on behalf of PCC) to make an offer to settle the Compulsory Purchase Order on his property in Commercial Road. Mark tells Scott he can’t settle because there are many other property owners and some of them were elderly. Due to this, Mark believed if he settled, he would be ‘stabbing them in the back’ and therefore declined to do a deal .Whilst at the lunch, Austin in all innocence mentions he knows someone who lives near her. Scott asked what was it about. He just mentioned a very good friend of his died and he was looking after the inteest of a little girl. Scott asked for the details which he gave in innocence, what he did not realise was that when Austin said that he would have to decline the offer, because he would be selling old people down the river. Scott and others from PCC, put in a train of events to destroy Austin.

Cllr Scott went to see Karen Howe and Scott then went to…you’ve guessed it…PCC’s own private policeman, non other than DI John Geden, the officer with other senior officers who had been protecting PCC from Planning Fraud and clear Fraud in relation to Palmerston Road. If you think we are making this up, just go to another page on this site, where a senior officer from PCC, came to Austin's house and told him there was a cover up. Cheif Superintendant Peacock ignored Austin, when he informed him and the day Austin received confirmation that Peacock had failed in his duties. Austin's home and business was raided. Once again Geden acts for PCC and goes after Mark Austin in a vindictive and malicious prosecution. But as we all now know, it fails because the jury saw this case for what it was, another attempt by Hancock and co to shut Mark Austin up.

(Now we know why Geden told Les Cummings and Ralph Mitchell, Mark Austin was in for a shock.)

Les Cummings starts up this website because he can see the troublesome links with Mike Hancock and all these developments. He can also see the corruption that PCC and certain councillors are involved in.

Les uses satire and humour to lighten this website and several homosexual councillors run to Michael Lawther who in turn runs to (guess who?) DI John Geden. In the mix of these complainants (according to the conspiracy email posted on the Portsmouth Police Alert Page) is Mike Hancock’s name. As all the complainants are known homosexuals we are puzzled by Hancock’s name being on the email. It is obvious to all Hancock is the controlling force regarding PCC.

PCC and Geden fail to get the Crown Prosecution Service to act for them. The attempt is to shut down by accusing the site of being homophobic. By now it is plainly obvious that Geden’s name keeps on popping up everytime PCC has problems with those who PCC sees as potentially harmful to them by exposing to the public their corrupt activities.

The realities are, these homosexual councillors used their sexuality in an attempt to close this website down because this site is dangerous for them. This site exposes PCC as a corrupt organisation that will use any means, foul or otherwise to stop POI2BG.

When PCC and Geden fail in their bid to get Les into court, Geden and DCI John sends the conspiracy email to Michael Lawther. In this email the CPS have made their decision not to prosecute Les Cummings but DCI John and Geden decide to pursue the matter further. When we obtain the conspiracy email and publish it, Geden and DCI John go into some kind of pathetic damage-control exercise. They attempt to fob it off as some kind of victim support advice.

Les writes a complaint about the conspiracy email to the Independent Police Complaints Commission, they refer it to the Professional Standards Department. Les and Ralph Mitchell meet with Supt Sherrington at Fratton Police Station. He stammers and stutters his way around the complaint and admits, although he has asked DCI John what he meant in his email, DCI John could not clearly lay out, exactly what he meant in the email. Supt Sherrington said he would ask DIC John what he meant in the email. We call it a conspiracy whilst Sherrington calls it a mystery but assures us there is a professional relationship between PCC and the police. We disagree and nothing is resolved. Note: This meeting was recorded and is in the custody of a London firm of Solicitors.

Reading the email we would have expected, unfortunately the CPS is not going to pursue this case and we are sorry we could not do more. However, the email doesn’t end there because DCI John and Geden want to meet again the following week to discuss sorting this out and Geden wants to take it somewhere to find a way forward.

If there isn’t a conspiracy the email should have stopped at…the CPS is not going to pursue this case.

There is a definite pattern of a conspiracy between PCC and John Geden and it is shown throughout the events we have pointed out in this report. Both Mark Austin and Les Cummings have been the victims of many serious crimes.

Les Cummings has had threatening phone calls, poison pen letters and recently his car was firebombed and destroyed. So far, the police have not arrested a single person.

Mark Austin has been physically attacked, arrested, subject to a malicious prosecution, had a gun held to his head and is constantly in fear of his life. So far the police have not arrested a single person.

If Austin and Cummings make any complaints they are summarily dismissed but if Hancock, PCC and co make complaints against Austin and Cummings, up pops Geden to attack and defend his co-conspirators.

Why would anyone support Mike Hancock a known paedophile? The answer is not baffling. We believe he has so much knowledge regarding the illegal activities of his supporters they have no option but to support him. We have been told, Hancock has often said ‘if I go down, I’m taking you all with me.’

But in the mix and throughout this whole experience, there is one name that pops up time and time again. JOHN GEDEN.

DCI John was also involved in the Jez Baker case, another link to Hancock. Les sat through the first Baker trial and could see it was suspiciously like the Mark Austin case.

It won’t be an easy case for the CPS and we won’t comment on it other than to say, don’t be surprised when Baker’s found not guilty. Les predicted not guilty in the Austin case and he’s predicting it in the Baker case.

Next Geden and DCI John go crying to Russell Jones & Walker who act for the Police Federation. (See letter on the News Page) Both cry into the laps of solicitors forgetting they were willing to put Les Cummings into prison for attempting to add a little satire onto a corruption busting website. So forgive Les Cummings if he doesn’t jump up and dab your crocodile tears away. Same old sad tired story, you can dish it out but you can't take it when it gets dished out to you.

Les says...Russell Jones & Walker...see you in court because Les won't stop telling the truth. Your clients went playing with the bad guys, got caught and now they're attempting to use good guys to bail them out. Well guess what, Les the sheriff just rode into town on a horse with big balls and in this world, big balls will always rule the day. So Russell Jones & Walker start polishing your balls.

This whole story is so obvious, if it was a murder mystery the reader would know who the murderer was on page one.

What’s next for Austin, Cummings et al? We will keep battling on as we ain’t afraid of whoever you are. Because only the guilty are afraid of the TRUTH!

People are now asking questions regarding who is responsible for all these criminal attacks against Mark Austin and Les Cummings. What we've been doing is testing and challenging Portsmouth City Council and Portsmouth Police with reference to corruption withing PCC and Portsmouth Police.

Friday, 10 July 2009

The mystery of the holes

Lundy urged to stand down over abuse case

Lundy urged to stand down over abuse case

Belfast man’s role as Jersey director of education called into question

By Ciaran McGuigan
Sunday, 9 November 2008

The Ulsterman who heads Jersey’s education system has faced a call for his suspension while a major police investigation into widespread abuse in children’s homes on the island continues.

Belfast-born Mario Lundy, the island’s director of education, faced the call from the floor of the States of Jersey, the island’s parliament, during a bad-tempered parliamentary questions session.

Mr Lundy is one of a string of leading figures in Jersey to have links with the so-called ‘House of Horrors’, Haut de la Garenne, having worked there for a period before it closed. He strenuously denies any suggestion of wrongdoing.

The former teacher also worked at its successor, Les Chenes, where further allegations of physical abuse against staff members are being examined by the probe.

Police continue to investigate claims by more than 160 former residents of Jersey’s children’s homes about decades of abuse — both physical and sexual — stretching from the 1960s until Haut de la Garenne was closed in 1986, at its successor Les Chenes and a number of other children’s facilities.

During their probe launched earlier this year, cops uncovered four underground cellars at Haut de la Garenne, believed to have been used as makeshift dungeons during the home’s grim past. Former residents of the home described them as “punishment rooms” where they were subjected to physical abuse.

Remains believed to have belong to five children aged between four and 11-years-old were also discovered.

Earlier this year the island’s Channel TV revealed the links of a number of Jersey’s most-respected figures with the Haut de la Garenne home, including current education director Mr Lundy. The former teacher — who was raised in the Rosetta area of Belfast and is a former pupil of St Mary's CBS — worked there for a period in the 1980s before moving to Les Chenes.

He is now Jersey’s education minister’s chief advisor.

During the Jersey parliament’s last questions, Senator Stuart Syvret said that it was “totally inappropriate” for the Belfast man to remain at work while the investigation is ongoing.

Senator Syvret is the island’s former health minister, who was removed from that post in September last year after he blew the whistle on a harsh punishment regime in a home where children as young as 11 were kept in solitary confinement.

He has been an outspoken critic of ministers, civil servants and social workers, whom he has accused of failing to protect children, but he was dismissed in September last year after losing a vote of confidence in Jersey’s parliament.

Mr Syvret, under parliamentary privilege, asked Chief Minister Frank Walker: “In the event of a very senior States employee being under serious police investigation for repeated episodes of violent child abuse, would the chief minister consider that to be a sufficiently serious matter and of sufficient reputational risk for the States of Jersey to at least merit suspension?”

Later in the debate he asked: “Does the chief minister really not consider, given the seriousness of the issue and the nature of the investigations that are taking place, that it is wholly inappropriate for Mario Lundy, the chief officer of the education department to remain at work?”

Senator Walker replied: “I need not answer the question, but may I express my abhorrence at the question and the fact that the senator has yet again flagrantly and knowingly broken the rules of this Assembly.”

Sunday Life last week contacted Mr Lundy’s office for comment on the call for his suspension, but a spokeswoman for the island’s Department of Education, Sport and Culture said: “I am afraid we cannot speak on individual cases and Mario is not giving interviews himself.”



It did indeed have it's root in whistleblowing John, not in relation to Haut de la Garenne, but the Greenfields Remand Centre.

It was precisely that, and Senator Syvret's frank manner of dealing with those seeking to cover it up which lead to complaints that he 'undermined the morale' of his staff.

The practice of illegal detentions are still going on to some extent at La Moye Prison this very day - the Home Affairs Minister has been summonsed by the court in Jersey to explain why juvenile females are being illegally held in an adult prison.

Complain about this comment
Posted by Dickie Bean, Jersey | 13.02.09, 12:01 GMT

Post a complaint Please note Name and E-mail are required.
Contact details* Name: * Email: * Message: Post
Do your research. All the facts of his removal are avaliable on the States of Jersey website. It has nothing to do with 'whistleblowing' no matter what he would have you believe.

Complain about this comment
Posted by John, St Helier | 24.11.08, 18:12 GMT

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To Ciaran Mc Guigan,

Normally, a man is innocent under proven guilty. Mario Lundy is well respected in Jersey. Your article is sensational, inaccurate and wholly misleading.

There is obviously a complete lack of any kind of investigative reporting ability in your newspaper.

Where do you find reference to five bodies ?

This is an appalling piece of gutter reporting.

Sean Power in Jersey

Complain about this comment
Posted by Sean Power, St. Brelade, Jersey, Channel Islands | 24.11.08, 13:12 GMT

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Warwick again - re Safeline

Yep, Warwick.

And those toads from Safeline, well, didn't they just make a mug out of me though?

Well well well.

And Cleary - he is so full of compassion - for muggers, that is.

"Judge Cleary said: "While on remand in prison something terrified you.

"No-one would want anyone to be subjected to such terror as was clear to me in that earlier occasion. "




Stuart Syvret charged by Keystone Kops - but for what?

Jersey news Channel online TV

Thursday 9th July 2009

Syvret arrested and charged

Senator Stuart Syvret faces two charges of breaking Jersey's Data Protection Law. It's claimed he published two confidential police reports on his web site.

Together with his advocate, Philip Sinel, Senator Syvret voluntarily went to Police headquarters at 5pm yesterday night.

He was later released on a warning and told to attend the Magistrate's Court at 10am on Thursday 16 July.

Senator Svyret and his lawyer Advocate Philip Sinel say they'll fight the charges.

They spoke to ahead of going into police headquarters.

After a short time, Senator Syvret and his lawyer walked from police headquarters. Advocate Sinel said it was difficult to understand exactly what his client had been charged with.

A prayer, please Jesus, hear my prayer's definition of torture


Torture is universally accepted as:

"any act by which severe pain or suffering, whether physical or mental, is intentionally inflicted on a person for such purposes as obtaining from him or a third person information or a confession, punishing him for an act he or a third person has committed or is suspected of having committed, or intimidating or coercing him or a third person, or for any reason based on discrimination of any kind, when such pain or suffering is inflicted by or at the instigation of or with the consent or acquiescence of a public official or other person acting in an official capacity. It does not include pain or suffering arising only from, inherent in or incidental to lawful sanctions".

(Article 1 of the United Nations Convention Against Torture and other Cruel, Inhumane or Degrading Treatment or Punishment 1988).

Specifically, for an act to be considered as torture, all of the following elements must be present:

The act must have caused severe pain or suffering;

It must have been inflicted by or on behalf of or at the consent of a public official (such as the police or security forces);

It must have been committed for a specific purpose, such as to elicit a confession to a crime or to instil fear.





Wednesday, 8 July 2009


I have just discovered this excellent video, which explores the links between Parental Alienation Syndrome and child abuse.

PAS is used every day in the UK secret family courts. This is what I have been nagging the Ministry of Justice about for the past three years. This is why Lord Falconer (Tony B Liar's friend) kept the secret family courts secret - you can well understand why when you look at what these disgusting creeps are up to.

And Jack Straw - what about his role in all of this? Why did Jack Straw try to decieve me on this matter? Why has Jack Straw not go absolutly mad when I showed him this corruption, this preditory attacking of the most vunerable of our citizens - our children?

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

A good day to bury bad news

Don't be fooled by Lord Falconer's deadly Trojan Horse

Don't be fooled by Lord Falconer's deadly Trojan Horse

By George Pitcher Last updated: July 7th, 2009

In a few hours, the House of Lords is scheduled to debate Lord Falconer’s amendment to the Coroners and Justice Bill, which would enable British citizens to assist others to travel abroad to commit suicide without the threat of prosecution.

Lord McColl writes most persuasively against this amendment in the Telegraph today from a medical perspective, exposing as a sham Charlie Falconer’s claim that he is building in safeguards against abuse of such new law. Dominic Lawson is also great today on the dark and sinister death lobby behind the proposed cull of “loved ones”.

I have written more than enough here about how palliative care has to be the focus of end-of-life policy, not euthanasia; how it is ridiculous to suppose that this generation is uniquely equipped to decide when we should die; how “it’s my life to do with as I wish” is a post-modern and meaningless presumption; how proponents of euthanasia are sneakily trying to get by cynical means what they have failed to win more honourably before; how there is no dignity in Dignitas and how the medical profession would be undermined by such legislation.

Let me now just add one thing: Falconer’s amendment is a Trojan Horse. The death-cult Dignity in Dying, formerly the Voluntary Euthanasia Society, has the good grace to admit openly that it would use this proposed change in the law as its next step in its campaign to have euthanasia, legal in only a handful of small countries and two US states, instituted as common practice in the UK.

A vote for Falconer is a vote for legalised euthanasia in Britain. Throw it out.

George Pitcher
George Pitcher is Religion Editor of The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Telegraph. He was ordained priest in the Church of England in 2006 and is Associate Priest at St Bride's, Fleet Street, in London – the "journalists' church".



Friday, 3 July 2009

Letter to Norman Scarth

Norman Scarth is a WW2 veteran and at the age of 83 he is the oldest human rights activist and campaigner that I know of. He is my absolute hero!

Thursday, 2 July 2009


Time to let your voice be heard

12.00 NOON

Have you ever been let down by Jersey lawyers?

Charged too much – for incompetent service?

Have you ever had to call upon legal aid - only to find the standard of representation provided to you abysmal?

Have you been the victim of a crime – only to find the standards of Jersey’s prosecution service hopeless?

Have you had to go to court in civil proceedings – and found the standard of the judging to be atrocious?

Do you feel you’ve been failed by the Family Division of Jersey’s courts?

Have you ever got the feeling that those who are “well-connected” have received favourable legal treatment?

Do you ever get the impression that the administration of justice in Jersey is contaminated by politics?

Do you believe that we should be protected by a genuinely objective and impartial judiciary – that has no unhealthy overlap with the States?

Do you believe that the people of Jersey should be able to access an effective and properly funded legal aid system?

Do you believe that the good administration of justice has to be a fundamental feature of any civilised society?


12.00 NOON

Many people will have been dismayed at the failures of Jersey’s prosecution system and its courts to bring child abusers to face justice.

The well-connected – the wealthy – and the powerful seem to get away with their crimes - and their failures to do their duty in protecting children – whilst the victims of these terrible crimes are marginalised and ignored.

It was these considerations which originally motivated the organisers of this public protest movement.

But the more we have explored the issues – the clearer it has become to us that the entire administration of justice in Jersey is hopelessly defective – in many different ways.

It isn’t only abuse survivors who have been failed and betrayed by the Jersey judicial system; people from all walks of life have been let down – in many different ways - time and again.

So whilst initiated by child protection failures, the protest which will be taking place this Saturday will be expressing much broader concerns.

A cross-section of our community will be launching a campaign for genuine, affordable, objective and accessible justice – justice for all – not only the well-connected and the wealthy.

A Protest for Justice on Saturday 4th July 2009 had been planed on behalf of victims of child abuse - both past and present. This protest was in response to the Attorney General’s decision not to prosecute former States employees against whom there is overwhelming evidence that they were responsible for child abuse.

The failure to prosecute has come as a great blow to the victims who will now never see justice. We cannot accept the Attorney General taking to himself the powers to be judge and jury – as well as prosecutor. We believe that it is in the public’s interest that the guilt or innocence of an accused person should be decided by an impartial court – not one person, such as the Attorney General, making the decision - behind closed doors - in his office.

But as we have learned more, spoken with other people, examined the issues in greater detail, and shared experiences – we have come to the conclusion that the administration of justice in Jersey – as presently structured and run – has far greater failings than those which are apparent in the child protection issues.

It is difficult to escape the conclusion that the entire administration of justice in Jersey is defective.

Which is why we have decided that the protest this Saturday will be the beginning of a campaign for the good, affordable and objective administration of justice in Jersey.

Justice for all.

We invite anyone who has personal experiences of the inadequacies of justice in Jersey – in whatever context – to join us this Saturday – where we will begin a campaign for the fair, affordable and impartial rule of law.

We will march to the Royal Square, where one of the protest organisers, Carrie Modral, will address the gathering.

Also saying a few words will be Senator Stuart Syvret – who fully supports our campaign.

12.00 NOON.


Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Craig Murray's Blog - Jack (clutching at) Straw and Sleazer Taylor

I'm always on the look out for good political blogs, and I've just discovered this one - hope Craig won't mind me posting a section of his excellent blog here. When I discover how to do links I will post one up here to his blog.


January 26, 2009
Jack Straw's Corrupt Partner, Lord Taylor of Blackburn, Demands £120,000 to "Bend the Rules"
The disgusting Lord Taylor of Blackburn, who together with Justice Secretary Jack Straw forms the chief parliamentary support for the stinkingly corrupt BAE arms company, has been caught out demanding £120,000 to peddle his New Labour influence in the House of Lords.

As ever, this blog was there first - eighteen months ago. We have in fact been all over Lord Scumbag like a rash. These are essential reading as background to the current scandal:

I think this passage I wrote in 2007 has been roundly vindicated:

Straw's links with BAE are partly conducted through Lord Taylor of Blackburn, the former leader of the Blackburn with Darwen Council that includes Straw's Blackburn constituency. Lord Taylor, an archetypal New Labour apparatchik from Straw's constituency machine, has lived off the taxpayer in Labour Party appointed posts all his life. He is now chiefly known as the second highest claimer of expenses in the House of Lords. In 2005 Lord Taylor claimed over �57,000 of tax-free expenses, over three times the average claim of under �19,000. he spoke 15 times in the year.
But he doesn't really need that public money anymore, as the grasping creep Taylor is the primary conduit between the defence industry and New Labour. He has been a highly paid "Consultant" to BAE for over a decade. He also has used some of that money to make major contributions to Jack Straw's election expenses in his Blackburn constituency, declared by Straw in the Register of Member's interests. Lord Taylor also regularly makes large contributions to fund Blackburn New Labour. When I stood against Straw in Blackburn at the last election, Taylor was present with Straw at a black tie event hosted by BAE in the constituency said to be "unrelated to the election".
Interestingly, this year in the House of Lords' Register of Members' interests, BAE has disappeared from Taylor's list of eleven paid consultancies and two paid directorships. It might be interesting to dig for links between these companies and BAE. Some are certainly arms firms - including the highly sinister Electronic Data Systems.
EDS is another of the arms companies that has made many billions from the Iraq war. Among their many current defence contracts is a $12 billion project on electronic systems for the US armed forces. Presumably a well-plugged in New Labour apparatchik like Lord Taylor was of no hindrance to EDS in March 2005 when they landed a �2.5 billion contract from the UK MOD for a similar project. Indeed, if Lord Taylor cannot help swing that kind of contract, why are EDS paying him?
I do not have power of words sufficiently to condemn the institutional sleaze of a system where a scumbag like Lord Taylor can be put, unelected, by Labour into a seat for life in the national legislature. There, while a legislator, he can act as a well paid and highly connected lobbyist for the arms industry. As someone who has been deeply patriotic, I must now say that I find myself unable to have any pride in my own country any longer.

I do hope the old war profiteer finally gets put away behind bars. But with his long term partner Jack Straw as so-called Minister of Justice...

Allowing influence to party hacks like Taylor is of course exactly why New Labour is 100% against democratic reform of the House of Lords. Now your essay question: examine the facts about Lord Taylor in the light of the analysis of the control of policy by specific interests by J A Hobson in the blog entry below.