Tuesday, 14 July 2009


Wether it will do any good, I don't know, but I always live in hope.

We are not puppets - God did not make us to be puppets, we have free will, to choose between right and wrong.

I am hoping that people will realise that the freemason system is wrong, because the masons cover up crimes, all in secrecy. It is like when Cain killed his brother Abel, and tried to hide what he had done - it was impossible, all these dark secrets are as transparent as glass to God.

The time to repent and turn aside from the evil is now. What happened in Staffordshire was just a tiny part of what was happening all over the UK.

If you are a mason and reading this, I urge you, plead with you - come out of the darkness and the secrecy and into the light, while you can.


Anonymous said...

Zoompad, I read a lot of what you have written. I sometimes agree, sometimes disagree, I find your references to biblical translations a bit over the top. I cannot for the life of me understand why you find it necessary to give a sermon by the river and quite frankly it did make you look like a bit of a freaky halfwit with an obsession which has reached the realms of stupidity. The masons are most definately a devious organisation, however I feel very deeply they are not all evil people, there are evil people in all walks of society, your constant reference to them becomes somewhat paranoid to say the least.

I understand you suffered at the hands of a man who was a Mason, but that surely does not mean all masons are child abusers, in the same way not all people who work in the care industry are not child abusers.

Your to be commended for your stamina in your research from peodophiles to Government, but Zoompad you must surely realise that what is printed in the media is not the true word. It is glamourised sensationalised to sell newspapers.

We all have conspiracy theories about all sorts of things but it seems to me that you think the whole of the British Government are conspirators. Democracy cannot work without government.

You really do fall down, IMHO when you find it necessary to quote biblical passages for most situations. Being an atheist I sometimes find it offensive that you really believe that to be a "good" person you have to actually sit and read the scriptures and be born again to see all the evils in the world.

Many things happen in this world that are good, many children are saved from lives of squalor through the good other people do. I realise your life revolves around your obsession for more scandals - you seem to post some scandal or another on a daily basis. Indeed it is your blog and it keeps you happy.

Perhaps people may respond to your writings if you were not so hung up on your religious obsessions.

Religion has over the years been the cause of most problems in the world. Most wars start over religious obsessions - so please start to cut the religious crap.

For people to actually take you seriously I suggest the first thing you do is remove your religious sermons, it makes a mockery of what you are trying to achieve and few will ever take you seriously dressed in a kind of religious habit, with a dirty big wooden cross and a bible spouting hell fire and damnation.

Zoompad said...

Hi A Nonny Mouse,

That beautiful river is the River Sow. It is there that I went to, as a child, to find peace and comfort, it is a place where I chose to sit quietly to forget my troubles. It is also the place where Alec the tramp used to hang out. Alec was a very kind hearted man, he had his faults, I don't want to make him out to be something that he wasn't, but he was kind to me as a child, and he used to sit in the thatched tea room and listen to me pour out my troubles, share his fags with me, and buy me a cup of tea. I also used to catch sticklebacks at that river, under the bridge. It took my mind off the bad stuff for a while. That park was like sanctuary to me as a child.

I wore that outfit so that I could go to Downing Street, to try to tell Tony Blair how people were having their families stolen. It would have been no use wearing something drab - I wanted to be seen and heard. We made it out of some curtains we found in a skip. It seemed to me that the Lord had left them there for me to use, praise the Lord! We made the big cross out of a cardboard box and some gold paint. I think it looks great. I have made a couple of skirts out of the materiel now though, as I thought the Lord did not want me to go on any more protests wearing it, in case people started looking up to me or something, instead of leaning on Him.

I have never said or thought that all masons are child abusers. But the trouble is with freemasonry is that it is covering up criminal activity. It is perverting true justice.

I have written several times to every MP in the British Isles. I do not think that all the MPs are wicked people at all. But many of them are too fearful to come forward and defend those who are unable to defend themselves. They are frightened. Why should they be frightened? That is wrong.

Why are you an athiest? How come you can't see God reflected in all the beauty of the creation? I can't understand how you can't see God. I don't understand athiesm at all. I never was an athiest, you see - I didn't always believe that God loved me though. I blamed God that I was abused for a long time. I don't now though.

I don't mind if some people think I am a freaky halfwit. I feel comfortable in my own skin. I like reading the Bible, it is my favourite book, it has the future in it, as well as the past. It is full of very good advice as well. If people read my blog or if they don't read my blog, it doesn't matter to me. God will bring the ones who he brings, to laugh or to read, as He sees fit.

Anonymous said...

You are as mad as a shithouse rat even more so than Stuart Syvret WELL DONE!!

Zoompad said...

Stuart Syvret is a hero, modest with it as well.

If there were more men like Stuart Syvret in this world, I think the world would be a better place for it!