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Dear Jesus, please please please let the whole country bear witness to the disgusting way these two brave women have been treated. Please, despite the illegal and malicious gagging of the media, I do beseech you, please will you let these things be broadcast all over the country somehow?

Thank you for hearing my prayer xx


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Men like Maurice Kirk make me feel that there is still hope for these God forsaking islands


Even though Gary is enjoying a lovely holiday in Cloud Cuckoo Land right now, he still finds time to post crap on his Blog of Lies!

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I am compiling a list of the most morally depraved websites, to try to find out the identities of those who are corrupting our children.

So far I have
age taboo 2010


Read PSALM 35

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I have always been of the opinion that a person's personal relationships are their own affair. I have never really been interested in reading the tittle tattle over who is dating who in the world of celebrities, I am simply not interested. Neither am I interested in wether they are homosexual, bisexual or hetrosexual. As far as I am concerned, it's none of my business.

But one thing is really bugging me, and that is how gay rights have been thrust down our throats these past few years.

I went to a charity which collects money to help old people to look for some helpful information on helping an old person I know to claim Council Tax benefit. I did not find any useful info, but what I did find was a very expensive looking glossy brochure which was all about how old people could enjoy homosexual relationships. Now, I don't mean to be rude to old people, but all the old people I know don't really seem that interested in having a sex session with a same sex partner - they seem more interested in getting their bus passes, paying their electric bills so they do not have to freeze to death and not getting diddled or mugged. There is one rather lonely old man who I know who seems to be very much interested in sex, but I don't he would be interested in gay sex either, he keeps trying to snog me, so I assume from that he is also very much a hetrosexual.

At the police station, there is a smart little display box on the counter, with a multi page booklet announcing HOMOPHOBIA IS A CRIME, this is the very same police station which failed to do anything to help me when I reported how I had been abused as a child and raped as an adult, plus unlawfully detained in a room and tortured for 2 hours in the secret family courts.

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against gay people. I have Queen records in my music collection, and I greatly admire the talents of George Michael, Elton John, Tchaicovsky and Rudolph Nureyev.

When we were all preached to from Parliament how we had to accept our homosexual brothers and sisters, and not persecute them because of their sexuality, I heartily agreed. The point was made over and over again that gay people had just as much right as anyone else to enjoy a loving relationship as hetrosexual people, and I agreed. Who would want to deny another human being of the warmth and friendship of the person they had fallen in love with?

But I AM objecting, most strongly and vigourously, to this disgusting website, and other of a similar ilk - the Milkboys. Blatently trumpeting its true intentions for all to see, I think this is one of the most disgusting websites I have ever seen. It is nothing to do with gay people wanting to love and cherish each other, but naked writhing, bare bottoms and genetalia, in one disgusting orgy of filth. Drooling over little boys, posting up the caning scene from the television drama Tom Browns Schooldays, and making lewd comments about the children involved in this production, it is an abhorrance, it is fornication and ungodly wicked lust. As you will see, there are only young men and children featured on this site - no older men at all, so I accuse that site of being either blatently ageist, or something far far worse!

Is this what the Gay Rights campaign was set up to protect? I wonder if Peter Tatchell will be wanting to defend this?


I am certainly not in the Pope Benedict Fan Club, far from it, but for Peter Tatchell to be marching round London criticising the Vatican for child abuse is a bit like the cat hissing at the tiger for slurping all the cream.

Peter Tatchell is openly stating that he wants to legalise child sex - here, you can see it IN HIS OWN WORDS - he sent me this email this very morning.

Boy, am I furious about this. He has got the bleeding gall to claim that it is for the good of the child - LIKE HELL IT IS! Just as the Secret Famuiy Courts PRETEND to be doing all their nastiness for the good of the child, but the reality is that children are being persecuted, ordered to visit known paedophiles, ordered to have unwanted and unwarrented psychiatric "treatment" such as Richard Gardner's Threat Therapy, ECT shock "therapy" (I call it torture by electricity) NLP Councelling (brainwashing more like) and other dubious "remedies" for junk science ailments invented by paedophiles such as Parental Alienation Syndrome, and False Memory Syndrome.

Just have a look at what this creepy man has emailed to me this morning! I BET THE DIRTY SCABBY DISGUSTING MILKBOYS WEBSITE IS LAPPING THIS UP!

Yes, and Tatchell - don't get any ideas of pulling the "HOMOPHOBE" card on me, as you have done with others. I am not criticising anyone for their own sexuality - that is absolutly none of my business. But it is EVERYONES business to protect our children from being seduced and sexualised and this nasty propaganda plan is absolutly nothing to do with protecting the rights of children whatsoever!


An age of consent of 14?

Sexual human rights for the under-16s

Education, not criminalisation, is the best protection

By Peter Tatchell, human rights campaigner

Text of Peter Tatchell's speech to the Sex and the Law conference in Sheffield, England, on 23 September 2010, organised the Centre for HIV and Sexual Health:

I want to start by proposing that sexual rights are human rights. The right to love and have a sexual relationship with the person of one's choice is as much a human right as freedom of religion and the right to protest. Yet not a single international human rights convention recognises sexual rights and freedom of sexual expression.

This failure to extend human rights into the sexual sphere includes a social and legal failure to acknowledge the sexual human rights of the many young people who have consenting, victimless sex prior to reaching the lawful age of consent of 16.

I believe the time has come for a calm, rational debate about the age at which young people should be lawfully entitled to have sex. We need this debate because the current age of consent in Britain, and many other countries, ignores reality.

Contrary to the malicious misrepresentations of many of my critics, the public debate I am urging is not about adults having sex with children. Child sex abuse is wrong. Full stop. I do not, and never have, endorsed the sexual abuse of children by adults. What I am talking about is sexual relations between young people of similar ages.

Whether we like it or not, most British teenagers have their first sexual experience with their peers, at around the age of 14. Indeed, the average age of first sexual contact is now 14, according the National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles. These first sexual encounters may include intercourse or may be limited to oral sex, mutual masturbation and sexual touching. Sexually-active, under-age young people are branded as criminals and sex offenders by the law, even when they and their partners consent and when neither of them is harmed or complains.

The Sexual Offences Act 2003 compounded these problems. For the first time in British law, consenting sexual activity between two young people under the age of consent - say 15 years old - became an explicit criminal offence. Any sexual contact between under-age youngsters, even mere sexual caressing, is now punishable by up to five years detention and placement on the sex offenders register.

Most parents do not want their children to have sex at an early age but if their children do have sex below the legal age of consent most parents equally would not want their child dragged to court, given a criminal conviction and put on the sex offender's register, alongside child sex abusers - which is what sometimes happens under the present law in the UK and many other countries. This isn't child protection; it's a form of abuse.

That's why we need to rethink the age of consent. Any review of the law should be premised on four aims. First, protecting young people against sex abuse. Second, empowering them to make wise, responsible sexual choices. Third, removing the legal obstacles to earlier, more effective sex education. Fourth, ensuring better contraception and condom provision to prevent unwanted pregnancies and abortions and to cut the spread of infections like HIV and hepatitis B and C.

If we want to protect young people, and I do, the best way to do this is not by threatening them with arrest, but by giving them frank, high quality sex and relationship education from an early age - before they become sexually active and before they develop unwise habits like unsafe sex. This early-years education should aim to empower them with the skills, knowledge and confidence to say no to unwanted sexual advances and to report sex abusers. For a nation that professes to be concerned about child sex abuse, it is truly shocking that so few schools educate their pupils about abuse issues. This needs to change.

Compared to the blanket criminalisation of sexually-active under-age youth, this empowerment strategy is a more effective way to protect young people from peer pressure and sex abusers.

Given that most young people now start having sexual relations around the age of 14, an age of consent of 14 might be more realistic and reasonable. If sex at 14 is consensual, and no one is hurt or complains, is criminalisation in the public interest? Is it in the 14-year-old's interest?

Another option would be to introduce a tiered age of consent, where under-age sex would cease to be prosecuted, providing both partners consent and there is no more than, say, two or three years difference in their ages. This tiered age of consent exists in Italy, Switzerland and Israel. It is designed to prevent the criminalisation of younger people of similar ages, while protecting the vulnerable from possible manipulation by those much older.

The issue is not whether the under-16s should have sex - I do not advocate early sexual activity - but whether they should be criminalised for consensual behaviour. Young people should be able to enjoy sexual relationships without being penalised by the law, providing sex is consensual and both partners are mature enough to understand the implications of their actions.

True, not all 14 year olds are mature enough to consent to sex, but some are. They should not face criminal sanctions.

In about 20 European nations, the age of consent is lower than 16. The minimum age (with some qualifications) is, for example, 13 in Spain; 14 in Germany, Austria, Portugal, Italy and the Vatican (where it was 12 until very recently); and 15 in France and Poland. There is no evidence that these lower ages result in more teen pregnancies, sexual infections or child abuse.

These countries - many of which are staunchly Catholic - would not have such low age limits if they thought young people were being put at risk. They rightly argue that the laws against rape and indecent assault provide adequate protection against undesired and coercive sex. .

The current of consent of 16 may make abuse more likely by reinforcing the idea that young people under 16 don't have any sexual rights. It signals that no one below the lawful age is capable of making a rational, moral choice about when to have sex. This sexual disempowerment plays into the hands of adults who want to abuse them. Abusers exploit many young people's lack of assertion of their sexual human rights, which includes their right to reject undesired sex.

There is a contradiction between the age of criminal responsibility and the age of sexual consent. Although the age of criminal responsibility is ten, the age of sexual responsibility is 16. People under 16 are deemed by the law to be incapable of giving sexual consent. The implication is that the decision to have sex is more serious, complex and difficult than a decision to commit robbery or rape.

The ten year old killers of James Bulger were deemed by the law to know what they were doing and be convicted of murder. But if they'd had consenting sex with each other, the courts would have ruled they were too young to know what they were doing - and therefore being incapable of giving their consent to a sexual act.

Since children can be held responsible for criminal behaviour from the age of ten, it's surely illogical for the legal system to say that people below 16 are unable to consent to sex.

Guilt and shame about sex also increase the likelihood of molestation by encouraging the furtiveness and secrecy on which abuse thrives. The sex-negative mentality that sees sex as something private that should be kept out of sight plays into the hands of child sex abusers.

One way to protect young people against unwanted sexual advances is by promoting sex-affirmative attitudes that challenge the idea that sex is something sordid that should be kept hidden. Sexually unashamed young people are more likely to report abusers.

Another way is by empowering teenagers to stand up for their sexual rights, including both the right to say yes to sex they want and the right to say no to sex they don't want. Sexually informed and confident youngsters are much more likely to resist unwanted sexual advances.

However, any lowering of the age of consent needs to go hand-in-hand with candid, compulsory sex education in schools, beginning with age-appropriate teaching from the first year of primary school. Then, from the age of 12, before they become sexually active, pupils should be given explicit advice on how to deal with sex pests, negotiate safer sex and sustain fulfilling relationships based on mutual consent and respect.

Criminalisation is dangerous because it can inhibit young people from seeking safer sex advice and condoms. It makes some youngsters afraid to report sexually abusive relationships. They fear getting into trouble because they have broken the law. Reducing the age of consent to 14 would remedy these problems, at least for those aged 14 and older.

An age of consent higher than the typical age of first sexual experience also discourages some teachers and youth workers from giving upfront sexual information to those under the lawful age of consent. They fear being prosecuted by the police, or sued by disgruntled parents, for aiding and abetting unlawful sexual acts. So they don't provide the necessary facts. Withholding sexual welfare advice is not protection. It is a form of child abuse.

It is true that sex can sometimes be dangerous and harmful to young people, but not always. At puberty, as hormones kick in, youngsters develop sexual feelings. This is perfectly natural and healthy. Many teens innocently and spontaneously explore and experiment at an early age. It is wrong to criminalise them. Counselling, advice and support is more appropriate and productive.

A minority of youngsters do, of course, end up pregnant or with sexual infections. Good quality sex education from an early age, including the provision of accessible contraception and safer sex advice, can help reduce the incidence of these negative experiences; ensuring that sex is a healthy, happy experience for both partners.

Despite what the puritans and sex-haters say, under-age sex is mostly consenting, safe and fun. It does not result in any damage. If there is harm caused, it is usually not as a result of sex per se, but because of emotional abuse within relationships and because of unsafe sex, which can pass on infections and make young girls pregnant when they are not ready for motherhood.

The message we need to give young people is that sex is fundamentally good - not dirty or shameful. It is a natural joy, immensely pleasurable and a profound human bond; resulting in intense shared fulfilment and much human happiness.

Providing it is safe and with mutual respect, consent and fulfilment, under-age sex involving youths of similar ages should not be stigmatised, let alone criminalised.

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Hello Andy,

I hope you do not mind me asking you this question, but are you a paedophile?

I ask, because I cannot for the life of me understand why you and Gary are so determined to crush and destroy people who have been systematically abused as children, and those who support them.

Please could you just tell me, are you a paedophile or not, as I am really flummoxed about what your motives are.


Cyber stalking is a crime. Sounds like those freaks are plotting to get this man to lose his job - sure does sound like cyberstalking to me!

Anonymous said...
With over 1,290 people out of work can’t Precision Plastic (Jersey) Limited employ anybody better than Rico Sorda? They must be allowing him to use their computer system at work to accuse States members of being liars. Maybe the States should now stop using their services to teach this Firm a lesson because one property developer is looking elsewhere. Over to you the Housing Department and Economic Development.

September 23, 2010
Anonymous said...
I agree, its a pretty dumb thing to do to make serious accusations against people on the NET when they all know where you work now. He will be on some peoples hit lists no doubts about it and so will his work place.

September 23, 2010
Anonymous said...
His repetitive attacks on Andrew Lewis are disgusting. Why nobody has gone down to his place of work to punch his lights out yet beggars belief. Andrew is a better man than he will ever be.

September 23, 2010
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Senior Labour politician helped paedophile headmaster establish false identity

Senior Labour politician helped paedophile headmaster establish false identity
By Eileen Fairweather
Created 7:18 PM on 11th September 2010
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A paedophile who was sentenced to 21 years in prison last week has links with a Labour politician who is a senior figure in the judicial system, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.
Derek Slade, who abused boys at the boarding school where he was headmaster in the Eighties, was given help in establishing a false identity by Derek ­Sawyer, former leader of Islington ­Council and now chair of the London Region Courts Board.
Mr Sawyer facilitated Slade’s escape from his past by setting up educational companies in which the disgraced teacher used a fake name and CV.
Help: Slade, left, was able to maintain a false identity after his first abuse conviction thanks to assistance from Derek Sawyer, right

Oxford-educated Slade, 61, was jailed last Monday after being found guilty at Ipswich Crown Court of abuse against 12 boys aged eight to 13 between 1978 and 1983.
They were pupils at St George’s School, at Great Finborough, Suffolk. But he escaped justice for years using an alias with Mr Sawyer’s knowledge. The politician has been chairman of ­numerous bodies involved in London’s probation service and justice system.
Mr Sawyer, who denies any ­wrongdoing, helped Slade after the paedophile was first convicted of child abuse in the ­Eighties. Slade was found to have ­savagely beaten boys at Dalesdown School, in ­Sussex, and was jailed for three months, though the ­sentence was reduced on appeal to a conditional discharge.

More...Islington People Website

The pair set up International British ­Educational Projects, which allowed Slade to work with children in India and Africa under the pseudonym Dr Edward Marsh – a name taken from a child who died aged eight in 1955.
He obtained a copy of the child’s birth certificate and acquired a false passport.
Mr Sawyer, who was an Islington ­councillor until 2006, became leader of Islington Council in 1992, after the ­discovery that paedophiles had infiltrated all 12 of its children’s homes. The council barred an inquiry from ­naming anyone suspected of involvement in the abuse.
Mr Sawyer said he was unaware Slade had given him false information or was using a fake passport. He said: ‘I have been very shocked by Derek Slade’s ­conviction for child abuse. I have been taken in and have been used by him.’

The paedophile and and law chief: It took 32 years to bring pervert headmaster to justice ...but he was helped to hide from his past

The soldiers’ sons blinked back tears as the television news showed their fathers setting sail for the Falklands War. In 1982, the soldiers’ battle for survival had just begun – but so had the children’s.
The scared youngsters were packed off to a new military boarding school, St George’s, in Suffolk where they were abused by the sadistic, paedophile headmaster.
At the start of this month, Derek Slade was found guilty at Ipswich Crown Court of numerous serious crimes against 12 boys aged eight to 13 between 1978 and 1983. He was jailed for 21 years last Monday.
Now The Mail on Sunday can exclusively reveal how Slade, 61, escaped police for years using an alias with the knowledge of a Labour politician at the heart of Britain’s justice system.
Derek Sawyer, former Labour leader of Islington Council and now head of the London Region Courts Board, helped Slade maintain a fake identity after Slade was first convicted of abuse in the Eighties.
The politician even set up a limited company – International British Educational Projects (IBEP) – with the paedophile that allowed him to work with vulnerable children under his false name with a fake CV and a reference.
The pair have a connection that spans four decades.
Slade’s downfall last week resulted from simultaneous investigations on three continents. A sugar company in Swaziland, the London branch of the charity Help A Poor Child (HAPC) which briefly funded an orphanage school IBEP opened in India in 2003, and former victims of Slade’s brutal military school, all helped police untangle a complex web of evidence – about Slade and his connections with Sawyer.
It is not known when Derek Slade and Derek Sawyer first met, but records show that in 1977, Sawyer set up Anglemoss, the company behind St George’s School, with Slade. Sawyer was then 27, and had recently joined the Labour Party. He resigned as a director of Slade’s British schools soon after helping set them up.
Four other directors then joined the company. When contacted by The Mail on Sunday last week, Sawyer denied that he was ever a founding director of the school.
Slade, then 28, an Oxford classics graduate, had no formal teaching qualifications but was the head teacher of the school which was based first at Wicklewood, Norfolk, then at Great Finborough, near Stowmarket, Suffolk.

'I didn't even see it coming, a slap across the side of my face and I hit the deck screaming with pain... he went crazy because I couldn't stop crying'
The school, which had 350 pupils within six years, had low fees and was aimed at the lower ranks in the Armed Forces. At Slade’s trial, several witnesses described his ‘reign of terror’. One of them, Alistair – not his real name – told the jury that he was broken physically and mentally by the headmaster within 72 hours of arriving at the school.
Alistair, whose father fought for Britain in the Falklands, wrote home that he was unhappy. He was unaware that Slade read the children’s letters. He was summoned to Slade’s office.
When he did not address him as ‘sir’, Slade knocked him to the floor.
‘I didn’t even see it coming, a slap across the side of my face and I hit the deck screaming with pain,’ said Alistair. Slade flew into a rage and resumed his attack. ‘I was lying in a heap. He went crazy because I couldn’t stop crying.’
Slade dragged him to a chair where he was caned. During the hour-long assault, Slade pulled off Alistair’s shorts and slashed both his face and body.
‘I couldn’t work out what I’d done wrong. Slade looked like a monster, a madman. In his eyes there was evil.’
Journal: A handwritten document of the beatings dished out by Derek Slade. He was interviewed by ITN in 1982 when he spoke in favor of corporal punishment
Alistair described how he was eventually made to take part in what Slade called his ‘midnight feasts’, dinner parties at his house in the school grounds for Slade’s male friends, where the boys were sexually abused.
In 1983, after whistleblowers had brought the abuse to the attention of the BBC’s Roger Cook, Slade was forced to leave the school. But a Government inquiry proved a whitewash and Slade remained a school governor.
However in November 1986, Slade was convicted of savagely beating boys at Dalesdown Preparatory School in Sussex.
The trial was the result of The Mail on Sunday publicising pupils’ allegations in February of that year. The judge described photos of their injuries as ‘sickening’.
Slade was jailed for three months at Chichester Crown Court. He appealed and his sentence was reduced to a conditional discharge.

Sawyer took over the leadership of Islington Council in 1992, when the media revealed paedophiles had infiltrated all 12 of its children's homes
By then he had left four British schools after brutality and indecency allegations. Following his criminal conviction, he could never again teach in Britain.
‘Derek Slade’ disappeared and ‘Edward Marsh’ was born – or, rather, reborn. Police believe that Slade picked the name after trawling cemeteries until he found the grave of a boy who would have been a similar age to his own, had he lived.
He then obtained a copy of the dead boy’s birth certificate and used this to obtain a false passport in Edward Marsh’s name in 1988. The passport was used by him to travel in the United States, India, Russia and Africa. Slade also used a genuine passport in his own name to travel to India.
Meanwhile, his friend Derek Sawyer became a Labour councillor in Islington in 1982. Oddly, the ward he represented was St George’s – the same as the name of the school he and Slade founded.
Sawyer took over the leadership of Islington Council from Margaret Hodge in 1992, when the media revealed that paedophiles had infiltrated all 12 of its children’s homes. Hodge took the flak for the scandal but the role of her successor also now demands closer scrutiny.
Although a damning independent inquiry confirmed Islington had employed 26 alleged child pornographers and pimps, the council – now headed by Sawyer – had set its terms of reference and barred it from naming anyone. No one was ever arrested in the UK.

Aide: Derek Sawyer helped Slade maintain a fake identity after his first abuse conviction
Two ringleaders were eventually apprehended by police in Morocco and Thailand for the abuse of local children.
Four days before the report was published in 1995, Sawyer and Slade registered the company that allowed the latter to access more children abroad. The pseudo-charity, International British Educational Projects (IBEP), aimed to bring education ‘on the British model’ to impoverished children in Africa, Russia and India.
The Mail on Sunday has obtained an early IBEP sales pitch, which gives both Sawyer’s home address in North London – where he still lives – and a Mickleover, Derbyshire, address for the fictitious Edward Marsh.
It is undated but Sawyer’s phone number has an 0171 prefix, which dates it to prior to BT’s 2000 move to 020 numbers for London. It suggests that interested clients ring either Sawyer – described as ‘Director, London office’ – or Mr E. Marsh, ‘Projects Co-ordinator, Derby’.
Following Slade’s trial, police revealed he had been working on a charitable schools project in Swaziland.
The project was sponsored by Ubombo Sugar. Police have confirmed that in 1999 – by which time Slade had a criminal conviction – ‘Dr Edward Marsh’ visited Swaziland as IBEP’s appointee. Sawyer went on to run the school board.
Staff and parents swiftly became suspicious of the bullying manner of ‘Dr Marsh’, who left soon after in 2000. Sawyer claimed Marsh had suffered a breakdown and he continued running the board.
IBEP’s foreign ventures were not limited to Africa. Derrick Pereira, UK chairman of Help A Poor Child (HAPC) met Slade at Sawyer’s home in North London in 2005. Mr Pereira was expecting to meet ‘Dr Marsh’, whom he understood was a wealthy philanthropist author.
Slade let slip his real name. Mr Pereira picked up on the gaffe but was told Slade preferred to use his pseudonym as an author, which was allegedly acquired after a rich, childless uncle made changing his name a condition of inheriting.
In 1990, Slade and Sawyer had cofounded a publishing company called Oriflamme, to publish educational textbooks by Slade under the name of Edward Marsh.

Former victims organised a school reunion at St George’s to get access to the building. In the attic, they found a box of old photos, which helped confirm dates and put names to faces
HAPC for a time funded IBEP’s Anglo-Kutchi English Medium School in Gujarat, India, for young earthquake orphans. Labour MP Keith Vaz – Islington’s senior solicitor in the early Eighties, and patron of HAPC – supported fundraising for the school in his Leicester constituency.
A Labour councillor raised thousands for the school at a dinner-dance Vaz attended. Slade visited Leicester to be presented with donations by local children.
However, HAPC ended the association after Slade’s British victims, who had sought each other out on the internet and joined forces to try to expose him, alerted the charity.
Last week, Sawyer said: ‘I was not aware that Derek Slade had obtained a false passport and not aware of the false information he had given.’
Slade’s former pupil Alistair had read HAPC’s description of its support for IBEP’s orphanage school, which mentioned Slade, but Sawyer’s name was unfamiliar to him. When he found a picture of him on the internet, Alistair recognised Sawyer from visits to St George’s and felt sick.
The former victims organised a school reunion disco at St George’s in order to get access to the building. In the school attic, they found a box of old photos, which helped confirm dates and put names to faces. They say they also found an Eighties photo of Sawyer visiting the school.
In February 2007, HAPC announced on its website: ‘Recent events, which we are unable to disclose at this time, made his [Slade] position untenable.’
Exposed: How the Mail on Sunday revealed Slade's brutality
The charity says that it has since demanded that IBEP return its funds and provide assurances about the children’s safety. Derrick Pereira says that Sawyer has still not supplied these.
Mr Pereira also says that concerned sources in Swaziland eventually spotted HAPC’s website warning, and contacted him. The charity’s delicate wording was understand able, given the involvement of powerful Labour politicians with the project.
The Africans asked, on a conference call, what the charity knew about ‘Dr Edward Marsh’, Slade and Sawyer. Mr Pereira says: ‘They were so shocked to be told that Marsh and Slade were one and same man that they dropped the phone.’
The African investigation established Marsh’s passport fraud from his visa details. Issued in London on September 25, 1998, it was for an Edward Marsh born on May 31, 1947, in Derby, two years before Slade was born in Southampton.
They scrutinised Slade’s fake CV as Marsh, which claimed a first class BA degree from University College, Oxford, in the Trinity term of 1969, and a BA Education from the University of Birmingham via Saltley Teachers’ Training College, on July 23, 1973.

At his end-of-terrace home, police found huge amounts of child pornography and his fake passport
Slade actually graduated later and had no teaching qualifications. Through Sawyer’s company IBEP, a convicted child abuser was able to work with vulnerable African children having obtained money under false pretences.
Sawyer is a man who has acquired key positions on bodies running the capital’s police, magistrates and probation services. He represented all London’s councils on the Metropolitan Police’s public safety board and was made a trustee of two crime prevention youth charities, including Catch 22 – patron the Princess Royal. He is currently chair of the London Region Courts Board, which works with Her Majesty’s Courts Service to achieve effective and efficient administration of the courts.
On discovering his links to Slade, Ubombo Sugar removed Sawyer from its school board – even placing a notice in The Times of Swaziland in January 2009 making it clear that the parting was not amicable. Mr Pereira remains furious that through Sawyer, ‘a man at the heart of the British capital’s justice system’ – as a source described him – a dangerous child abuser was protected and promoted.
A separate source in Swaziland told The Mail on Sunday last week: ‘I hope Slade rots. There is no doubt as to the closeness and longevity of his and Sawyer’s relationship. It is said that in support of the application for “Marsh” to come into Swaziland, Sawyer/IBEP presented a very glowing CV with documents attached.’
The British police, who had met the group of victim investigators, now knew Slade’s fake identity and arrested him in England last February when he attended a medical appointment as Edward Marsh.
At his end-of-terrace home in Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire, police found huge amounts of child pornography, and his fake passport.
'Reign of terror': These images show Slade speaking in favour of corporal punishment during an interview for ITN in 1982
There were more than 70,000 images of children, some apparently African and Indian. Almost 5,000 were eventually judged indecent.
Police also found audio tapes Slade had made of boys being beaten and boxes of explicit material. About 50 new witnesses came forward after Slade’s arrest, including former pupils who now have senior defence forces roles.
Before his six-week trial, Slade offered to plead guilty to the indecency, assault and child pornography charges, if the three witnesses describing rape backed down. His trial would then have been a brief formality, gone unreported and protected his friends. But all witnesses refused.
At his trial, Slade admitted 15 offences of indecent assault and five of actual bodily harm, and denied but was found guilty of six additional offences of assault, four indecent assaults and three serious sexual assaults. They were sample offences, many more are suspected.
Slade also pleaded guilty to 16 charges of making indecent images of children, possession of almost 4,500 indecent images of children and being in possession of a false passport. When he was sentenced, a dozen of his victims were present. They applauded the judge and jury.
One said afterwards that they persisted with the prosecution in order to show that ‘the bad guys don’t always win’.
Shortly after Slade’s arrest, Sawyer dissolved IBEP – the accounts of which are peppered with large financial transactions involving the fictitious ‘Edward Marsh’ – and wrote to Help A Poor Child to demand it stop linking his name with Slade’s on their website, as this was ‘damaging’ to him. It has not yet done so.
Detective Inspector Adrian Randall, who headed Slade’s 18-month investigation, says that police enquiries are continuing.
In response to The Mail on Sunday’s allegations, Derek Sawyer said: ‘I have been very shocked by Derek Slade’s conviction for child abuse. The revelations which emerged during the court hearings have been very disturbing.
‘I am glad that justice has been done and has seemed to be done by his many victims. Like many others I have been taken in by Mr Slade and have been used by him.’

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Newest Oldest Best rated Worst rated View all We all know politicians and the police don't get punished in this country no matter what they do.
- paul, london, 12/9/2010 14:32
Click to rate Rating 119 Report abuse
Twisted culture we are served by??

There is not one respectful characteristic within ANY public services or servants for us mature citizens to applaud or use as examples for our children.

Quite disturbing.
- JASPER, Warrington, 12/9/2010 14:30
Click to rate Rating 91 Report abuse
Well, I didn't think this would come out so soon. But well done you Eileen.
- Wondering Brit, Devon, 12/9/2010 14:09
Click to rate Rating 86 Report abuse
I don't know about sawyer being fired he needs jailing for helping this thug and pervert
- mary, lancashire, 12/9/2010 11:11
Click to rate Rating 135 Report abuse
Only the tip of the iceberg I'm afraid
- Noddy, birmingham england, 12/9/2010 11:05
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After the ­discovery that paedophiles had infiltrated all 12 of its children's homes, the Council response was...............

"The council barred an inquiry from ­naming anyone suspected of involvement in the abuse."

Good job I'm not the suspicious type
- Alan, Pontyclun, 12/9/2010 10:44

Read more:

Tuesday, 21 September 2010


The Guardian, Tuesday 21 September 2010 Article history
Children are used as "ammunition" during separation.

Sir Nicholas Wall, Britain's most senior family judge, warned this week that parents are harming children during divorce proceedings, by using them as "the battlefield, [and] the ammunition".

At a speech to the charity Families Need Fathers in Coventry on Sunday, Sir Nicholas, who is president of the Family Division of the High Court, said: "parents simply do not realise the damage they do to their children by the battles they wage over them."

"People think that post-separation parenting is easy. In fact it is exceedingly difficult, and as a rule of thumb my experience is that the more intelligent the parent, the more intractable the dispute."


Although the fig tree shall not blossom, neither shall fruit be in the vines; the labour of the olive shall fail, and the fields shall yield no meat; the flock shall be cut off from the fold, and there shall be no herd in the stalls: Yet I will rejoice in the Lord, I will joy in the God of my salvation. The Lord God is my strength, and he will make my feet like hinds' feet, and he will make me to walk upon mine high places.

Habakkuk 3 v 17 and 18

Saturday, 18 September 2010


I have been very busy writing the sequel to "Tip", and I am happy to announce that this book will be ready for publication very soon. I will be publishing a taster of it on this blogsite shortly.

For the people who have encouraged me in persevering with this venture, I am sending a great big cyber HUG!

Thank you. xxxx

Friday, 17 September 2010


Dear Sir,

You shouldn't have come to this country, pretending to be the representative of God. A lot of people were booing you in London today. That is because they are so angry about what your paedophile priests have done.

If you had come here to apologise, and not at the taxpayers expense, people would have been a lot nicer to you, because this is a country full of nice people, very generous and very forgiving and peacable people. But you didn't, you came all pomp and arrogance. You even had the cheek to criticise the people of this country for lacking spiritual virtue! That has annoyed quite a lot of people.

You ought to say sorry to God for pretending to represent him, that is so arrogant. God isn't going to be very pleased about that you know, it says so in the Bible.

I hope you get your heart right with God. God does forgive people, so maybe he will forgive you.


Full house for upcoming child protection conference
Waiting list for child protection event

15 September 2010
Nearly 200 professionals have signed up to attend the Jersey Child Protection Committee's 'Our Children, Our Future' conference later this month and there is now a waiting list.

GPs, teachers, youth and charity workers are among those signed up to hear from UK and Jersey child protection experts at the 1 day conference at the Grand Hotel on 24 September.

During the conference, which is the first Jersey conference in many years to focus on promoting the welfare of vulnerable children, the JCPC will also announce the publication of Jersey’s new child protection procedures.

If the event is a success, it could become a regular fixture in the calendar of the JCPC, the independent body overseeing the statutory and voluntary agencies that work with the Island’s children.

The conference is aimed at all Jersey professionals who have contact with vulnerable children and their families. Delegates from Guernsey are among those who are attending.

Independent chair of the JCPC Mike Taylor said “There is a real hunger for people to get together, share ideas and learn.

“The conference will also help inform the first Children and Young People’s Plan for Jersey, which has been commissioned by the States of Jersey’s Children’s Policy Group.”

Programme and speakers
The conference is just one response to the JCPC’s recommendations on training in its recent Serious Case Review (SCR) into the care of a child known as BA, the first SCR in Jersey to closely follow the UK Government’s Working Together to Safeguard Children guidance.

The SCR highlighted the need to identify neglect and respond to it, and to learn from research and other SCRs on safeguarding practice. These are both issues that will be covered by the 2 keynote speakers, who are experts in child protection from the University of East Anglia:

David Howe, professor of social work
Marian Brandon, senior lecturer in social work
Professor Howe will speak on the effect of abuse and neglect on children and young people. Marian Brandon will speak on safeguarding, having researched which interventions prove most effective in keeping children at high risk safe.

A number of professionals from Jersey agencies will present workshops in the afternoon.

Mike Taylor said “If it’s a success, the JCPC will consider running more conferences to maintain the momentum of the Island’s commitment to improve child protection services for all children.”

The process of publishing and implementing Jersey’s new child protection procedures will be confirmed at the conference, which will be attended by Andrew Williamson, author of the 2008 Inquiry into Child Protection in Jersey.


Gary and Andy's blog of lies and rubbish. They asked me a question this morning, which I tried to answer, but, as I thought, they won't post what I wrote anyway.

I don't know why I bothered. what a waste of my time that was. Generally, if someone asks a person a question, they do so in the hope of recieving an answer. Not that pair. They ask questions and they stuff their fingers in their ears and refuse to listen if they don't like the answer they recieve.

They also try to decieve people by wordtwisting.

GARY AND ANDY: You are so out of order I don't know where to start with the list of wicked malicious things that you have done on your nasty blog. I bet that when, at the end of time, the angel reads out the list of wickedness and lies on your blog he will have to stop to catch his breath a few times before he gets to the end of the list, so many are there. Aren't you ashamed of yourselves for what you are doing on your horrible blog? Do you have mothers? What would your mothers say if they saw what evil things you are doing on your nasty vicious little blog? I expect you would never want your mothers to see the malicious lies and hatred against innocent people that you are spewing out onto your site.

If you hated what is hateful, then there would be no condemnation for you off any of us child abuse survivors, but the hatred you spew in a continuous torrent is aimed for those who have been abused, and those who have tried to protect them.

Why are you doing this? What made you so full of malice for the innocent? Can't you stop for a few seconds to examine your own souls and see yourselves as Jesus can see you?

I really do not know what else to say to you. Above all, I pity you, because you are lost souls.


This is facism.

Thursday, 16 September 2010


Just thought I would do a re-run of this bit of classic comedial history. I know the BBC are not exactly cutting edge with the news these days, but I'm amazed that no-one has so far made a comedy series based on this. Perhaps they could get someone like John Cleese to take the part of Frank?

Letter sent to Paul Gascoigne

Dear Mr Gascoigne,
My name is Barbara Richards, I am a published author and political lobbyist and my pen name is Zoompad. I am a survivor of institutional child abuse in a Staffordshire Pindown children’s home, where we children were locked in a celler cell and used as whores by the pimps who were running those dreadful places.
There is a man, I think his name is Gary Cummins, who, along with another man who calls himself Andy, has set up a blogsite called The Jersey Haut De La Garenne Murder Farce.

These men have committed criminal acts on this site, because they have hacked into people’s Google accounts for malicious purposes. They have set up that blog with the sole purpose of ridiculing and discrediting victims of institutional child abuse. Gary Cummins is calling himself “Gazza” and is using a photograph of yourself.
As I did not know much about football and also due to my poor eyesight, I did not realise at first that this man was using a photograph of yourself, until another child abuse survivor pointed it out to me. I thought that you ought to be made aware of how this man is using your identity in order to persecute people who have suffered child abuse, as I am sure that you would never want to be associated with such wicked wicked men.

Yours faithfully,

Barbara Richards aka Zoompad, author of “Tip”

Wednesday, 15 September 2010


Gnidrolog, a prog rock band from Wales

Joni Mitchell

Ry Cooder, an inspiration to all of us would be slide guitarists

Tim Buckley, I love this track so much



I am banned from this website, because I spoke out about them being affiliated to the Freemasons of Warwickshire, but every now and then I go onto a friends computer to see if there are any people who are in danger.

SAFELINE is a very dangerous site, it pretends to help child abuse survivors, but it does the exact opposite.

I hope this person MOJO gets in touch, as there is REAL help (ie, nothing to do with the freemason gangsters) and I would like to point this person in the right direction to access that help.

Please, Mojo, don't give up, please Jesus, help this person Mojo.


Sep 8th, 2010 - 9:33 AM QuoteReply nothing left TTTTTT cont alc*h*l su feelings

I was warned. I shouldn't have spoken up. Everything has collapsed around me. Why did I think I could get away with it.
Since I spoke to p*lice my benefits have been cut off, strange things keep happening. They've destroyed my life. Taken what little I has left. I was warned. I'm not the first. You can't beat them. They got too much power.
I don't know how to go on. I got no hope left. I've struggled so long to keep my house now it will go. I can't pay with no money. Want to rewind. Want to never have gone in that p*lice station. Want to e hidden again.
I don't want to exist. Dr*nking again heavily. Just remember p*king dont remember passing out. Dr*nk away the pain only that doesn't even work anymore.
I'm broken. Its never gona end Im never gona be ok. Oblivion. thats all i want now. Cold quiet l*feless oblivion. Utter f*cking despair. "


Dear Mr Panton,

I have been trying to contact you since your article on Haut de la Garenne was published in the Daily Mail on 25 February 2008. I sent letters to you, via the Daily Mail, and I wonder if you recieved them?

I want so much to talk with you about institutional child abuse, and other people who have been abused want to talk to you as well. I want to talk to you about the Kensington Institute.

Please could you contact me? I realise that malicious moles will probably flood me with false mail pretenting to be you, so please don't feel offended if I put you to the test. These wicked wicked people try all sorts of tricks to keep us abuse survivors from talking to each other, they are determined that we must not be allowed to compare our experiences in the PINDOWN houses of hell, because they are terrified of the truth coming out. I am sure you know and I know and many others know that these institutional child abuse cfases were not "individual cases" but a systematic and wicked network of paedophile activity, and the children in those dreadful places were rented out to some very affluent people. We children were held captive as unpaid prostitutes in a malevolent kintergarden of vice, and the people running those PINDOWN hell holes were pimps.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010


The way hell is portayed on film is usually as a very hot place, with demonic figures holding sharp things to poke the unrepentant sinner with.

I don't know why hell is portayed like this, but I think hell will be a very hot place.

The Bible tells us that Jesus Christ is coming backl to earth the same way as the last time he was seen, on a cloud. So basically, a big cloud will come and Jesus will be in it.

The Bible tells us that it is us who choose our own destiny. I suppose that means that if we choose not to have anything to do with Jesus, in short, if we snub him, then we won't hear him calling us together when it is time to go. If that happens, we will get left behind.

So heaven must be somewhere else than this earth. I think perhaps this earth will become hell. Time does not matter to God, he invented time. It's only us that are bound by time. One day this lovely planet will be sucked in to the sun, as will all the other planets. The sun will explode and become a really massive fireball. I expect that is what hell is like.

Monday, 13 September 2010


This lady has seen the error of her ways and has repented of the crimes she has committed, and is seeking to try to right the wrongs. I pray for this lady, and hope that she finds God's love and forgiveness and peace as she goes about this Herculean task


"I worked as a headhunter for twenty-two years and with false allegations brought in over 25,000 children for which I was paid $1,800 a head for. If a child was mentally handicapped, fetal drug alcohol syndrome and MS handicapped, I got a bonus of $500.00 for each of them.

We targeted low income, the impoverished and little to no education. The less means they had to fight a legal battle with, the more bonuses we received. I know I was responsible for bringing in 11 children, that were later murdered by their foster parent and the guilt of that has eaten and chewed at my spirit until it is so full of holes, I sure my heart looks like Swiss cheese.

In one case a woman was doing laundry in the projects and sat beside her about a 18 month old playing with a metal hanger. The mother’s view of the child was restricted by blowing wet sheets on the wind and I in my allegations said the child was utterly alone and could have poked his eye out or wandered out into traffic less than thirty feet away and be killed. Her little boy ended up being adopted out to a white family in India without parental consent. I am not proud of what I did. I am sickened to my sole by what I did to those innocent little children.

It really did not hit me what I was really doing until another headhunter came up to me and congratulated me on my 25,000 score on innocents taken from loving homes. I know those parents were good parents. They loved their children enough to die for them, they just lacked the money, education and to know how to get their children safely home. Point -They changed my name for every court case, so no name would link me in other files.

God, I have lived in mansions, had a body guard, drove swanky cars. I had it all. Every time a child was adopted out without parental consent that I have given child protective services, I got another $10,000 as a reward. Not for all the cars, houses, villas, not for all the money around the world, would I send one more innocent into a foster family as a repent.

I know I am going to hell. But, starting with Australia and Canada and the world, I am confessing my story and the only amends I can move and for a lot of these kids, it is far to late. I vow to bring them home and tell the judges what I was hired to do and why and who paid me.

I promised Georgie the exclusive interview and she left square bracketed as (x-x) and I cannot go on. The guilt is choking my throat and soon I will not be able to talk. But, I will come back and finish this exclusive interview. You ladies are doing a fine smart job. I give you both credits - high credits, for seeing so clearly all the corruption going on from judges to lawyers to crown counsel to social workers to simple clerks. You are headed in the right direction and you are both going to make a huge difference in this sick world by bring some babies home to their mothers and fathers where they have belonged since they were born.

I can say it and mean it I am so very sorry, so very sorry. That words do not make amend, owning up to our mistakes does. So I am off to my office here at home to see which child I can return home next."


Peter Tatchell was on telly tonight, in a Channel 4 documentary called The Trouble with the Pope: a journey into my own preconceptions

Now, I find it very strange that Peter Tatchell is choosing to take the Catholic Church to task on paedophile activity. In fact, to me, it looks like a tiger telling a lion to stop hunting gazelle.

Peter Tatchell has made no secret of the fact that he wishes to abolish the age of consent. I have personally taken him to task over this, and he told me that the reason he wanted to do so was for the rights of children, in other words, that children need to have a statute to give them the right to have sex.

I know Stephen Green of Christian Voice will be very happy for me to republish this article from his newsletter onto my own blog.


Saturday 20th February 2010

By Stephen Green

Click here to view pages from the book

It was the start of a liberated sexual new dawn. The era of 'Why not?' Archaic laws restricting sexual practices and relationships were going to be swept away. No-one was to say who should do sexual things with whoever, or how. Sexual liberation had become - for some reason - a vital part of true Socialism. If adults consented, then, hey, why should the Church, or the Government, or assorted boring old fuddy-duddies say no to them? And for that matter, if children wanted sex lives, or if adult homosexual men wanted sex lives with children, then that was all part and parcel of the glorious sexual revolution.

Or so it seemed in 1986, when the most extraordinary book of the decade, The Betrayal of Youth, (Click here for the Table of Contents) was published by CL publications in London with the sub-title "Radical Perspectives on Childhood Sexuality, Intergenerational Sex, and the Social Oppression of Children and Young People."

The Betrayal of Youth was edited by none less than Warren Middleton (alias John Parrott - NOT the snooker player) the then "vice-chairperson" of the Paedophile Information Exchange, Britain's foremost paedophile advocacy and aficionado support group. They did indeed have a lot of vice to be chairperson of.

In a preface, Middleton acknowledged the help or support of Dr Ken Plummer of Essex University, Dr Brian Taylor of Sussex, Mr John Hart of Sheffield Poly, Chris and Jayne Hobbs, his mother and father, homosexual activist Jeffrey Weeks, Nettie Pollard of the National Campaign for Civil Liberty (now called just 'Liberty'), assorted activists and feminists, and a large number of P.I.E. executive committee members.

The book was part of a campaign to abolish all ages of consent, destroy the responsibilities of parents for their children, deny any ill-effects on children of interference by paedophiles, and withal to make it easier for paedophiles to gain sexual access to children.

A host of weird sex-obsessed nutcases contributed, at Middleton's invitation. Among them was militant feminist Beatrice Faust, another was the editor of the Sex Maniac's Diary, Tuppy Owens. In fact she wrote a chapter with Tom O'Carroll, convicted of corrupting public morals earlier by sending out a list of paedophile contacts.

Labour activist Eric Presland, playwright and leading light in the Organisation for Lesbian and Gay Action (OLGA), contributed to The Betrayal of Youth. His article was a routine denunciation of the "power" that adult society has over children, prefaced by a first-person account of sexual activity with children. Mr Presland related his first paedophile experience with a Asian boy of thirteen, and boasted of interfering with a little boy of six.

'Parents,' he wrote, 'because of their autocratic power, their exclusive rights, and dubious motives of self-aggrandisement which lie behind the decision to have and rear children, are in many ways the group least fitted to be entrusted with the task of child-rearing.' So who are? Reading his chapter one is left with a strong impression that he thinks paedophiles make the best child-rearers. Presland wrote of one pre-pubescent sexual partner, 'I fought for him to free himself from the confines of the family.'

Two of the editorial collective of the far-left Peace News, Miss Kathy Challis and Miss Elizabeth Holtom, the latter a Quaker, contributed a chapter for The Betrayal of Youth. In it they ventured an opinion that would have been viewed with astonishment by Josephine Butler in her fight against child prostitution 100 years earlier: 'Ages of consent are useless. They are completely unrealistic, and they don't give children protection from exploitation in any case.'

The former chairman of the Paedophile Information Exchange, Steve Smith, contributed a chapter to The Betrayal of Youth. The biographical notes said coyly he "now resides in Holland " - he fled there to avoid conviction for sending obscene articles through the post - and he "now hopes to become active in the Dutch crusade for children's rights." Presumably he did just that, until even the Dutch lost patience, deporting Smith back to the UK and 18 months at Her Majesty's pleasure in 1991.

A member of the PIE executive revealed the group's early thinking on consent law in the Scottish Minorities Group homosexual paper:

'Adults should be prohibited under CIVIL law from having relationships with children under 4, and in the case of children over 3 and under 10 a similar civil injunction could also be made by those close to the child .... For children between 10 and 18 there should be no legal restriction in cases which did not involve proven physical/psychological harm. Ten is the legal age of responsibility and if a child is deemed responsible for its criminal acts then it should be responsible for its own sex life.'

But Roger Moody, an 'out' paedophile intellectual, set out a political stratagem, the key to which was "a revolutionary perspective on social change." Roger Moody explains:

'Specifically, this means we don't work to lower the age of consent, but to abolish it, and we don't argue that rights over kids be transferred from courts to parents, but that the only people who have the right to kid's rights - are the kids themselves.'

This was the philosophy behind The Betrayal of Youth for which Peter Tatchell wrote his chapter 'Questioning Ages of Majority and Ages of Consent.' His chapter preceded Moody's offering: 'Ends 'and Means; How to Make Paedophilia Acceptable.'

At the height of the Cleveland child sex abuse scandal, Peter Tatchell was allowed to comment on it on the Jimmy Young TV programme and promptly advocated 'rights' for children, In The Betrayal of Youth Mr Tatchell, homosexual activist, self-proclaimed 'children's rights campaigner' and described as an 'avid supporter of socialism,' according to the biographical details, tried to make the legal molestation of children an ingredient of democracy:

'In a fully democratic and egalitarian society, there can be no question of adults usurping the rights of young people by keeping them in a state of ignorance, fear and guilt, or by resort to arbitrary and autocratic laws which deny them responsibility for decisions affecting their lives.'

When I pressed him on this point in a debate at the Oxford Union it turned out that the abolition of the 'arbitrary and autocratic' age of consent law applied to children of twelve. My suggestion that it might involve children even as young as ten did not even cause Tatchell to blink. After all, the whole point of his article and the theme of The Betrayal of Youth was that there should be no age of consent at all.

Indeed, Tatchell wrote in The Betrayal of Youth that the age of majority (sexual consent) is 'Re-inforcing a set of increasingly quaint, minority moral values left over from the Victorian era.' The idea that they might just protect children from predatory men, men like his co-contributors, is not one that found any sympathy with Peter Tatchell.

When I was on BBC's The Big Questions on 8th January this year, Peter Tatchell was one of the podium guests. I was asked by the production crew not to comment about paedophilia in connection with Tatchell. The request had come from Tatchell himself. That incident prompted this article. And why should Tatchell make such a request? Not the Oxford Union debate, but another event almost sixteen years ago is still in his mind.

On the Judy Finnegan television show on Sunday 8th May 1994, just eight years after its publication, I accused Peter Tatchell of contributing a chapter to The Betrayal of Youth, which I described as a paedophile book. Tatchell is of course the leader of the homosexual media stunt group Outrage. When the homosexual 'age of consent' was last lowered - to 16 - an Outrage banner was photographed saying '16 is just a start'.

Anyway, Tatchell called me a liar, and threatened me with a suit for libel. In the "hospitality suite" afterwards he became abusive and violent. Obviously, Tatchell's contribution to the book on its own, let alone the company in which he placed himself, is now a source of great embarrassment to him, as indeed it should be. No writ was ever received, of course.

For the high-minded socialists and homosexuals of the 1970s and 1980s, sexuality was seen as just one aspect of the way in which children were exploited by patriarchal capitalism. Campaign for Homosexual Equality chairman Michael Jarrett was identifying paedophiles as an oppressed group, and the CHE list of "demands" included the complete abolition of minimum ages for sexual activity. The Labour Gay Rights Manifesto of 1985 said 'A socialist society would superseded the family household. ... Gay people and children should have the right to live together. ... It follows from what we have already said that we favour the abolition of the age of consent.'

So was Peter Tatchell out on a limb writing in a book advocating paedophilia, edited by a known paedophile? It is true that a lot of the loony homosexual left thought the same as he did and some of them were active paedophiles as well. But most of them stayed clear of contributing to this vile book. We should be clear that there is no evidence that Peter Tatchell was or ever has been a paedophile - but he certainly gave them support and was in company with them in The Betrayal of Youth.

But twenty-four years later, and with Peter Tatchell elevating himself to the status of 'human rights activist,' helping a bunch of child-abusers achieve what they thought were their 'human rights' to interfere with small children doesn't seem quite such a clever thing to have done. Are Tatchell's views at an intellectual level still the same? Does he realise the implications of them? Does he understand that he provided support to a bunch of men who wanted nothing less than to interfere with little tots? Who approached whom to secure his contribution to this shameful book? Was he aware that Warren Middleton (alias John Parrott), the editor of The Betrayal of Youth, was an avowed child molester? Was he aware that at least two other active paedophiles were contributors? Is he still in contact with Middleton and his cronies? Has he ever renounced them? Answers to these questions will reveal much about Peter Tatchell's mind, agenda and judgment.

Dear Jesus please hear my prayer

Friday, 10 September 2010


Dear Jesus,

Please do not let the Pope come to this country. He pretends to come in your name, as your ambassedor, but if that were true he would come with sackcloth and ashes, humble and contrite, to beg forgiveness for all the children his priests and nuns have abused.

He is coming dressed in rich robes, proud, arrogant, condecending to perhaps speak from his pedestal to a chosen few of the abuse survivors. This will hurt the victims of abuse even more, it is another slap in the face for them.

Please dear Jesus, I beg you, do not let him come to these shores. Please stop him from coming to the British Isles.

Thank you for hearing my prayer.


"Oh God, forgive me (sniff) for I beg you (sob sniff), I have been a wicked bad boy and deserve to be punished severely (blubber) I have posted lies on my paedo defending blog (BOO HOO HOO), please do not send me back to the stone I crawled from under WAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I WANT MY MUMMY! BOO HOO HOO!


Thursday, 9 September 2010



I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free

Wednesday, 8 September 2010


If you see my picture, and Zoompad, please understand that it is not me making horrible comments about my friends who are fighting child abuse.

Some vile men, called GAZZA and ANDY, they hacked into my Google account and stole my identity. I have complained to Google several times, but no-one will stop them. They are on the HAUT DE LA GARENNE MURDER FARCE blog.

I am going to go to the police. I have copied all the horrible things they have said, as evidence, and I have their email addresses, as they came up on my dashboard, so the police will be able to trace their computers I think, I hope so.

It is not me making the horrible comments.


I know my friends are worried about me, because of the bullying I have been recieving off the HAUT DE LA GARENNE MURDER FARCE BLOG, and having my email hacked into by GAZZA and ANDY.

I just want to reassure all my friends that I am not suicidal. I have been crying, and my skin conditions has flared up again, and I have been binging, but I certainly will not be doing anything to myself to harm myself on purpose. I skin my feet, but I don't know I am doing it, until they start bleeding, it's a stress reaction.

I am going to have a nice walk and feed the swans, and do a bit of watercolour painting. That freak show site run by those two malicious morons is not going to make me fall over the edge, and neither is the abusive barrage I am getting on YouTube, calling me a nutter all the time and maliciously telling me that I "Need help", a euphenism for "You are insane" from Greg Lance Watkins (THAT GREG) either. If THAT GREG sets the Court of Protection onto me as he did to Anne Greig, making out she was insane, as he is still maliciously doing, then everyone will know exactly what has happened.

I would like to be allowed to get on with my life and be happy - if I can be allowed to, which it does not seem to be the case, thanks to malicious bullies such as GAZZA, ANDY and THAT GREG.

Anyway, I just wanted everyone to realise I am ok, and not at all suicidal. After all, I do not want to risk the chance of anyone having the idea of murdering me, and then pretending that I did it myself, do I? Us child abuse survivors have to be very careful, we are hated by certain groups of very nasty people. I am a survivor and I will not be a victim statistic. I am a SURVIVOR!


As this is now a police investigation, in the interests of justice I have taken down this post.


I won't be posting for a while after this, because I am feeling very depressed.

The reason I feel so depressed is because it seems that paedophiles and murderers can do anything they like, and the so called justice system will always seek to cover up for them, and persecute their victims, and anyone who tries to help them.

Last night I cried myself to sleep, just like I used to when I was in that hell hole where Staffordshire Social Services put me, as a so called "place of safety", after I had tried to run away from the abuse I was suffering, basically, punishing me for being a victim of child abuse. Sadly, the person who was abusing me at that time was also a minor, and he had also been abused, by a whack happy teacher, there were a lot of teachers like Derek Slade when I was young, they didn't go as far as Slade, making the poor kids write "Whackings I Have Had" essays or have midnight orgies ect, but they were just as bad, they have broken the spirit of the men in this country. All the problems of male violence against women, family break ups ect, I am convinced that a lot of this stems from the fact that a lot of men in this country get frustrated because they feel broken, and broken people tend to lash out at the ones who love them the most, because they are there.

I ate a lot of chocolate last night, I don't smoke and don't drink much alcohol, so it's my way of dealing with depression. So this morning I feel jaded and bloated and my hands are all red raw and bleeding and my scalp is flaking to bits, and my foot problem has flared up as well, so I can hardly walk. In short, I feel quite ill. I expect those horrible people who have illegally hacked into my google account - SURFINGFAN and HIKINGFAN - GAZZA and ANDY will be overjoyed to read this, they will probably be dancing round and round and clinking glasses in celebration of giving me a good old kicking.

I have made a complete fool of myself. I had faith in God, but I am beginning to wonder if God really does care now. I can't understand why God allows paedophiles and murderers to get away with so many disgusting crimes, and why their victims seem to never ever be allowed to put the past behind them, and move on. I am still being sent to the place where I was abused so many years ago, how on earth can anyone put it behind them and move on if they are constantly being reminded of it all in that way? But I am beginning to lose my faith.

I won't be posting anything for a while. I think I probably need a break from the internet. Anyway, as my Google account has now been hacked into, I just feel that it's all a waste of time, as those two creeps have been allowed to get away with it. I have complained to Google, but all they did was advise me to change my password, and I can't go to the police, because I am still traumatised by them, after what happened the last time I tried to complain about how I had been abused and raped. It isn't that I hate the police, it's just that the ones at the very top, so many of them seem to be corrupt, it can't be very nice for ordinary police officers, serving under a bent superior officer, I actually feel sorry for most of the police, not the bent ones though. So it looks like, once again, evil has won. and the thought of that makes me feel depressed.

So I am going to have a rest from campaigning against child abuse. I am going to try to get myself well, sort my hand problem and my foot problem out, change my diet and start my watercolour painting and music again. At least no-one can hack into my paintbox!

Tuesday, 7 September 2010


They have really overstepped the mark this time. It is a criminal offence to pretend to be someone else and post in their name, for malicious purposes, as these creeps have done.


Zoompad said...
Dear all

I have to apologise for all the awful things I have said about your great blog. I was, just like, Rico, Ian, Neil, Carrie, Carolyn and Rob, lost until Stuart came into our lives, but he has just used us and we all hate him for it.

The fool is also in court this afternoon and I hope they send him to Hell because he is a bastard.

May god be with you Gazza and the other great writers on this blog.

Zoompad x

September 07, 2010
Anonymous said...
Thats very honourable Zoompad but why have you made out that Syvret tried to break up a paedo ring in Jersey? Its the first we have heard about it? Who is in it? What proof do you have? This is why we are sick of him, he lies lies lies and when we ask for proof he can't hand any.

September 07, 2010
Anonymous said...
I like the demagogue analysis.
You can see the work he put in to get the JEP called the Rag. Repeat, repeat, repeat, and his idiot followers took up the torch just as he expected, what a bunch of sheep, the new master race!!!

I thought it humorous to see that a couple of years later all that has been achieved is for him to be known island wide as the nutter!!!


September 07, 2010
Anonymous said...
I agree because I read the Sharp Report before even he handed out to UK journalists and I could never understand why he saw this report as irrefutable evidence of major cover up.

He is so in love with this report he must sleep with it at night.

September 07, 2010
Gazza said...
Dear Zoompad

Apology accepted but you have bombarded this blog with alomst 30 posts over the past few days and this isn't your rant zone.

But at least you have the courage to say sorry so we will draw a line under it.

Gazza :-x

September 07, 2010



Monday, 6 September 2010


I don't know anything about his personal life, but I have read his biography on William Wilberforce, and it is excellent.

Why did William Hague choose to write a biography about this particular man, and them write about him in such a way that it is clear to anyone reading it that he greatly admires Wilberforce's passion to end slavery, which is a black mark against the whole human race?

I think William Hague must be quite a nice person, judging him from this book. Perhaps all this mudslinging about him is an attempt to gag him, same as all us other human rights campaigners (we are NOT anachists!) have been maliciously and slyly attacked - as Hollie and Anne Greig were, by that nasty piece of work, Greg Lance Watkins, pretending to be all pally and then stabbing them in the back and twisting the blade.

I think Guy Fawkes ought to leave the Hague family well alone, and stop all the nasty mud slinging. If Mr Hague has done anything wrong in his capacity as a politician, then of course it is in the public interest that people know about it, but all this stuff about is he homosexual or not is just nasty malicious mudslinging. It must be awful for Mrs Hague as well. He's said loud and clear that he is not not homosexual now, and even been forced to go into detail about why he has no children yet. Guy Fawkes and all his cronies ought to leave them alone. If Guy Fawkes wants to write on a subject that is really shocking and scandalous, and merets being written about in great detail, why does he not tale on Lard Falconer and the secret family court childstealing scandal? Falconer has plenty of juicy skeletons in his closet - but I suppose Guy Fawkes is too scared to death of the Scandalson mob to poke around that lot too much. I think Guy Fawkes is a coward!

Sunday, 5 September 2010

The blog of malicious lies won't let me post there any more

Those cowards Gazza and his chums won't let me post on that blog any more, he is a scardy coward, too "hold my hand mummy, don't let the scary lady say nasty things to me pweese", he starts shitting his pants whenever anyone challenges his malicious little blog, he cannot deal with it, so he just censors them.

So this thread is for all the posts I trey to post on to his blog. I won't go there to be malicious in any way, I will just go there and try to post to defend myself and my friends from slander and lies.

I just read on the Horrible Disgusting Lying Gormless Mouth Farters blog that they are making out that we all hate the police, that is a lie, so I have posted this, just to put the record straight.

You pullers of the beard of Jesus and spitters in the face of Jesus won't post this onto your horrible blog of lies and malice, but I will post it onto my own blog so that everyone can read it from there.

Stuart is not anti police, none of us anti institutional child abuse people are. We all of us just wish that the police could do their proper job, which is to aprehend bad people, and especially nasty bullies who prey on children, picking the poor little people up and slamming them into a wall, then grabbing them again and slamming them into another wall, nasty creeps who get poor little children and pull their pants down and do horrible outrageous things to them, and even murder them, putting them down celler cells and terrorising them, even murdering them. We all of us just want the police to do their duty. We also want it that the police who do their duty don't get harrassed and even murdered by accidentally on purpose falling into the sea off the side of boats, or falling off high remote places, ect. I don't think that is a lot to ask really. None of us are anachists, anachists dispise law and order, but we all yearn for justice.


The following story is appalling, but people must understand that innocent people - children as well - are being tortured and murdered in Great Britain. The Liverpool Care Pathway is a very nasty involuntary euphenasia plan - mass murder in other words - brought in by Common Purpose to get rid of a great number of "useless eaters" all over the British Isles. Plus, we have secret family destroying human trafficking courts, and children who cannot stop grieving for their natural parents who they have been stolen from are being drugged and some have even been given ECT - Richard Gardner's "Threat Therapy". So I would like people to put right these things before or as well as dealing with these dreadful abuses of power.

How MI5 colluded in my torture: Binyam Mohamed claims British agents fed Moroccan torturers their questions - WORLD EXCLUSIVE
By David Rose
Last updated at 5:01 PM on 8th March 2009
Comments (114) Videos Add to My Stories
MI5 directly colluded in the savage 'medieval' torture in Morocco of Binyam Mohamed, the Guantanamo inmate who was last week released to live in Britain.
The revelation came as Mohamed broke his silence about the full horror of his seven years in detention in a compelling interview with The Mail on Sunday.
Documents obtained by this newspaper - which were disclosed to Mohamed through a court case he filed in America - show that months after he was taken to Morocco aboard an illegal 'extraordinary rendition' flight by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, MI5 twice gave the CIA details of questions they wanted his interrogators to put to him, together with dossiers of photographs.

7-year ordeal: Binyam Mohamed near the home in the English countryside where he is trying to recover
At the time, in November 2002, Mohamed was being subject to intense, regular beatings and sessions in which his chief Moroccan torturer, a man he knew as Marwan, slashed his chest and genitals with a scalpel.
Mohamed, 30, who returned to Britain last month from Guantanamo Bay after seven years detained without charge, said that he reached his lowest ebb the moment he realised that Britain was conniving in his torture.
He said: 'They started bringing British files to the interrogations - not one, but several of them, thick binders, some of them containing sheaves of photos of people who lived in London and places there like mosques.

More...Briton to sue Jacqui Smith over MI5 torture claim: 'They knew I was beaten and threatened'
MAIL ON SUNDAY COMMENT: Nobody's hero, but who's next after Binyam?

'It was obvious the British were feeding them questions about people in London.
'When I realised that the British were co-operating with the people who were torturing me, I felt completely naked.
'It was when they started asking the questions supplied by the British that my situation worsened. They sold me out.'
His disclosures suggest that MI5 misled Parliament's spy watchdog, the Intelligence and Security Committee.
Security Service witnesses told an inquiry by the committee in 2007 that it had no idea that Mohamed was subjected to 'extraordinary rendition'.
The revelations will put Foreign Secretary David Miliband under even greater pressure to come clean about British involvement in the rendition and alleged torture of Muslim terror suspects.
Last month his lawyers persuaded the High Court not to allow parts of a judgement that summarised Mohamed's treatment to be published, on the grounds that to do so would jeopardise Britian’s intelligence-sharing relationship with America.

The judges agreed with great reluctance, saying that the suppressed section, which was based on admissions by American officials, amounted to evidence of torture, but contained nothing that could be described as sensitive intelligence.
Mr Milliband maintained that the new administration or President Obama was just as concerned about publication as its predecessor - but later he had to admit in the Commons that in fact he had not checked whether this was so.

According to the documents, MI5 knew Mohamed had not been transferred to any known U.S. base, and did not know his whereabouts, but still fed the CIA questions in the knowledge that while he must be in some 'third country', he was ultimately under CIA control.
The documents also show that MI5 officers held a 'case conference' on Mohamed with their U.S. colleagues at MI5's London headquarters on September 30, 2002, when Mohamed's torture in Morocco had been going on for weeks.
What was said at the conference remains unknown.
As late as February 2003, MI5 received a report from the Americans of what Mohamed said under torture. A copy of the report given to Mohamed has been heavily redacted (blanked out).
David Davis, the former Shadow Home Secretary, demanded that Mr Miliband make a fresh parliamentary statement on the case.
'The Government can no longer continue to claim ignorance,' he said.
'It is also time for an independent judicial inquiry. Only then can we have confidence the British Government will not allow, condone or collude in torture or inhuman treatment in future.'
Speaking at a house in the English countryside where he has been staying since his release, Mohamed also described how he was interrogated by an MI5 officer in Pakistan in May 2002, before his rendition to Morocco.
Mr Mohamed, pictured in an image released by human rights organisation Reprieve, says MI5 allegedly colluded in his torture
He said the officer knew he had already been tortured numerous times after his capture the previous month, with methods that included days of sleep deprivation, a mock execution and being beaten while being hung by his wrists for hours on end.
He said this torture in Pakistan made him confess to a plan that was never more than fantasy - to build a 'dirty' radioactive bomb.
He also revealed the nightmarish physical torture inflicted on him in the CIA's 'dark prison' in Kabul, Afghanistan, where he was forced to listen, chained in total blackness, to the same music - a CD by rap artist Eminem, played at ear-splitting volume over and over again, 24 hours a day for a month.
That, he said, was when he came closest to losing his mind: 'It's a miracle my brain is still intact.'
The strongest evidence of British collusion comes in the form of a confidential telegram sent from MI5 to the CIA on November 5, 2002.
Headed 'Request for further Detainee questioning,' the telegram suggests its author was aware of the explosive consequences if details of the torture leaked out.
It said: 'This information has been communicated in confidence to the recipient government and shall not be released without the agreement of the British Government.
'We would be grateful if the following can be passed to Binyam Mohamed.'
The telegram asked that his interrogators show him and ask him questions about a 'photobook recently sent over'.
Large portions of the rest of the telegram, which set out detailed questions, have been redacted, but it added: 'We would be grateful if the following could be put to Binyam Mohamed, in addition to the questioning above.
'Does Mohamed know [two lines redacted]? What was the man's name? How does Mohamed know him? Can Mohamed describe him? Where did they meet?
'Where was the man from? Who facilitated his travel from the UK? Where did this man go? What were his intentions?
'We would appreciate the opportunity to pose further questions, dependent on answers given to the above.'
A further telegram sent by MI5 on November 11 was headed 'update request'.
It too has been heavily redacted but the surviving portion states: 'We note that we have also requested that briefs be put to Binyam Mohamed and would appreciate a guide from you as to the likely timescale for these too.
'We fully appreciate that this can be a long-winded process, but the urgent nature of these enquiries will be obvious to you.'
The Foreign Office refused to comment on the allegations, on the grounds that MI5 officers accused of colluding in Mohamed's torture may face criminal charges.
A spokesman said: 'The Attorney General is considering an allegation of criminal wrongdoing by British personnel.
'In these circumstances it would be wrong to make any comment and because of this we cannot discuss the points you raise.'

Now read the full, exclusive interview
The worst time in Binyam Mohamed's seven-year ordeal in American captivity, worse even than the medieval tortures he endured for 18 months in Morocco, came in the first half of 2004 when he was held for five months at a secret CIA prison in Afghanistan.

Kabul's dark prison was just that: a place where inmates spent their days and weeks in total blackness.

Other than during interrogations, which took place away from the cells, the only time the prisoners could see was in the brief moments when the guards used torches when bringing trays of food.
Finally released: Mr Mohamed arrives back in Britain at RAF Northolt after seven years in prison in Afghanistan, Morocco and Guantanamo Bay
'The toilet in the cell was a bucket. Without light, you either find the bucket or you go on your bed,' Mohamed says.

'There were loudspeakers in the cell, pumping out what felt like about 160 watts, a deafening volume, non-stop, 24 hours a day.

'They played the same CD for a month, The Eminem Show.

'It's got about 20 songs on it and when it was finished it went back to the beginning and started again.
'While that was happening, a lot of the time, for hour after hour, they had me shackled.

'Sometimes it was in a standing position, with my wrists chained to the top of the door frame.

'Sometimes they were chained in the middle, at waist level, and sometimes they were chained at the bottom, on the floor.
'The longest was when they chained me for eight days on end, in a position that meant I couldn't stand straight nor sit.

'I couldn't sleep. I had no idea whether it was day or night.
'You got a shower once a week, with your arms chained above you, stripped naked, in the dark, with someone else washing you.

'The water was salty and afterwards you felt dirtier than when you went in. It wasn't a shower for washing: it was for humiliation.'
In Kabul, Mohamed says the food was also contaminated, and he often suffered from sickness and diarrhoea.
'The weight just dropped off me,' he said.
'The floor was made of cement dust. Whatever movement you made, the air would be full of cement and I started getting breathing problems.
' My bed was a thin mattress on the floor, surrounded by that dust.'

'I said I had met Osama Bin Laden 30 times'Much later, when Mohamed was being held at Guantanamo Bay, he and a fellow inmate discussed the time both had spent at the dark prison.

'They had just opened Oscar Block, a new Guantanamo punishment wing, and he'd been in it.

Mr Mohamed began dictating a diary of his ordeal since it began in September 2002 to lawyer Clive Stafford-Smith
'I was worried - I wanted to know what it was like. He told me, "Binyam, it's not even a twentieth as bad as Kabul.

"'A hundred nights in Oscar Block is the equivalent of one night in the dark prison".
'In Kabul I lost my head. It felt like it was never going to end and that I had ceased to exist.'
Mohamed, 30, spoke to The Mail on Sunday at the house in the English countryside where he has been staying since he was flown to Britain from Guantanamo at the end of last month.

After years of abuse and confinement and a hunger strike he began at the end of last year, he has been trying to build up his strength with simple home cooking and rambles in the open air.
He revealed new details about MI5's alleged collusion in his torture, speaking for the first time about being interrogated in Pakistan by an MI5 officer who knew he had already been tortured numerous times after his capture, and how torture made him confess to a fantastical plot that never was - to build and detonate a 'dirty' radioactive bomb in New York.
He disclosed details of confidential MI5 telegrams to the American Central Intelligence Agency that show that at the very time he was being subjected to nightmarish tortures in Morocco, where his chest and penis were repeatedly slashed with a razor, MI5 was not only supplying his interrogators with background information but making specific requests about what they wanted him to be asked.
Mohamed was given these and other documents as part of an American court case, and made a verbatim record.

Other sources have confirmed his record is accurate. He has made it available to The Mail on Sunday.
Since photos were taken of him emerging from the aircraft that brought him from Guantanamo, Mohamed has trimmed his beard and cut his hair.
Wearing a sports shirt, tracksuit and a Muslim prayer cap, he looks spruce and relaxed.

But when he slips off his jacket, it is evident his frame is still skeletal.
Yet his eyes are bright and he speaks with animation, sometimes smiling ruefully when he recalls the more bizarre aspects of his ordeal.

He seems straightforward and makes no attempt to hide the chain of events that had led to his capture - including the training he received in an Afghan camp.

Much of what he says can be corroborated from other sources.
But while the British and American governments persist in imposing secrecy over a lot of what happened to him, other parts must be taken on trust.
Mohamed says most of his physical injuries have healed. But when he is asked about their psychological consequences, his voice falters.

'Mentally right now, the result of my experience is that I feel emotionally dead.

'You could do anything to me and I wouldn't feel it any more.'
His lawyer, Clive Stafford Smith, from the human rights group Reprieve, has arranged therapy for him through London's Helen Bamber Foundation, a world-renowned centre that cares for victims of torture.

Still fearful for his safety, Mohamed asked us to ensure he could not be recognised from the photograph published here.

'The British co-operated... they sold me out'His odyssey began in 1992, when he was just 14.

His father was a senior executive with the state-owned Ethiopian Airlines and following the ousting of the dictator Haile Mengistu, many of his colleagues were being arrested by the new government.

He decided to flee, uprooting Mohamed and his elder brother and sister from the home in Addis Ababa where they had spent their childhood. He left behind his wife, Mohamed's mother.
For almost two years, Mohamed, his siblings and his father lived in a suburb of Washington DC.

However, Mohamed says he became a victim of racist bullying at his school.

'I didn't like the U.S. at all. It just didn't feel right for me to be there and I wanted to get out.'
The family had no connections in Britain, but because Mohamed spoke good English, his father decided to see if he could settle in London.
They arrived in the spring of 1994, travelling on their Ethiopian passports, which had not yet expired.

For about a week, Mohamed says, they stayed in a hotel. Then, although he was not quite 16, his father returned to America, leaving him vulnerable, without guidance or support.

Mohamed remained in regular phone contact with his family, but he had to fend for himself.
Before he left, Mohamed's father told him to go to Social Services.

At first they suggested foster care, but when he turned 16 they helped him claim state benefits while he stayed in a Notting Hill hostel and, eventually, a housing association flat.

Meanwhile he applied for asylum and was given leave to remain.

He enrolled at Paddington Green sixth-form college and passed an A-level in electronic engineering, and then began a BTEC course at City of Westminster College.
At first he stayed out of trouble. But in the summer of 1996 some friends persuaded him to try cannabis at Notting Hill Carnival.

'About two weeks later I smoked my first joint. It started from there.'
By 1998, Mohamed was regularly 'chasing the dragon' to smoke heroin and sometimes crack cocaine.

'Often I didn't even bother to go to college. I was surrounded by people who were doing the same thing.

'I was also drinking a lot. Finally, I dropped out.'
The following year, Mohamed says, he tried hard to stop using drugs.

Part of the answer turned out to be kick-boxing, and if he was searching for a father figure, he seems to have found it in his kick-boxing instructor, of whom he still speaks reverentially.

He says: 'I had to get fit again, and I started using my money to buy food again, not heroin.'
Although his mother was a Muslim, he had never practised any religion.

'I wanted to protect civilians, not kill them'However, he lived in an area with thousands of Muslims and several mosques. There he began to find a more spiritual solution to his efforts to get clean.

He says: 'I went to the mosque to see if there was something happening there that would help.'
Detainees wearing orange jumpsuits at a holding bay at Camp X-Ray at Guantanamo Bay

In the middle of 2000, he was offered a job as a mosque janitor and began to spend as much time there as he could, often staying the night - largely in order to avoid his old drug-abusing friends who still clustered around his apartment.

Mohamed says that someone at the mosque told him about the radical American civil rights leader Malcolm X, saying he had come to understand his religion properly when he went on a pilgrimage to Mecca.

Mohamed, he suggested, should go to see the 'pure' form of Islam being practised in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan.
How much did he know about what the Taliban stood for?

'Minus one,' Mohamed says. 'I really had no idea what it was.'
He had saved some money and flew to Islamabad, Pakistan's capital, in May 2001.
As an asylum-seeker, he couldn't apply for a new Ethiopian passport and had been unable to obtain a British travel document.

Instead, he borrowed a genuine British passport from a friend and substituted his own photograph.

After a week in Islamabad, Mohamed crossed the Afghan border by truck. It was, he says, easy: 'No one looked at my documents. I just kept down.'
Later, after the attacks of 9/11, the Americans who led the 'war on terror' assumed that because the Taliban had given refuge to Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda, the two were interchangeable, and that anyone who had the least involvement with the Taliban was a fully-fledged terrorist, bent - as former U.S. defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld said when he opened the Guantanamo prison in January 2002 - on 'killing millions of ordinary Americans'.
Mohamed insists that this was not the way he saw the world at all.

Back in London he had been moved and appalled by watching TV news stories about the plight of civilians caught in Russia's second war against Chechnya, where thousands, mainly Muslims, had been killed and tortured.
'To me, the Chechens were the freedom fighters and the Russians were the oppressors,' Mohamed says.

'It was the sight of the women and the kids being killed: innocent lives being lost for no reason.

'I wanted to go there to do what I could - not for fighting, but as an aid and rescue worker.'
At a guest house in Jalalabad, the first town in which he stayed in Afghanistan, he found people who had links with the Chechen resistance.

'I was told that the Russians don't separate between aid workers and those doing the fighting, and that if I wanted to go to Chechnya, I needed basic training.
'I was so young, I didn't question it. I didn't expect to fire a gun except in training, let alone kill someone.'
Mohamed adds: 'I would never have taken up arms against British or American soldiers, let alone attacked civilians.

'I wanted to protect civilians, not kill them.'

'They carried out a mock execution on me'He underwent a 45-day boot camp course. Much of the time, Mohamed says, was spent sitting around doing nothing.

He even abandoned the course halfway through for a few days, before being persuaded that if he wanted to go to Chechnya he had to finish it.

He says he learnt nothing that could be construed as terrorist training: there were no lessons on bomb-making, for example.
Demonstrators protest over Guantanamo outside the White House in Washington. Mohamed was the first to be released from Guantanamo after President Obama pledged to close it down
Afterwards, Mohamed went to Kabul, where he contracted malaria. While he was recovering in hospital, news broke of 9/11.
It was evident the West was likely to attack Afghanistan, and Mohamed's immediate impulse was to leave.
'All I wanted to do was to get back to London, to the country that I thought of as home, to continue my education and find a job; to get back to my life, minus the drugs.'
As the U.S.-led coalition advanced, Mohamed became swept up in the tide of refugees.

He fled from city to city and in 2002 managed to cross into Pakistan and made his way to Karachi.

He booked a flight to London for April 3, but officials saw that his passport looked wrong and sent him packing.

Six days later, using the same document, he tried again. This time the Pakistanis detained him - and this was the start of almost seven years of incarceration without trial, interrogation and torture.
Two weeks after being detained, having been held in Landi prison, he met an American who called himself 'Chuck' and said he worked for the FBI.

Mohamed says: 'I told him I wanted a lawyer. He told me, "The law's changed. There are no lawyers.

"'Either you're going to answer me the easy way or I get the information I need another way."'
Senior U.S. officials in Washington say that in these early months after 9/11, American intelligence agencies were 'obsessed' with the possibility that Al Qaeda might have acquired nuclear fissile material.

'Every interrogator would ask questions about it,' one former CIA officer says. Thus it was that Mohamed unwittingly contributed to his fate.
As The Mail on Sunday revealed last month, his interrogation began to turn nasty after he mentioned that while he was in Pakistan he had seen a website with spoof instructions for building a nuclear device - instructions that included advice to refine bomb-grade uranium by whirling a bucket round one's head.
'I mentioned the website to Chuck,' Mohamed says.

'It was obviously a joke: it never crossed my mind that anyone would take it seriously.

'But that's when he started getting all excited.

'Towards the end of April he began telling me about this A-bomb I was supposed to be building, and he started on about Osama Bin Laden and his top lieutenants, showing me pictures and making out I must have known them.
'He started asking me about operations and what type I had been trained for.'
As the interrogations became more serious, the treatment meted out in the time between them brutally worsened.

Mohamed says: 'For at least ten days I was deprived of sleep.

'Sometimes the Pakistanis chained me from the top of the gate to the cell by my wrists from the end of one interrogation to the start of the next for about 22 hours.

'If I shouted, sometimes I would be allowed to use a toilet. Other times, they wouldn't let me go and I would p*** myself.
'They had a thick wooden stick, like a kind of paddle, which they used to beat me while I was chained.

'They'd beat me for a few minutes, then stop, then start again. They also carried out a mock execution.

'A guard put a gun to my head and said he was going to pull the trigger. They were saying, "This is what the Americans want us to do."'
Details of the abuse Mohamed underwent in Pakistan are contained in the 'redacted' section of the British High Court judgment on his case that Foreign Secretary David Miliband is refusing to release, claiming that to do so would damage the intelligence-sharing relationship with America.
As the court has made clear in the open section of its judgment, when an MI5 officer known as 'John' went to interrogate Mohamed on May 17, 2002, he was made fully aware of what had been happening.
'John was a white male, 30, with short black hair and a goatee,' Mohamed says.

'He was about 5ft 10in and stocky.

'There was another guy with him, about the same size with a full, dark beard. I don't know if he was British or American.

'The Americans had already been threatening to send me somewhere where I would be tortured far worse, like Jordan or Egypt.

'I was given a cup of tea and asked for one sugar. The other guy told me, "You'll need more than one sugar where you're going."

'They asked me about the A-bomb website and I told them it was a joke.
'They wanted to know everything about my life in the UK and I gave them all the information I had.

'Later I realised that was part of my undoing: I told them the area I lived in had 10,000 Moroccans and was known as Little Morocco.
'The feedback I got later from the Americans was that because the Brits told them I had lived in a Moroccan area, they thought Moroccans would be more likely to make me talk.

'At the same time, they thought I must know something about what Moroccans were up to in London.'
Mohamed says that a Moroccan interrogator who would deal with him later was even more specific.

'He told me, "Do you know who sent you here? The British sent you here."'
The materials seen by The Mail on Sunday confirm much of his account.

One MI5 memo from this period, disclosed to Mohamed via the American courts, suggests the British saw themselves as central to his interrogation.

It said: 'We believe that our knowledge of the UK scene may provide contextual background useful during any continuing interview process.

'This may enable individual officers to identify any inconsistencies during discussions.
'This will place the detainee under more direct pressure and would seem to be the most effective way of obtaining intelligence on Mohammed's [sic] activities/plans concerning the UK.'
Regarding the 'dirty bomb', MI5 could see the 'inconsistencies' in Mohamed's account. John dutifully recorded that he claimed the website was a joke.

But MI5 concluded that Mohamed and another prisoner being interrogated were 'lying to protect themselves' and 'evidently holding back'.

Day after day, MI5 kept the Americans supplied with questions and information.
Mohamed says: 'John told me that if I co-operated he'd tell the Americans to be more lenient with my treatment.'

In a further confidential memo John wrote: 'I told Mohammed [sic] that he had an opportunity to help us and help himself.

'The U.S. authorities will be deciding what to do with him and this would depend to a very large degree on his co-operation - I said that I could not and would not negotiate up-front, but if he persuaded me he was co-operating fully then (and only then) I would explore what could be done for him with my U.S. colleagues.'
Evidently, John felt he wasn't co-operating enough.

His memo concluded: 'While he appeared happy to answer any questions, he was holding back a great deal of information on who and what he knew in the UK and in Afghanistan.'
Mohamed was flown - trussed, gagged, blindfolded and wearing a giant nappy - from Islamabad to Rabat in Morocco on July 21, 2002.

He gave this date to Stafford Smith four years ago, it has since been confirmed by the CIA aircraft's flight logs.

Mohamed would not leave again for 18 months, for most of which he was horribly tortured.
Shuddering, he says the details of what he endured in Morocco are such that he cannot bring himself to relate them again.
But in 2005, when he first met Stafford Smith in Guantanamo, he dictated a detailed diary, which described the abuse that began at the beginning of September 2002.
He had, he said, already endured beatings at the hands of an interrogator named Marwan.

Now, he went on, 'they cut off my clothes with some kind of doctor's scalpel. I was totally naked. I was afraid to ask Marwan what would happen because it would show fear.

'I tried to put on a brave face. But maybe I was going to be raped. Maybe they'd electrocute me. Maybe castrate me.
'They took the scalpel to my right chest. It was only a small cut. Maybe an inch. Then they cut my left chest.
'One of them took my penis in his hand and began to make cuts. He did it once, and they stood still for maybe a minute, watching my reaction.

'I was in agony, crying, trying desperately to suppress myself, but I was screaming.

'I remember Marwan seemed to smoke half a cigarette, throw it down, and start another. They must have done this 20 to 30 times in maybe two hours.

'There was blood all over. They cut all over my private parts.

'One of them said it would be better just to cut it off, as I would only breed terrorists.'
This, Mohamed says, was repeated many times over the next 15 months.
Even after this treatment started, the documents disclosed to Mohamed for the U.S. court case reveal that MI5 was colluding with his tormentors.

In late September, one document reveals: 'The Service received a report from the U.S. of an interview of Mr Mohamed.
'On September 30, MI5 held a case conference about him with their American colleagues at MI5s London headquarters.
Weeks later, on November 5, came the strongest evidence to emerge of British collusion in Mohamed's illegal 'rendition' and torture, in the form of a telegram from MI5 to the CIA.
Headed 'Request for further Detainee questioning', it stated: 'This information has been communicated in confidence to the recipient government and shall not be released without the agreement of the British government.

'We would be grateful if the following can be passed to Binyam Mohamed.'
It went on to ask that his interrogators show him and ask him questions about a 'photobook recently sent over'.

Large portions of the telegram, which set out detailed questions, have been redacted, but it added: 'We would be grateful if the following could be put to Binyam Mohamed, in addition to the questioning above.
'Does Mohamed know [two lines redacted]? What was the man's name? How does Mohamed know him? Can Mohamed describe him? Where did they meet? Where was the man from?

'Who facilitated his travel from the UK? Where did this man go? What were his intentions?

'We would appreciate the opportunity to pose further questions, dependent on answers given to the above.'
A further telegram sent by MI5 on November 11 was headed 'update request'.

It, too, has been heavily redacted but the surviving portion states: 'We note that we have also requested that briefs be put to Binyam Mohamed and would appreciate a guide from you as to the likely timescale for these too.
'We fully appreciate that this can be a long-winded process, but the urgent nature of these enquiries will be obvious to you.'
Mohamed remembers very clearly the moment when MI5's questions were first channelled by his Moroccan interrogators.

He says: 'They started bringing British files to the interrogations - thick binders, some of them containing sheaves of photos of people who lived in London and places there like mosques.
'It was obvious the British were feeding them questions about people in London.
'When I realised that the British were co-operating with the people torturing me, I felt completely naked.

'It was when they started asking the questions supplied by the British that my situation worsened. They sold me out.'
Under this torture, Mohamed's confessions became ever more elaborate.

'They had fed me enough through their questions for me to make up what they wanted to hear. I confessed to it all.

'There was the plot to build a dirty nuclear bomb, and another to blow up apartments in New York with their gas pipes.'

This - supposedly the brainchild of the 9/11 planner Khalid Shaikh Mohammed - always sounded improbable: it was never quite clear how gas pipes might become weapons.
'I said Khalid Shaikh Mohammed had given me a false passport after I was stopped the first time in Karachi and that I had met Osama Bin Laden 30 times. None of it was true.

'The British could have stopped the torture because they knew I had tried to use the same passport at Karachi both times.

'That should have told them that what I was saying under torture wasn't true. But so far as I know, they did nothing.'
Mohamed was finally 'rendered' by the CIA again in January 2004 and taken to Afghanistan. He says the agents he met there responded with horror.
'When I got to Kabul a female agent started taking close-up pictures of my genitals. She was shocked.

'When they removed my diaper she could see blood was still oozing from the cuts on my penis.

'For the first two weeks they had me on antibiotics and they took pictures of my genitals every day.

'They told me, "This is not for us. It's for Washington." They wanted to be sure it was healing.'
Then came his ordeal in the dark prison. Mohamed says the thrust of his interrogations had changed.

Since he madehis fantastical confession, the Americans wanted him to become a prosecution witness in their system of special military commissions, against Al Qaeda bigwigs he had never met.
He reached Guantanamo in September 2004.

There, the interrogations continued but there had been another shift.

He says: 'They said they were worried I would tell the court that I had only confessed through torture. They said now they needed me to say it freely.

'We called them the clean team, they wanted to say they had got this stuff from a clean interrogation.'
After Mohamed had spent more than four years at Guantanamo, Barack Obama became U.S. President and announced the camp's impending closure and an end to the military commissions.

But according to Mohamed, there was little sign of an improvement.

'Since the election it's got harsher. The guards would say, yes, this place is going to close down, but it was like they wanted to take their last revenge.'
The feared Emergency Reaction Force, a SWAT team used to punish inmates in their cells, is being used more often, he says.
Mohamed recalls an occasion when it was deployed against him.

The reason was that he was refusing to give his fingerprints which, despite all the torture, had unaccountably not been taken before: he says he feared they might use them to frame him.
'They nearly broke my back. The guy on top was twisting me one way, the guys on my legs the other.

'They marched me out of the cell to the fingerprint room, still cuffed. I clenched my fists behind me so they couldn't take prints, so they tried to take them by force.
'The guy at my head sticks his fingers up my nose and wrenches my head back, jerking it around by the nostrils.
'Then he put his fingers in my eyes. It felt as if he was trying to gouge them out.

Another guy was punching my ribs and another was squeezing my testicles. Finally I couldn't take it any more. I let them take the prints.'
Last October, before the election, all charges against him were dropped, even the Americans had come to realise there was no 'dirty bomb' plot.

Yet to Mohamed, it seemed he was no closer to release - hence his decision, on December 29 last year, to go on hunger strike.

Release, when it finally came last month, took him by surprise. It is, he admits, still difficult to accept.

'I kept being told, you'll be free in ten days, and they would pass, and then I'd be told another ten days, and still it wasn't for real.'
As for the future, he is determined to stay in Britain, despite MI5's alleged collusion with his torturers.

'It's the only place I can call home,' he says. 'I want to live a normal life, to find a wife, get married, have a family, a job.

'Meanwhile, I'll do whatever I can to get the other innocent prisoners out of Guantanamo.'
* The Mail on Sunday has made no payment to Binyam Mohamed. We will be making a donation to the Helen Bamber Foundation.

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Newest Oldest Best rated Worst rated View all His actions are very suspect - travelling to Afganistan and useing a forged passport to travel to the UK. looks like he his now tryingthe "compemsation game" and this weak Liebour goverment wil probably givce into him while honest UK taxpayers are denied cancer drugs becasu "there isn't enough money"
- Steve, Chalfont, Bucks, 07/3/2009 22:21
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Er.... go away sunshine.
- Tim, Milwaukee, 07/3/2009 22:11
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When is his compensation claim starting. It cannot be long now.
- rob, derby, 07/3/2009 22:02
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Any use of torture is unacceptable, but I have no time for this man. He has been treated very kindly by this country and it was his decisions that lead to all his problems. He has excuses for everything, but does he and his team of advisors really think anyone with sense accepts his version of events that lead to his "ordeal". Of course there is no firm evidence put forward of his exact tortures other than his "word". Where are the photos of his scars?
- A Verrall-Withers, Upper Norwood, London, 07/3/2009 21:58
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Frankly I am more interested in the torture which goes on inside the UK

Baby P was tortured to death under the care of Social Services. Almost 300 children under ss care have died in the last 3 years.

Pensioners have been frozen to death inside care homes which had no heating.

A man with learning difficulties starved to death lying in a hospital bed.

A man of 101 was sent home in a taxi, half dressed and carrying a bag of his own soiled clothing. He died 3 days later.

Another gentleman aged over 80 was left to walk home from a hospital(it took him 2 hours) after being hours at the hospital and recieving 3 pints of blood. He died the next day.

A man who 'escaped' from a care home was 'tazered' by police. He was 89 years old.

I wish the chattering classes and the 'uman rights' brigade would turn their attention to them.

There are thousands of cases similar to the ones I have listed.
- Linda, Birmingham, 07/3/2009 21:55

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