Tuesday, 7 September 2010


They have really overstepped the mark this time. It is a criminal offence to pretend to be someone else and post in their name, for malicious purposes, as these creeps have done.


Zoompad said...
Dear all

I have to apologise for all the awful things I have said about your great blog. I was, just like, Rico, Ian, Neil, Carrie, Carolyn and Rob, lost until Stuart came into our lives, but he has just used us and we all hate him for it.

The fool is also in court this afternoon and I hope they send him to Hell because he is a bastard.

May god be with you Gazza and the other great writers on this blog.

Zoompad x

September 07, 2010
Anonymous said...
Thats very honourable Zoompad but why have you made out that Syvret tried to break up a paedo ring in Jersey? Its the first we have heard about it? Who is in it? What proof do you have? This is why we are sick of him, he lies lies lies and when we ask for proof he can't hand any.

September 07, 2010
Anonymous said...
I like the demagogue analysis.
You can see the work he put in to get the JEP called the Rag. Repeat, repeat, repeat, and his idiot followers took up the torch just as he expected, what a bunch of sheep, the new master race!!!

I thought it humorous to see that a couple of years later all that has been achieved is for him to be known island wide as the nutter!!!


September 07, 2010
Anonymous said...
I agree because I read the Sharp Report before even he handed out to UK journalists and I could never understand why he saw this report as irrefutable evidence of major cover up.

He is so in love with this report he must sleep with it at night.

September 07, 2010
Gazza said...
Dear Zoompad

Apology accepted but you have bombarded this blog with alomst 30 posts over the past few days and this isn't your rant zone.

But at least you have the courage to say sorry so we will draw a line under it.

Gazza :-x

September 07, 2010


Pille said...

I arrived here just surfing. Congratulations on Your nicest blog, that I’ll be visiting again, from time to time.
Best wishes from an Estonian knitter living in Italy

Anonymous said...

I doubt there is a copyright issue with the name 'Zoompad'.

Anonymous said...

you cant impersonate a pseudonym

Zoompad said...

You have stolen my identity. I painted that picture, I have the origional painting, in watercolours. You are in big trouble. At the very least your malicious blog will be closed down.

I am glad about what you have done, because you have tried to destroy us victims of child abuse and now you have overstepped your mark. You have caused so much misery to so many people, victims of child abuse and Stuart, with your disgusting bullying and harassment.

You made a big mistake in persecuting one of the Lord's children. I am a Christian and the Lord Jesus covers me. I did tell you, but you scoffed and sneered and tried to bully me.

Now, your blog will soon be like a bad smell, a vapour of something rotten, gone for ever, kaput! You will certainly be taken down, and not be allowed to bully anyone else ever again. And the police will investigate you as well, not all police are crooked, certainly not. You are finished.

Anonymous said...

You hope its closed down you mean. Hardly likely and its Syvret's Blog thats been handed a threat of a Court Order lately or has he kept that one from you as well?

You will also find that just because you painted a picture once its released on the Interent you made it Public. You cannot control whether anybody uses it, reproduces it or changes it even.

You cannot do a thing about it and are looking more and more stupid as you carry on making threats like this because you can't do anything.

Zoompad said...

You may be right. Sadly, even though you have clearly broken the law, harressed and bullied people on your horrible forum, hacked into my Blogger account - I have you email addy's now, one of you is surfingfan@gmail.com and the other is hikingfan@gmail.com, and that in itself is a criminal offence, never mind all the other vile things you have done, you may be right in as far as it has proved virtually impossible for people like me to get access to the law of the land, as there are too many corrupt people in positions of high authority.

The good news is that we do have a decent man who is Prime Minister, and he is clearly very much engaged on cleaning up the mess of corruption. I expect that is the reason William Hague has been persecuted. So it looks like things are on the change for the good in this country.

I know the Lord Jesus will not allow you bad men to bully me, and even if the police refuse to help me - I am going to see them tomorrow and I will be taking along some copies and photographs of evidence of your disgusting online bullying - even if I do not get justice there, which I hope I will, the Lord will point me in the right direction of where to get help to stop you creeps online bullying and identity theft.

You are in very big trouble.

Zoompad said...

But the Farce blog really has gone, and Jon Haworth, friend of Sean Power Terry Le Sewer, that gormless looking one with goggle eyes and other corrupt Jersey politicians was fined £2oo for making death threats to Stuart Syvret and his landlord.

Praise the Lord!

Zoompad said...

Sadly, it appears that we have a Prime Minister who is more concerned with being dragged into illegal takeover of other countries by the Pentagon than in sorting out domestic issues such as making sure all the little children in this country are kept safe from paedophiles and human traffickers.

Well, the Bible does tell us not to put our hope in mankind.

The Lord is going to wipe the leers of the paedophiles, even if all the politicians in Parliament won't stop this outrage the Lord will and everyone will know it is the Lord. The world has turned its back on the children, the governments have been taken over by evil people, the good people in Parliament, they have been stripped of their power, by traitors who dont care about anything at all except protecting their own ill gotten gains. The so called churches, they are led by scoundrels, hirelings, not by men of God. But the Lord will not ignore the cries of his children. Sometimes all people can do is pray, and ask God to intervene. I cant think of anything else to do, I have written to everyone I can think of, its like coming up against a brick wall, and the Farce bloggers are laughing at all us anti paedophile campaigners. What can we do except pray and ask God to help?

Zoompad said...

Dear Lord Jesus,
You know all the letters I have written, to Parliament, to the Lords, to the police, to the church, to the newspapers, to everyone I thought might do something to stop this international paedophile/human trafficking ring hurting children and smashing up families. But our Prime Minister, what is he doing about the secret courts? He is rubber stamping invading other countries, he is ignoring the cries of the people he is supposed to be representing and serving. The secret courts are terrorising families, they are persecuting children. The paedophiles are getting children via these secret childstealing courts. the Pentagon is built on wicked foundations, they even built their Navy Seal headquarters to look like a gigantic swasticka, and they are the terror of the world. The Pentagon seems to be able to click its little finger and all our UK government has to follow, like a little puppy dog!

Please, stop this horrific trade in humans. Please, I dont know what else to do, I have written to everyone I can think of. Please help us, dear Lord. I don't know what to pray for, except that this vile trade in human souls is stopped. I have no idea what to do, I feel powerless and useless, except to turn to you and beg you to help us.

Thank you for hearing my prayer

Love Barbara xx