Monday, 13 September 2010


This lady has seen the error of her ways and has repented of the crimes she has committed, and is seeking to try to right the wrongs. I pray for this lady, and hope that she finds God's love and forgiveness and peace as she goes about this Herculean task


"I worked as a headhunter for twenty-two years and with false allegations brought in over 25,000 children for which I was paid $1,800 a head for. If a child was mentally handicapped, fetal drug alcohol syndrome and MS handicapped, I got a bonus of $500.00 for each of them.

We targeted low income, the impoverished and little to no education. The less means they had to fight a legal battle with, the more bonuses we received. I know I was responsible for bringing in 11 children, that were later murdered by their foster parent and the guilt of that has eaten and chewed at my spirit until it is so full of holes, I sure my heart looks like Swiss cheese.

In one case a woman was doing laundry in the projects and sat beside her about a 18 month old playing with a metal hanger. The mother’s view of the child was restricted by blowing wet sheets on the wind and I in my allegations said the child was utterly alone and could have poked his eye out or wandered out into traffic less than thirty feet away and be killed. Her little boy ended up being adopted out to a white family in India without parental consent. I am not proud of what I did. I am sickened to my sole by what I did to those innocent little children.

It really did not hit me what I was really doing until another headhunter came up to me and congratulated me on my 25,000 score on innocents taken from loving homes. I know those parents were good parents. They loved their children enough to die for them, they just lacked the money, education and to know how to get their children safely home. Point -They changed my name for every court case, so no name would link me in other files.

God, I have lived in mansions, had a body guard, drove swanky cars. I had it all. Every time a child was adopted out without parental consent that I have given child protective services, I got another $10,000 as a reward. Not for all the cars, houses, villas, not for all the money around the world, would I send one more innocent into a foster family as a repent.

I know I am going to hell. But, starting with Australia and Canada and the world, I am confessing my story and the only amends I can move and for a lot of these kids, it is far to late. I vow to bring them home and tell the judges what I was hired to do and why and who paid me.

I promised Georgie the exclusive interview and she left square bracketed as (x-x) and I cannot go on. The guilt is choking my throat and soon I will not be able to talk. But, I will come back and finish this exclusive interview. You ladies are doing a fine smart job. I give you both credits - high credits, for seeing so clearly all the corruption going on from judges to lawyers to crown counsel to social workers to simple clerks. You are headed in the right direction and you are both going to make a huge difference in this sick world by bring some babies home to their mothers and fathers where they have belonged since they were born.

I can say it and mean it I am so very sorry, so very sorry. That words do not make amend, owning up to our mistakes does. So I am off to my office here at home to see which child I can return home next."

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