Wednesday, 29 September 2010


Even though Gary is enjoying a lovely holiday in Cloud Cuckoo Land right now, he still finds time to post crap on his Blog of Lies!


Zoompad said...

I have asked those blaggards to meet me at a public place, so that they can repeat those dreadful comments they have made on their blog of shame to my face.

This is what I have posted onto their blog, but I doubt they will have the bottle to put it up.
Well now Gary,

As you and Andy have both insulted me again and again and again on your blog of filth, and used my identity to post your crap, hacked into my Google account and basically been a very bad boy, are you going to do one slightly honourable and easily arranged thing in your life and do me the courtesy of agreeing to meet you and your friends in a public place, in London or Birmingham perhaps, so that I can see if you have the courage to say the disgraceful comments you have made on this blog of scum directly to my face?

Or are you, as I suspect you are, a coward who is all gob and bluster?

I think you are afraid of me. It is quite hilarious, you big talking men, all so very very scared of one middle aged old woman like me. Hahaha, just as Gillian Duffy made that cowardly old windbag Gordon Brown's knees tremble, you cowards cannot stand within a whisker of us Northern women!

Zoompad said...

That's the funny thing about these little thumbs suck bully boys. They always pick on people they think will be a pushover, but as soon as anyone stands up to them, off they go toddling to Mummy, telling tales that they have been bullied.

It really is quite hilarious. I think it just shows how far the the freemason brotherhood has slipped these days. The stiff upper lip has been replaced with a trembling blubber, and there is not even a pretence of dignity and valour any more, as they have enlisted so many brain dead thugs!

I almost feel sorry for them, how the mighty have fallen!

They are totally terrified of meeting me, absolutly petrified. What they think I will do to them I cannot think, the truth is, all I want to do is talk to them face to face - I might be a Northern dame, but there is no question of any frying pans or rolling pins being involved!