Wednesday, 15 September 2010


I am banned from this website, because I spoke out about them being affiliated to the Freemasons of Warwickshire, but every now and then I go onto a friends computer to see if there are any people who are in danger.

SAFELINE is a very dangerous site, it pretends to help child abuse survivors, but it does the exact opposite.

I hope this person MOJO gets in touch, as there is REAL help (ie, nothing to do with the freemason gangsters) and I would like to point this person in the right direction to access that help.

Please, Mojo, don't give up, please Jesus, help this person Mojo.


Sep 8th, 2010 - 9:33 AM QuoteReply nothing left TTTTTT cont alc*h*l su feelings

I was warned. I shouldn't have spoken up. Everything has collapsed around me. Why did I think I could get away with it.
Since I spoke to p*lice my benefits have been cut off, strange things keep happening. They've destroyed my life. Taken what little I has left. I was warned. I'm not the first. You can't beat them. They got too much power.
I don't know how to go on. I got no hope left. I've struggled so long to keep my house now it will go. I can't pay with no money. Want to rewind. Want to never have gone in that p*lice station. Want to e hidden again.
I don't want to exist. Dr*nking again heavily. Just remember p*king dont remember passing out. Dr*nk away the pain only that doesn't even work anymore.
I'm broken. Its never gona end Im never gona be ok. Oblivion. thats all i want now. Cold quiet l*feless oblivion. Utter f*cking despair. "


Anonymous said...

Please remove your lies.
Safeline has helped me and thousands of others. You are wrong and I strongly object to you pasting my words from their forum here. You have hurt me. They have not.
Please show some kindness and consideration and heed my plea.
Thank you.
In peace, Mojo

Zoompad said...

I certainly will not remove my blog post about Mojo. I hope and pray that the real Mojo manages to find this blog posting. You are the liar, you are pretending to be this person, who is being subjected to unlawful malicious vindictive persecution.

You are so wicked you make me wanyt to spit. Your horrible disgusting website pretends to be a safe haven for victims of child abuse, but you are in fact casting a net to snare these poor people, and making sure that they never can find justice and healing.

I have saved all the vicious things which were said to me, plus the creepy letters written in red, don't think I am ignorant of the significance of that either, so if you want to pick a fight with me I would advise you it is not a very good idea, as you will lose, even if the whole Freemasons of Warwick and Staffordshire combined join in, so don't think about pushing your luck.

You leave this Mojo alone. I know all your bloody tricks.