Thursday, 30 September 2010



Anonymous said...

Philip Bailache
was on the board of governors at Haute de la Garrenne

Edward Paisnel was a foster Father and had fosrered children from La Garrenne

Anonymous said...

Edward Paisnel the 'beast of Jersey'

How many of these 'beasts' does Jersey have?

Anonymous said...

what's happened to the link to Bailhaches inaugural speech for his business school?
They have all been pulled on UTUBE
Maybe there was to much information in its contents that showed him up to be the arrogant pompous little man he is. And the fact that he makes the law up as he goes along.
God help us if they push for this independence.


Andrew le Sueur, the video producer must have had an early morning phoncall

All six have been removed!!!!!

Zoompad said...

Dear Lord Jesus,

Since I became a Christian believer in 1984 I have been asking you the same question over and over again, "WHY WAS I ABUSED AS A CHILD?"

I still can't hear or understand your answer, I am sure you are trying to explain the answer to me, but I just can't comprehend it. My heart is too broken to be able to, I think. It broke my heart, what they did to me, Lord, You know it did, you saw it all.

I know that you can do miracles, because I have witnessed your power, for instance, that day at Stafford County Court when I could clearly hear a conversation between my crooked solicitor and a Cafcass officer, when it should have been physically impossible for me to do so. Even so, I have felt so dreadfully hurt, knowing that you saw what they did to me and yet you did not rescue me with a big miracle, as I know that you have that power. But one thing I do understand now is this - I did not really ask you to help me when I was a child, because I did not believe you were alive at that time. I didn't really understand the ressurection. I thought you had gone to a far away place, and were aloof of the affairs of men. Nobody could blame you if you had, after all, our race murdered you. Now I realise that you are taking a close interest in the affairs of this world, and nothing escapes your attention.

All through the ages there has been abuse and cover ups, but the truth has always managed to seep out, like blood dripping through floorboards at the scene of a murder. I am asking you, please Jesus, to reveal all these wicked hidden things to all the people, so that everyone can see what has been happening, and understand.

Thank you for what you are doing, Lord Jesus, for helping all of us who cry out to you. None of us have any right to expect you to help us at all, but you do, because you promised us that if we asked you to help us you would, because you created us and love us, even though we are not really very kind, using all the earth to make it all ugly and basically wrecking virtually everything we touch.

Zoompad said...

Lord, you saw what Edward Paisnel did to those children, and you saw what Philip Bailache did as well, and all the atrocities which happened at Haut de la Garenne. You saw everything, and you are watching those who are still alive, and still persecuting the people who were abused, and those who try their best to defend them, like Stuart Syvret.

Lord, I am going to write two more letters this weekend, one to David Cameron and another one to Nick Clegg, and I am going to plead with those two men who are now in charge of this country to intervene in this appalling state of affairs. I am sure David Cameron and Nick Clegg are very decent men, who hate child abuse. If they weren't, you would have told me, and you haven't, so they must be. Please help me as I write these letters, to write down exactly the right words that you want me to say, please bless my letter writing abilities. Mr Morrison told me always to ask you for specific things, and so that is why I am asking you to bless my letters.

Thank you for hearing my prayer xx

Zoompad said...

Don't worry, they have been downloaded!