Tuesday, 14 September 2010


The way hell is portayed on film is usually as a very hot place, with demonic figures holding sharp things to poke the unrepentant sinner with.

I don't know why hell is portayed like this, but I think hell will be a very hot place.

The Bible tells us that Jesus Christ is coming backl to earth the same way as the last time he was seen, on a cloud. So basically, a big cloud will come and Jesus will be in it.

The Bible tells us that it is us who choose our own destiny. I suppose that means that if we choose not to have anything to do with Jesus, in short, if we snub him, then we won't hear him calling us together when it is time to go. If that happens, we will get left behind.

So heaven must be somewhere else than this earth. I think perhaps this earth will become hell. Time does not matter to God, he invented time. It's only us that are bound by time. One day this lovely planet will be sucked in to the sun, as will all the other planets. The sun will explode and become a really massive fireball. I expect that is what hell is like.


Zoompad said...

Hell is a place where you can't see anything good. That is how I felt about the hell hole childrens home where they put me as a kid.

It really was a dreadful place. It was scary right from the start, there was a boy standing on the tanble, and bthat was a very strange thing. I thought. He looked very frightened. I remember he was wearing shorts. He was about 8 years old. Other kids were eating their dinner. I wondered why he was standing on the table, I thought he was being silly at first, but he had a really scared face, so someone had obviously made him stand on the table as punishment. I wanted to get him off the table, but I had only just arrived.

Then this really horrible looking woman took me to the house, you had to go into another part to get to the dining room. She took me upstairs and got a big box full of these uniforms in a stretchy diagonal stripe fabric. I wanted to keep my own clothes on, but she made me take them off and put this wierd uniform on instead.

The house had a funny smell, like grease. It was drab and dirty. There was barbed wire all round the wall, so us kids could not escape, but I DID escape, by jumping out the bathroom window, which led onto the road. They soon caught me though.

The man came into our bedroom in the night, because I was crying, and hit me for crying, and so I hit him back. So themn he dragged me out of bed and other people came, there was a massive struggle, and they got me into the cell. A girl had left a suicide note in the cell. I was so scared of them, so I smeared shit all over the walls, to keep them all out. They left the light on day and night, and I got disorientated. There was one tiny window in the cell. They were leaving my dinner while I was asleep, and taking the dirty things away, as I do not remember anyone coming into the room except once, and I rushed at them,so that they would not hurt me. I was so scared of them. At the police station, the police doctor had done an internal without my consent, (and without my parents knowledge and consent) to see if I had had sex, and I didn't know about internals, so when I heard all the clanking I thought he had put knives and scissors or something inside of me. That really freaked me out a lot.

So I suppose that was my vision of hell, being caught by those people. I felt like a rat in a laboratory. I suppose everyone gets a fortaste of hell. I think child vabuse is hell non earth.

Anonymous said...

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Zoompad said...

Another thing which I compare to feelings of what Hell must be like was the feeling of revulsion of having to do things to another human being that you did not want to do, and being told that you are frigid if you do not do it. Feeling smelly and dirty but never being able to wash the dirt off you, being able to smell it all the time. Feeling pressurised all the time, feeling afraid of other people, because of just in case they do things to you as well, or betray you. Lonely feelings, like that you have no friends in all the world, because everyone is after you, or out to do bad things to you.Feeling that you have something terribly wrong with you, but you don't know what it is. Feeling that everything you do is wrong. Feeling that you are going to die at any second, so you are waiting to die all the time, so then you can't sleep properly because you are scared that if you go to sleep you might wake up and find yourself in a dreadful place and have to stay there for ever, with no way out ever. I think all those ate hell feelings. I don't suppose any of those feelings will exist in heaven. I think we get to experience all the heaven and hell feelings before we die, and that we choose our own destiny because I think if we inflixct those hell feelings onto other vulnerable souls we reap the punishment of what we have done to hurt other people one day. Thats what I think.