Friday, 17 September 2010


Dear Sir,

You shouldn't have come to this country, pretending to be the representative of God. A lot of people were booing you in London today. That is because they are so angry about what your paedophile priests have done.

If you had come here to apologise, and not at the taxpayers expense, people would have been a lot nicer to you, because this is a country full of nice people, very generous and very forgiving and peacable people. But you didn't, you came all pomp and arrogance. You even had the cheek to criticise the people of this country for lacking spiritual virtue! That has annoyed quite a lot of people.

You ought to say sorry to God for pretending to represent him, that is so arrogant. God isn't going to be very pleased about that you know, it says so in the Bible.

I hope you get your heart right with God. God does forgive people, so maybe he will forgive you.

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