Friday, 24 September 2010


I have always been of the opinion that a person's personal relationships are their own affair. I have never really been interested in reading the tittle tattle over who is dating who in the world of celebrities, I am simply not interested. Neither am I interested in wether they are homosexual, bisexual or hetrosexual. As far as I am concerned, it's none of my business.

But one thing is really bugging me, and that is how gay rights have been thrust down our throats these past few years.

I went to a charity which collects money to help old people to look for some helpful information on helping an old person I know to claim Council Tax benefit. I did not find any useful info, but what I did find was a very expensive looking glossy brochure which was all about how old people could enjoy homosexual relationships. Now, I don't mean to be rude to old people, but all the old people I know don't really seem that interested in having a sex session with a same sex partner - they seem more interested in getting their bus passes, paying their electric bills so they do not have to freeze to death and not getting diddled or mugged. There is one rather lonely old man who I know who seems to be very much interested in sex, but I don't he would be interested in gay sex either, he keeps trying to snog me, so I assume from that he is also very much a hetrosexual.

At the police station, there is a smart little display box on the counter, with a multi page booklet announcing HOMOPHOBIA IS A CRIME, this is the very same police station which failed to do anything to help me when I reported how I had been abused as a child and raped as an adult, plus unlawfully detained in a room and tortured for 2 hours in the secret family courts.

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against gay people. I have Queen records in my music collection, and I greatly admire the talents of George Michael, Elton John, Tchaicovsky and Rudolph Nureyev.

When we were all preached to from Parliament how we had to accept our homosexual brothers and sisters, and not persecute them because of their sexuality, I heartily agreed. The point was made over and over again that gay people had just as much right as anyone else to enjoy a loving relationship as hetrosexual people, and I agreed. Who would want to deny another human being of the warmth and friendship of the person they had fallen in love with?

But I AM objecting, most strongly and vigourously, to this disgusting website, and other of a similar ilk - the Milkboys. Blatently trumpeting its true intentions for all to see, I think this is one of the most disgusting websites I have ever seen. It is nothing to do with gay people wanting to love and cherish each other, but naked writhing, bare bottoms and genetalia, in one disgusting orgy of filth. Drooling over little boys, posting up the caning scene from the television drama Tom Browns Schooldays, and making lewd comments about the children involved in this production, it is an abhorrance, it is fornication and ungodly wicked lust. As you will see, there are only young men and children featured on this site - no older men at all, so I accuse that site of being either blatently ageist, or something far far worse!

Is this what the Gay Rights campaign was set up to protect? I wonder if Peter Tatchell will be wanting to defend this?


Anonymous said...


This is a very interesting post.

Milkyboys is quite a big problem on the net. I hear they have allot of hits which is very scary.

But I have also heard of an even bigger problem.

Have you heard of a site called 4chan?

I have been told that there are over 9000! peadophiles!

Is there anything that can be done about this?

Zoompad said...

I had never seen either of those sites before, Milkyboys is different from Milkboys, just as morally depraved though. How can anyoner think these sites are acceptable?

Well, as Mary Whitehouse is dead, it looks like it's up to me to do somthing about this, and I will.

I am going to compile a list of shame of these disgusting websites, I will start a new thread especially for that purpose. I want to know who is responsible for all this filth.