Sunday, 12 August 2012


"LaRouche founded the Worldwide LaRouche Youth Movement (WLYM) in 2000, saying in 2004 that it had hundreds of members in the U.S. and a lesser number overseas. During the Democratic primaries in June 2000, he received 53,280 votes, or 22 percent of the total, in Arkansas"

The LaRouche movement is a clever organization: clever because it operates several independent divisions that are hard to connect with each other. The Schiller Institute, the Fusion Energy Forum, the Executive Intelligence Review, the Campaign to Explore Human Rights Violations in the U.S. (whose main interests seem to be the rights of Larouchians), Bread for the World, the Human Life Committee, the New Federalist, and 21st Century Science & Technology magazine are all part of the LaRouche organization. Currently, LaRouche is also connected to the "Productive Triangle Program" (the 'Paris-Berlin-Vienna' axis) promoted by the International Progress Organization (IPO) in Central Europe, intended to promote economic development. Lyndon H. LaRouche has run (as a Democrat, no less) for president several times; in 1992 he is running from a jail cell, with the Rev. James Bevel (a SCLC founder and associate of Rev. King) as his vice presidential running mate. One might note, incidentally, that several LaRouchians do hold various offices around the country, and many LaRouchian groups have sprung up in Europe.

This prayer might seem to some people to have nothing to do with the rest of this blog post, but it is certainly relevant. The Lord cares about the big things and the little things - nothing is too big or too small for his eyes.

The persecuted should cry out to the Lord Jesus Christ, He will not ignore their prayers. The wicked should also cry out to the Lord Jesus Christ, he will not ignore their heartfelt plea for for forgiveness.

Monday, 6 August 2012


In all my journey as an anti child abuse blogger I have come to realise that it's very difficult to find people you can trust.

I have had people gain my confidence, only to betray me, and that has happened many times.

My agenda is to do everything I possibly can to stop deliberate organised intitutional child abuse in the UK. There is a network of gangsters in the UK who are using syndromes that were invented by paedophiles to point the finger at parents - usually mothers, but sometimes fathers as well - to maliciously accuse them of child abuse so that they can steal their kids or make a pile of money out of long expensive secret family court cases.

Anyone caught up in these secret court cases then has to prove what a perfect parent they are in order to be allowed to keep their own children. These gangsters like to pick on people who have had a history of mental illness or been in care, because people like that are unlikely to succeed in passing through the trials of fire and water they are made to walk through. I am referring here to the Magic Flute, the series of tests that Pamina and Tamino are made to endure. Believe me, going through the secret family courts is just like being forced to walk into a fiery furnace, and being waterboarded.

I was forced to endure the secret family court torture myself, but it wasn't Isis I called out to for protection, it was the Lord Jesus Christ. I am not a perfect parent - I am not a perfect anything, I am an ordinary sort of woman who has been through an extraordinary ordeal, and clung tight to the promises given by the Lord Jesus Christ to endure the torments and was not dissapointed.

So who can we trust. Well, without meaning to hurt any of my friends, the only one I can completly trust is the Lord Jesus Christ. I can't even trust myself, as I know my own weaknesses, and I have made some incredible cock ups, I have also let other people down at times, without meaning to, but I know that I have. But the Lord my God has never lied to me, never let me down, every time I have called out to him he has heard my cry, even when I was in that awful shit hole Chadswell Assessment Centre, he heard my cries for help when I was so frightened, and he got me out of that awful place.

I put my trust in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Friday, 3 August 2012


Here's a funny thing. In my 40 year quest for a simple apology from the people who are responsible for aiding and abetting paedophile scum bags by covering up for the Staffordshire Pindown children's home child abusers and child pimps, I discovered some very interesting stuff about a woman psychologist who got me weeping hysterically on the floor of my own kitchen due to her horrible bullying, trying to force me to have NLP child abuse "therapy" at her nasty little den near St Georges Psychiatric Hospital (one of the places I was incarcerated at as a child on a "place of safety" court order after I tried to run away from being abused, hence the triggering effect which that creepy old bitch was fully aware of)and Stafford Prison. To this day I do not like to go anywhere near that area, because it does not take too much to trigger off a panic attack if I am in that particular area, even looking at photographs of that area triggers me so much that I get weepy.

I discovered that this particular broomstick riding psychologist has been having cosy little meetings with a senior member of Stafford Police. Now, Stafford Police have been very very naughty indeed, not only have they illegally tampered with a police statement of when I was a child, they have also failed to investigate serious hate crimes which I have reported to them. They also tried to shut my mouth by trying to bully me into stopping blogging.

Anyway, all this is very much like someone taking a sledgehammer to crack a peanut. I'm not really sure why Stafford Police have acted in this way, all I can think is that they must have been desperate for some reason to hush up the Pindown child abuse scandal, but as Stafford police were involved in initial investigations of that I really cannot work out at this stage what went wrong.

Like I said, all I wanted, all I still want in fact, is to be allowed to have a life. Which I cant at the moment, as I still suffer from PTSD, every agency I reach out to for help stabs me in the back. I have even been blocked from getting a divorce. I can't "move on" whatever I do, as there is always a bunch of backstabbing shadows ready to backstab me. I have already posted about the appalling way I was stalked when I was posting on the Safeline child abuse forum helphine. So the only thing I can really do is to try to find out who is responsible for this stalking and bullying.

Well then, I dont want to be too longwinded, but I found that someone called Peter Rigby is involved in preventing hate crime. The funny thing, is that in Staffordshire the only catagory of people who appear to be protected from hate crime are members of the LGBT community. It would be a very nice thing indeed to feel that someone cares about the threats and obnoxious messages that I have to put up with, but as I am part of the hetrosexual community I just dont see anyone who gives a monkeys.

Well I was trying to find out more about Peter Rigby. Apparently he is a police officer with Stafford Police, but I can't really find out much about him. But I did find out about another Peter Rigby, who is apparently one of the richest people in the UK, the 12th richest I think. He is the owner of Coventry Airport and has just become the chairman of the Coventry and Warwickshire Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP). He has a charity called The Rigby Foundation, Charity Number 1011259 and the contact is someone called Manny Dos Santos. Here is a link to the Charity Commission website entry

I just cannot find out who this Manny Dos Santos is! I know there is a EU politician from Portugal called Manuel Antonio Dos Santos, but I would not have thought it would be him, surely not?

It's a mystery.

I am still waiting patiently for that apology. I am a very patient woman.