Saturday, 6 May 2017

Once again I am in Twitter jail!

I'm not going to worry about it, there was a time I would have been weeping about it. I'm learning to rest in God, no matter how many evil tricks the paedophiles who are so absolutely desperate to shut everyone up are, they can never ever separate me from the Lord Jesus Christ.

I think seeing as I'm not allowed to communicate with anyone any more I will just do some nice stuff that I like doing, ie learn to do split rings in tatting, and learn to play my ocarina.

The jail they put me in is like a cage round my body, I feel that I have been a prisoner all my life. But I also know that the Lord Jesus Christ is coming back, and all the people like me who are in a crushing prison guarded by Satan and his associates will be set free at the return of the Lord Jesus Christ. The wicked will try to hide, funny thing is that a lot of them are fooling themselves that they are serving God, freemasons actually do believe they are doing God's work, just as the SS thought that by putting on sinister uniforms they had the authority to persecute and murder people after being given orders to do so from someone a bit higher up the pyramid of shame.

So I will sit in my jail of social isolation with my Creator, and learn some new beautiful skills and rest in His love. My voice has been silenced, my hands have been disabled, my feet have been shackled. I still have my soul and my clear concience.