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STRAWMAN-BRITAIN appears to be evolving into the first modern soft totalitarian state. campaign to alter people's psychology‏

BRITAIN appears to be evolving into the first modern soft totalitarian state.

As a sometime teacher of political science and international law, I do not use the term totalitarian loosely.

There are no concentration camps or gulags but there are thought police with unprecedented powers to dictate ways of thinking and sniff out heresy, and there can be harsh punishments for dissent.

Nikolai Bukharin claimed one of the Bolshevik Revolution's principal tasks was "to alter people's actual psychology". Britain is not Bolshevik, but a campaign to alter people's psychology and create a new Homo britannicus is under way without even a fig leaf of disguise.

The Government is pushing ahead with legislation that will criminalise politically incorrect jokes, with a maximum punishment of up to seven years' prison.

The House of Lords tried to insert a free-speech amendment, but Justice Secretary Jack Straw knocked it out.

It was Straw who previously called for a redefinition of Englishness and suggested the "global baggage of empire" was linked to soccer violence by "racist and xenophobic white males".

He claimed the English "propensity for violence" was used to subjugate Ireland, Scotland and Wales, and that the English as a race were "potentially very aggressive".

In the past 10 years I have collected reports of many instances of draconian punishments, including the arrest and criminal prosecution of children, for thought-crimes and offences against political correctness.

Countryside Restoration Trust chairman and columnist Robin Page said at a rally against the Government's anti-hunting laws in Gloucestershire in 2002: "If you are a black vegetarian Muslim asylum-seeking one-legged lesbian lorry driver, I want the same rights as you."

Page was arrested, and after four months he received a letter saying no charges would be pressed, but that: "If further evidence comes to our attention whereby your involvement is implicated, we will seek to initiate proceedings." It took him five years to clear his name.

Page was at least an adult. In September 2006, a 14-year-old schoolgirl, Codie Stott, asked a teacher if she could sit with another group to do a science project as all the girls with her spoke only Urdu.

The teacher's first response, according to Stott, was to scream at her: "It's racist, you're going to get done by the police!" Upset and terrified, the schoolgirl went outside to calm down.

The teacher called the police and a few days later, presumably after officialdom had thought the matter over, she was arrested and taken to a police station, where she was fingerprinted and photographed. According to her mother, she was placed in a bare cell for 3 1/2 hours.

She was questioned on suspicion of committing a racial public order offence and then released without charge. The school was said to be investigating what further action to take, not against the teacher, but against Stott.

Headmaster Anthony Edkins reportedly said: "An allegation of a serious nature was made concerning a racially motivated remark. We aim to ensure a caring and tolerant attitude towards pupils of all ethnic backgrounds and will not stand for racism in any form."

A 10-year-old child was arrested and brought before a judge, for having allegedly called an 11-year-old boya "Paki" and "bin Laden" during a playground argument at a primary school (the other boy had called him a skunk and a Teletubby).

When it reached the court the case had cost taxpayers pound stg. 25,000. The accused was so distressed that he had stopped attending school. The judge, Jonathan Finestein, said: "Have we really got to the stage where we are prosecuting 10-year-old boys because of political correctness?

There are major crimes out there and the police don't bother to prosecute. This is nonsense."

Finestein was fiercely attacked by teaching union leaders, as in those witch-hunt trials where any who spoke in defence of an accused or pointed to defects in the prosecution were immediately targeted as witches and candidates for burning.

Hate-crime police investigated Basil Brush, a puppet fox on children's television, who had made a joke about Gypsies. The BBC confessed that Brush had behaved inappropriately and assured police that the episode would be banned.

A bishop was warned by the police for not having done enough to "celebrate diversity", the enforcing of which is now apparently a police function. A Christian home for retired clergy and religious workers lost a grant because it would not reveal to official snoopers how many of the residents were homosexual. That they had never been asked was taken as evidence of homophobia.

Muslim parents who objected to young children being given books advocating same-sex marriage and adoption at one school last year had their wishes respected and the offending material withdrawn.

This year, Muslim and Christian parents at another school objecting to the same material have not only had their objections ignored but have been threatened with prosecution if they withdraw their children.

There have been innumerable cases in recent months of people in schools, hospitals and other institutions losing their jobs because of various religious scruples, often, as in the East Germany of yore, not shouted fanatically from the rooftops but betrayed in private conversations and reported to authorities.

The crime of one nurse was to offer to pray for a patient, who did not complain but merely mentioned the matter to another nurse. A primary school receptionist, Jennie Cain, whose five-year-old daughter was told off for talking about Jesus in class, faces the sack for seeking support from her church. A private email from her to other members of the church asking for prayers fell into the hands of school authorities.

Permissiveness as well as draconianism can be deployed to destroy socially accepted norms and values.

The Royal Navy, for instance, has installed a satanist chapel in a warship to accommodate the proclivities of a satanist crew member. "What would Nelson have said?" is a British newspaper cliche about navy scandals, but in this case seems a legitimate question.

Satanist paraphernalia is also supplied to prison inmates who need it.

This campaign seems to come from unelected or quasi-governmental bodies controlling various institutions, which are more or less unanswerable to electors, more than it does directly from the Government, although the Government helps drive it and condones it in a fudged and deniable manner.

Any one of these incidents might be dismissed as an aberration, but taken together - and I have only mentioned a tiny sample; more are reported almost every day - they add up to a pretty clear picture.

Hal G. P. Colebatch's Blair's Britain was chosen as a book of the year by The Spectator in 1999.,,25361297-7583,00.html


Dissociative identity disorder (DID), as defined by the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), is a psychiatric diagnosis that describes a condition in which a single person displays multiple distinct identities or personalities (known as alter egos or alters), each with its own pattern of perceiving and interacting with the environment. The diagnosis requires that at least two personalities routinely take control of the individual's behavior with an associated memory loss that goes beyond normal forgetfulness; in addition, symptoms cannot be due to drug use or medical condition. Earlier versions of the DSM named the condition multiple personality disorder (MPD), and the term is still used by the ICD-10.

There is a great deal of controversy surrounding the topic. There are many commonly disputed points about DID. These viewpoints critical of DID can be quite varied, with some taking the position that DID does not actually exist as a valid medical diagnosis, and others who think that DID may exist but is either always or usually an adverse side effect of therapy. DID diagnoses appear to be almost entirely confined to the North American continent, adding to the possibility that DID may not be a legitimate diagnosis.


Safeline is a self help forum, registered charity number 1070854 based in Warwickshire. It claims that it's objective is to help adult victims of child abuse, as it states on it's home page:

"SAFELINE CAN HELP YOU TO FEEL SAFE. The objects of SAFELINE are to relieve suffering and advance education amongst people experiencing the after effects of the trauma of rape and sexual abuse, without distinction of gender, sexual orientation, race, colour or of political, religious or other opinions."

It also claims to help victims of ritual abuse:


Information about Ritual Abuse


Most abuse is ritualised in some way and generally people accept that children can be subjected to a range of terrifying and repetitive abusive experiences. One definition of ritual abuse is when one or more children are abused in a highly organised way, by a group of people who have come together and subscribe to a belief system which, for them, justifies their actions towards that child. This usually extends into family involvement and may have been practised as a religion or a way of life for years. Although survivors speak of differing experiences, many elements are common :

* Elaborate rituals, "games" set ups and "ceremonies".
* Systematic emotional, physical and sexual abuse.
* Being used in child pornography and prostitution.
* Being forced to take drugs and alcohol.
* Being tortured almost to the point of death.
* Being forced to participate in the abuse of others."

This all sounds ever so lovely and fantastic.

The trouble is, that Safeline do not allow anyone to post links to other useful websites. Neither do they encourage anyone to actually really solve their psychological problems.

What they do instead, is to encourage people to regress into childhood. They have forums to encourage people to become babies again, and talk baby talk and play with teddy bears ect.

Here is an example of that:

Mar 6th, 2009 - 11:46 AM

Quote Reply
i want to be lickle again

I been on the other board lots and lots a bit ago but i wanna be little again, it new to me being little again, help me friends

anyone want to be my friend, i like care bears and my little pony and horses

Stella xoxoxoxoox



Mar 6th, 2009 - 1:02 PM

Quote Reply
Re: i want to be lickle again

i hav a carre bere it yelow with candel on belly it for burfdey i lik brush pony hares



Mar 6th, 2009 - 3:42 PM

Quote Reply
Re: i want to be lickle again

hello stella
im nogs and i liyke care bares to. an i liyke gummy bares aswel

from nogs



Mar 6th, 2009 - 10:20 PM

Quote Reply
Re: i want to be lickle again

Hewo Sophie and Nogs

I am happy you are my fwends, i like the yello carebear but i got a pinky one wiv waindow on.

I want all the my lickle ponies i like the lickle brush with them, i want to white one best and like the ones with gems and sparklies on.

what other toys do you have?

S t e l l a xxxxxxxxxxxxx


itty bitty

Mar 8th, 2009 - 1:41 PM

Quote Reply
Re: Re: i want to be lickle again

elo me not got no care bares or ponis but ave got lots of poo bare tedis an lots of cwaft fins an der bestest fing me as gotted is cloedoggi but se not b a toy se b a doggipeeps an me luvs er



Now please don't think I am in any way having a go at these people - I have nothing but sympathy for anyone who has suffered child abuse.

But there is something really sinister in the way these people are being manipulated into this childhood regression.

I was using this forum for about three years, and I felt as though I ought to be doing all this baby stuff - I did wonder from time to time if this might help me! And all that time I was being torn apart in the secret kangaroo courts, and posting the crimes that had been committed against me onto this forum AND NOT A SINGLE ONE OF THE MODERATORS EVER GAVE ME ANY USEFUL ADVICE CONCERNING THESE CRIMINAL ACTS COMMITTED AGAINST MYSELF!

So basically, these people were silent witnesses to my torture. I just assumed that they were too afraid to help me, that the site might be closed down if they were to intervene on my account, and then other people would not get the help they needed.

Well, now I have found out that the corrupt judge, Judge Cleary, who I was tortured by in the secret kangaroo courts knows all about this website, and even refers people like myself to it!

Well doesn't that stink just a bit! I bet the crafty old coffin dodger read every single one of my posts on Safeline - I bet the verminous old scoundrel really enjoyed witnessing my pain and anguish as I wept over my computer!

What an ahole!

But I found out something very interesting indeed, from Safeline's own Annual Report.


What a load of mucky bas*ards!



Apr 24th, 2009 - 10:49 AM

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To the Admin

Please can you remove all my posts off this forum? I don't trust this site any more.



Libbi (mod)

Apr 24th, 2009 - 10:00 PM

Quote Reply
Re: To Zingzong

Hello Zingzong
I’m sorry you feel that way, but sadly no we can not remove all of your posts. We don’t have the sort of free time such an endeavour would require and it would also impact upon all those people who have taken time and effort to reply to you over the years as any posts attached to your replies would also go too (and no we don’t have months to spend reposting them! ) Your posts will naturally drop off the forums over time. Do let us know if you want the advert for your book that we put on the website for you, removed
Hope you’re taking good and gentle care of you
Keep safe Zingzong


Zingzong (repost)

Apr 28th, 2009 - 10:16 AM

Quote Reply
Re: To Zingzong TTTTT

I would never trust any of you people again.

The j*dge who took great pleasure in t*rmenting me **edit** is well in with you people. He refers women like me to you! You people know him!

You people knew what t*rment I was going through in the s*cret f*mily c*urts. I went through a living h*ll for seven years and you were all witnesses to the h*ll I went through. You must be laughing your heads off at me!

Shame on the whole lot of you.



Apr 28th, 2009 - 7:04 PM

Quote Reply
Re: To Zingzong TTTTT

Who are -you people -
are you insulting me? What have i ever done to you?
What has anyone here ever done to you?

How do you know who the judge knows?
How do you know if the judge reads here?
Are you insulting the Mods?
BEcaue Libbi has never been anything but kind, patient, understanding and supportive to people here.
Even if I don’t agree with everything she says at least she’s considerate always (unlike you)
And Woody is lovely and intelligent and insightful
And sure the other mods will be too
They weren’t in the court with you were they?
SO why are you picking on them?
They didn’t put you there.
Why would they be laughing at you?
Seem likes that’s all more about you than anyone here –poster or mod



Apr 28th, 2009 - 9:36 AM
That Secret F*mily C*urt j*dge

He refers his vi*tims (well, that is what we are, the awful way we are treated ) to Safeline.

You people know him. It would have been nice if you people, knowing the h*ll that I was put though in that place, could have been even a tiny bit more straight with me.

If you had said to me "Look, we do help v*ctims of ch*ld ab*se, but we are too scared to help vic*ims of ch*ld ab*se who are also victims of the secret family co*rt ab*se as well, I could have dealt with that.

I feel completly betrayed.



Apr 28th, 2009 - 12:27 PM
Re: That Secret F*mily C*urt j*dge

If I understand your post correctly, your comments are directed at safeline, not the forum users? If so, it might have been better to email your grievance to safeline rather than unsettle those users who rely on and trust safeline.



Apr 28th, 2009 - 3:51 PM
Re: That Secret F*mily C*urt j*dge

I just want Safeline to remove my comments. I do not want those secret fa*ily co*rt snakes to be allowed to spy on me via Safeline any more. It's out of order.

I came here for support, not even more ab*se. I didn't realise I was putting my head inside the lions mouth by coming here.

If a person has already gone to h*ll and back again, and they come onto a support forum, they don't really expect to have the ones who have tormented them mercilessly for years on end spying on them. There's something pretty sick and creepy about that, I reckon.



Apr 28th, 2009 - 5:01 PM
Re: That Secret F*mily C*urt j*dge

Or perhaps someone from Safeline might care to tell me how come a secret fa*ily co*rt ju*ge is referring people to the same web based ab*se survivors service that the person he treated with absolute contempt and cru*lty posted to for moral support?

Why won't anyone be honest with me? Surely I deserve that much?

What the heck could I have possibly done to deserve to be treated with so much contempt? Am I an alien or something?


Misty [mod]

Apr 28th, 2009 - 6:08 PM
Re: That Secret F*mily C*urt j*dge

Hi Zingzong, Misty here, and I am hearing your frustration. Libbi did explain why it would be very difficult to remove all your posts in another thread and the fact that it would be a very big task for us to when we do not have the resources to do this. If someone doesn't post for a while the threads in other areas get bigger and your comments will drop off. I am noticing that this is still place that you feel you need to comment on but I wonder whether you would feel better talking to someone at Safeline if you haven't already done so about this issue. The office number is on the website as you know. If you have a worry about the way that Safeline work, then we are happy to listen to your concerns and whilst this forum is open to all it is not the place to raise particular worries about the Safeline organisation itself. We are really keen to make sure that you have the support that you need but in this case maybe the forum isn't the best resource for this particular issue. As I said, your frustration hasn't gone unnoticed and all us Mods want to support all posters in the best way possible. Sending you kind thoughts and hoping you are keeping safe.
Misty [mod]



Apr 28th, 2009 - 7:18 PM
Re: That Secret F*mily C*urt j*dge

It is web based - that's the WORLD WIDE WEB
So anyone anywhere in the world can refer to the website
Sounds like the judge is trying to help
Why do you think loads of other stuff about it?
Why do you think it has anything to do with Safeline?
They don't know everyone on the WORLD WIDE web!

Who hasn't been honest with you?

Seems like we all deserve respect and honesty from you
but we're not getting it
I worry for you
You seem very unwell

No one here has treated you with contempt
so why be so aggressive and rude to them?

Misty [mod]

Apr 28th, 2009 - 8:07 PM
Re: That Secret F*mily C*urt j*dge

Hi there everyone, Misty here, am just locking this thread out for the moment, want to make sure everyone safe and that not too much TTTTTTT going on. Will come back later with update but stay safe in the meantime.
Misty [mod]



Apr 28th, 2009 - 7:14 PM
Re: That Secret F*mily C*urt j*dge

They've told you why they can't remove your comments
Have some thought for others can't you?

Thought you'd finished your case at court?
Why would they spy on you?
Anyway it's a public forum always has been if you didn't want people reading you shouldn't have written

The only person ab*sing people here is you
I feel upset by your b*llying and verbal ab*s*
and sad that by spouting all your conspiracy theories
you give people the perfect excuse to ignore the very real issues you and all us survivors have
because they'll just think it's all a crazy rant goin
on and on and on as you do
without the right facts
not very chr*st**n of you is it?



Apr 28th, 2009 - 7:10 PM
Re: That Secret F*mily C*urt j*dge

So what if he refers people to Safeline?
Anyone can do that.
It don't mean anyone at Safeline knows him or he knows anyone at Safeline.
How have they not been straight with you?

Did you ask Safeline for counselling support?
Were you turned down?
Perhaps you don't live in their area?
They helped me loads
and yes i've had to go to the family court
and still they helped me for my own issues
So you're wrong saying they don't help people going through court
maybe the judge has learnt it's a helpful place to send people struggling with SA issues?
That's a good thing aint it?
My doc referred me and he don't know anyone at Safeline but just heard they help

Betrayed by who?
For what?


Di (Safeline)

Apr 28th, 2009 - 9:35 PM

Quote Reply
For Zingzong - TTTTTTTTTT

Zingzong I am stepping in here because as chair of Safeline I am ultimately responsible. Safeline has never been contacted by and 'Secret F*mily co*rt judges' and so by saying we are betraying you I do not know what you are talking about.
Someone mentioned that you sounded ill and maybe you do need some help from someone.
I thought Safeline had been very supportive of you particularly when you wrote your book etc.
I am sorry but I cannot stand by and see mods and other forum users treated like this and am advising Libbi to 'ban' you for a while until you calm down and see reason. I will give you the chance to reply to my post but then I am sorry but it must end there since we do not know what you are talking about.

Zingzong (repost)

Apr 28th, 2009 - 9:41 PM

Quote Reply
Re: su/sh & relg. refs - TTTTTTTTTT

Well, it's very nice of you to reply at least, Di, but not really too nice of you to acc*se me of being "ill". I'll tell you one thing, I'm not SU, but I am pretty upset. So what would be the nature of this "illness" that I am rumoured to have be, if you please? I wouldn't have thought it was a good idea to be attempting to diagnose people ver the internet, but what would I know? I'm not a s*cial worker, or anything like that, am I, just a human being who has been through a lot of pa*n. But you see, I'm getting a pretty tough hide these days, and I'm used to having the phrases "you are a n*tjob" and "You need help" chucked at me from people who are miffed with me for being plainspeaking. So I'm not really going to lose too much sleep over that one!

I can't really understand why you are banning me, as I did think that this was supposed to be a support site for people who have suffered ch*ld ab*s*, and I have suffered awful ab*se and also re-ab*s* in order to cover up the origional ab*s*, as you well know.

As for my book, well, it's a book well worth the reading, even if I wrote it myself, if I picked it up in a bookshop I would think it was well worth the money, and seeing as to how the copies I sent you were freebees, I don't think I have really got any need to sing your praises about anything concerning it, Di, because all you've done is stick it on your book list, and I reckon no-one would even notice if you took it off again anyway!

It's a shame there are so many SU people on here who don't seem to be getting that much help. People don't just get SU for no reason at all, you know. Most of these people have been institutionally ab*s*d. You ought to be encouraging some of them to find legal redress, because surely that is better than watching them s*lf mu*i*ate?

Seeing as to how I am going to be banned, I had better say goodbye to all the lovely people I have met on here. You people deserve better, you deserve not to be ab*s*d. G*d bless you and keep you all. Keep safe and well.


So, you people are scared are you?

Well, don't expect any sympathy from me. Now you know how we mums and children have felt! You bas*ards have tortured us lot for years, in your illegal secret family kangaroo court torture chamber trials. You bas*ards had me screaming my head off, headbanging the wall of the room you had me trapped in, pleading to be let out and be allowed to go home, while you smiled and mocked me, and taunted me repeatedly with dire threats against what the corrupt vermin judge would do to me if I refused to sign your phony papers at Staffordshire County Court on 29th November 2005.

You didn't feel any sympathy for me then, did you, even when you pushed me right to the point of committing suicide!

So there is no way that I am going to feel one iota of sympathy for you lot.

None of us Mothers for Justice is any threat to you vile vermin though. Not one of us victims of malicious vindictive persecution would ever dream of harming even a hair of your heads. Just as King David did all those years ago, when Saul persecuted him for no reason at all, we Mothers will leave you to the Lord Jesus Christ to deal with as He sees fit. After all, Hebrews 10 v 30 says,

"For we all know him who said, "It is mine to avenge; I will repay"

You wicked people, you cruel tormentors; you have persecuted us so cruelly, but many of us are Christians and we have been asking God to save us out of your clutches! And He has, in truth, by persecuting the children of the Lord, you have been persecuting Almighty God! Now, we will witness how He deals with you!

It is a dreadful thing to fall into the hands of the living God. You ought to beg Him for forgiveness, I know how kind He is, so it is worth a try.


It's all coming out now!

For years they have been telling us that the secrecy of the family court is to protect the children from the Big Bad Naughty Media Bogymen!

But look see, here is the REAL reason for all the secrecy!


Media access a 'threat' to family court workers
By Joe Lepper
Children & Young People Now
30 April 2009

Family court workers fear that media access to family court proceedings will compromise their safety.

On Monday (27 April), these proceedings became open to the media for the first time. But the Children and Family Court Advisory Support Service (Cafcass) and Nagalro, which represents children's guardians, children and family reporters, and independent social workers, say the changes present a risk of professionals being unfairly named and shamed. A spokesman for Cafcass said: "There is a real fear that these changes could lead to harassment from those involved in proceedings and threats to the safety of family court professionals involved. There is considerable unease about this." Nagalro spokeswoman...


Ok, so you think it's all ok and above board to hack into my Outlook Express email account.

You are one hell of a nosy bas*ard!

You must be getting desperate. I pity you.

Wednesday, 29 April 2009


Gordon Brown: I will continue to use YouTube

PM says he will continue using YouTube because it is 'one of the most important mediums' after Tory MP Bill Cash congratulates Brown on his 'comedy turn'

A defiant Gordon Brown today faced down critics of his YouTube video on MPs' expenses, insisting he would continue to use "one of the most important mediums of communication".

The prime minister's unapologetic reply came after Conservative MP Bill Cash congratulated him on his "comedy turn" on YouTube and asked when we could "expect another performance".

Brown retorted: "YouTube is one of the most important mediums and maybe the opposition won't use it but I will continue to do so."

The prime minister also called on MPs to show some humility over the expenses issue, insisting that greater progress had been made in the past week that in many years previously. He urged MPs to support the government's motion on the subject tomorrow.


Nice one, Mr Cash!

Heh heh heh!

Hazel Blears wants us to have street parties

MP Hazel Blears recommends summer street parties to boost community spirit

By 25/04/2009

Town halls are to organise street parties this summer to perk up the country.

Communities Secretary Hazel Blears is fed up with doom and gloom.

So she wants every street to hold an outdoor meal or party on Sunday, July 19.

Yesterday she told town halls to help The Big Lunch - an idea first suggested by Tim Spit, founder of Cornwall's Eden Project - by offering parks and community halls as venues.

And she asked every MP to back the idea.

She said: "People say community spirit is a thing of the past. Rubbish. It is alive and well and this is a chance for all to prove it.

"There's no better way to meet our neighbours than by having a street party."


I actually like this idea! I do think it is a good thing when neighbours get to talk to each other. It is a rare thing for me to agree with anything this government propose, but I do think this is a good idea.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009


Mand solves Gord’s problems in the middle of night
Fiddling with everything, he’s got to spin it right
There ain't no danger he can go to far
They start believing now that they can be what they are

Greasy is the word

Most think Gord’s government is just a pain
Why don't they understand, It's just a crying shame
When Jack is lying they believe it’s real
They self deceive themselves, they believe their own spiel
Grease is the word
It's got Jacky and Mandy
Greasy and grimy and oily, a motion
to be flushed down the boghole, is the Nu Nazi leaning

They take the tax breaks and they throw away
billions of taxpayers cash on thought crime, and criminal’s pay.
If you’re unfortunate to own a car
They’ll aye be watching you wherever in the country you are

Greasy is the word
It's got Gord it’s got Tony,
Greasy Nu Labour, just like a big motion
Peed off is the way we are feeling

This is the life of illusion
Right wing trouble laced with confusion
What the hell are they doing?

They take your taxes and they throw away
the lot on bankers, wa*kers and bas*ards who steal your pay
And if you protest they will call the fuzz
And they will tazar you, and you won’t half get a buzz!

Greasy is the word
They’ve got Ed Boll*cks and Jacqui
Milliband is a waste of time, he’s a moron
Turned himself into a clone of Gordon

Greasy as Nu Nazi
Eyes rolled to the ceiling
Greasy as oil, make me feel like a motion
Sh*t is the way we are feeling

Greasy Nu Labour
Nu Labour
Nu Labour
Nu Labour

Where is the online petition for GB's resignation?

The online petition calling for Gordon Brown's resignation seems to have mysteriously dissapeared.

I wonder who took it down?



1) David Cameron - Not likely!

2) The Jersey Tooth Fairy (ask Jack Straw or Stuart Syvret about that one!) - Pigs might fly sooner!

3) Peter Mandalson - He seems to be in charge of everything

4) Little Jack Horner oops, I meant Straw - Seems to have his finger in every other pie

5) Gordon Brown's wife, Sarah - Has good motive, acute embarresment of how much of a buffoon her husband is appearing

6) Gordon Brown - Not likely, lacks the intellegence to do it

The Secret Family Courts and Jack Straw

Jack get up and get some fresh air, for Jesus Christ, get on your feet,
Without you, Jack, Nu Nazi is beat.
Spindoc Jack, Spindoc Jack, get off your bed,
come into town, don't let Gordon down, oh no, no.
Spindoc Jack, Spindoc Jack, get off your bed,
go into town, don't let Mandy down, oh no, no.

The people that live in the town,
don't understand, they think he's the sleaziest bas*ard around.
It's ten o'clock, the housewife squeals, when Jack turns up, we'll give him hell.
Seven years of Secret Family Court Torment
And all because of Parliament.
Mothers send their children out, to Jack's house to scream and shout.

Spindoc Jack, Spindoc Jack, you're off your head,
get out of town, and take Gordon Brown, just gooooo!
Spindoc Jack, Spindoc Jack, you're off your head,
get out of town, and take Gordon Brown, just gooooo!

It's Sunday morning, bright and clear,
Red balloons decorate a marble square.
People cry from far away, think about those fateful days,
now they wish, they'd given Jack more attention and less respect,
little children, dressed in black, glad to see the back of old Jack.

Spindoc Jack, Spindoc Jack, is it true what Mammy said,
your heart is black? Ooooooooh!

Spindoc Jack, Spindoc Jack,
The murdered Secret Family Kids are coming back
To haunt you!

Spindoc Jack, Spindoc Jack,
You said you'd open the secret family courts
But you don't mean to do that
Do you?

Spindoc Jack, Spindoc Jack,
You pretend to know nowt about Richard Gardner
The Paedophile Psychologist
But it's untrue

Spindoc Jack, Spindoc Jack,
Why don't you wear your Gangster hat
That you wore in the Daily Mail pictures
It suits you!

Wednesday, 8 April 2009


I watched Newsnight last night, and Teresa Cooper's account of her dreadful experiences in a Pindown home.

I am feeling dreadful at the moment, because of all the memories of my own experience in Chadswell Assessment Centre, Staffordshire, the hell hole where they dumped me as a "place of safety" after I ran away from home in an attempt to escape from child abuse.

I feel like screaming at the telly. THEY ARE STILL ABUSING THE CHILDREN!

They do not use the big homes any more, to get the children. They use the secret family courts to get their evil mitts on them these days. They use Richard Gardner's Parental Alienation Syndrome and they use Roy Meadow's Muchausen's Syndrome By Proxy, in all their various name changes and disguises. Thay use those psuedoscience SIN dromes to get at the children.

One day, people will look at all this in the same shocked horror as they regard the Jewish concentration camps, and the slaughter of the innocents by King Herod. But at the moment, the people remain in blind oblivion.

Wake up, before it is too late. It could be your children they come for next.

Thursday, 2 April 2009


In January 2008 it was confirmed that Blair would be joining investment bank JPMorgan Chase "in a senior advisory capacity"


JPMorgan Chase
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J.P.Morgan Chase & Co. JPMorgan Chase Logo
Type Public (NYSE: JPM)
Founded 1799
Headquarters Flag of the United States New York City, USA
Area served Worldwide
Key people James L. Dimon
(Chairman, President and CEO)
Michael J. Cavanagh, CFO
Industry Finance and insurance
Products Financial services
Revenue ▲ US$116.35 billion (2007)[1]
Operating income ▲ US$46.13 billion (2007)[1]
Net income ▲ US$15.36 billion (2007)[1]
Total assets ▲ US$2.30 trillion (Jan '09)[2]
Total equity ▲ US$123.22 billion ('07) [3]
Employees 228,452 (2008)

JPMorgan Chase & Co. (NYSE: JPM) is one of the oldest financial services firms in the world. It is a leader in financial services with assets of $2.3 trillion.[4], and the largest market capitalization and deposit base of any U.S. banking institution. The hedge fund unit of JPMorgan Chase is the largest hedge fund in the United States with $34 billion in assets as of 2007.[5] Formed in 2000 when Chase Manhattan Corporation acquired J.P. Morgan & Co., the firm serves millions of consumers in the United States and many of the world's most prominent corporate, institutional and governmental clients.

The JPMorgan brand is used by the Investment Bank as well as the Asset Management, Private Banking, Private Wealth Management, and Treasury & Securities Services Divisions. Fiduciary activity within Private Banking and Private Wealth Management is done under the aegis of JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.—the actual trustee. The Chase brand is used for credit card services in the United States and Canada, the bank's retail banking activities in the United States, and commercial banking.

JP Morgan Chase is one of the Big Four Banks of United States with Bank of America, Citigroup and Wells Fargo.[6]

* 1 Business
o 1.1 Key financial data
* 2 History
o 2.1 Chemical Banking Corporation
o 2.2 Chase Manhattan Bank
o 2.3 J.P. Morgan & Company
o 2.4 Bank One Corporation
o 2.5 Bear Stearns
o 2.6 Washington Mutual
o 2.7 Collegiate Funding Services
o 2.8 Other recent acquisitions
o 2.9 Acquisition History
* 3 Banking subsidiaries
* 4 Offices
* 5 Controversy
o 5.1 Legal proceedings
+ 5.1.1 WorldCom
+ 5.1.2 Enron
o 5.2 Government subsidies and incentives
o 5.3 Home Foreclosures Continue in 2009
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[edit] Business

JPMorgan Chase’s activities are organized, for management reporting purposes, into six business segments:[7]

* Investment Bank
o Investment banking: advisory; debt and equity underwriting
* Market making and trading: Fixed income, Equity)
o Corporate lending
o Principal investing
* Retail Financial Services
o Regional banking: Cconsumer and business banking; home lending; education lending
o Mortgage banking
o Auto finance
* Card Services
o Credit cards
o Merchant acquiring
* Commercial Banking
o Middle market banking
o Mid-corporate banking
o Real estate banking
o Chase business credit
o Chase equipment leasing
o Chase Capital Corporation
* Treasury & Securities Services
o Treasury Services
o Investor Services
o Clearance and Agency
* Asset Management
o Investment management
o Private bank
o Private client services
* Corporate - Includes the company's private equity (One Equity Partners, Treasury and Corporate functions.

[edit] Key financial data
Financial data in $ millions Year 2004[8] 2005[8] 2006[8] 2007[1]
Revenue 43,097 54,533 61,437 71,372
EBITDA 7,140 13,740 22,218
Net Income 4,466 8,483 14,444 15,365
Employees 160,968 168,847 174,360 180,667

[edit] History
JPMorgan Chase logo, prior to the 2008 rebranding

JPMorgan Chase, as it exists since 2008, is the result of the combination of several large U.S. banking companies over the last decade including Chase Manhattan Bank, J.P. Morgan & Co., Bank One, Bear Stearns and Washington Mutual. Going back further, its predecessors include major banking firms among which are Chemical Bank, Manufacturers Hanover, First Chicago Bank, National Bank of Detroit, Texas Commerce Bank, Providian Financial and Great Western Bank.
[edit] Chemical Banking Corporation
Main article: Chemical Banking Corporation
Chemical Bank Logo used prior to its merger with Chase Manhattan Bank

The New York Chemical Manufacturing Company was founded in 1823 as a maker of various chemicals. In 1824, the company amended its charter to perform banking activities and created the Chemical Bank of New York. After 1851, the bank was separated from its parent and grew organically and through a series of mergers, most notably with Corn Exchange Bank in 1954, Texas Commerce Bank (a large bank in Texas) in 1986, and Manufacturer's Hanover Trust Company in 1991 (the first major bank merger "among equals"). At many points throughout this history, Chemical Bank was the largest bank in the United States (either in terms of assets or deposit market share).

In 1996, Chemical acquired the Chase Manhattan Corporation taking the more prominent Chase name. In 2000, the combined company acquired J.P. Morgan & Co. and combined the two names to form what is today JPMorgan Chase & Co. JPMorgan Chase retains Chemical Bank's headquarters at 277 Park Avenue and stock price history.

[edit] Chase Manhattan Bank
Main article: Chase Manhattan Bank
Logo used by Chase prior to rebranding and its merger with J.P. Morgan & Co. Created by Chermayeff & Geismar.

The Chase Manhattan Bank was formed upon the 1931 purchase of Chase National Bank (established in 1877) by the Bank of the Manhattan Company (established in 1799), the company's oldest predecessor institution. The Bank of the Manhattan Company was the creation of Aaron Burr, who transformed The Manhattan Company from a water carrier into a bank.

Led by David Rockefeller during the 1970s and the 1980s, Chase Manhattan emerged as one of the largest and most prestigious banking concerns, with leadership positions in syndicated lending, treasury and securities services, credit cards, mortgages, and retail financial services. Weakened by the real estate collapse in the early 1990s, it was acquired by Chemical Bank in 1996 but retained the Chase name. Prior to its merger with J.P. Morgan & Co., Chase acquired San Francisco-based Hambrecht & Quist in 1999 for $1.35 billion.

According to page 114 of An Empire of Wealth by John Steele Gordon, the origin of this strand of JPMorgan Chase's history runs as follows:

“At the turn of the nineteenth century, obtaining a bank charter required an act of the state legislature. This of course injected a powerful element of politics into the process and invited what today would be called corruption but then was regarded as business as usual. Hamilton's political enemy—and eventual murderer—Aaron Burr was able to create a bank by sneaking a clause into a charter for a company, called the Manhattan Company, to provide clean water to New York City. The innocuous-looking clause allowed the company to invest surplus capital in any lawful enterprise. Within six months of the company's creation, and long before it had laid a single section of water pipe, the company opened a bank, the Bank of the Manhattan Company. Still in existence, it is today J.P.Morgan Chase, the second largest bank in the United States.”

[edit] J.P. Morgan & Company
Main article: J.P. Morgan & Co.
J.P. Morgan & Co. logo prior to its merger with Chase Manhattan Bank in 2000

The heritage of the House of Morgan traces its roots back to the partnership of Drexel, Morgan & Co. which in 1895, was renamed J.P. Morgan & Co. (see also: J. Pierpont Morgan). Arguably the most influential financial institutions of its era, J.P. Morgan & Co. financed the formation of the United States Steel Corporation, which took over the business of Andrew Carnegie and others and was the world's first billion-dollar corporation. In 1895, J.P. Morgan & Co. supplied the United States government with $62 million in gold to float a bond issue and restore the treasury surplus of $100 million. In 1892, the company began to finance the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad and led it through a series of acquisitions that made it the dominant railroad transporter in New England.
September 16, 1920: a bomb exploded in front of the headquarters of J.P. Morgan Inc. at 23 Wall Street, injuring 400 and killing 38 people.

Built in 1914, 23 Wall Street was known as the "House of Morgan," and for decades the bank's headquarters was the most important address in American finance. At noon, on September 16, 1920, a terrorist bomb exploded in front of the bank, injuring 400 and killing 38. Shortly before the bomb went off, a warning note was placed in a mailbox at the corner of Cedar Street and Broadway. The warning read: "Remember we will not tolerate any longer. Free the political prisoners or it will be sure death for all of you. American Anarchists Fighters." While theories abound about who was behind the Wall Street bombing and why they did it, after twenty years of investigation the FBI rendered the file inactive in 1940 without ever finding the perpetrators.

In August 1914, Henry P. Davison, a Morgan partner, traveled to the UK and made a deal with the Bank of England to make J.P. Morgan & Co. the monopoly underwriter of war bonds for UK and France. The Bank of England became a "fiscal agent" of J.P. Morgan & Co. and vice versa. The company also invested in the suppliers of war equipment to Britain and France. Thus, the company profited from the financing and purchasing activities of the two European governments.

In the 1930s, all J.P. Morgan & Co. along with all integrated banking businesses in the United States, was required by the provisions of the Glass-Steagall Act to separate its investment banking from its commercial banking operations. J.P. Morgan & Co. chose to operate as a commercial bank, because at the time commercial lending was perceived to be more profitable and prestigious business in the post depression era. Additionally, many within J.P. Morgan believed that a change in the climate would allow the company to resume its securities businesses but it would be nearly impossible to reconstitute the bank if it were disassembled.

In 1935, after being barred from securities business for over a year, the heads of J.P. Morgan made the decision to spinoff its investment banking operations. Led by J.P. Morgan partners, Henry S. Morgan (son of Jack Morgan and grandson of J. Pierpont Morgan) and Harold Stanley, Morgan Stanley was founded on September 16, 1935 with $6.6 million of nonvoting preferred stock from J.P. Morgan partners. In order to bolster its position, in 1959, J.P. Morgan merged with the Guaranty Trust Company of New York to form the Morgan Guaranty Trust Company. The bank would continue to operate as Morgan Guaranty through the 1980s before beginning to migrate back toward the use of the J.P. Morgan brand. In 1984, the group finally purchased the Purdue National Corporation of Lafayette Indiana, uniting a history between the two figures of Salmon Portland Chase and John Purdue. In 1988, the company once again began operating exclusively as J.P. Morgan & Co.

[edit] Bank One Corporation
Main article: Bank One Corporation
Bank One logo used prior to its merger with JPMorgan Chase

In 2004, JPMorgan Chase merged with Bank One Corp., bringing on board current chairman and CEO Jamie Dimon as president and COO and designating him as CEO William B. Harrison, Jr.'s successor. Dimon's pay was pegged at 90% of Harrison's. Dimon quickly made his influence felt by embarking on a cost-cutting strategy and replaced former JPMorgan Chase executives in key positions with Bank One executives—many of whom were with Dimon at Citigroup. Dimon became CEO in January 2006 and Chairman in December 2006.

Bank One Corporation was formed upon the 1998 merger between Banc One of Ohio and First Chicago NBD. These two large banking companies had themselves been created through the merger of many banks. This merger was largely considered a failure until Jamie Dimon—recently ousted as President of Citigroup—took over and reformed the new firm's practices—especially its disastrous technology mishmash inherited from the many mergers prior to this one. Mr. Dimon effected more than sufficient changes to make Bank One Corporation a viable merger partner for JPMorgan Chase.

Bank One Corporation traced its roots to First Bancgroup of Ohio, founded as a holding company for City National Bank of Columbus, Ohio and several other banks in that state, all of which were renamed "Bank One" when the holding company was renamed Bank One Corporation. With the beginning of interstate banking they spread into other states, always renaming acquired banks "Bank One", though for a long time they resisted combining them into one bank. After the NBD merger, adverse financial results led to the departure of CIO John B. McCoy, whose father and grandfather had headed Banc One and predecessors. Jamie Dimon, a former key executive of Citigroup, was brought in to head the company. JPMorgan Chase completed the acquisition of Bank One in 2004.

[edit] Bear Stearns
Main article: Bear Stearns
Bear Stearns logo

At the end of 2007, Bear Stearns was the fifth largest investment bank in the United States but its market capitalization had deteriorated through the second half of 2007. On Friday, March 14, 2008 Bear Stearns & Co. Inc. lost 47% of its market value to close at $30.00 per share as rumors emerged that clients were withdrawing capital from the bank. Over the following weekend it emerged that Bear Stearns might prove insolvent and on or around March 15, 2008 the Federal Reserve engineered a deal to prevent a wider systemic crisis from the collapse of Bear Stearns.

On March 16, 2008, JPMorgan Chase announced that it had plans to acquire Bear Stearns & Co. Inc. in a stock swap worth $2.00 per share or $240 million pending mutual shareholder approval scheduled within 90 days. Until then, JPMorgan Chase has agreed to guarantee all Bear Stearns trades and business process flows.[9] Two days later, on March 18, 2008, JPMorgan Chase announced the acquisition of Bear Stearns for $236 million. The stock swap agreement was completed in the late night hours of March 18, 2008, with JPMorgan exchanging 0.05473 of each of its shares for one Bear share, which were valued at $2 each. [10]

On March 24, 2008, a revised offer was announced at approximately $10 per share. Under the revised terms, JPMorgan immediately acquired a 39.5% stake in Bear Stearns (using newly issued shares) at the new offer price and gained a commitment from the board (representing another 10% of the share capital) that its members would vote in favour of the new deal. The merger was completed by June 2, 2008 and Bear Stearns is currently part of JPMorgan Chase.

[edit] Washington Mutual
Main article: Washington Mutual
Washington Mutual logo

On September 25, 2008; JPMorgan Chase bought most of the banking operations of Washington Mutual from the receivership of the FDIC. That night, the Office of Thrift Supervision had seized Washington Mutual Bank and placed it into receivership in by far the largest bank failure in American history. The FDIC sold the bank's assets, secured debt obligations and deposits to JPMorgan Chase & Co for $1.836 billion, which re-opened the bank the following day. As a result of the takeover, Washington Mutual shareholders lost all their equity.[11]

JPMorgan Chase raised $10 billion in a stock sale to cover writedowns and losses after taking on deposits and branches of Washington Mutual.[12] Through the acquisition, JPMorgan Chase now owns the former accounts of Providian Financial, a credit card issuer WaMu acquired in 2005. The company announced plans to complete the rebranding of Washington Mutual branches to Chase by late 2009.

[edit] Collegiate Funding Services

In 2006, JPMorgan Chase purchased Collegiate Funding Services, a portfolio company of private equity firm Lightyear Capital, for $663 million. CFS was used as the foundation for the Chase Student Loans, previously known as Chase Education Finance.[13]

[edit] Other recent acquisitions

On April 7, 2006, JPMorgan Chase announced it would be swapping its corporate trust unit for The Bank of New York Co.'s retail and small business banking network. The swap valued The Bank of New York business at $3.1 billion and JPMorgan's trust unit at $2.8 billion and gives Chase access to 338 additional branches and 700,000 new customers in the New York, New Jersey, and Indiana operations

On March 26, 2008, JPMorgan acquired the UK-based carbon offsetting company ClimateCare. [14]

[edit] Acquisition History

The following is an illustration of the company's major mergers and acquisitions and historical predecessors (this is not a comprehensive list):

The Belgium band Abrasax

These have to be some of the most morally depraved song lyrics that I have ever come accross. That these people are performing these songs in public shows just how low our society has fallen.

Dear Jesus, please save our people from this moral depravity.


(Long Forgotten Symphonies)

will mankind ever know
how powerful I once was?

children slaughtered...
in my honour
1000 witches, sodomising...
for me...

uncountable plagues and sufferings I send
onto those who were not faitful
I still can hear the shrieks

Kuranes Kuranes Kuranes!

long forgotten I am now
no powers without beliefs,
humans have their own good God now
compared to what I once was

Kuranes Kuranes Kuranes!

condemned to survive in a dark dimension
with the help of an admiration from a few fools
I dispise them, the apocalyptic slaves
once I was powerful... will humans ever know?

Kuranes Kuranes Kuranes!

Vengeance Of A Burnt Warlock

When the cows of the peasants choke
When young children never returned from the dark woods
When future mothers gave birth to a dead baby


I was the innocent victim
my only crime was not to participate in your civilization
torture was my companion for hours
my body burned raped and pierced


When my spirit left my burned and abused body
I decided to become what was your accusition
I sold my soul to the evil one
now you can prey to your pityfull god


I shall Torment you forever
no one will know it it's my vengeance
jan The Burnt Warlock



Our cult is eternal
We sworn our legiance to
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Sworn to secrecy
When you join us in the black
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Abrasax let's feast with our lord
Our black ten commandments
Written in blood on human skin
This is the highest law
Kneel for abrasax

Abrasax hail to the eternal cult
Abrasax hail to all black souls


Marc Dutroux (born November 6, 1956 in Brussels) is a Belgian serial killer and criminal, convicted of having kidnapped, tortured and sexually abused during 1995 and 1996 six girls, ranging in age from 8 to 19, four of whom he murdered. He was also convicted of having killed a suspected former accomplice, Bernard Weinstein. He was arrested in 1996 and has been in prison ever since. His widely publicised trial took place in 2004. A number of shortcomings in the Dutroux investigation caused widespread discontent in Belgium with the country's criminal justice system, and the ensuing scandal was one of the reasons for the reorganisation of Belgium's law enforcement agencies.

Before the kidnappings

Dutroux was the eldest of five children; his parents, both teachers, emigrated to the Belgian Congo and returned to Belgium in 1960. They separated in 1971 and Dutroux stayed with his mother. He worked briefly as a gigolo serving men. He married his first wife at the age of 19; they had two children. He divorced her in 1983. At this point, he already had an affair with Michelle Martin. The two would eventually have three children together; they married in 1989 while both were in prison. They divorced in 2003, again while in prison.

An unemployed electrician, Dutroux had a long criminal history involving car theft, muggings and drug dealing.

In February 1986, Dutroux and Martin were arrested for abducting and raping five young girls. In April 1989, he was sentenced to thirteen and a half years in prison; Martin received a sentence of five years. Showing good behaviour in prison, Dutroux was released on parole in April 1992, after having served slightly more than six years. Upon releasing him, the parole board received a warning letter written by his own mother to the prison director.

After his release, he was able to convince a psychiatrist that he was disabled, resulting in a government pension. He also received sleeping pills and sedatives from a doctor, which he would later use to quiet the abducted girls.

His criminal career, involving the trade of stolen cars to Czechoslovakia and Hungary, drug dealing and even violent crimes such as mugging, gained him sufficient income to live in relative luxury in Charleroi, a city that had at the time high unemployment. He came to own seven houses, most of them vacant, and he used three of them to torture the girls he kidnapped. In his house in Marcinelle near Charleroi (Hainaut), where he lived most of the time, he started to construct a concealed dungeon in the basement. Hidden behind a massive concrete door disguised as a shelf, the cell was 2.15 metres (7 ft) long, less than 1 metre (3 ft) wide and 1.64 metres (5 ft) high.

[edit] Abductions and arrest

Julie Lejeune and Mélissa Russo (both age eight) were kidnapped together on June 24, 1995, probably by Dutroux, and imprisoned in Dutroux's cellar. Dutroux repeatedly sexually abused the girls and produced pornographic videos.

17-year-old An Marchal and 19-year-old Eefje Lambrecks were kidnapped on August 22, 1995 while on a camping trip in Ostend, probably by Dutroux and his accomplice Michel Lelièvre, who was being paid with drugs. Since the dungeon was already in use, Dutroux chained the girls to a bed in a room of his house. His wife was aware of all these activities. The prosecution alleged that Dutroux killed An Marchal and Eefje Lambrecks several weeks later, but the exact circumstances of the murder are unknown.

In late 1995, Dutroux came under investigation for his involvement in stolen luxury cars. He was in custody from December 6, 1995 until March 20, 1996. It is likely that Julie Lejeune and Mélissa Russo starved to death during this time.

Sabine Dardenne was kidnapped and imprisoned in the dungeon on May 28, 1996 on her way to school, by Dutroux and Lelièvre. She was 12 at the time. On August 9, 1996, the two men kidnapped 14-year-old Laetitia Delhez when she was walking home at night from a public swimming pool. A police investigation found an eyewitness who could remember part of a license plate which matched Dutroux's. Dutroux, his wife Martin and Lelièvre were arrested on August 13, 1996. A search of his houses did not turn up anything. After two days, both Dutroux and Lelièvre confessed. Then Dutroux led investigators to the dungeon hidden in his basement. Sabine Dardenne and Laetitia Delhez were found alive there on August 15.

In an interview conducted several years later, Dardenne related that Dutroux told her that she was being kidnapped by a gang, that her parents did not want to pay, and that the gang therefore was planning to kill her. He let her write letters to her family, which he read but never posted.

On August 17, Dutroux led police to another of his houses, in Sars-la-Buissière (Hainaut). The bodies of Julie Lejeune and Mélissa Russo as well as Dutroux's supposed accomplice Bernard Weinstein were found in the garden. An autopsy found that the two girls died from starvation. Dutroux had crushed Weinstein's testicles until he revealed a money hiding place, then he drugged him and buried him alive. Dutroux told police that he had killed Weinstein because he had failed to feed the girls during Dutroux's time in custody. Finally, Dutroux told police where to find the bodies of An Marchal and Eefje Lambrecks. They were located on September 3, 1996 in Jumet (Hainaut), buried under a shack next to a house owned by Dutroux. Weinstein had lived in that house for three years.

Several hundred legally obtained commercial pornographic videos depicting adults were found in Dutroux's houses, along with a sizeable amount of pornographic videos Dutroux had produced of his wife Michelle Martin.

Shortcomings of the investigation, public outcry

Authorities were criticised for various aspects of the case. Perhaps most notably, police searched Dutroux's house on December 13, 1995 and again six days later in relation to his car theft charge. During this time, Julie Lejeune and Mélissa Russo were still alive in the basement dungeon, but they were not found. Since the search was unrelated to kidnapping charges, police searching the house had no dogs or specialised equipment that may have discovered the girls' presence, and they failed to notice the significance of the freshly plastered and painted wall that concealed the dungeon, in an otherwise decrepit and dirty basement. While in the basement, officers heard children's cries, which they decided had come from the street outside.

Several incidents suggested that Dutroux's intentions were not properly followed-up. Dutroux had offered money to a police informer for providing girls, and told him that he was constructing a cell in his basement. His mother also wrote a second letter to police, claiming that he held girls captive in his houses.

There was widespread anger and frustration among Belgians due to police errors and the general slowness of the investigation. This anger culminated when the popular investigative judge in charge of the case was dismissed after having participated in a fund-raising dinner by the girls' parents. His dismissal resulted in a massive protest march (the "White March") of 300,000 people on the capital, Brussels, in October 1996, two months after Dutroux's arrest, in which demands were made for reforms of Belgium's police and justice system.

On the witness stand, Jean-Marc Connerotte, the original judge of the case, broke down in tears when he described "the bullet-proof vehicles and armed guards needed to protect him against the shadowy figures determined to stop the full truth coming out. Never before in Belgium has an investigating judge at the service of the king been subjected to such pressure. We were told by police that [murder] contracts had been taken out against the magistrates." Connerotte testified that the investigation was seriously hampered by protection of suspects by people in the government. "Rarely has so much energy been spent opposing an inquiry," he said. He believed that the Mafia had taken control of the case.

A 17-month investigation by a parliamentary commission into the Dutroux affair produced a report in February 1998, which concluded that while Dutroux did not have accomplices in high positions of police and justice system, as he continued to claim, he profited from corruption, sloppiness and incompetence.

Public indignation flared up again in April 1998. While being transferred to a court house without handcuffs, Dutroux overpowered one of his guards, took his gun and escaped. He was caught a few hours later. The Minister of Justice Stefaan De Clerck, the Minister of the Interior Johan Vande Lanotte, and the police chief resigned as a result. In 2000, Dutroux received a five-year sentence for threatening a police officer during his escape. In 2002, he received another five-year sentence for unrelated crimes.

The trial

Dutroux's trial began on March 1, 2004, some seven and a half years after his initial arrest. It was a trial by jury and up to 450 people were called upon to testify. The trial took place in Arlon, the capital of the Belgian province of Luxembourg, where investigations had started. Dutroux was tried for the murder of An Marchal, Eefje Lambrecks and Bernard Weinstein, a suspected accomplice. While admitting the abductions, he denied all three killings, although he had earlier confessed to killing Weinstein. Dutroux was also charged with a host of other crimes: auto theft, abduction, attempted murder and attempted abduction, molestation, and three unrelated rapes of women from Slovakia.

Martin was tried as an accomplice, as were Lelièvre and Nihoul. To protect the accused, they were made to sit in a glass cage during the trial. In the first week of the trial, photos of Dutroux's face were not allowed to be printed in Belgian newspapers, for privacy reasons. Throughout the trial, Dutroux continued to insist that he was part of a Europe-wide pedophile ring with accomplices among police officers, businessmen, doctors, and even high-level Belgian politicians.

In a rare move, the jury at the assize trial publicly protested the presiding judge Stéphane Goux's handling of the debates and the victims' testimonies.

On June 14, 2004, after three months of trial, the jury went into seclusion to reach their verdicts on Dutroux and the three other accused. Verdicts were returned on June 17 after three days of deliberation. Dutroux, Martin and Lelièvre were found guilty on all charges; the jury were unable to reach a verdict on Nihoul's role.

Nihoul was later acquitted from the charge of being an offender on kidnapping and murder of the girls by the court. The jury was asked to go back into seclusion to give answer to the question whether Nihoul was an accomplice or not.


On June 22, Dutroux received the maximum sentence of life imprisonment, while Martin received 30 years and Lelièvre 25 years. Although Nihoul was acquitted of kidnapping and conspiracy charges, he was convicted on drug-related charges and received five years.

The Dutroux case is so famous that more than a third of Belgians with the surname "Dutroux" applied to have their name changed between 1996 and 1998.

Allegations of satanic ritual abuse

The testimony of one witness alleged that satanic ceremonies were used to 'welcome' new victims in which the goal was to disorient the victims, doubt the reality of their memories and prevent them from disclosing the abuse.


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