Tuesday, 28 April 2009


Mand solves Gord’s problems in the middle of night
Fiddling with everything, he’s got to spin it right
There ain't no danger he can go to far
They start believing now that they can be what they are

Greasy is the word

Most think Gord’s government is just a pain
Why don't they understand, It's just a crying shame
When Jack is lying they believe it’s real
They self deceive themselves, they believe their own spiel
Grease is the word
It's got Jacky and Mandy
Greasy and grimy and oily, a motion
to be flushed down the boghole, is the Nu Nazi leaning

They take the tax breaks and they throw away
billions of taxpayers cash on thought crime, and criminal’s pay.
If you’re unfortunate to own a car
They’ll aye be watching you wherever in the country you are

Greasy is the word
It's got Gord it’s got Tony,
Greasy Nu Labour, just like a big motion
Peed off is the way we are feeling

This is the life of illusion
Right wing trouble laced with confusion
What the hell are they doing?

They take your taxes and they throw away
the lot on bankers, wa*kers and bas*ards who steal your pay
And if you protest they will call the fuzz
And they will tazar you, and you won’t half get a buzz!

Greasy is the word
They’ve got Ed Boll*cks and Jacqui
Milliband is a waste of time, he’s a moron
Turned himself into a clone of Gordon

Greasy as Nu Nazi
Eyes rolled to the ceiling
Greasy as oil, make me feel like a motion
Sh*t is the way we are feeling

Greasy Nu Labour
Nu Labour
Nu Labour
Nu Labour

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Zoompad said...

Sometimes you do have to laugh in spite of the pain, it keeps you sane!