Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Where is the online petition for GB's resignation?

The online petition calling for Gordon Brown's resignation seems to have mysteriously dissapeared.

I wonder who took it down?



1) David Cameron - Not likely!

2) The Jersey Tooth Fairy (ask Jack Straw or Stuart Syvret about that one!) - Pigs might fly sooner!

3) Peter Mandalson - He seems to be in charge of everything

4) Little Jack Horner oops, I meant Straw - Seems to have his finger in every other pie

5) Gordon Brown's wife, Sarah - Has good motive, acute embarresment of how much of a buffoon her husband is appearing

6) Gordon Brown - Not likely, lacks the intellegence to do it


Kalvis Jansons said...

I have written to Number 10 about this and other comments along these lines, and will post the reply I get on:


Best wishes, and thank you for your help,


webguru said...

Jack Straw, Tony Blair, Mandelson were all involved with the Dunblane cover-up and the operation ore. It is widely believed that Mandelson was on the Ore list of credit cards that the FBI has and in some ways is the very reason why Tony Blair and the labor party changed their lifelong stance on palisine and the war in iraq, afganistan.

Obama will not change this and is as bad a Bush if not worse...

openyoureyes said...

Mandelson is creepy, brown is a idiot, straw is a joke, and blair is evil. Sums up 'nu' labour in a nutshell!

Anonymous said...

what will become of gordie the goofer, I mean brown when 'nu' labour loses the next general election? Will he like his evil predessor blair, go on to make millions from having successfully ruined this country?

Zoompad said...

Poor old Gord, he won't be able to make a mint out of after dinner speeches like his cronies, because once he did his gaping mouth thing he would get mistaken for a codfish and end up battered and served with chips!

Zoompad said...

I had the Orees desperatly trying to persuade me that Gordon Brown and Tony Blair were paedophiles.

I never believed their allegations about Gordon Brown, but almost started to believe their allegations about Tony Blair. I know I have been a bit rude about Gordon Brown, but one thing I will say about the man is that I got a reply to every letter I sent him. I felt really frustrated about how our family was relentlessly persecuted, and I suppose I was a bit naive to think that he would somehow be able to stop the abuse I was suffering.

I think the Orees are really vile people, who try to create a smokecreen, by accusing other people of really bad crimes, so that they can escape justice.

Everyone should read THE APPALLING VISTA by Brian Rothery, it is an eye opener.

Zoompad said...

I didn't realise it was the Orees who were running the admin on Mothers for Justice - none of us abused mums did. These Orees are so stealthy, they are experts at tricking people.