Wednesday, 30 January 2013


A poster called DEMENTED has drawn my attention to Clare Short, who, up until today was one of the only politicians I thought was one of the good guys, pretty much pissing on us VICTIMS of paedoscum gangsters. Here is what DEMENTED posted yesterday on my blog:

"demented said...
I don't think you are over the top at all. Tweeters and bloggers have been scrutinising David Steele's defence of Cyril Smith in light of recent revelations and others such as Clare Short who blocked Geoffrey Dicken's attempt to outlaw pie in 1984. I can see you were writing about PIE back in 2008. I post quite regularly on the DI Savile forum and I see welsh witch has left a comment on this post. She is doing excellent work pushing a number of petitons one of which is to make public the PIE membership list.

I think Savile and Tom Watsons pmq about a paedophile link to no 10 are a window of opportunity that must used to full advantage. There are many doing good work to spread the word but it is hard going as the majority of the british public seem to live in their own bubbles insulated from the reality of what evil is being perpertrated by many. As you say the created economic problems are making life so hard for many they are so busy making ends meet they are less aware of what is going on around them. That coupled with dumbing down has led to people being less likely to question things. Having said that I believe the real truth of what has been happening to children is so harrowing and shocking that they would find it beyond believable. I know that I am still reeling four months on.

29 January 2013 09:02 "

So I had a look and found The Needle Blog, the blog post titled Clare:Short Term Memory, here is the link:

Here is the newspaper article which was posted:

I have written it out in word:

"A bill designed to protect children from adults seeking sexual relationships with them was given a formal first reading in the Commons, after a Labour MP had said the Bill would do nothing of the kind. Mr Geoffrey Dickens (Littleborough and Saddleworth, C) seeking leave to present the Bill, said it was difficult to understand that in their midst were evil adults obsessed by the desire to have sexual relationships with innocent children. It was sickening that many of them formed themselves into groups for ease of communication, to advertise, recruit and contact. They produced disgusting publications. The Bill would make it an offence to be a member of organization like the paedophile information exchange. Adults in every walk of life from the highest in the land to misgfits in society were involving themselves in paedophilia. Ms Clare Short (Birmingham, Ladywood, Lab) said the Bill was before the House to seek publicity for Mr Dickens."

I don't know what to say or think. I am absolutly livid, and utterly disgusted. Clare Short knows what I have gone through, I wrote to her several times whilst I was being persecuted. SHE NEVER TOLD ME ANY OF THIS, WHY THE HELL NOT???

I am going to have a cup of tea, I feel like my heart has been broken, yet again. I really did think Clare Short was nice. I don't know how any of those politicians can look themselves in the mirror, because I think if I were her I would just die of shame. They are hard as nails, all of them, and utterly ruthless.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013


I have been reading some of my old blog posts and diaries. It's very sad reading them, as I can remember the way I felt while I was writing them. Some of the diary entries and blog posts are pretty much screams of agony.

I know some people don't like me very much, because they think I am loud and outspoken, and a bit of a nutter, a difficult person, but it's not nice for any person to be made to feel so wretched.

I think people cover up abuse because they don't know how to deal with other peoples pain.

I have got fat because of terrible bouts of depression that make me just feel so worthless and hopeless. so what I do is stuff myself with food to smother the pain. I've done that for decades, and thats how I have ended up getting fatter and fatter. Then, being fat makes you feel even more depressed and useless, so its a vicious circle.

I don't think everything the Government is doing is bad. I like the encouragement to change eating habits, the trouble is, just shouting LAZY FATTY! at people who eat because they are depressed because of child abuse is no use, because if a person is that low they can't see through the gloom, their self esteem is so low they pretty much feel they don't deserve to be fit and well. I think thats how I get, and it's a right battle to overcome those feelings. But the Governments 5 a day idea is so easy to remember, and so are the other things like the organised walks. They could even be lifesavers for some people.

Anyway, I have lost about half a stone since the new year, and I am determined to shed all the other weight I piled on through comfort eating, when I wasn't even hungry, just in pain. Because even if I don't feel I have a right to be well and happy, the Lord wants me to be, I know that for sure.

Thursday, 17 January 2013


My Hotmail account is down (again)

It was also down on 15th January.

No mention of that in this status report though!

Well, silly me, thinking our personal email accounts were private and confidential! Silly me for thinking it is a criminal act to hack other peoples social networking!


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January 2013

14 Jan


SkyDrive is having a problem accessing items. You might not be able to see all your files. We're working to fix the problem as quickly as we can.

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8 Jan


SkyDrive is experiencing issues while accessing items for a small portion of customers. They may not be able to view all their files. We're working to fix the issue as quickly as we can.

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8 Jan

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Social updates using the Third party SkyDrive API will experience intermittent failures. We're working to fix the problem as quickly as we can.

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Thursday, 10 January 2013


Yesterday I had another panic attack, triggered by a telephone call.

I called the Samaritans, because I was feeling very upset, and told the man all about what had happened, but because everything is linked to everything else, I had to tell him about what has caused my mental health problems (PTSD) in the first place, the Pindown abuse and cover up, deliberate systematic persecution by people determined to cover it up and secret court abuse.

I was trying to tell the man about the secret family courts trying to label me with a syndrome that a paedophile had invented (Parental Alienation Syndrome, Richard Gardner) and he hung up on me.

I was gutted, but as always, I am blogging about it, I can't stop this bad stuff happening but one thing I can and will do is make sure it does not go unreported!

Sunday, 6 January 2013


John Bird, owner of the Big Issue can come to my house (all his Tory bully boy friends and MI5/6 gangsters know where I live)to collect his award, it is a lovely piece of doormat that has been used many times to wipe dog crap off peoples feet.

The reason John Bird has won this award is pretty obvious to any of the homeless and desperate people who have been making piles of money for this greedy creep by selling his mostly advert paper to other poor people, by thrusting it in their face and shouting "BIG ISSUE, BIG ISSUE, BIG ISSUE" repeatedly at them with a pleading expression on their face. I have noticed that the vendors of this very expensive trashpaper target the poorest looking people, they don't bother asking people who are more well off looking to buy it, presumably as they have realised that rich people are a lot stingier than poor people.

John Bird and John Major have both, along with other millionaires, told people not to give money to beggers. That means that if you are poor, instead of giving 20p which you can afford to someone worse off than you, John Bird wants you to buy his very expensive but cheap as chips to print advertpaper instead, which costs £2.50 and £3 at Christmas. Not a lot of money if you are a millionaire, but if you are poor that could be your food money for the day. And it is mostly poor people who are bullied into buying this advert paper.

John Bird has been very vocal in his criticism of the benefits system.

"WORK was my great saviour, as it has been for most of us. Earning my own money, rather than being a rough sleeper begging for it, did wonders for my confidence."

No, John Bird. The Big Issue vendors who stand outside in the cold and rain flogging your trashpaper has made you your stash.

"I started The Big Issue 21 years ago to give homeless people the chance to make their own money and to learn how to earn."

Spare us the hearts and flowers Mr Bird. You set up the Big Issue because you saw a chance to make some cash. And it worked. For you. The Big Issue vendors in my area are still as homeless and poor as they were 5 years ago, even though plenty of people (poor people) have tried to help them by buying your very expensive trashpaper!

"I recently wrote a loud little book called The Necessity Of Poverty."

Yes, and you are charging £8 for it I see. I won't be buying it.

"It describes how many of the people who are supposedly helping others out of poverty condemn them to a life of benefits and need."

Like people who are sending the street beggers to flog the Big Issue at £2.50 a week to keep them on the streets for years on end?

"Yes, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

I used to be a costly, time wasting piece of social failure.

But by getting into honest labour and earning my own living, the world became bigger."

It did for you, John Bird. You have pulled off a blinder with this one!

You have made a good stash from well intentioned mugs like me, hope you think it was worth it, because, as you say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. I would not think the Lord Jesus Christ would be very happy about someone making a fortune out of poor people, then trying to pull the welfare benefits from them as a final punch in the face. But you would not worry about that anyway would you, Mr Bird, as you prefer Marx to Christ.

My dog shit stained rug award is ready and waiting for you to collect, Mr Bird.