Wednesday, 30 January 2013


A poster called DEMENTED has drawn my attention to Clare Short, who, up until today was one of the only politicians I thought was one of the good guys, pretty much pissing on us VICTIMS of paedoscum gangsters. Here is what DEMENTED posted yesterday on my blog:

"demented said...
I don't think you are over the top at all. Tweeters and bloggers have been scrutinising David Steele's defence of Cyril Smith in light of recent revelations and others such as Clare Short who blocked Geoffrey Dicken's attempt to outlaw pie in 1984. I can see you were writing about PIE back in 2008. I post quite regularly on the DI Savile forum and I see welsh witch has left a comment on this post. She is doing excellent work pushing a number of petitons one of which is to make public the PIE membership list.

I think Savile and Tom Watsons pmq about a paedophile link to no 10 are a window of opportunity that must used to full advantage. There are many doing good work to spread the word but it is hard going as the majority of the british public seem to live in their own bubbles insulated from the reality of what evil is being perpertrated by many. As you say the created economic problems are making life so hard for many they are so busy making ends meet they are less aware of what is going on around them. That coupled with dumbing down has led to people being less likely to question things. Having said that I believe the real truth of what has been happening to children is so harrowing and shocking that they would find it beyond believable. I know that I am still reeling four months on.

29 January 2013 09:02 "

So I had a look and found The Needle Blog, the blog post titled Clare:Short Term Memory, here is the link:

Here is the newspaper article which was posted:

I have written it out in word:

"A bill designed to protect children from adults seeking sexual relationships with them was given a formal first reading in the Commons, after a Labour MP had said the Bill would do nothing of the kind. Mr Geoffrey Dickens (Littleborough and Saddleworth, C) seeking leave to present the Bill, said it was difficult to understand that in their midst were evil adults obsessed by the desire to have sexual relationships with innocent children. It was sickening that many of them formed themselves into groups for ease of communication, to advertise, recruit and contact. They produced disgusting publications. The Bill would make it an offence to be a member of organization like the paedophile information exchange. Adults in every walk of life from the highest in the land to misgfits in society were involving themselves in paedophilia. Ms Clare Short (Birmingham, Ladywood, Lab) said the Bill was before the House to seek publicity for Mr Dickens."

I don't know what to say or think. I am absolutly livid, and utterly disgusted. Clare Short knows what I have gone through, I wrote to her several times whilst I was being persecuted. SHE NEVER TOLD ME ANY OF THIS, WHY THE HELL NOT???

I am going to have a cup of tea, I feel like my heart has been broken, yet again. I really did think Clare Short was nice. I don't know how any of those politicians can look themselves in the mirror, because I think if I were her I would just die of shame. They are hard as nails, all of them, and utterly ruthless.


Zoompad said...

Clare Short should hang her head in utter shame for not moving heaven and earth to stop paedophiles having their little clubs, because since 1984 those little clubs have turned into whacking great monsters, the paedos are so strong and control so much now that I don't know if anyone can stop them. If she, and others who chose to cover up for the paedos had actually helped Mr Dickens instead of blocking the good thing he was trying to do, then maybe all our children would be able to actually be children, because now kids are so much in danger from these preditors that they can't even go down the park to play on the swings without some sleazy scum bag stalking them, and its happening everywhere now, not just in the sleazier parts of London and other big cities, EVERYWHERE!

Zoompad said...

And its no use that Richard Head Cameron having a go at parents of kids who are too fat, because its not their fauult that they cant let their kids run round in the park like kids used to be able to do, if they dont get picked up by a pervert they are more likely to be run over by a car now, and his stupid superfast train idea isnt going to solve that problem, those trains are only for the rich nobs like him and his mates at the palace they call the House of Commons, the ordinary peasants wont be able to ride on that luxery train, I am surprised they let "the great unwashed" as they call us ride inside trains at all though, give them half a chance and they will have us sitting on top like in India, or in crates like Auswitch.

Zoompad said...

So angry. I think I had better give it a rest before I bust a blood vessil.

demented said...

Hi Zoompad I'm sorry to have been the bearer of news that upset you so much. I don't know what to say other than many people are doing all they can to prevent another coverup with Elm Guest House ( I know this is only one case but it is the one currently in the spotlight or it would be if the media covered it.) The BBC report into the institutional culture which allowed Savile to commit his abuse will also be heard soon so there will be opportunities to push TPTB into confronting these issues.

Take care of yourself

Judy Byington said...

Keep speaking out, Zoompad. Your words go across the globe. The power behind survivors of abuse is more than you can imagine. I'm just a little grandma of 21 who authored, "Twenty-Two Faces: Inside the Extraordinary Life of Jenny Hill and Her Twenty-Two Multiple Personalities." Jenny and my purpose in publishing her biography is to be a voice for the ritually abused. It's working. Join us on our and websites and see how others are speaking out. You are not alone.

Zoompad said...

Demented, thanks so much for telling me, I would much rather be upset for a while because of some hard truth than not to know. I'm ok now, I was really upset yesterday though, because Clare Short was one of the few politicians I actually trusted. I am absolutly disgusted that she knew I was one of the Staffordshire Pindown child abuse victims and that I had been harassed to hell and back by the secret family court gangsters, and yet said not a single word about what she was herself already aware of. It feels like swimming in the dark through treacle, trying to get at what is really going on. All I can think right now is that MI5 needs investigating by PROPER police, while we still have some proper police, I note that the police is under threat now, that will be next, once the unaccountable secret police take over the policing in this country that will be that.

Zoompad said...

Hi Judy, I will have a look, thanks for your kind words.

Zoompad said...

It makes me really angry that I have had absolutly zero help in "getting over" it, just the opposite, it feels like the ones I go to for help in "getting over it" are wanting me just to shut up, or even worse, want me just to be dead.

My GP for example. I have told my GP all the problems I have, sleeping, panic attacks, skin problems, comfort eating. Anyone with half an eye could see that I have become obese - not just a bit overweight, but over 5 blinking stone overweight. If I were a GP and I had a patient wobble in saying all about all the problems I have brought up, at the very least I would have had her on the scales. My GP has been crap, I dont know how much louder I could have screamed for help than I actually have done, I have sat sobbing in the waiting room quite a few times, but no-one gave a monkeys and I felt so humiated and like a big fat lump of shit.

Zoompad said...

There are LOADS of ways my GP could have helped me. I could have been encouraged to go to yoga class and/or swimming, to help with the terrible panic attacks, skin disorder and the weight. My GP could have actually prescribed swimming or yoga for me - they can do that - but at the very very very least I should have been weighed.

People might notice that I am avoiding putting the gender of my GP on here. That is because they all spy on me. They spy on me not so they can actually help me but to look for some little way they can attack me again. No I am not being paranoid before anyone accuses me of that, thats what they do, and not just to me but other abuse VICTIMS and whistleblowers, and it is sick.

They pretend to be one thing to your face but behind your back they are as cunning as snakes.

Judy, I haven't got multiple personalities, just this same one, sometimes I have a panic attack and spiral downwards into a heap on the floor but I am always the same person, so I dont really know what it must be like for you, and I feel so sorry that you have to deal with that, I have read about DOD and know that child abuse causes it. Child abuse causes so many problems, and you would think that a GP who is SUPPOSED to be a healer of sickness would want to do everything they could for a patient who is suffering mental health problems because of the abuse, but instead what do I find but my GP has actually plotted against me with Stafford police and Stafford social services to try to gloss over my past by altering some of my records, that is just such a disgusting thing to do to someone, but thats what they have done, and I know damned well I am not the only one its been done to as well.

Zoompad said...

Sorry for typo, I meant DID.

I am determined to get well, so my way of getting back at the bastards who have plotted against me (and others) is to do just that. I am going to lose the weight I have put on from depression comfort eating and the herbalist that I used to have (closed down now, anything good gets closed down, like THEY don't want any of us to be fit and well) she told me my skin problems were probably being caused by what I was eating, and that if my diet was better my skin would probably improve, so I am trying to cut as much crap out of my diet as I can.

Zoompad said...

Another thing I have been told today about a politician is that Harriet Harman is Lord Longfords niece. Lord Longford is the one who tried to get Myra Hindley set free.

I think I did read this ages ago but its only just sunk in, you dont always realise the significance of things, especially if you are trying to understand a lot of stuff all at once, plus all health problems to struggle with all at the same time, its too much to cope with.

Zoompad said...

Getting back to the eating problems, I am finding that eating a big bowl of porrage (made with only a bit of milk and mostly water, and a teaspoon of honey and some fresh fruit mixed in) every morning sets me up for the day, and I have managed not to eat any junk food at all for a whole week, and feel a lot better for it too.

Zoompad said...

Just thought of another crappy thing Staffordshire Masonic/Satanic NHS has tried to do to me - the breast tests.

Theres nothing wrong with my breasts. I have only ever gone to the doctors once about my breasts, and that was when I mistook a pimple for breast cancer years ago. My very down to earth GP at that time soon put me right and put my mind at rest!

So why was I innundated with letters from Staffordshire NHS to go and have my breasts x rayed to see if they have becone cancerous? I can't remember how many letters I eventually got about that but it was quite a few. Then, recently, its all come out about women being operated on unnecessarily.

I know x rays can cause cancer, Marie Curie found that out as well, sadly too late before she could think of using a lead screen. I know x rays can be very useful in the hands of properly trained healers, to locate broken bones and tumours, but they should only be used when necessary. So when I kept going to my GP with a peresistant bad cough why was I not asked to give a sputum sample before sending me for a chest x ray, and why was I sent repeatedly for chest xrays? I didnt even know that I should have been given a sputum test, I had to find that out for myself.

Why is my GP being paid a nice big fat wage to look after me when not only am I having to do everything for myself, but some of the treatment I am recieving is potentialy dangerous to my health?

Anonymous said...

Conspiracy theorists often say that the difference between the main political parties is just an illusion. I thought they were talking nonsense until I heard about the work done by Antony C Sutton We live in a Corporatocracy - people are no longer considered Human beings they are profit and loss.

Anonymous said...

Needle blog has discovered more about ralph Underwager and his protection of Paedophiles
Have you ever thought about doing a timeline on him (or anyone else who protects or promotes Paedophilia?) It can be very difficult to follow the events that have happened and a clear concise timeline would help more people to understand, Good luck with your blog. Gary

Zoompad said...

Thank you for the link.

Yes, thats a good idea, I will do my best and try to do that, it needs doing.