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Rt. Hon Baroness Scotland Q.C. Rt. Hon Jack-Straw MP

H.M. Attorney General Secretary of State for Justice

20 Victoria Street Selborne House

London SW1H 0NF 54 Victoria Street

London SW1E6QW

24 March 2010.


This letter is being sent in the PUBLIC INTEREST, and is being widely circulated on an international scale. It has been noted how both the Secretary of State for Justice and H.M. Attorney General have been ignoring, and continue to ignore, the many attempts to alert them both to taking constructive and appropriate action, to address, and to counter the serious corruption and extortion being carried out through, in particular, Her Majesty’s Court Service and Her Majesty’s Insolvency Service. The effects of this have become thoroughly intolerable to the majority of the more ‘awake’ British People.

Whether you are aware of this or not, be advised that we hold hard evidence that huge numbers of law-abiding civilians are being made “bankrupt” as a nefarious and devious means of ‘debt collection’ through the exploits of appointed ‘officials’ within HMCS and HMIS, even when no debtor exists, and a serious ‘Abuse of process’ is occurring. It is an alarming ‘state of play’ in Britain today: our ‘Justice’ System (so-called) is crumbling at the seams and no Law and Order prevails any longer, notably with huge numbers of Judges ignoring their Judicial Oath and sitting in a private capacity for their own pecuniary gain. The ongoing Conspiracy of Silence from your side, as the two main responsible officials for this dreadful state of affairs, appears to be an indication that you, as the appointed top Government appointees, are already aware of these sordid goings-on? The absence of you taking personal responsibility can only be described as a CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY on your part – since, if you can not tackle these things, who can ?

Suffice it to say, it is highly relevant to England’s NATIONAL SECURITY and therefore it is essential that it is competently addressed and tackled, in the Public Interest. This includes the obvious step of taking remedial action to counter the appalling oppression that has been created by the Labour Government where many are witnessing the slow-torture of innocent civilians living under “UK STATE TERROR”, that has spiralled out of control. It is also the ultimate hypocrisy. How can we be wasting so many billions of taxpayers money through the British presence in Afghanistan, whilst the citizens ‘at home’ are being looted, pillaged, oppressed and abused by the Stasi-State that Britain has been allowed to become through the sheer Myopia of those in the seat of power, abusing their power? Why are the priorities overseas ? Why can’t Britain mind her own business, and get on with cleaning up her own “back yard” ? There is no justification whatever for our troops in Afghanistan, and ample need to taxpayers money to be more wisely spent on resolving so many serious matters on the ‘home front’ – before even contemplating interfering in other countries.

We now have, in Britain, the ultimate ‘State Terror’, directly created and caused by sloppy and ill-qualified Government departments who routinely turn a blind eye to the openly brazen committal of forgery, fraud, falsification of documents and perversion of all types through H.M. Court service and the Insolvency Service – which has been allowed to run rampant under the jurisprudence of H.M. Attorney General. Some examples of these are enclosed. Innocent and bewildered civilians are being terrorised and maliciously labelled “vexatious litigants”, through manipulations of the Judicial System, and when the real ‘vexation’ emanates mostly from the side of our government-appointed out-of-touch Judges: most of whom are not fit to sit in a Public position of the highest powers in the Land, simply because they are NOT adhering to their Judicial Oath and remit, nor acting with probity, for the most part ! A great many of them do not even examine case evidence, the corruption is so far gone. There is also a widespread and unnecessary victimisation of Litigants in Person, where the privileges of the biased Legal System is rendered out of the reach of most of them, both financially and judicially. This has been directly cultivated by crooked lawyers and banksters who liberally abuse their privileges and power, and who side with ‘The Big Four’ accountancy practices to target and asset-strip whomever they may please. Many of us are painfully aware that all of this stems from the fraudulent Monetary System which issues and over-leverages money as ‘debt’ when it comes into being, where the invidious driving force behind all human misery is the Banking Cartel – who have positioned themselves to rig everything in their favour, including the monopolisation of the Solicitors Regulatory

Authority so that 99% of Law firms are barred from acting against them !

In the urgent PUBLIC INTEREST, I would like to know what steps the Government is prepared to take, without delay, to implement the following urgent and long-overdue ‘clean up’:-


To fully expose and put an immediate stop to the racketeering that is being carried out in Her Majesty’s Courts and the brazen and unashamedly unlawful asset stripping in the Insolvency Service? This includes all levels of Judges receiving bribes and ‘back-handers’ from major financial Institutions, in particular, who make criminal arrangements to secretly and silently pervert Justice behind the scenes so they will rule in their favour; as well as large Accounting firms being dished out glib “instructions” to act as Trustees & Receivers on questionable cases involving huge sums of money arising from spurious litigation, often with FORGED liquidations! Needless to say, these same ‘official receivers’ end up snatching up to 1000 times more than anything they ever “recover”, in their Fat Cat fees: it is the very worst form of legalised racketeering. In addition, there is evidence of Judges who are being paid substantial sums by the taxpayer, but who busy themselves for the most part in cutting private business deals with corrupt parties, and who hire these Judges as “Consultants” often in major corporations or Law firms which further goes against the grain of the Public Interest and leaves litigants unfairly exposed to the consequences of such illicit practices. This also encourages illegal cartels and encourages (often overt) protectionism of the Lloyds Master Policy which leads to rigged outcomes and failure to pay on genuine claims worthy of settlement.


To ban Judges from being allowed to sit as Underwriters or Lloyds names for Lloyds of London, or any other similar entity, since most legal cases trace back to insurance cover and this is a gross perversion and bias that is being condoned in our Courts and Judicata for a very long time now, and which is highly prejudicial to many cases. I have access to evidence of between 40-60 Judges who are seriously conflicted to act, being Lloyds names (including Lord David Neuberger, Master of the Rolls, who sits on no less than 25 or more Lloyds Syndicates!)

Note: Evidence is available against Nicholas Demery, Head of Litigation at Lloyds of London, who is known to have personally cut a series of illegal deals with Lloyds-name Judges of high rank, AND also MP’s, providing them with ‘special dispensation and exemption from having to pay up on claims’, and other similar atrocities.


To immediately cease the practice of allowing the Government to appoint our Judges, which is wide open to corruption and bias. Judges need to be INDEPENDENTLY and DEMOCRATICALLY appointed, and voted in, and there needs to be a ‘Panel of Public Opinion’ like a Grand Jury made available to oversee the conduct and behaviour of Judges, to include their judicial decisions which are often highly flawed, unlawful, and based on corrupt deals being done in secret – rendering the whole Judicial set up contemptuous and effete, and unfit for the purpose intended.


There needs to be very stiff penalties for Judges and Officers of the Court (which includes ALL solicitors and barristers) who ABUSE their privileges and positions of power, which should include making them personally liable for financial losses they directly cause where, for instance, a serious ‘error of judgment’ occurs, or where they have been caught racketeering or engaging in Bribery and Corruption.

The racketeering and extorting of profits operates through self-interested conspirators serving their own Agendas and forming “inside tracks” within fast-failing Government departments and Quangos like the FSA (often acting outside of their jurisdiction), the Commissioner’s Office (regularly condoning criminal abuse of the Data Protection Act by banks etc), the IPCC (allowing the Police to self-police and engaging in protectionism), the OJC (which engages in a lackadaisical attitude towards properly tackling the fully justified and often serious complaints brought to their attention against incompetent Judges, and sends out standard letters in a mindless and disengaged manner), all resulting in little more than a time-wasting exercise, and so on.

Such practices renders these departments UNFIT FOR THE PURPOSE, and the British People would be better off without them, and with a new, democratically-elected, Grand Jury of large numbers of civilians ‘of standing’ to rotate through the workings of overseeing and remedying complaints.


The same above codes need also to apply to our Ombudsmen services. In addition, the BAR COUNCIL needs urgently overhauling, as an issue of serious bias exists with the Bar Standards Board, whose “committee” is far from independent as it is stacked in favour of BSB members on a ratio of 3:1 members to Laymen. This proactively and deliberately prevents fairness, and blocks Justice from the very foundations being flawed. Why are the British people expected to tolerate such things ? Similarly, the Solicitors Code of Conduct Rules are being seriously violated by huge numbers of solicitors and counsel operating and posing as “officers of the court’ when in reality, they are merely running a HIDDEN CARTEL and are in cahoots with judges and the whole unhealthy Judicial hierarchy – which has been relatively unchallenged for many decades! There is a serious abuse of power going on across the Board of the whole Judicata, resulting in a record number of ‘miscarriages of Justice’ and the like.


Finally, I would like to know the written answers to the six questions posed below, at the earliest opportunity, as these questions have directly arisen from all of the above operational problems:-

1. Is a false statement (perjury) made in connection with a Case, able to constitute a "valid judicial decision" ?

2. Is a false (forged) statement in court data, considered valid as to be called "data", and can it ever be classified as a ‘Judicial decision’ ?

3. Does a prescribed (required) Court form have any validity without the seal of the Court ? can it be classified as a judicial decision ? and is a pre-printed court seal bearing no date, a 'valid' seal ? What defines a 'valid' seal, and differentiates it from a 'forged' seal ? Are Courts trained to distinguish between the two ? How can those putting their trust in the Courts know they are not being duped by corrupt officials of the Court ? And what remedies are available to them?

4. Given the alarming number of forged and/or false documents being laundered through HMCS and issued by HMIS, can the Government sensibly make available some form of QUALITY CONTROL in our Courts, in the PUBLIC INTEREST ?

5. What is the 'standard' expected of a Court 'ORDER' and how should it look or appear ? e.g. should a valid Order always bear Her Majesty's Crest at the top ? How can one differentiate from a falsified Court order (typed on to a plain piece of paper, with no Judge's signature, and questionable content, for example, which anyone could have typed up) and/or a genuine and LAWFUL Order ? How can one sensibly discern ? WHERE ARE THE STANDARDS ?

6. Given that an alarming number of Judges in HMCS are provably sitting in a private capacity, and/or sitting with a 'vested interest' on certain cases, and/or accepting 'back-handers' or slush money from major institutions in return for providing judgments in their favour, and/or are conflicted to sit in a court because outside interests, and/or in a worrying number of instances are readily abandoning their 'Judicial Oath' in favour of their own pecuniary advantage: so what measures can be put in place to tackle these gross ineptitudes and unjudicial events?


Given that every single statement from a Judge is supposedly under oath (arising from their Judicial Oath), and given that every statement from a Solicitor of counsel / QC is supposedly under their Code of Conduct Rules (which they routinely violate), then what is their penalty for TRANSGRESSION of these Oaths ? We , the Public, are inarguably being seriously DUPED, and an increasing and worrying number of legal professionals for the most part appear to have no shame or respect for their clients, but instead, cow tow to the whim of the bloated Judges in HMCS – AND NONE OF THESE THINGS SERVE US. We have documented multiple cases, and are continuing to corroborate many victims in support of everything that is herein written in this letter, and therefore we require your urgent attention to these overwhelmingly pressing and important issues. Where a Judge’s statement is proven to be false, then do you accept that this would constitute 'high treason' ?

We hold incontrovertible evidence to show that the amount of 'high treason' in HM Insolvency Service, blatantly laundering billions of pounds through HMCS, is at an all time high, arising from this and other failings of the governance of this country. It begs the question: who, precisely, is benefitting from these happenings ? Everything points to ORGANISED CRIME AT GOVERNMENT LEVEL, and we defy you to disprove this. The evidence against you is growing, daily.

Therefore, without delay, please advise what steps can be put in place to tackle the extreme and unfair 'double standards' and hypocritical stance of many of our Civil Servants, who are

Conducting themselves and operating (knowingly) OUTSIDE THE LAW OF THE LAND ?

Your early and comprehensive response is awaited.

Yours sincerely,

Elizabeth Watson



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The horror at the dark heart of a sordid, arrogant parliament

Here we are, a few words about Brussels and how it feels about child abuse. I’ll move onto the elections for the European parliament in a moment, but given the horrors of the Ryan report last week, I thought that you ought to know how seriously the euro-elite treat any suggestion of improper behaviour by adults towards children.

In other words I give you Daniel Cohn Bendit, an MEP for the German Green Party. He is a self-confessed kiddie-fiddler, but pulling down his trouser zip for tiny children hasn’t stopped him becoming one of the most influential members of parliament. Here is his story. Keep in mind this man has more power over the legislation of this country than does any member of the Dail.

Mr Cohn-Bendit is better known as Dany the red of the 1968 Paris Barricades. He is a kind of mid-century leftover leftie who was active in squatting, street fighting and agitation before he re-invented himself as a Green and was elected to the European parliament. Last month I went to watch him in a debate with Declan Ganley. The thing was standing-room only in a ballroom in a Brussels hotel.

Mr Ganley produced a book Cohn-Bendit wrote in 1975. He read out Mr Cohn-Bendit`s account of how he had worked in a kindergarten and allowed the children to pull down the zip on his trousers and touch him intimately. In the book he had asked them why they wanted to play with him and not with each other, but in the end he ‘caressed’, his word- them too.


Not my words, but a quotation from this video, at 5;20 from the former head of Germany's Green Party in the presence of the former president of the EU Parliament.

They are in response to the questioning of a mother who was a victim of the secret family courts - a very resourceful and intellegent woman, who had the prescence of mind to secretly video the secret family court childstealers abducting her son - watch from 0;18 and you can see the poor lad repeatedly begging them not to take him away from his mother, "Mom, I don't want to go"

It isn't voyerism to watch this and similar videos - we need to see this stuff so that we can put a stop to it for once and for all. Please, watch this video all the way through, and then ask God to show you what you can do in this fight against the government sponsered human trafficking.

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Child Welfare Agency Echoes Nazi Germany?

By Dale Hurd
CBN News Sr. ReporterThursday, March 18, 2010RSS

BERLIN - It sounds like Nazi Germany: families afraid of a loud knock on their door in the early morning, police bursting in, and taking away their children.

But it's not Nazi Germany. It's today's Germany.

In Berlin, when authorities came for 7-year-old Dan Schulz, his family secretly videotaped the abduction. On the tape, family members are crying and the boy can be heard screaming, "Mom I don't want to go!"

A German official responds, "Your mother can't help you here."

The boy was taken by Germany's notorious child welfare agency, the Jugendamt. The official reason young Dan was taken was that he wasn't in school, even though he had been homeschooled and then began private school.

Wrecking Normal Families

The Jugendamt, which dominates Germany's controversial family court system, takes children when it wants, from perfectly normal families. The Jugendamt's well-documented treatment of families, especially homeschoolers, has now become an international issue.

In January, the Romeikes, a German homeschool family, were granted asylum in the U.S. after an immigration judge ruled that Germany and the Jugendamt had violated their human rights. Mike Donnelly, with the Home School Legal Defense Association, was one of the attorneys for the Romeikes.

"The judge said that this policy was repellent to everything that we as Americans believe," Donnelly said. "He felt that these were basic human rights. These were the kinds of rights that no country had a right to deny their people. "

The Jugendamt undoubtedly does some good, somewhere, but it also has gained an international reputation as a ruthless organization that takes children from good families and wrecks homes.

"My experience with the Jugendamt has been terrible," Dan's mother Heidi Schulz said. "They destroy families; they torture people, and make money out of it."

She is still haunted by the morning her son was taken from her.

"He was screaming so much and he held me tight, and I couldn't do anything. Nothing," she recalled.

After he was taken, Heidi was only allowed sporadic visits and phone calls.

"And when I would call him, he would scream and say, 'Mama, come and get me!' And I would say, 'I don't know where you are,'" she said.

Child-Trafficking Network?

After three years of fighting and praying for her son, a judge finally ordered Dan to be returned home. Heidi said her son had been kept at an orphanage where he was beaten up by other children, poorly fed, poorly clothed and not educated for the first year and half.

"It was terrible. At first I thought I was just going to the doctor but it was nothing like that," Dan recalled. "They told me I was sick."

Opponents and victims of the Jugendamt say the system amounts to a government child-trafficking network, in which about 80 kids per day are seized from parents and funneled to children's homes and psychiatric care, with the overflow going to foster homes. They claim the system needs to continually take in more children to keep functioning.

"There is a system of persons, of social workers, of teachers, psychotherapists, who live on children being taken out of the family," German psychologist Carola Storm-Knirsch said. "We call it industry."

Storm-Knirsch has worked for the Jugendamt on several cases. But she broke with the Jugendamt over the Schulz case, which she called "totally wrong."

"There are homes with empty beds. And they need children," she explained. "And they call the Jugendamt and say, 'Hello, do you have a child for us?'"

Documents shown to CBN News indicate little Dan brought in about $8,000 a month for the state home where he was kept. While CBN News was there, Heidi got a bill in the mail from the Jugendamt for what was done to her family.

"One thousand-six hundred euros," she said, adding sarcastically, "They take your child and then they take your money."

No Reform Needed?

The local Jugendamt office is right across the street from the Schulz's, so we asked for an interview. They said they couldn't talk about the case, but said that they "acted in a humane and correct way, and legally."

The German embassy in Washington told us flatly that the Jugendamt does not need to be reformed. And it answered "yes," when we asked, "Does Germany adhere to the European Convention on Human rights in respect to the rights of parents?"

But a German legal expert insists that the German Supreme Court ruled in 2004 that the European Convention on Human Rights is not binding on Germany.

In her fight for her son, Heidi tried to get the ear of German politicians, such as the former head of the European Parliament. But a videotape shows that when another Jugendamt victim suggested the Jugendamt should be considered a criminal organization, the former head of Germany's Green Party, Reinhard Bütikofer, exploded.

"Stop it with this stupid brazen radical cr---! It's stupid brazen radical cr--! I don't want to be insulted by such cr--," he screamed.

Heidi Schulz has already raised two exceptional daughters. Winonah has studied in Japan, and Tashina in America. But the Jugendamt suspects Heidi has psychological problems, and they have begun a new process which could lead to her son Dan being taken away again.

Dan told us there's nothing wrong with his mom.

"The children's home is sick, not my mother," he said.

Echoes of Nazi Germany

The psychologist Storm-Knirsch agrees, saying the Schulz family is healthy, but she thinks some members of Germany's Jugendamt and family court system could use therapy.

"These people are sick!" she said.

Heidi, who was raised in communist East Germany, said that in some ways, communism felt safer than the new Germany.

"They (the Jugendamt) are so mighty," she said. "They have all power and you are nobody."

The German establishment doesn't like to be reminded that the Jugendamt was started by Adolf Hitler. Storm-Knirsch adds that "Adolf Hitler really did his work well."

HSLDA Attorney Mike Donnelly told CBN News that more German families are seeking political asylum in the United States.

Meanwhile, in Berlin, Heidi admitted to us that she feels defenseless, as she waits for the Jugendamt to decide whether she will keep her son.


Please come to my house for a nice cup of tea Mr Brown. Give me a couple of hours notice when you are coming, and you'll even get a delicious slice of freshly baked chocolate cake to go with it.

Whilst the cake is baking, I will also have time to dig out all that information about Parental Alienation Syndrome - which the secret family courts are using to steal children - and the man who wrote it, the nasty dirty American paedophile psychologist, Richard Gardner.

I will be so happy to eat cake, drink tea and have a bit of a natter with you. You've got my telephone number and address already.


By Jeffrey L. Charles
May, 1994 edition
(Slightly updated 2001)



Do not confuse truth with familiarity. It is not easy to dislodge ideas which have been taught to us by our parents, by pastors, and by our friends. Repetition and time tend to encrust ideas on our minds as truth even when they have no basis in truth.
--H Roy Elseth, “Did God Know?” [1]

I have not seen the hymn, “Give Me That Old-Time Religion” in print nor have I sung it in many years. But the song often crosses my mind and I wonder how many people who sang it over the years ever really thought about the words that they were singing. Verses which repeat ideas like, “it was good enough for grandpa so it’s good enough for me,” seem to conjure the thought that we should blindly keep doing whatever has been done in the past because the past is best and everything now is worse. It is revealing to imagine, however, where we would be if our forebears throughout history had taken a song such as this to heart.

The ancient Romans and the hypocritical Pharisees could have been properly singing this hymn while they conspired to crucify Jesus. Of course “the old time religion” would be a corrupt form of Judaism to some and pagan Roman rituals to others.

If everybody sang that hymn when Martin Luther posted his 95 theses on the door of the castle church at Wittenberg then the Reformation, and later the Restoration movements, might have never gotten off the ground.

Those who decoded that the king of England should be their “pope” could have sang this hymn and we in the United States would still live in a British colony.

People who long for “the old time religion” might long for the days when prisoners, indentured servants, apprentices, laborers, sailors, wives, children and slaves could be physically, and sometimes sexually, beaten and brutalized-all “in the name of Jesus” of course.

The only class of people in our society who can legally be physically and sexually brutalized by government and church officials today are children. Some half million children a year “bend over and spread ‘em” for government and church officials to have their sex areas brutalized with a board in school while the “children”, which are often teens well into puberty, assume a sexually submissive and obscene posture, and “The old time religion” people are fighting to keep their “commandments of men” brutalities that make their own worship vain.” (Mark 7:6-7).

Our churches are dying today because too many of us “have a form of godliness but deny the power thereof.” (II Timothy 3:5-7). We’re all comfortable in our traditions. We no longer examine ourselves to see if we match up to God’s Word like the great reformers did. We only “study” to reinforce our own dogmas and rest comfortably in the lazy notion that the earlier reformers found out all there was to know and that we can rest for eternity without ever looking at our habits afresh. We can never repent as a church because we’ve all, in virtually every group, closed our mind to learning anything new-as if we already knew all that there was to know of the wisdom and mercy of “The Creator of the Universe.”

Throughout history people of God have changed their ways and repented when they learned they had been doing wrong in God’s sight. If we really want to live up to the faith of those precious saints of ages past then we must strive to “watch and pray” and to “study to show ourselves approved unto God.” (Matthew 26:41, II Timothy 2:15).

I do not believe that any church has now or ever has had a perfect understanding of the Bible. The great reformers tried to change things that they saw were wrong and we sometimes come close to worshiping those humans who pointed out errors in the church even as we ostracize anyone today who raises a question or “rocks our boat.”

Let’s forgo getting the formal worship “specks of dust” out of our fellow Christian’s eyes-of baptisms and communions and tongues and such-for a little while and work on getting the “log out of our own eye”-i.e. the brutalization of children’s sex areas by grown men “for discipline.” (Matthew 7:3-5). Virtually every denomination and fellowship has at one time preached, or at least condoned, this doctrine of abuse. We owe it to the kids of tomorrow to unite at least on this one issue and begin to set Christ’s church away from the sins of fornication and violence that are practiced on the sex areas of our children by some men who mean well and by others who are satisfying sadistic and pornographic lusts. Christ never once raised his hand to “one of His little ones,” and anyone who claims to be “in the body of Christ” as a Christian need not do so today.

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Andrew Gwynne MP

Vice Chairs
Andrew Dismore MP
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Policy Council
Rt Hon David Blunkett MP
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Parliamentary Executive
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Rt Hon Lord Macdonald of Tradeston CBE
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Lord Turnberg
Professor Lord Winston
Lord Wedderburn of Charlton QC


About LFI
Labour Friends of Israel (LFI) was founded in October 1957 at a public rally during the annual Labour Party Conference. Anthony Greenwood MP was appointed its first Chair. For over 50 years LFI has remained one of the most active groups in the Labour Party, drawing wide support from ministers, MPs, MEPs, peers, members of the Welsh Assembly and Scottish Parliament, advisers and activists.

Ensuring a balanced and constructive debate on the Middle East in the British political arena is our principal aim. LFI briefings, publications, seminars and delegations to the region provide understanding of the intricacies, nuances and personalities behind one of the most important issues in international politics. LFI aims to strengthen relations between the Labour Party and our sister Israeli Labor Party.

LFI is wholly and actively committed to a two-state solution which means Israel living in peace with her neighbours and the establishment of a viable and democratic Palestinian state. LFI works with both Israelis and Palestinian moderates led by President Abbas in the West Bank, to take forward the Middle East peace process. LFI delegations to the region include high level meetings with Israeli and Palestinian ministers, members of the Israeli Labor Party, academics and opinion formers.

There have been significant developments in the region during the last few years, which those advocating a peaceful resolution to the conflict have had to respond to. While the controversial security barrier nears completion, Israel has disengaged from the Gaza Strip. In 2006, Israel fought a war with Hezbollah in Lebanon and in 2009 carried out a devastating military operation in the Gaza Strip in response to eight years of Hamas mortar, rocket and missile attacks against its southern communities.

The Annapolis peace conference launched in November 2007 was the first peace process between the Israeli government and the Palestinian Authority since 2001. In 2008, Turkey mediated a series of indirect talks between Israel and Syria. Negotiations on both these peace tracks have, however, stalled. The new Likud-led coalition, including the Labor party, will have to deal with the immediate challenges of re-launching the peace process as well as exploring the opportunities presented by the Arab Peace Initiative.

With Hamas controlling the Gaza Strip, the Palestinian internal situation is equally challenging. Egyptian efforts towards reconciling Fatah and Hamas will be an important factor in determining whether or not we see the establishment of an interim, non factional Palestinian government committed to making peace with Israel. At the same time, the international community will need to ensure that any future Palestinian government accepts the Quartet principles which bar Hamas from the negotiating table until it recognises the State of Israel, renounces violence and respects existing peace agreements. This must be achieved whilst confronting those governments that provide support to Hamas and Hezbollah, including Syria and Iran; as well as curbing the threat posed by IranÕs nuclear programme.

In responding to these challenges, LFI looks forward to working with all those in the UK, the EU and the international community who share a similar vision for peace in the Middle East.


LFI seeks to promote a strong bilateral relationship between Britain and Israel. We work with the Government, Parliamentarians, advisers, and activists throughout the Labour movement. LFI also strengthens the bond between the British and Israeli Labour parties, organising meetings in both countries between senior figures, officials and the grassroots.

We are fundamentally sympathetic to Israel’s position as a liberal democracy facing constant security dilemmas and existential threats. But we are not uncritical. Positive engagement with all sections of the Israeli political spectrum is important, as is an effective working relationship with Palestinian representatives. We are friends of both an Israel, secure and at peace with her neighbours, and of a viable and democratic Palestine.

*** Key Issues is available to download online at***
Welcome to the final edition of LFI’s Key Issues ahead of the general election. Our
weekly update on the Middle East peace process, regional developments, domestic
Israeli and Palestinian affairs and the UK’s relationship with Israel will resume after
the election.
Key Issues
update: 15 March 2010
Key Issues
MEPP: Israeli approval of East Jerusalem construction project during US vice
presidential visit stalls indirect peace talks and aggravates Israel-US relations
MEPP: Riots erupt in Jerusalem’s Old City for third weekend in a row; Israeli defence
minister prohibits passage between West Bank and Jerusalem
Relationship between the EU and Israel: European Parliament votes in favour of the
Goldstone Report; Ahead of Middle East visit, the EU’s High Representative for
Foreign Affairs suggests that improved EU-Israel relations are dependent upon peace
Iran: Saudi Arabia and UAE to help press China to support tough sanctions on Iran’s
illegal nuclear programme
Gaza: British journalist Paul Martin deported from Gaza after 26 days imprisonment
for being “an agent for Israel”
Gaza: Israeli report containing newly declassified Israeli Defense Force evidence shows
Hamas committing war crimes in the Gaza Strip
MEPP: Israeli approval of East Jerusalem construction project during US vice
presidential visit stalls indirect peace talks and aggravates Israel-US relations
Proximity talks between Israel and the Palestinians, due to begin last week, stalled on
Wednesday (10 March) when US Vice President Joe Biden, in the region to support the peace
process, publicly criticised Israel for approving the construction of 1,600 new apartments ne
East Jerusalem’s Ramat Shlomo neighbourhood. Giving a media statement in Ramallah,
alongside Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, Biden asserted that “it is incumbent on
both parties to build an atmosphere of support for negotiations and not to complicate them”,
adding that “the decision by the Israeli government to advance planning for new housing
units in East Jerusalem undermines that very trust”. Foreign Secretary David Miliband also
criticised Israel, saying that “this is quite the wrong decision at the wrong time”. US
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton telephoned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on
Friday (12 March) and, according to US State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley,
emphasised that “this action had undermined trust and confidence in the peace process and in
America’s interests”. Speaking at Sunday’s (14 March) cabinet meeting, Prime Minister
Netanyahu apologised for the incident saying that it “should not have occurred” and
described it as “regrettable” and “hurtful”. He also stated that the government has appointed a
team of senior civil servants to ensure procedures are in place to prevent such incidents in the
future. East Jerusalem is not covered by Israel’s partial West Bank settlement construction
freeze, in place since November 2009.
Despite the Israeli prime minister’s apology, senior advisor to US President Barack Obama,
David Axelrod, told the US ABC network on Sunday (14 March) that the announcement was
an “affront”, an “insult” and “seemed calculated to undermine” the proximity talks. Israel’s
Haaretz newspaper reported on Monday (15 March) that Clinton has demanded four
confidence building measures from Israel: that the Ramat Shlomo construction plans be
abandoned; that a full investigation takes place into why the plans were announced during the
US vice president’s visit; that Israel makes a substantial gesture towards the Palestinians,
such as a large prisoner release or additional West Bank areas being transferred to full
Palestinian control; and that Israel makes an official declaration that all future peace talks will
cover the conflict’s core issues - borders, refugees, Jerusalem, security arrangements, water
and settlements.
MEPP: Riots erupt in Jerusalem’s Old City for third weekend in a row; Israeli defence
minister prohibits passage between West Bank and Jerusalem
Following increased Israeli-Palestinian tensions over East Jerusalem construction and the
previous week’s clashes at Jerusalem’s Temple Mount/Al-Aqsa Mosque, Israeli Defense
Minister Ehud Barak announced on Thursday (11 March) that passage between Israel and the
West Bank would be prohibited to all but designated personnel until Saturday (13 March).
This closure period was extended on Saturday until Tuesday (16 March) after violence
erupted in Jerusalem’s Old City over the weekend. Palestinian youths hurled stones at Israeli
security forces on Friday (12 March) near the Temple Mount/Al-Aqsa Mosque compound
and attempted to breach the Ras el-Amoud checkpoint to gain entry to the area. Also on
Friday (12 March), hundreds of Palestinians hurled stones at Israeli Border Police near the
West Bank city of Ramallah. Hamas attempted to heighten tensions further by holding a rally
in the Gaza Strip, inciting the crowd to burn US and Israeli flags and chant “we will redeem
al-Aqsa mosque with our souls and our blood”. On Sunday (14 March) Israeli border guards
and police used tear gas to disperse Palestinian demonstrators throwing stones in East
Jerusalem’s Bab Hatta and Ras Al-Amoud neighbourhoods. Fatah leaders in the West Bank
called on East Jerusalem residents to strike at midday on Monday (15 March). Speaking with
visiting Brazilian President Lula da Silva on Monday (15 March), Israeli President Shimon
Peres appealed for calm and asserted that:
“Israel will respect every holy site and place of worship. What is holy to the Muslims will be holy to us;
what is holy to Christians will be holy to us. And of course, vice versa.” (15/03/10)
Relationship between the EU and Israel: European Parliament votes in favour of the
Goldstone Report; Ahead of Middle East visit, the EU’s High Representative for
Foreign Affairs suggests that improved EU-Israel relations are dependent upon peace
The European Parliament passed a resolution on Wednesday (10 March) urging the EU’s 27
member states to “demand the implementation of the Goldstone Report’s recommendations
and accountability for all violations of international law”. The measure, passed by 335 to 287
votes, called for Catherine Ashton, the High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security
Policy of the European Union, to actively monitor Israel’s and the Palestinian Authority’s
investigations into allegations that war crimes were committed in Gaza last winter. In
response to the vote, Yoel Mester, spokesman for the Israeli Mission to the European Union,
“While other players are striving to support the peace process and to start the proximity talks between
Israel and Palestinians, it is regrettable that the European Parliament chooses to concentrate on a highly
controversial issue.” (24/02/10)
In addition, Catherine Ashton, who began a tour of the Middle East on Sunday (14 March),
hinted that the EU will only be willing to strengthen relations with Israel if substantive peace
process talks are resumed. Asserting that a negotiated settlement “needs to happen quickly
and now” Ashton said that, if this was to happen, Israel would “be able to enhance the
relationships it wants with us”. Ashton, who flew to Egypt on Sunday (14 March), is due in
Israel on Wednesday and the Palestinian territories, including Gaza, on Thursday after
stopovers in Syria, Lebanon and Jordan.
Iran: Saudi Arabia and UAE to help press China to support tough sanctions on Iran’s
illegal nuclear programme
The United Arab Emirates Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah Ben Zayed Al Nahayan
announced on Saturday (13 March) that the UAE will respect any sanctions imposed by the
United Nations against Iran’s illegal nuclear programme. He made the statement speaking
alongside Cyprus Foreign Minister Markos Kyprianou. However, he also stated that he hoped
the international community will solve the crisis “through diplomatic means... before
reaching this phase” of imposing fresh sanctions on Tehran. His remarks come days after a
visit to Abu Dhabi by US Defence Secretary Robert Gates, who said on Thursday (11 March)
that Saudi Arabia and the UAE had signalled a willingness to press China to support tough
new sanctions on Iran. Western governments, particularly the US, UK and France, are
seeking further sanctions on Tehran to encourage it to cease enriching uranium. Of the five
permanent Security Council members, only China opposes new measures against Iran.
Gaza: British journalist Paul Martin deported from Gaza after 26 days imprisonment
for being “an agent for Israel”
British journalist Paul Martin was deported by Hamas from the Gaza Strip on Thursday (11
March) after 26 days imprisonment. Hamas did not file any charges against Martin but senior
Hamas leader Mahmud al-Zahar said he was being deported because, by accusing the
Palestinian people of Gaza of smuggling weapons into the territory, he was “guilty of being
an agent for Israel”. Martin denied the accusation and said his release was a “great victory for
the rights of journalists”, adding that “I was never accused of any crime although I was
interrogated for something which was blatantly impossible for me to have done”. Martin had
travelled to Gaza to give evidence in the defence of a Palestinian man he had interviewed,
who had also been accused of spying for Israel. The journalist was handed over to a
delegation from the British consulate by his captors and driven in a diplomatic vehicle to the
Erez crossing with Israel.
Gaza: Israeli report containing newly declassified Israeli Defense Force evidence shows
Hamas committing war crimes in the Gaza Strip
A new report by Israel’s Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center into Operation Cast
Lead asserts that Hamas gunmen used Palestinian children as human shields and established
command centres and rocket launching sites in over 100 mosques and hospitals in Gaza
during last winter’s conflict. The report is based on evidence shared with it by the Israeli
Defense Force, including hundreds of photographs, videos and prisoner interviews. One
example of the material revealed in the report is an-until-now classified Hamas sketch of the
village of Beit Lahiya in northern Gaza, which details an extensive deployment of improvised
explosive devices and snipers inside and adjacent to civilian homes. In addition, according to
a previously undisclosed interview of a Hamas operative, one Hamas cell transported rockets
on the back of a wagon in which children were also sitting. In other cases, Hamas fighters
disguised themselves as women carrying babies to ensure that they would not be targeted by
Israeli troops. One declassified Israel Air Force video from 6 January 2009 shows a terrorist
shooting at troops from the roof of a building. After spotting an Israeli aircraft, the terrorist
goes to the building’s entrance and calls to nearby civilians to help him escape. A few
moments later, a group of children arrive at the entrance to the home and the terrorist walks


News & Events
Here you will find reports and information on recent LFI events.

Speech by David Miliband at the LFI Annual Lunch- 4 November 2008

Speech by Gordon Brown during LFI Annual Reception at Labour Party Conference- 22 September 2008

Andrew Gwynne MP interviews Isaac Herzog MK

Speech by Gordon Brown to the LFI Annual Reception - 25 September 2007

SPEECH BY GORDON BROWN MP - Chancellor of the Exchequer at Labour Friends of Israel’s annual lunch held in London on Tuesday 17th April 2007

Speech by PM Tony Blair to LFI Annual Reception - 26 September, 2006

Briefing with Ambassador Dennis Ross - 1 June, 2006

LFI Delegation: 26 February - 3 March, 2006

Social services 'warned' about Kent baby killer

Social services 'warned' about Kent baby killer

A relative of a baby killed by her violent father in Kent claims he warned social services twice about the man before the child was born.
Christopher Sellman, 25, of The Hurst, Tonbridge, was convicted at Maidstone Crown Court of the manslaughter of 25-day-old Tiffany in November 2008.

The court heard that Sellman had a previous conviction for violence and had been cautioned for child cruelty.
Kent County Council said it would not comment until Wednesday.

'Not listened to'
The relative, who asked to remain anonymous, told the BBC he had contacted social services on two occasions to warn them that Sellman's partner was expecting a child.

He said: "I feel the information I passed on was not listened to.
"If they had done more checks on the computer, they may have found something out. Maybe the baby would have been better looked after."
Within 25 days of her being born prematurely, Tiffany suffered a fractured skull and died in hospital after being left in her father's care.

It is only right for all of the agencies involved to look at their practices and seek to learn lessons wherever possible. David WarlockKent Safeguarding Children Board

The youngster's death has been the subject of a serious case review by the Kent Safeguarding Children Board, which is made up of representatives from the county council, police, health and court services.

David Warlock of the Kent Safeguarding Children Board said: "This is a very distressing case and I would like to express my sadness at Tiffany's death.
"The death of any child is deeply upsetting and when a child dies in these circumstances it is only right for all of the agencies involved to look at their practices and seek to learn lessons wherever possible.

"An independent expert from the NSPCC was commissioned by the Kent Safeguarding Children Board to take a thorough and impartial look at all of the agencies' actions to identify what lessons could be learned.
"The findings have been accepted and several recommendations made, all of which are being acted on.

"The Kent Safeguarding Children Board will monitor the impact of these on practice in Kent


Kent's CEO Peter Gilroy previously the 'Director of Childrens Services' also wrote to Lord Laming offering

'to write a piece for the Conservative Shadow


Jammed packed with info relating to Kent County Council and 'common purpose' graduates

Kent Common Purpose Costs

"Ian Rossiter left an annotation (12 March 2010)

I have received a list, going back to 2001 showing a total expenditure of £131,684.04. This includes details by Directorate, Service, cost centre, invoice number, invoice amount and description of course, sometimes with the name of the attendee."

Kent's CEO Peter Gilroy previously the 'Director of Childrens Services' and speaker at 'common purpose' events - also wrote to Lord Laming offering

'to write a piece for the Conservative Shadow

List of graduates including 'childrens and families social services'


Will be interesting to read the authorities answer; hopefully it will be more transparent than they have been in these FOI requests


A Maidstone Borough Councillor has also recently spoken out about

'her grave concerns' regarding Kent County Council's 'childrens services'


9th March 2010 External Scrutiny Committee – about ¾ of the way through
(from 01.06 hour/minute ) – concerns being raised about childrens services and data collection - without parental consent.


Social services 'warned' about Kent baby killer

No mention of Kent Social Services being forewarned here; in the local Kent Messenger

'how many families have gone to them with concerns , later to find they do not support families/relatives but instead by-pass relatives in favor of 'forced adoption'?


Thanks to the anonymous truther who sent me this

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Now Switzerland hit by sex abuse scandal

By Tony Paterson

Tuesday March 16 2010

THE CHURCH sex abuse scandal unravelling at Roman Catholic-run schools and institutions across Europe has reached Switzerland, where senior clergy admitted yesterday that 60 cases were under investigation.

Abbot Martin Werlen, of the Benedictine Abbey of Einsiedeln, said reports of abuse had been submitted to the Swiss church authorities in the wake of the disclosures in Ireland, Germany, Austria, Poland and Holland.

He said the Swiss Catholic Church was investigating the cases. "We find it important that the victim himself determines what steps to take," Abbot Werlen said. The Abbot, who is a member of a bishop's conference investigating the allegations, has indirectly criticised the Catholic Church in other countries for appointing bishops to investigate abuse cases.

Abbot Werlen has proposed setting up an independent organisation to deal with such cases which would not be directly attached to the church. "There should be an independent body that victims can go to," he insisted. He said that investigations still had to show whether all the allegations of abuse in Switzerland were genuine.

In Germany, priests holding a service in a Catholic Church in the Bavarian town of Bad Tölz were shouted at by outraged members of the congregation on Sunday for defending a fellow priest who had been convicted of sexually abusing adolescents.

It emerged last week that the convicted priest had been on duty in the Pope's then diocese of Munich-Freising during the 1980s.

- Tony Paterson

Monday, 15 March 2010


Keep away from my son.

There is a cartoon of Tom and Jerry, a bulldog is having a nap on a nice sunny day, with his son (That's my boy!) and a mangy cat keeps pestering the little pup.

Well, if there are any of you freemasons who have not seen that cartoon you'd better have a look at it and learn the moral lesson in it. Because the pesky cat ends up getting bashed into kingdom come at the end of the cartoon.

You lot have already destroyed my own childhood and career chances. My mum and dad worked their fingers to the bone trying to look after us kids, and you lot look down your hoity toity noses at people like us, which we don't care about, but what we DO care about is that you won't leave us to bring up our kids in peace, you lot are forever lurking about, trying to disrupt the few life chances that folk like us get.

Now I don't like the way you are poking round my son's school. My son is very happy at that school, and doing well. I want him to carry on doing well, not end up as his poor uncle. my young brother did, being subjected to malicious vindictive persecution, being shafted by corrupt solicitors, being totally pissed on and called a frigging nut job all the time because of the way he is, which he can't help at all, as Aspergers Syndrome is genetic in our family. He tried so hard to be as good a grafter as his dad, to earn a honest wage, but you lot would not let him, would you. You persecuted him. In the end, he tried to drown himself in an ice covered canal, praise the Lord some kind hearted soul pulled him out. And you lot diagnosed him with an incurable personality disorder. You would not even tell his close family that he had Aspergers Syndrome!

You lot would like to see people like my brother eliminated at birth, you and your bloody social engineering. Well, I have news for you - Almighty God made our family, and He didn't make us so that you lot could stamp your jack boots on us at every opportunity and look down your proud noses at us all either.

Leave our family alone. Stop poking and piddling round my son's school. Let my son have a happy childhood - something I was denied.

Because if you don't, it's not me that you'll be persecuting - it is my father - ALMIGHTY GOD!

Friday, 12 March 2010


I will be uploading the rest as soon as I can sort out my computer problems!


The Love Police are trying to make us understand just how these new repressive Parliamentary Acts are being misused. REAL terrorists must be laughing their socks off about this!

I would LOVE to speak to these super zealous policemen. I would point them in the direction of some REAL terrorists - some very evil people who are destroying the lives of vast numbers of British citizens, and widespread human trafficking.

Thursday, 11 March 2010


Jersey abuse review says Graham Power did correct job

Graham Power was suspended from duty in November 2008
A review done early in Jersey's historic child abuse inquiry suggests the island's police chief handled his role in the investigation correctly.

The 2008 report, the first of three reviews by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), has recently been made public on an internet blog.

It suggested Graham Power should keep a "safety zone" between politicians and police work, which it said he did.

But Mr Power was later suspended over the way he handled the inquiry.

'Historic abuse'

In 2006, the States of Jersey police began investigating abuse claims at children's institutions and in private homes dating from the early 1960s to the 1980s.

An advice team from ACPO came to Jersey in early 2008 to review the police operation. It came up with 27 recommendations.

These included the running of meetings, the way the crime scene was managed, and how police liaised with victims and witnesses.

The initial report, made public by Senator Stuart Syvret online, also looked at the role of Jersey's chief police officer in the investigation.

'Advisory role'

It found that, as advised, other than from a supervisory and responsibility standpoint, Mr Power was not involved in the actual investigation.

He was responsible for matters of a political nature, or in an advisory capacity, to the chief minister and other politicians.

But later in 2008 Mr Power was suspended over allegations he mishandled the historic abuse investigation. A separate review into the historic abuse inquiry is currently being undertaken by Wiltshire Police.

A Jersey police spokesperson told BBC Jersey: "The most recent posting on Senator Syrvet's blog is clearly relevant to the Wiltshire inquiry.

"While this is ongoing, the States of Jersey Police will not comment on the content of the blog".

Thank you Jesus

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for what you are doing right now in Great Britain. Thank you that the voices of the people who have been abused are being heard at last.

Thank you for what you are about to do in Jersey - the cleaning up of the political system that has concealed child abuse and infanticide.

Thank you for all my dear friends, too many to mention, but I specially want to thank you for Norman Scarth because he is so incredibly brave.

Thank you for hearing our prayers xxxx

Monday, 8 March 2010


Dear Jesus,

Please help these people to see how they have been tricked. They have turned away from the simple truth and been led into a labyrinth of lies. The father of lies who has decieved mankind all through the ages appealed to their pride, when they first joined the exclusive club, they thought that they had "made it". They thought that they were better than all the rest.

But you set down a little child in front of the people and you told them all that if they did not come to you just as a little child, innocent and trusting, that they would not find you. The bad one has tricked all these people into believing that you are a liar and a lie. When I was a little girl we used to sing songs about the little birds in wintertime being fed by the father through the kind hands of his children, but the father of lies is telling all the children that you do not exist and that you are a myth.

I do not know if all these people can be saved, Jesus, but I do pray for them, because those who serve the father of lies and deceit can not go to be with you in paradise. It is a very sad thing when people choose to be wicked and hurt other people, instead of wanting to be good and blessing other people. The people who do this get more and more blind to their sin. I pray that they will have the scales fall from their eyes, so that they can clearly see who it is they are serving. I hope that when this happens that they will turn to you and beg to be forgiven. For all the earthly honour and prestige in this world, it is nothing compared to our eternal soul.


Dear Jesus,

You have seen every child born on this planet, You know every one. You see the mess this planet is in, the pain and the abuse, now and past. Whenever a child laughs, you hear it, whenever a child cries out in pain, you hear that too. You hear all our prayers, but forgive us, dear Lord, because we often forget to pray. We suffer needlessly, because we forget that we have a father who loves us, in heaven.

The children who are being stolen by the secret family courts, I pray for them, please Jesus, please stop this childstealing that is going on day after day after day. The children are being stolen for all sorts of reasons, and many of the people who work in the secret family courts are blind to what is going on right under their noses. They simply do not understand that the laws they are enforcing are bad laws. Some of the people working in the secret family courts know perfectly well what they are doing, they are wicked wicked people, and they are serving satan by what they are doing, They pretend to themselves that they are serving the "enlightened ones", but these people have been conned, they are allowing the devil to use their hands. But many many other people simply do not understand and it is for those who I am praying - please Lord, enlighten them, allow them to see clearly the wrong of having secret courts to take away other people's children. Help them to see it, and to repent from the wickedness, and be saved.

You told us that we have to forgive our enemies, those who persecute us, and that is why I am offering up this prayer. It is easy to want the people who have done such wicked things, to rob other people of their children, to want to burn in hell for ever, which is the punishment for sin, according to the Word of God. But we are called to understanding and forgiveness, and that is why I am praying to you, dear Jesus. I was persecuted relentlessly for years and years, so much so that I wanted to lay down and die, but your love and holy words kept me strong, and gave me faith. I pray for the people who work in the secret family courts, that the scales fall from their eyes and they see what it is they are serving, and I pray for all the people to see you standing with open arms, ready to recieve repentant sinners, and to forgive and bless.

Friday, 5 March 2010


I am aware that a number of freemasons are now reading my blog. I am praying for you people to turn away from the wickedness that is enslaving you - the brotherhood - because as a Christian, I am aware that Jesus told us that we must forgive those who persecute us. I have been persecuted by the freemasons of Staffordshire and Warwickshire. I have been accused of being a hatemongering troublemaker, but that is just not true. I want to stop institutional abuse, if I am passionate and speak harsh words at times it is only because I am desperate to defend the vunerable people, the ones that the Freemason brotherhood are persecuting. This is what Jesus meant when he told Peter to take care of the lambs.

I wonder how many of you are really aware of what you are involved in? For the purpose of educating and saving the souls of you people, I will be making a series of educational posts, starting with the one below.


The Witchcraft Side of Masonry By William Schnoebelen

There is something about the Lodge that has always attracted sorcerers. The list of occultists and witches in the last century who were Freemasons reads like a Who's Who of 20th century occultism:

Arthur Edward Waite - occult writer and Masonic historian.
Dr. Wynn Westcott - member of the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia and founding member of the occult Order of the Golden Dawn.
S. L. MacGregor Mathers - co-founder of the Golden Dawn.
Aleister Crowley - master satanist of this century and founder of the anti-christ religion of Thelema.
Dr. Gerard Encaussé - (Papus) masterful author, teacher of the Tarot and leader of the occult Martinistes society.
Dr. Theodore Reuss - head of the O.T.O., a German occult/satanic society which made Crowley its head for the British Isles.
George Pickingill - the master warlock (male witch) of 19th century England, leader of the "Pickingill covens."
Annie Besant - leader of the occult Theosophical society and Co-Masonic hierarch. (Yes, there are female Masons!)
Alice Bailey - founder of the New Age organization, Lucis (formerly Lucifer) Trust.
Bishop C. W. Leadbetter - Theosophist, mentor to the failed New Age "Christ", Krishnamurti, and prelate in the occult Liberal Catholic Church.
Manly P. Hall - Rosicrucian adept, author, founder of the Philosophical Research Society.
Gerald B. Gardner - founder of the modern Wiccan (white Witchcraft) revival.
Alex Sanders - self-styled "King of the Witches" in London and one of the most influential leaders of Wicca after Gardner.

Would you really wish to belong to an organization which welcomed these powerful sorcerers into its midst with open arms?

The Mason is "unequally yoked" together with all these unbelievers and witches in rebellion to the Word of God (II Corinthians 6:14-18). That alone is enough to knock the spiritual stuffing out of any man!

Thursday, 4 March 2010


Pub landlord is first person in Britain to be jailed over smoking ban
By Liz Hull
Last updated at 9:10 AM on 27th February 2010
A former pub landlord yesterday became the first person to be jailed in connection with the smoking ban.
Nick Hogan, 43, was sentenced to six months in prison for refusing to pay a fine imposed for flouting the legislation.
Two years ago Hogan, who ran two pubs in Bolton, became the first landlord convicted of breaking the law for allowing his customers to routinely light up in his bars.
Nick Hogan was the first person to be prosecuted under the new smoking laws. He will spend six months in prison after refusing to pay a fine
A judge fined Hogan, of Chorley, Lancashire, £3,000 and ordered him to pay £7,236 in costs after finding him guilty of four charges under the Health Act 2006.

But the married father-of-two refused to pay the fine and yesterday, after repeatedly being hauled back before the courts, a judge sitting at Bolton Crown Court finally lost patience and jailed him.
Last night his wife, Denise, 53, who is also a publican, said she was disgusted that her husband would be in prison alongside murderers and rapists.
'Criminals and bad people go to prison not law-abiding businessmen like my husband who are trying to earn an honest living,' she said. 'Nick doesn't deserve to go to jail, all he has done is speak his mind and people simply don't like it.
'Ninety per cent of people who come into my pub want to smoke, even the non-smokers think there should be a choice. These laws are ridiculous.'
At the hearing, in January 2008, magistrates were told Hogan held a 'mass light-up' in his two pubs, the Swan Hotel and Barristers' Bar, in Bolton, on the day the smoking ban came into force in July 2007.
He was visited by inspectors from the local authority, who found letters taped to pub tables advising customers they had the 'freedom to choose whether or not to smoke'.
They also saw regulars smoking on five separate occasions.
Hogan, who has since sold his lease for both the pubs, was cleared of one count of failing to prevent his customers from smoking and four further charges of obstructing council officers.
Deborah Arnott, chief executive of the anti-smoking group ASH, insisted it was a myth that the anti-smoking legislation had forced pubs out of business.

She said: 'Many pubs have shifted their focus to serving food, so they have changed their nature.'
She added: 'Mr Hogan is the exception, not the norm, because compliance rates for the ban are way above 90 per cent.'