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Rt. Hon Baroness Scotland Q.C. Rt. Hon Jack-Straw MP

H.M. Attorney General Secretary of State for Justice

20 Victoria Street Selborne House

London SW1H 0NF 54 Victoria Street

London SW1E6QW

24 March 2010.


This letter is being sent in the PUBLIC INTEREST, and is being widely circulated on an international scale. It has been noted how both the Secretary of State for Justice and H.M. Attorney General have been ignoring, and continue to ignore, the many attempts to alert them both to taking constructive and appropriate action, to address, and to counter the serious corruption and extortion being carried out through, in particular, Her Majesty’s Court Service and Her Majesty’s Insolvency Service. The effects of this have become thoroughly intolerable to the majority of the more ‘awake’ British People.

Whether you are aware of this or not, be advised that we hold hard evidence that huge numbers of law-abiding civilians are being made “bankrupt” as a nefarious and devious means of ‘debt collection’ through the exploits of appointed ‘officials’ within HMCS and HMIS, even when no debtor exists, and a serious ‘Abuse of process’ is occurring. It is an alarming ‘state of play’ in Britain today: our ‘Justice’ System (so-called) is crumbling at the seams and no Law and Order prevails any longer, notably with huge numbers of Judges ignoring their Judicial Oath and sitting in a private capacity for their own pecuniary gain. The ongoing Conspiracy of Silence from your side, as the two main responsible officials for this dreadful state of affairs, appears to be an indication that you, as the appointed top Government appointees, are already aware of these sordid goings-on? The absence of you taking personal responsibility can only be described as a CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY on your part – since, if you can not tackle these things, who can ?

Suffice it to say, it is highly relevant to England’s NATIONAL SECURITY and therefore it is essential that it is competently addressed and tackled, in the Public Interest. This includes the obvious step of taking remedial action to counter the appalling oppression that has been created by the Labour Government where many are witnessing the slow-torture of innocent civilians living under “UK STATE TERROR”, that has spiralled out of control. It is also the ultimate hypocrisy. How can we be wasting so many billions of taxpayers money through the British presence in Afghanistan, whilst the citizens ‘at home’ are being looted, pillaged, oppressed and abused by the Stasi-State that Britain has been allowed to become through the sheer Myopia of those in the seat of power, abusing their power? Why are the priorities overseas ? Why can’t Britain mind her own business, and get on with cleaning up her own “back yard” ? There is no justification whatever for our troops in Afghanistan, and ample need to taxpayers money to be more wisely spent on resolving so many serious matters on the ‘home front’ – before even contemplating interfering in other countries.

We now have, in Britain, the ultimate ‘State Terror’, directly created and caused by sloppy and ill-qualified Government departments who routinely turn a blind eye to the openly brazen committal of forgery, fraud, falsification of documents and perversion of all types through H.M. Court service and the Insolvency Service – which has been allowed to run rampant under the jurisprudence of H.M. Attorney General. Some examples of these are enclosed. Innocent and bewildered civilians are being terrorised and maliciously labelled “vexatious litigants”, through manipulations of the Judicial System, and when the real ‘vexation’ emanates mostly from the side of our government-appointed out-of-touch Judges: most of whom are not fit to sit in a Public position of the highest powers in the Land, simply because they are NOT adhering to their Judicial Oath and remit, nor acting with probity, for the most part ! A great many of them do not even examine case evidence, the corruption is so far gone. There is also a widespread and unnecessary victimisation of Litigants in Person, where the privileges of the biased Legal System is rendered out of the reach of most of them, both financially and judicially. This has been directly cultivated by crooked lawyers and banksters who liberally abuse their privileges and power, and who side with ‘The Big Four’ accountancy practices to target and asset-strip whomever they may please. Many of us are painfully aware that all of this stems from the fraudulent Monetary System which issues and over-leverages money as ‘debt’ when it comes into being, where the invidious driving force behind all human misery is the Banking Cartel – who have positioned themselves to rig everything in their favour, including the monopolisation of the Solicitors Regulatory

Authority so that 99% of Law firms are barred from acting against them !

In the urgent PUBLIC INTEREST, I would like to know what steps the Government is prepared to take, without delay, to implement the following urgent and long-overdue ‘clean up’:-


To fully expose and put an immediate stop to the racketeering that is being carried out in Her Majesty’s Courts and the brazen and unashamedly unlawful asset stripping in the Insolvency Service? This includes all levels of Judges receiving bribes and ‘back-handers’ from major financial Institutions, in particular, who make criminal arrangements to secretly and silently pervert Justice behind the scenes so they will rule in their favour; as well as large Accounting firms being dished out glib “instructions” to act as Trustees & Receivers on questionable cases involving huge sums of money arising from spurious litigation, often with FORGED liquidations! Needless to say, these same ‘official receivers’ end up snatching up to 1000 times more than anything they ever “recover”, in their Fat Cat fees: it is the very worst form of legalised racketeering. In addition, there is evidence of Judges who are being paid substantial sums by the taxpayer, but who busy themselves for the most part in cutting private business deals with corrupt parties, and who hire these Judges as “Consultants” often in major corporations or Law firms which further goes against the grain of the Public Interest and leaves litigants unfairly exposed to the consequences of such illicit practices. This also encourages illegal cartels and encourages (often overt) protectionism of the Lloyds Master Policy which leads to rigged outcomes and failure to pay on genuine claims worthy of settlement.


To ban Judges from being allowed to sit as Underwriters or Lloyds names for Lloyds of London, or any other similar entity, since most legal cases trace back to insurance cover and this is a gross perversion and bias that is being condoned in our Courts and Judicata for a very long time now, and which is highly prejudicial to many cases. I have access to evidence of between 40-60 Judges who are seriously conflicted to act, being Lloyds names (including Lord David Neuberger, Master of the Rolls, who sits on no less than 25 or more Lloyds Syndicates!)

Note: Evidence is available against Nicholas Demery, Head of Litigation at Lloyds of London, who is known to have personally cut a series of illegal deals with Lloyds-name Judges of high rank, AND also MP’s, providing them with ‘special dispensation and exemption from having to pay up on claims’, and other similar atrocities.


To immediately cease the practice of allowing the Government to appoint our Judges, which is wide open to corruption and bias. Judges need to be INDEPENDENTLY and DEMOCRATICALLY appointed, and voted in, and there needs to be a ‘Panel of Public Opinion’ like a Grand Jury made available to oversee the conduct and behaviour of Judges, to include their judicial decisions which are often highly flawed, unlawful, and based on corrupt deals being done in secret – rendering the whole Judicial set up contemptuous and effete, and unfit for the purpose intended.


There needs to be very stiff penalties for Judges and Officers of the Court (which includes ALL solicitors and barristers) who ABUSE their privileges and positions of power, which should include making them personally liable for financial losses they directly cause where, for instance, a serious ‘error of judgment’ occurs, or where they have been caught racketeering or engaging in Bribery and Corruption.

The racketeering and extorting of profits operates through self-interested conspirators serving their own Agendas and forming “inside tracks” within fast-failing Government departments and Quangos like the FSA (often acting outside of their jurisdiction), the Commissioner’s Office (regularly condoning criminal abuse of the Data Protection Act by banks etc), the IPCC (allowing the Police to self-police and engaging in protectionism), the OJC (which engages in a lackadaisical attitude towards properly tackling the fully justified and often serious complaints brought to their attention against incompetent Judges, and sends out standard letters in a mindless and disengaged manner), all resulting in little more than a time-wasting exercise, and so on.

Such practices renders these departments UNFIT FOR THE PURPOSE, and the British People would be better off without them, and with a new, democratically-elected, Grand Jury of large numbers of civilians ‘of standing’ to rotate through the workings of overseeing and remedying complaints.


The same above codes need also to apply to our Ombudsmen services. In addition, the BAR COUNCIL needs urgently overhauling, as an issue of serious bias exists with the Bar Standards Board, whose “committee” is far from independent as it is stacked in favour of BSB members on a ratio of 3:1 members to Laymen. This proactively and deliberately prevents fairness, and blocks Justice from the very foundations being flawed. Why are the British people expected to tolerate such things ? Similarly, the Solicitors Code of Conduct Rules are being seriously violated by huge numbers of solicitors and counsel operating and posing as “officers of the court’ when in reality, they are merely running a HIDDEN CARTEL and are in cahoots with judges and the whole unhealthy Judicial hierarchy – which has been relatively unchallenged for many decades! There is a serious abuse of power going on across the Board of the whole Judicata, resulting in a record number of ‘miscarriages of Justice’ and the like.


Finally, I would like to know the written answers to the six questions posed below, at the earliest opportunity, as these questions have directly arisen from all of the above operational problems:-

1. Is a false statement (perjury) made in connection with a Case, able to constitute a "valid judicial decision" ?

2. Is a false (forged) statement in court data, considered valid as to be called "data", and can it ever be classified as a ‘Judicial decision’ ?

3. Does a prescribed (required) Court form have any validity without the seal of the Court ? can it be classified as a judicial decision ? and is a pre-printed court seal bearing no date, a 'valid' seal ? What defines a 'valid' seal, and differentiates it from a 'forged' seal ? Are Courts trained to distinguish between the two ? How can those putting their trust in the Courts know they are not being duped by corrupt officials of the Court ? And what remedies are available to them?

4. Given the alarming number of forged and/or false documents being laundered through HMCS and issued by HMIS, can the Government sensibly make available some form of QUALITY CONTROL in our Courts, in the PUBLIC INTEREST ?

5. What is the 'standard' expected of a Court 'ORDER' and how should it look or appear ? e.g. should a valid Order always bear Her Majesty's Crest at the top ? How can one differentiate from a falsified Court order (typed on to a plain piece of paper, with no Judge's signature, and questionable content, for example, which anyone could have typed up) and/or a genuine and LAWFUL Order ? How can one sensibly discern ? WHERE ARE THE STANDARDS ?

6. Given that an alarming number of Judges in HMCS are provably sitting in a private capacity, and/or sitting with a 'vested interest' on certain cases, and/or accepting 'back-handers' or slush money from major institutions in return for providing judgments in their favour, and/or are conflicted to sit in a court because outside interests, and/or in a worrying number of instances are readily abandoning their 'Judicial Oath' in favour of their own pecuniary advantage: so what measures can be put in place to tackle these gross ineptitudes and unjudicial events?


Given that every single statement from a Judge is supposedly under oath (arising from their Judicial Oath), and given that every statement from a Solicitor of counsel / QC is supposedly under their Code of Conduct Rules (which they routinely violate), then what is their penalty for TRANSGRESSION of these Oaths ? We , the Public, are inarguably being seriously DUPED, and an increasing and worrying number of legal professionals for the most part appear to have no shame or respect for their clients, but instead, cow tow to the whim of the bloated Judges in HMCS – AND NONE OF THESE THINGS SERVE US. We have documented multiple cases, and are continuing to corroborate many victims in support of everything that is herein written in this letter, and therefore we require your urgent attention to these overwhelmingly pressing and important issues. Where a Judge’s statement is proven to be false, then do you accept that this would constitute 'high treason' ?

We hold incontrovertible evidence to show that the amount of 'high treason' in HM Insolvency Service, blatantly laundering billions of pounds through HMCS, is at an all time high, arising from this and other failings of the governance of this country. It begs the question: who, precisely, is benefitting from these happenings ? Everything points to ORGANISED CRIME AT GOVERNMENT LEVEL, and we defy you to disprove this. The evidence against you is growing, daily.

Therefore, without delay, please advise what steps can be put in place to tackle the extreme and unfair 'double standards' and hypocritical stance of many of our Civil Servants, who are

Conducting themselves and operating (knowingly) OUTSIDE THE LAW OF THE LAND ?

Your early and comprehensive response is awaited.

Yours sincerely,

Elizabeth Watson


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