Friday, 5 March 2010


I am aware that a number of freemasons are now reading my blog. I am praying for you people to turn away from the wickedness that is enslaving you - the brotherhood - because as a Christian, I am aware that Jesus told us that we must forgive those who persecute us. I have been persecuted by the freemasons of Staffordshire and Warwickshire. I have been accused of being a hatemongering troublemaker, but that is just not true. I want to stop institutional abuse, if I am passionate and speak harsh words at times it is only because I am desperate to defend the vunerable people, the ones that the Freemason brotherhood are persecuting. This is what Jesus meant when he told Peter to take care of the lambs.

I wonder how many of you are really aware of what you are involved in? For the purpose of educating and saving the souls of you people, I will be making a series of educational posts, starting with the one below.


The Witchcraft Side of Masonry By William Schnoebelen

There is something about the Lodge that has always attracted sorcerers. The list of occultists and witches in the last century who were Freemasons reads like a Who's Who of 20th century occultism:

Arthur Edward Waite - occult writer and Masonic historian.
Dr. Wynn Westcott - member of the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia and founding member of the occult Order of the Golden Dawn.
S. L. MacGregor Mathers - co-founder of the Golden Dawn.
Aleister Crowley - master satanist of this century and founder of the anti-christ religion of Thelema.
Dr. Gerard Encaussé - (Papus) masterful author, teacher of the Tarot and leader of the occult Martinistes society.
Dr. Theodore Reuss - head of the O.T.O., a German occult/satanic society which made Crowley its head for the British Isles.
George Pickingill - the master warlock (male witch) of 19th century England, leader of the "Pickingill covens."
Annie Besant - leader of the occult Theosophical society and Co-Masonic hierarch. (Yes, there are female Masons!)
Alice Bailey - founder of the New Age organization, Lucis (formerly Lucifer) Trust.
Bishop C. W. Leadbetter - Theosophist, mentor to the failed New Age "Christ", Krishnamurti, and prelate in the occult Liberal Catholic Church.
Manly P. Hall - Rosicrucian adept, author, founder of the Philosophical Research Society.
Gerald B. Gardner - founder of the modern Wiccan (white Witchcraft) revival.
Alex Sanders - self-styled "King of the Witches" in London and one of the most influential leaders of Wicca after Gardner.

Would you really wish to belong to an organization which welcomed these powerful sorcerers into its midst with open arms?

The Mason is "unequally yoked" together with all these unbelievers and witches in rebellion to the Word of God (II Corinthians 6:14-18). That alone is enough to knock the spiritual stuffing out of any man!

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