Monday, 8 March 2010


Dear Jesus,

You have seen every child born on this planet, You know every one. You see the mess this planet is in, the pain and the abuse, now and past. Whenever a child laughs, you hear it, whenever a child cries out in pain, you hear that too. You hear all our prayers, but forgive us, dear Lord, because we often forget to pray. We suffer needlessly, because we forget that we have a father who loves us, in heaven.

The children who are being stolen by the secret family courts, I pray for them, please Jesus, please stop this childstealing that is going on day after day after day. The children are being stolen for all sorts of reasons, and many of the people who work in the secret family courts are blind to what is going on right under their noses. They simply do not understand that the laws they are enforcing are bad laws. Some of the people working in the secret family courts know perfectly well what they are doing, they are wicked wicked people, and they are serving satan by what they are doing, They pretend to themselves that they are serving the "enlightened ones", but these people have been conned, they are allowing the devil to use their hands. But many many other people simply do not understand and it is for those who I am praying - please Lord, enlighten them, allow them to see clearly the wrong of having secret courts to take away other people's children. Help them to see it, and to repent from the wickedness, and be saved.

You told us that we have to forgive our enemies, those who persecute us, and that is why I am offering up this prayer. It is easy to want the people who have done such wicked things, to rob other people of their children, to want to burn in hell for ever, which is the punishment for sin, according to the Word of God. But we are called to understanding and forgiveness, and that is why I am praying to you, dear Jesus. I was persecuted relentlessly for years and years, so much so that I wanted to lay down and die, but your love and holy words kept me strong, and gave me faith. I pray for the people who work in the secret family courts, that the scales fall from their eyes and they see what it is they are serving, and I pray for all the people to see you standing with open arms, ready to recieve repentant sinners, and to forgive and bless.

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