Monday, 15 March 2010


Keep away from my son.

There is a cartoon of Tom and Jerry, a bulldog is having a nap on a nice sunny day, with his son (That's my boy!) and a mangy cat keeps pestering the little pup.

Well, if there are any of you freemasons who have not seen that cartoon you'd better have a look at it and learn the moral lesson in it. Because the pesky cat ends up getting bashed into kingdom come at the end of the cartoon.

You lot have already destroyed my own childhood and career chances. My mum and dad worked their fingers to the bone trying to look after us kids, and you lot look down your hoity toity noses at people like us, which we don't care about, but what we DO care about is that you won't leave us to bring up our kids in peace, you lot are forever lurking about, trying to disrupt the few life chances that folk like us get.

Now I don't like the way you are poking round my son's school. My son is very happy at that school, and doing well. I want him to carry on doing well, not end up as his poor uncle. my young brother did, being subjected to malicious vindictive persecution, being shafted by corrupt solicitors, being totally pissed on and called a frigging nut job all the time because of the way he is, which he can't help at all, as Aspergers Syndrome is genetic in our family. He tried so hard to be as good a grafter as his dad, to earn a honest wage, but you lot would not let him, would you. You persecuted him. In the end, he tried to drown himself in an ice covered canal, praise the Lord some kind hearted soul pulled him out. And you lot diagnosed him with an incurable personality disorder. You would not even tell his close family that he had Aspergers Syndrome!

You lot would like to see people like my brother eliminated at birth, you and your bloody social engineering. Well, I have news for you - Almighty God made our family, and He didn't make us so that you lot could stamp your jack boots on us at every opportunity and look down your proud noses at us all either.

Leave our family alone. Stop poking and piddling round my son's school. Let my son have a happy childhood - something I was denied.

Because if you don't, it's not me that you'll be persecuting - it is my father - ALMIGHTY GOD!



Dead Judges Don't Lie: Canada's Biggest Scandal
There are nine dead judges connected to the Canadian water exports scandal
- Canada's Biggest Scandal.

Each of them committed crimes on the bench as part of the Canadian government
strategy to destroy the whistle blower lawyer and the lady who was assisting him and
each of them died after the lawyer and the lady turned the tables on them
and started to publish their crimes.

They started dying in January, 2006, and the latest died in January, 2010. Some
dropped dead, suddenly, after their crimes were exposed, and others developed
illnesses and died a few months later.

The judges and their dates of death are:
James Taylor, deceased, January 10, 2006;
Sid Clark, sometime in 2007;
Robert Edwards, November 5, 2007;
Justice Antonio Lamer, November 24, 2007,
Allan McEachern, January 5, 2008,
Ralph Hutchinson, March 20, 2008,
Hugh Stansfield May 7, 2009
David Vickers November 15, 2009 and
John Bouck, January 18, 2010.

In addition, two water export insiders, former British Columbia Deputy
Minister, Jack Ebbels, dropped dead February 25, 2010, and former
British Columbia Cabinet Minister Stan Hagen dropped dead January
20, 2009.

Zoompad said...

The parable of the rich fool, Luke 12 verse 16

Anonymous said...

you people are just plain weird. Why would they care one iota about you? Freemasons are not after anyone and they keep to themselves.

Zoompad said...

The freemasons of Warwick and Stafford give the appearance of benevolent do gooders, and many of them may be just that.

But they have been resonsible for a long trail of criminal activity.

It IS wierd that freemasons are so interestede in little children - especially boys - isn't it? I think it's wierd as well.

It looks like the government also think it's wierd as well. That's probably why they slapped a D notice on the Dunlaine massacre investigation when there ought to have been a proper open public enquiry. What exactly made that freemasom Thomas Hamilton shoot down a whole classroom full of little kiddies?

Wierd, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

I understand you have depression, but I am sure you will come back out of that black hole.
If you have had to fight Staffordshire education for your son I know you have had a hell of a fight. I am there too. God bless youXXX

Zoompad said...


It's no thanks to the so called support network that we have survived as a family, but certain individuals in the system have been wonderful.

The thing that almost destroyed pur family was the injustice system. It just does not work, its too easy for crafty criminals to get themselves into positions of authority, once that has happened every other part of the system gets knackered.

I feel so sorry for the teachers and other professionals who also have to battle the system.

Zoompad said...

I see this thread is being re-read. I hope there isn't more nastiness being planned, because if there is, it won't be me you'll be plotting against, it will be the Lord my God, in whose hands my life rests. And anyone who has ever been daft enough to try to plot against Almighty God has always come off worst. The Lord doesn't like crafty plotters, he likes people to be kind and good.