Thursday, 18 March 2010

Child Welfare Agency Echoes Nazi Germany?

By Dale Hurd
CBN News Sr. ReporterThursday, March 18, 2010RSS

BERLIN - It sounds like Nazi Germany: families afraid of a loud knock on their door in the early morning, police bursting in, and taking away their children.

But it's not Nazi Germany. It's today's Germany.

In Berlin, when authorities came for 7-year-old Dan Schulz, his family secretly videotaped the abduction. On the tape, family members are crying and the boy can be heard screaming, "Mom I don't want to go!"

A German official responds, "Your mother can't help you here."

The boy was taken by Germany's notorious child welfare agency, the Jugendamt. The official reason young Dan was taken was that he wasn't in school, even though he had been homeschooled and then began private school.

Wrecking Normal Families

The Jugendamt, which dominates Germany's controversial family court system, takes children when it wants, from perfectly normal families. The Jugendamt's well-documented treatment of families, especially homeschoolers, has now become an international issue.

In January, the Romeikes, a German homeschool family, were granted asylum in the U.S. after an immigration judge ruled that Germany and the Jugendamt had violated their human rights. Mike Donnelly, with the Home School Legal Defense Association, was one of the attorneys for the Romeikes.

"The judge said that this policy was repellent to everything that we as Americans believe," Donnelly said. "He felt that these were basic human rights. These were the kinds of rights that no country had a right to deny their people. "

The Jugendamt undoubtedly does some good, somewhere, but it also has gained an international reputation as a ruthless organization that takes children from good families and wrecks homes.

"My experience with the Jugendamt has been terrible," Dan's mother Heidi Schulz said. "They destroy families; they torture people, and make money out of it."

She is still haunted by the morning her son was taken from her.

"He was screaming so much and he held me tight, and I couldn't do anything. Nothing," she recalled.

After he was taken, Heidi was only allowed sporadic visits and phone calls.

"And when I would call him, he would scream and say, 'Mama, come and get me!' And I would say, 'I don't know where you are,'" she said.

Child-Trafficking Network?

After three years of fighting and praying for her son, a judge finally ordered Dan to be returned home. Heidi said her son had been kept at an orphanage where he was beaten up by other children, poorly fed, poorly clothed and not educated for the first year and half.

"It was terrible. At first I thought I was just going to the doctor but it was nothing like that," Dan recalled. "They told me I was sick."

Opponents and victims of the Jugendamt say the system amounts to a government child-trafficking network, in which about 80 kids per day are seized from parents and funneled to children's homes and psychiatric care, with the overflow going to foster homes. They claim the system needs to continually take in more children to keep functioning.

"There is a system of persons, of social workers, of teachers, psychotherapists, who live on children being taken out of the family," German psychologist Carola Storm-Knirsch said. "We call it industry."

Storm-Knirsch has worked for the Jugendamt on several cases. But she broke with the Jugendamt over the Schulz case, which she called "totally wrong."

"There are homes with empty beds. And they need children," she explained. "And they call the Jugendamt and say, 'Hello, do you have a child for us?'"

Documents shown to CBN News indicate little Dan brought in about $8,000 a month for the state home where he was kept. While CBN News was there, Heidi got a bill in the mail from the Jugendamt for what was done to her family.

"One thousand-six hundred euros," she said, adding sarcastically, "They take your child and then they take your money."

No Reform Needed?

The local Jugendamt office is right across the street from the Schulz's, so we asked for an interview. They said they couldn't talk about the case, but said that they "acted in a humane and correct way, and legally."

The German embassy in Washington told us flatly that the Jugendamt does not need to be reformed. And it answered "yes," when we asked, "Does Germany adhere to the European Convention on Human rights in respect to the rights of parents?"

But a German legal expert insists that the German Supreme Court ruled in 2004 that the European Convention on Human Rights is not binding on Germany.

In her fight for her son, Heidi tried to get the ear of German politicians, such as the former head of the European Parliament. But a videotape shows that when another Jugendamt victim suggested the Jugendamt should be considered a criminal organization, the former head of Germany's Green Party, Reinhard B├╝tikofer, exploded.

"Stop it with this stupid brazen radical cr---! It's stupid brazen radical cr--! I don't want to be insulted by such cr--," he screamed.

Heidi Schulz has already raised two exceptional daughters. Winonah has studied in Japan, and Tashina in America. But the Jugendamt suspects Heidi has psychological problems, and they have begun a new process which could lead to her son Dan being taken away again.

Dan told us there's nothing wrong with his mom.

"The children's home is sick, not my mother," he said.

Echoes of Nazi Germany

The psychologist Storm-Knirsch agrees, saying the Schulz family is healthy, but she thinks some members of Germany's Jugendamt and family court system could use therapy.

"These people are sick!" she said.

Heidi, who was raised in communist East Germany, said that in some ways, communism felt safer than the new Germany.

"They (the Jugendamt) are so mighty," she said. "They have all power and you are nobody."

The German establishment doesn't like to be reminded that the Jugendamt was started by Adolf Hitler. Storm-Knirsch adds that "Adolf Hitler really did his work well."

HSLDA Attorney Mike Donnelly told CBN News that more German families are seeking political asylum in the United States.

Meanwhile, in Berlin, Heidi admitted to us that she feels defenseless, as she waits for the Jugendamt to decide whether she will keep her son.


Anonymous said...

My daughter is latest victim of the Judgendamt (She and her children are American Citizens)...Please go to:

We need everyone's help...

Thank you

Phil Jackson (Philecia's Father)

Zoompad said...

Thank you Phil, I will go and have a look

Zoompad said...

Well, Phil, I have had a look, and I am absolutly furious about the sheet unadulterated arrogance of these childstealers. I had not seen that video before, thank you for posting it, I have put it on my blog and twittered, youtubed and sent it to as many people as I can.

Did you know that someone in Germany's green party is a self confessed paedophile? I will try to dig out the newspaper article about him.

Keep telling people, keep reaching out and posting on other peoples blogs, lets get this stuff into the open. God be with you and bless you and your family Phil. xx

Zoompad said...

Phil, I did some digging, go and have a look at my blog post on Daniel Cohn Bendit, an MEP for the German Green Party.

You see - if paedophiles are in charge of your government, then it's pretty obvious why they are using the secret family courts to steal kids.

You can use this info to put the squeeze on those evil bastards now.

Antje Seeger. Blog said...

it`s me, Antje from Germany.
I wrote some comments also on Stuart Syvret`s blog.

I`m disappointed,about the sad fact,that a l s o in the
roman-catholic priests,-
and a music-teacher+other teachers abused little and young boys :

1.The chorus-boys of the
"Regensburger Domspatzen"
who re living at "Kloster ETTAL".
Their former chor-leader was the brother of our pope.He didn`t abuse kids,-he only punished them physically.And he said SORRY for that in a newspaper-interview.

(non-confessionel): Last week was a press-conference in german TV ,where the headmistress was reporting the public,that she never had assume that "ABUSE" in the/her reform-pedagogical Odenwaldschule could ever take place.

3.Home-Teaching:I`ve seen the report about the family who are teaching their children at home.
In Germany since decades exists the law,that every child at the minimum age of 6 (if it`s mental +physically mature)
"HAS TO GO" 4 years to the GRUNDSCHULE.(class 1-4)
And children from parents with migrations-background AS WELL !
And from class 5-10(GCSE)
or class 5-13(A-Level)
If parents don`t send their child/children to such public,or to private school,-then
after german law it`s legal,-
that probably the police comes to the house and drive it from there to the next school.
The children have a RIGHT of SCHOOL-EDUCATION,-(it is a law!)
and if parents don`t send their kids to school,then they are acting against the law.

Nevertheless,-I think ,it would be better,the police and the JUGENDAMT
would become MORE ACTIVE,when they get links,
that "the so called friendly neighbour"from nearby, ABUSES little children....
Or the JUGENDAMT should become more active,if they get alarmed,that a family does not feed their little baby.

and all other parents parents,who
want to teach their children at home:
You first have to found a legal Organisation. And ask a german lawyer for "juristischen Rat".
You need to "PUT" your
home-schooling on existing legal laws and rights.
Use all the possibilities, democracy offers you.

4.Paedophile Green Party Member

You all should know,that one of Germany`s former ministers of foreign affairs,-
is terribly angry about
D.Cohn-Bendit .
Because Cohn-Bendit wrote a book about hisssef and the children....

Dear ZOOMPAD,-it might be a new shock for you,- but this
Daniel Cohn-Bendit once worked in a german kindergarden(kids-Age:3-6)
And about this time he wrote a book: About the tiny little girls,who were
"really flirting"with him.
It`s a SHAME germany,that such a person is allowed to "represent" hisself for some voters of germany .

Zoompad said...

Sadly, Antje, I'm not shocked - I am getting so used to these perverts openly and unashamedly doing their nasty business and getting away with it.

The good thing is that they are not being allowed to get away with their paedofiddling in secrecy these days. There will be a tipping point pretty soon. The devil always oversteps his mark.

Antje Seeger. Blog said...

...searching nearly the whole last night and some hours before midday today the internet ,I sadly can confirm,
that crazy dictator Hitler`s
"Reichs-Schulpflicht-Gesetz"from 1938 are never kept away,-and therefore still in use....
especially for the youth-welfare-office/="Jugendamt".

This "Reichs-Schulpflicht-Gesetz" forbid it ,that children get teached by their parents.
O.K.,-that is typical for a dictatorship:
With such a law the nazis wanted to keep all children under their political influence.
To keep all the power.

But nowadays ???

In germany since over 60 years there does`nt exist a dictatorchip.

So I ask myself :
WHY and FOR WHAT did we keep and conserve this non-democratic"law"??

If I compare:
A)parents,-who want to teach their children at home ,-because they want to prevent them for bad influence+mobbing,-
B)parents,-who are to lazy to cook a daily meal for there kids,and who let them watch 6 and more hours TV ,-interrupted with beatings from the drunken father...

-which family REALLY need "Help"??

If I would be a social worker and had to decide between these families,-
I assure you,-
I would go to family-type B.

FOR WHAT and WHY doe we keep this old "Reichs-Schulpflicht-Gesetz" ?

Nazi-dictatorship lasted 12 years-
the time of peace ,freedom and democracy is now over 60 years old.
Five times longer as the nazi-time.

Why,-does germany still keep,conserve and USE these old
nazi-laws ??

Are there people in germany who still hope ,to change the democratic type of germany
once more into a dictatorship ???

During my schooltime as a youngster,-I was teached from a lot of teachers-belonging to leftside-partys,-and groups.
(existing since the 68 student revolution in the german society)
Their social-political influence became stronger and stronger...

Why couldn`t THEY change these laws?
Did they want to use the nazi laws
for their own aims called "revolution"??
Since the "breakdown of the former
GDR /DDR " we all know,that the east-german citizens were living in a socialism-dictatorship.

Now we have a growing number of "Neo-Nazis" in germany...-
And I suppose,that there is a number of old-nazis still alive.

So: WHOSE interest is it,
that in germany this old nazi
is still existing ??

I think it is so cruel and sad,
and against the Human laws
that the JUGENDAMT are taking
children away from their parents,-
only "reasoned",that the children need to learn together with other children.

How sad for this country,
that now parents feel forced to emigrate with their children in another country.

How sad for this country,
that more and more families
are leaving germany for ever,
because they don`t have a chance for a job /or well-paid job inside germany.

Antje from Germany

Zoompad said...

I taught my daughter at home for 4 years, because she was bullied at school and the schools were unwilling to do anything to stop the bullying. She was physically attacked, a girl whose parents allowed her to wear long polished nails scratched my daughter under her eye, taking a large deep piece of flesh out of my daughter's pretty face - she has the scar to this day, and all the teacher had to say was, "You will have to teach her to stand up for herself". What use is that to a child who has narrowly escaped having her eye gouged out?

Another time, a boy kept trying to pull my daughter's pants down, and when I complained (not shouting and blasting, but in a very reasonable manner) the teacher told me, "Well, we can't move him, otherwise we'll forever be moving kids round". It was at that point that I decided that these people were not fit to look after a goldfish, let alone my precious child, and so I pulled her out of school and home tutored her instead. I did try to get her into another school, but after an incident where she was surrounded by a large group of children who kicked her legs until they were blue with bruises, and the same woeful "can't do anything" attitude of the teaching staff, we decided enough was enough. The LEA tried to get her into another school, but as that one had been in the local paper that very week, as one of the pupils had been raped by other pupils, I decided against it.

Antje Seeger. Blog said...

@Zoompad and your daughter :
I think,a good+fair teacher has to feel responsible not only for teaching diff.subjects to the pupils.He also should feel responsible to teach the pupils social behaviour,-and how to find solutions for their problems.
A teacher needs to talk very often to his pupils.
It is never acceptable,
that one pupil get beaten again and again and at least she/he is physically injured(plus psychological injuries)

Normally,if there is a very aggressive +brutal pupil in a class,who injures another pupil,-
then the teacher has the duty to talk to the parents of the brutal pupil,and tell them the consecuences of their child`s BAD behavior:
At least,that the school
DOESN`T teach their brutal child any longer and it has to LEAVE the school.
A GOOD teacher tries to help a mobbed pupil.
ANTJE from Germany

Umpydial said...

I checked out this website and read the story, kind of skeptical. As I went to the website it shows donation as the primary page and focus, why? If you are putting up a website why in need of donation for your daughter, as a father, right or wrong, shouldn't you be able to help your child in any financial situation. I read the story and noticed that this woman has 3 children one in the USA and two in Germany. Why didn't she have all of her children together in Germany? This did not seem right. Need Feedback it seems like someone trying to make money off of someones life failures.