Thursday, 18 March 2010


By Jeffrey L. Charles
May, 1994 edition
(Slightly updated 2001)



Do not confuse truth with familiarity. It is not easy to dislodge ideas which have been taught to us by our parents, by pastors, and by our friends. Repetition and time tend to encrust ideas on our minds as truth even when they have no basis in truth.
--H Roy Elseth, “Did God Know?” [1]

I have not seen the hymn, “Give Me That Old-Time Religion” in print nor have I sung it in many years. But the song often crosses my mind and I wonder how many people who sang it over the years ever really thought about the words that they were singing. Verses which repeat ideas like, “it was good enough for grandpa so it’s good enough for me,” seem to conjure the thought that we should blindly keep doing whatever has been done in the past because the past is best and everything now is worse. It is revealing to imagine, however, where we would be if our forebears throughout history had taken a song such as this to heart.

The ancient Romans and the hypocritical Pharisees could have been properly singing this hymn while they conspired to crucify Jesus. Of course “the old time religion” would be a corrupt form of Judaism to some and pagan Roman rituals to others.

If everybody sang that hymn when Martin Luther posted his 95 theses on the door of the castle church at Wittenberg then the Reformation, and later the Restoration movements, might have never gotten off the ground.

Those who decoded that the king of England should be their “pope” could have sang this hymn and we in the United States would still live in a British colony.

People who long for “the old time religion” might long for the days when prisoners, indentured servants, apprentices, laborers, sailors, wives, children and slaves could be physically, and sometimes sexually, beaten and brutalized-all “in the name of Jesus” of course.

The only class of people in our society who can legally be physically and sexually brutalized by government and church officials today are children. Some half million children a year “bend over and spread ‘em” for government and church officials to have their sex areas brutalized with a board in school while the “children”, which are often teens well into puberty, assume a sexually submissive and obscene posture, and “The old time religion” people are fighting to keep their “commandments of men” brutalities that make their own worship vain.” (Mark 7:6-7).

Our churches are dying today because too many of us “have a form of godliness but deny the power thereof.” (II Timothy 3:5-7). We’re all comfortable in our traditions. We no longer examine ourselves to see if we match up to God’s Word like the great reformers did. We only “study” to reinforce our own dogmas and rest comfortably in the lazy notion that the earlier reformers found out all there was to know and that we can rest for eternity without ever looking at our habits afresh. We can never repent as a church because we’ve all, in virtually every group, closed our mind to learning anything new-as if we already knew all that there was to know of the wisdom and mercy of “The Creator of the Universe.”

Throughout history people of God have changed their ways and repented when they learned they had been doing wrong in God’s sight. If we really want to live up to the faith of those precious saints of ages past then we must strive to “watch and pray” and to “study to show ourselves approved unto God.” (Matthew 26:41, II Timothy 2:15).

I do not believe that any church has now or ever has had a perfect understanding of the Bible. The great reformers tried to change things that they saw were wrong and we sometimes come close to worshiping those humans who pointed out errors in the church even as we ostracize anyone today who raises a question or “rocks our boat.”

Let’s forgo getting the formal worship “specks of dust” out of our fellow Christian’s eyes-of baptisms and communions and tongues and such-for a little while and work on getting the “log out of our own eye”-i.e. the brutalization of children’s sex areas by grown men “for discipline.” (Matthew 7:3-5). Virtually every denomination and fellowship has at one time preached, or at least condoned, this doctrine of abuse. We owe it to the kids of tomorrow to unite at least on this one issue and begin to set Christ’s church away from the sins of fornication and violence that are practiced on the sex areas of our children by some men who mean well and by others who are satisfying sadistic and pornographic lusts. Christ never once raised his hand to “one of His little ones,” and anyone who claims to be “in the body of Christ” as a Christian need not do so today.

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Zoompad said...

Think about it - how can it be right for parents to send their kids to school - the place of learning - and for the educators at the school to be able to thrash and humilate people half their size and weight? That's only going to store up trouble for the future by ensuring that the children end up with lack of respect for their elders!

The pro cane people have this mantra of excuses to bring back corporal punishment into schools - they tell us that the reason there is so much underage crime in Britain is because teachers can't flog kids any more - and they call flogging discipline.

Flogging is NOT discipline at all - it is physical assault. Kids do not learn discipline through being assaulted. There was plenty of violence in the golden days of the birch and the cane - the only difference is that most of it was directed towards women and children. Those were the days that it was more of less socially acceptable to beat your wife - as long as you used a stick thinner than your thumb!

The truth is, men have got to learn to behave themselves, and they don't like it one little bit. The Old Boys Clubs are cram a jam packed with sad old wrinklies who cherish fond memories for a bit of furtive slippering on the bare bum. The Public School system was pandemic with child abuse, and not many came out of those schools without some sort of sado massochistic fetish.

I'm NOT having a go at these people - they are, after all, victims of child abuse (although most of them would deny it until they were red in the face) because those schools, as C.S.Lewis said many times, were pretty nasty places. But surely, they ought to look at these things and ask themselves wether or not they want better things for THIS generation?