Friday, 12 March 2010


I will be uploading the rest as soon as I can sort out my computer problems!


Anonymous said...

Sorry Zoompad but I feel a bit sorry for you. If Lenny Harper's feelings were so important and so accurate then why did he not take all of these opinions to the proper media? Is it because it is actually lies? For a supposedly professional police officer he certainly does not look the part anymore getting you to do this for him. He has much better channels to filter his feelings which can legally be taken more seriously.

Zoompad said...

Don't waste your sympathy on me, keep it all for yourself, you'll need it far more than I will.

Us abuse survivors - we've ALL of us taken our complaints to the proper channels, and we've ALL of us been persecuted.

Lenny Harper recieved death threats on our account, so has Stuart, and Graham Power has also been persecuted. As well as us abuse survivors being relentlessly persecuted, those who try to help us are also persecuted. God bless all those people who have laid down their own lives to help us!

As for you, I asked the Lord for a message to give to you, and The Lord led me to Luke Chapter 11 v 44.

Please don't waste any more time feeling sorry for me. I urge you to look to your own salvation instead. I believe that the prophesies of the last days have been fulfilled, if they have not they are certainly very near to completion. I urge you to make your own peace with God before it is too late. We have a loving Creator who is so ready to open His arms and forgive our sins. Do not test His patience by assuming that you can cheat justice - it comes to all mankind to be judged, either in this life or in eternity. Eternity is a very long time to be a lost soul. I fear greatly for your eternal soul.