Friday, 19 March 2010


Not my words, but a quotation from this video, at 5;20 from the former head of Germany's Green Party in the presence of the former president of the EU Parliament.

They are in response to the questioning of a mother who was a victim of the secret family courts - a very resourceful and intellegent woman, who had the prescence of mind to secretly video the secret family court childstealers abducting her son - watch from 0;18 and you can see the poor lad repeatedly begging them not to take him away from his mother, "Mom, I don't want to go"

It isn't voyerism to watch this and similar videos - we need to see this stuff so that we can put a stop to it for once and for all. Please, watch this video all the way through, and then ask God to show you what you can do in this fight against the government sponsered human trafficking.

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