Thursday, 11 March 2010


Jersey abuse review says Graham Power did correct job

Graham Power was suspended from duty in November 2008
A review done early in Jersey's historic child abuse inquiry suggests the island's police chief handled his role in the investigation correctly.

The 2008 report, the first of three reviews by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), has recently been made public on an internet blog.

It suggested Graham Power should keep a "safety zone" between politicians and police work, which it said he did.

But Mr Power was later suspended over the way he handled the inquiry.

'Historic abuse'

In 2006, the States of Jersey police began investigating abuse claims at children's institutions and in private homes dating from the early 1960s to the 1980s.

An advice team from ACPO came to Jersey in early 2008 to review the police operation. It came up with 27 recommendations.

These included the running of meetings, the way the crime scene was managed, and how police liaised with victims and witnesses.

The initial report, made public by Senator Stuart Syvret online, also looked at the role of Jersey's chief police officer in the investigation.

'Advisory role'

It found that, as advised, other than from a supervisory and responsibility standpoint, Mr Power was not involved in the actual investigation.

He was responsible for matters of a political nature, or in an advisory capacity, to the chief minister and other politicians.

But later in 2008 Mr Power was suspended over allegations he mishandled the historic abuse investigation. A separate review into the historic abuse inquiry is currently being undertaken by Wiltshire Police.

A Jersey police spokesperson told BBC Jersey: "The most recent posting on Senator Syrvet's blog is clearly relevant to the Wiltshire inquiry.

"While this is ongoing, the States of Jersey Police will not comment on the content of the blog".


Zoompad said...

Thank you Jesus!

Anonymous said...

If he is "vindicated" then why did they suspend him in the first place and why don't they give him job back now? You say praise the lord well the current Home Affairs Minister - Ian Le Marquand is a lay preacher and he has kept him suspended. Now that can only tell you that there is much more to this story than what anybody knows because he is a man of the lord and thats a documented fact Zoompad.

Zoompad said...

Ian Le Marquand ought to do what is his duty to God, and tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth of what has been going on in Jersey.

He's going to have to stop being a trembling coward anyway, sooner or later, because the Lord is coming back soon and will want an account of the lives of all of us, and there will be no chance of twisting and lying then, because the Lord has seen everything!

You tell Ian Le Marquand to stop being such a trembling weak knock kneed yellowbelly and make a stand for the truth.

There is indeed so much more to this story - you're telling me! Remember, I was one of the Pindown victims, not at Haut de la Garenne, thank God, but at Chadswell Assessment Centre, and I will NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER be able to erase the terror of my captivity in the hands of those evil people who had me in their power, locked up in a little white cell, in that horrible hell hole they called a "place of safety".

You go and tell Ian Le Marquand to come here and talk to me about why he won't come forward and tell the truth. He HAS to, he just HAS to - it's the right thing to do and if he truly does worship Jesus then he is going to want to do what is right, isn't he, to stop these wicked people getting hold of any more children, because they won't stop until they are banged up in prison. Would Ian Le Marquand like the needless abuse of even more children - who he might have saved if he would only just come forward and tell the truth - on his concience for ever?

I am telling you, these abusers will NOT stop until they are MADE to stop!You know I am telling the truth. For Gods sake, man, TELL HIM!

Ian Evans said...

Again, beautifully said Zoompad.

Religeon is not my bag personally, but I respect the choices and beliefs of others.

You do speak so well on issues of God and the Bible, and if Le marquand is this "man of God", he will surely find the rest of his life a complete misery.

He will spend it begging for forgiveness, forgiveness that he may never find!

Anonymous said...

Ian Le Marquand is an honourable man and he would not keep Graham Power suspended unless there was something serious in there. He is a Lay Preacher and unlike Mr Evans (and I) touches no alcohol!

Ian would already know about all the ACPO reports so I think there is something much deeper to this and at a guess something that breaks the code of good police work because, why else would an outside police force come in to investigate him?

Zoompad said...

Don't talk to me about blooming Lay Preachers, I've had just about as much as I can stomach of establishment church preachers of any description and type - sadly, from what I have experienced being a man of the cloth is no indication of that person's moral values.

As for alcohol, are you suggesting that anyone who indulges in a glass of wine or a beer is of bad character?

I don't know who the dickens you are, because you keep posting anonymously. But if you are Ian Le Marquand, or if you know him, just tell him to do the right thing.

Anonymous said...

The only right thing that can be done is for Graham Power to face his disciplinary. Resigning before hand is 'the easy way out'. Something you guys and girls seem to be totally oblivious to.

Zoompad said...

I agree that people who have done wrong have to face the consequences of their evil. As a Christian, I think this is best done whilst we are in our mortal coils. I do not think it is a very good idea to pretend to be as good as gold when our hands are stained with sin.

As a Christian, I know that the Lord will be the ultimate judge of right and wrong and that every single one of us, wether we believe or not, will have to face our Creator one day, when our mortal bodies give up the ghost.

I personally would rather humbly submit to any of the chastenings which are due to me whilst I am living in this mortal state. I personally consider it to be a very dangerous thing to play hide and seek with the Lord.

I like the occasional glass of wine, and as Jesus aloso seemd rather partial to a drop or two himself, I do not see that I am committing any sin by partaking of the occasional glass, especially whilst in the company of friends. If, while I was in their company, I were to be offending anyone else by doing so, I would gladly have apple juice instead.

Child abuse is a dreadful crime. I hope and pray that I will never offend God by refusing to speak out bravely whenever I can to try to stop children being abused. If I upset any person on this planet by doing so, I make no apology for that at all. As far as I see it, we all have a duty to protect the weakest members of our society.

As far as I can see it, that was Graham Power's attitude, and it does him credit. If you know of any sin against him, please write it up here on this blog. Keep your anonymity if you want to, but please tell us all what wrong doing you are accusing Graham Power of.

Zoompad said...

You see? Nothing. Not a peep.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you have been brain washed by the virtual 'Alice in Wonderland World' of a Mr Stuart Syvret. Maybe you should be working on getting the demons out of his head. The fact is Graham Power has not been vindicated and you are foolish for following all this nonsence on ACPO. A public enquiry will be made and all will be revealed in the future.

Zoompad said...

No, Ian, I haven't been brainwashed by anyone - I am a Pindown victim remember, so I have first hand knowledge of how the system worked.

I urge you, get youself straight with God before it is too late. Loading lie on top of lie on top of lie is not going to go down very well with the Lord Jesus. He isn't going to care if you refrained from drinking alcohol or not, but when you stand in his face defiant and unrepentant, well, can't you see the spiritual peril you are in?

I am a survivor of this horrible Pindown abuse, and it was like hell on earth to me as a child. I don't hate people like you - I pity you, because you are going to have to face the wrath of the Lord. Please, don't condemn yourself to eternal torment, please, not for me, but for your own soul. I know it's frightening to have to own up to the truth, but you must do it, Ian. The Lord is very forgiving to even the most grievious sins. He knows that the abuse is a ring of abuse, over decades, He saw you as a little child as well. Please don't tell any more lies.

Anonymous said...

You said you were not going to post on Stuart Syvrets blog any more, but you still are.You have no knowledge about a lot of the people you critise except for what you read on Stuarts blog. As a genuine Jersey born person I know these people better than you. Stuart is a bitter man and you get a one sided view of his distorted opinions. Please don't write again about things you have no knowledge about.

Zoompad said...

I certainly did not say that I was not going to post on Stuart's blog again, I cannot imagine where you got that idea from. It's nothing to do with you, Ian, which blogs I subscribe to, is it?

If you think he is a bitter man then you certainly don't know him as well as I do.

I do not think you are a wicked man, but I think you are a very frightened and misguided man. The Lord Jesus should be your guide, not weak and depraved men. The men you are allowing to control you are lost souls.

I think you are the one who is bitter, Ian, and frightened too. The sad thing is, your fear is greatly misplaced. You remind me of a bird with a broken wing. You are in no danger at all from decent people like Stuart who only want to see justice. The ones you ought to fear are those who would not and will not allow you to be all the Lord Jesus intended you to be when he formed you in your mother's womb. And so you peck and squark with terror at those the Lord has sent to bring healing.

Stuart says that he is not a Christian, and does not talk to Jesus every day as I do, but nevertheless because he has poured out his own life to help other people - complete strangers - he has done what Jesus asked us to do - to love one another.

You were brought up in the faith - but what has happened? You say that you have denied yourself to please the Lord, and yet you are so blind to see his Holy Spirit passing over the earth. Do you speak with Jesus, Ian? Do you love Jesus, or do you only fear him?

The Lord Jesus told us to love one another and not to hurt each other. The children at Haut de la Garenne and the other Pindown homes were tortured - and I was there, I can testify to the cruel treatment. People MUST be able to speak out unhindered about how they suffered, and they must NOT be re-abused. The people who abused the grown up survivors, they are still getting hold of children in this day, through the secret family courts. It has to stop, Ian, and you must put aside your fear of the survivors and help us to stop the next generation from falling into evil hands. Take a step of faith, do what Jesus wants you to do and trust Him, and see what happens.

Zoompad said...

Ian, I do beg you, for your own sake, please do what you know is right, please brother - I call you brother because you do believe in Jesus - I am certain sure that you are not really an evil man but that you have been pressurised to do wrong - not that we can use it when we face the Lord as any excuse - but that is how it is, isn't it?

You think I have been brainwashed by Stuart Syvret, but how can that be true - Stuart is not a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, and I am, so if I had been brainwashed by him I would not have faith in Jesus!

Stuart is wrong - it is not yet too late to do what is right at all. If you do what is right for righteousness sake - and it will be the noblest thing you ever did in your life - you will almost certainly be persecuted and ridiculed, but you will gain at least two friends - me and more important, the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the best friend anyone could ever have. You do not know what it is to be friends with Almighty God - to know the peace which passeth all understanding. You do not know what it is to have such a friend as Jesus, who will never take advantage of you when you are at your most vunerable, but who will never leave your side when you are so low. I know how good the Lord is, because he was with me in that hell hole called Chadswell Assessment Centre, but I didn't realise how tenderly he was looking after me at that time.

Please Ian, step out in faith in the Lord and do what you know is right, please brother.