Monday, 8 March 2010


Dear Jesus,

Please help these people to see how they have been tricked. They have turned away from the simple truth and been led into a labyrinth of lies. The father of lies who has decieved mankind all through the ages appealed to their pride, when they first joined the exclusive club, they thought that they had "made it". They thought that they were better than all the rest.

But you set down a little child in front of the people and you told them all that if they did not come to you just as a little child, innocent and trusting, that they would not find you. The bad one has tricked all these people into believing that you are a liar and a lie. When I was a little girl we used to sing songs about the little birds in wintertime being fed by the father through the kind hands of his children, but the father of lies is telling all the children that you do not exist and that you are a myth.

I do not know if all these people can be saved, Jesus, but I do pray for them, because those who serve the father of lies and deceit can not go to be with you in paradise. It is a very sad thing when people choose to be wicked and hurt other people, instead of wanting to be good and blessing other people. The people who do this get more and more blind to their sin. I pray that they will have the scales fall from their eyes, so that they can clearly see who it is they are serving. I hope that when this happens that they will turn to you and beg to be forgiven. For all the earthly honour and prestige in this world, it is nothing compared to our eternal soul.

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