Wednesday, 27 January 2010

HOORAY! Go for it, Gaunty! TalkSport is BORING wihout you!

I used to listen to TalkSport, before it went rubbish. There were some great presenters on it, like Mike Dickon, James Whale and Jon Gaunt, these were presenters who were not under the thumb of the Common Purpose brainwashing clan, and they didn't ban people just because they brought up contraversial isues. They might have seemed a bit rude and gobby for some people's tastes, but at least they were willing to listen to ordinary folks.

Of course, the Common Purpose Media Gaggers have put paid to all that. Mike Dickon is dead, hmmmm, James Whale was sacked and has gone underground, very quiet, and Jon Gaunt was sacked for calling a Government official a "health Nazi". Well, Gaunty is fighting back, he has the same solicitors as the Ghurkas did a few months ago, and I hope Joanna Lumley will come4 on over and stick up for him as well!

Jon Gaunt begins TalkSport court battleRadio presenter claims Ofcom breached right to free speech by upholding complaints about on-air comments
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James Robinson and Chris Tryhorn, Wednesday 27 January 2010 10.57 GMT Article history
Jon Gaunt: sacked from TalkSport after calling a London councillor a 'health Nazi' during a live debate. Photograph: Graham Turner

Radio presenter Jon Gaunt is taking on media regulator Ofcom at the high court today as he begins his legal battle over his dismissal from TalkSport for accusing a local councillor live on air of being a "health Nazi".

Gaunt, who now hosts SunTalk, the Sun's online radio show, is claiming that Ofcom infringed his right to free speech under article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights by upholding complaints made against him under the broadcasting code.

Ofcom censured Gaunt last year for an on-air exchange that took place on his TalkSport show in November 2008, when he accused Redbridge councillor Michael Stark of being a "health Nazi" and an "ignorant pig" during a debate about the council's ban on smokers fostering children.

Gaunt, who was taken into care as a child, apologised on air for the comments, but was sacked by TalkSport a few days after the broadcast.

He is being supported by the civil rights group Liberty, whose director, Shami Chakrabarti, he once labelled "Britain's most dangerous woman".

"Jon Gaunt's job is fierce debate on the radio," Chakrabarti said. "TalkSport and Ofcom went completely over the top. People fought the real Nazis so that we could enjoy our freedoms; the Human Rights Act is there to protect us from the speech police."

Gaunt added: "The right of every British citizen to speak his or her mind, free of the fear of sanction from faceless government-appointed bureaucrats is a right that we must all protect and preserve.

"Ofcom overstepped its remit in my case, and infringed the free speech which I and every other British citizen has enjoyed since the time of Magna Carta. I do not intend to allow an unelected quango like Ofcom to rob me of my right to free speech."

Ofcom said that it was required by parliament to ensure that "generally accepted standards" were applied to radio programmes, in accordance with the broadcasting code.

The regulator added that Gaunt and Liberty were not arguing that Ofcom's role or the code are incompatible with the right to freedom of expression but were challenging its decision that the interview had breached the code.

Ofcom said that the decision had taken into account the context of the interview, Gaunt's "robust" style and the principles of free speech.

"Ofcom's role is to decide whether a particular broadcast is in breach of generally accepted standards in the broadcasting code," an Ofcom spokesman said.

"In this particular broadcast, Ofcom decided that Jon Gaunt went too far with offensive language and a bullying style."

The judge is expected to give an initial ruling today, according to Gaunt's legal team. His solicitor, Martin Howe of Howe & Co, was one of the lawyers representing Gurkha veterans in their successful campaign, backed by Joanna Lumley, to be allowed to settle in the UK.

Gaunt said that his phone-in show had been the subject of 48 complaints to Ofcom, none of which were upheld.

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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

I am sending a Bible to the MOJ

I've realised that the people working at that department need some spiritual help and guidance rather than me nagging them all the time, they obviously can not understand what they are subjecting themselves to. If we allow ourselves to be persuaded to join in with wickedness than we fall into a deep dark hole from which we cannot escape.

Praise God, there IS an escape for all who have done evil, that is what the Good News is. The Good News is that Jesus Christ allowed the human race to crucify him, so that he could show us our own wickedness. He knew that he would be persecuted and murdered, simply for trying to show people how to be kind and nice, and he did not deserve to die, so that is why he actually came back from being dead. And he said that if we believe in him, and trust and obey him, we will also be saved and have eternal life, which is what most of us really want. Is that not the reason people inject Botox and why they have loads of body transplants ect? Otherwise, they wouldn't care, they would just be happy to die.

Anyway, I'm going to send the MOJ the Bible and also pray for all of them. It can't do any harm, and maybe it will do a great deal of good, I hope so.

Monday, 4 January 2010

Letters to politicians

I have been writing letters over the Christmas period. I wrote to Gordon Brown again, I am never sure if he's going to get the letter, so, just to be on the safe side, I sent it to some other people that work at the same place as he does as well.

This is what I wrote to him. It would be wonderful if these people in authority could just put aside the fact that they are politicians, and act and think as decent members of the human race.

Murder and child abuse are horrible crimes both, and yet our government is allowing the people who do these things to be punished less lightly than the VICTIMS of these crimes. You are far more likely to go to jail for being a victim of child abuse than is the person who abused you, as for murder, well, you only have to speak to anyone who has tried to blow the whistle on the evil Liverpool Care Pathway (aka genocide of old useless eaters)to know how life becomes very tough indeed for those with compassion enough to want to stop this scandal.

So this is what I wrote, and I hope that people will just say a prayer to God that the Prime Minister will have his concience stricken when he reads my letter, and also that these people in authority will realise their sense of decency and duty.

29th December 2009

Dear Mr Brown,
You have publicly expressed disgust at the decision of the Chinese judiciary to use the death penalty on a British citizen.
Can you not understand that we have no moral high ground on this issue? How can we criticise the Chinese, or any other country, for human rights abuses, when we are as a nation guilty of committing mass murder on our own people?
I live in the canal side town of Stone, Bill Cash is my MP. Stone is flanked by two hospitals, the North Staffordshire and Stafford Infirmary. Both these hospitals have been under investigation for using the Liverpool Care Pathway on large numbers of elderly people. Dr Rita Pal blew the whistle on the North Staffs hospital, and as a result, Ward 87 was closed down. What has happened in these two hospitals has been happening, and is STILL happening, all over this country. So to pretend that this country is superior to China in that it does not use the death penalty is sheer hypocrisy. The only difference between us and China is that they use the death penalty on convicted criminals, but we use it on the elderly and infirm, or, as Dr Mengele called them, “useless eaters”.
Great Britain has been committing genocide, and I do not know how long you intend to try to brush aside all the other outrageous crimes that have been committed against the people of this country, those wicked crimes committed every day in the secret family courts.
People who blow the whistle on the wickedness that is going on in this country are persecuted and generally receive death threats or get dismissed (or even sectioned under the Mental Health Act) as “nutters”. As one of the Staffordshire Pindown Child Abuse survivors I can testify firsthand how official powers are misused, as can many other people all over this country.
Mr Brown, you are the Prime Minister of this country. You, and only you, have the God given power to stop this wickedness, and turn this country round. You DO have that power; perhaps you don’t believe in it yourself, on account of the scale of the wickedness. I expect you have been bullied and threatened as well; anyone with a bit of decency always gets treated like that. But you are the Prime Minister you know, so you have to be a good example to all the people. You have to be brave and stand up to any bullying that you might be getting. I can only imagine that you must be getting bullied as well, as so many of us have, because I still believe in you, that you are not a wicked man. The wickedness was going on long before you became Prime Minister, but now that you ARE Prime Minister it is your God given duty to do what is brave and true. Murder is a crime, there is no excuse at all for killing the old people just because they are old and fragile – they are NOT useless, the old people are our ancestors and our glory, they are our living history and we ought to honour and cherish them, not have them all executed just because they are a bit slow and fragile. How can anyone in their right minds have ever thought that this could be a right thing to do? The Liverpool Care Pathway is a hideously cruel way to murder someone – it is not like a lethal injection, it is a slow death of being drugged and left to die of thirst, it is torture. This sounds gruesome, but it would be kinder to get a guillotine and quickly chop all those old people’s heads off than to do what the Liverpool Care Pathway is doing. Those poor people cry out piteously for water and no-one will give them any, because they have been marked out by officials to die. They are treated worse than dogs, if a dog was sedated and left to die of thirst as these people are, the RSPCA would be called and the person who did that wicked deed would probably go to prison. Can you not feel any sympathy for these people? I hope that you can, because this has to be stopped straight away, because it is wicked and cruel and repugnant to God.
The Chinese actually have the moral high ground on this issue. They are executing people who have been judged to have broken the law, and it may be repulsive to us, the way these people are executed by gunshot, but in God’s eyes what we are doing is far more wicked, as the people we have murdered so cruelly, many of them fought bravely for this country, and we are not executing them because they have done bad things, but just because we don’t like the untidiness and nuisance of having them around. It’s a blasphemous lie that there is not enough food to feed them. Wheeling David Attenborough out to try to give credence to the lie that God is incapable of nourishing the creatures He made in His image is just plain stupid, and David Attenborough ought to have had the good sense not to get involved with the Stafford Beer and Co New World Order Social Engineering brigade, and stick to what he does best, which is making excellent observational zoological television programmes. Do you think that God would let all the people starve when He fed 5,000 people with a bit of fish and bread? The only reason people are starving to death on this planet is because of a lack of faith in our Creator. Henry George said that over 100 years ago, perhaps you ought to get some of his books, he was a very wise man. We didn’t always lack faith, our Queen’s father called this nation to prayer for 30 days when we were in deep peril, and even though we stood alone in the battle at one stage, God blessed our faith in Him, and we won the war. We didn’t win because we were somehow better than everyone else, we won because we humbly asked God to help us, and He did. We have repaid God’s kindness to our nation by murdering our old people; it is like Paganism or Satanism what we have done in this country. God must be really very angry with us, and He has every right to be.
Please, be brave Mr Brown, and do the right thing. If some people turn on you and call you a nutter for doing the right thing, well, let them. The ordinary people in this country are mainly decent people, who have a pretty good sense of right and wrong. Remember how the whole nation grieved for Princess Diana? They knew that woman was no saint, but they loved her because she was brave and good hearted. She stood up for folk who had no-one else to stand up for them, you see. Stone is only a little town but we filled three books of condolences for her, because the people saw something good in her. If you did what is right in God’s eyes the people would stand by you as well. People realise you are no saint, but people would forgive you if you just turned it all around and did the right thing. People are generally very forgiving in this country, especially when they understand all the background. It’s the mark of a Christian nation, forgiveness, because of Jesus forgiving us, you see, He commanded it of all His followers. You just have to be brave and honest.

Yours, with prayers,

Barbara Richards