Wednesday, 13 January 2010

I am sending a Bible to the MOJ

I've realised that the people working at that department need some spiritual help and guidance rather than me nagging them all the time, they obviously can not understand what they are subjecting themselves to. If we allow ourselves to be persuaded to join in with wickedness than we fall into a deep dark hole from which we cannot escape.

Praise God, there IS an escape for all who have done evil, that is what the Good News is. The Good News is that Jesus Christ allowed the human race to crucify him, so that he could show us our own wickedness. He knew that he would be persecuted and murdered, simply for trying to show people how to be kind and nice, and he did not deserve to die, so that is why he actually came back from being dead. And he said that if we believe in him, and trust and obey him, we will also be saved and have eternal life, which is what most of us really want. Is that not the reason people inject Botox and why they have loads of body transplants ect? Otherwise, they wouldn't care, they would just be happy to die.

Anyway, I'm going to send the MOJ the Bible and also pray for all of them. It can't do any harm, and maybe it will do a great deal of good, I hope so.


Zoompad said...

Sent it. I wrote out some beautiful hymns that I find inspiring, stuff which I used to sing as a child, but never really understood until I was grown up and had given my heart to Lord Jesus. "When a knight won his spurs", "It came upon the midnight clear", "God is Love, his the care", that sort of thing. Beautiful simple but deep songs about the Lord Jesus Christ, the Gospel truth.

I hope and pray that the people at that Govenment department will understand at last what the Good News actually is. The Gospel IS the good news, as it means that we CAN be forgiven of anything that we have done wrong, no matter how huge and how awful it is, as long as we come clean with God.

Anonymous said...

The MOJ and its so called independent judiciary are headed by a bunch of reprobate crooks who will stop at nothing to violate parents rights in their conspritorial activities with an equally corrupt so called Secretary of State or rather just another snout in the trough.

The Almighty has a word for them Luke 2047; "Be on your guard against the teachers of the law...their punishment shall be all the worse."

Due to criminal government activity one pwc was put through 8 hearings resulting in an Article 3 HRA at the court of appeal but it was never going to be heard...except by Him that is.

We have the verdict and the sentence Ref: Mal35Ex2222.

They showed no remorse for their crimes and the suffering they put the family through. To the contrary several expressed their amusment.

For them words such as Jas 127 has no significance.

One day like Ian McCormack they will wake up and wonder why it is so dark. For them however that will be their eternal reality. Sad isn't it - but ours is a just God.

Its faith hope and patience never fail.