Saturday, 28 February 2015


I am so angry about the Rountree Trust funding Isis terrorists, because I think it was about 10 years ago my sons community nurse encouraged me to apply for Rountree Trust funding to help me with my son who was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome just before he started school. I really needed the money so badly, as I was really struggling to cope, but I was turned down for the funding, because I had been initially turned down for DLA. The DLA decision was overturned at appeal, thank God, because I don't know how our family would have survived without that money, in fact looking back I don't know how on earth I coped.

I didn't reapply for Rountree Trust funding, because finally receaving the appealed for DLA money made such a huge difference I felt I didn't need any extra money after that, but it seemed bonkers that the way the funding was linked in to benefits meant that even if a family was absolutly struggling at gutter level and ticked all the criteria boxes apart from recieving state benefits the Rountree Trust wouldnt help them, and being turned down for help by them was such a huge slap in the face it was very very upsetting at the time, my community nurse told me to reapply both for DLA and Rountree Trust, she told me that it was a shame I'd been turned down for help as I really needed the money, and God bless that lady because her kind words to me were like an oasis in the desert, I don't know how I would have coped without without those few grains of human kindness at that time, as every day was a massive struggle back then.

Now it makes me feel sick and angry that Rountree Trust has been funding terrorists, and I wonder if the same time I was turned down for a much needed grant to cope with Asperger Syndrome and other problems that are not of my own causing they were dishing out money to thugs who are using the money to terrorise other people by chopping their heads off? Joseph Rountree would never have wanted his legacy to be used like that!